Monday, December 7, 2009


We Need Jack Back!
We need our Jack
We want him back
He makes us laugh and smile
And doesn't bring up our bile
Jack makes Erica grin
His body is a total sin
We love him in his towel
Get rid of him is fowl
Jack's very sauve and charming
Thow in Brooke to make a fling
And will have a love triangle
With him you'll never have a lull!
Jack's a sweet and friendly man,
He makes up family like nobody can,
Greenlee needs her dad,
Wthout him will all be sad!
so give us back our JACK!!

Tad Tad he's our man
If he doesn't make you smile
No One Can

We all want Jack to stay
Now you've made Pratt go away!
So sign him on the dotted line
And don't make us beg and whine
We want Erica to say,
"Oh Jack never go away!
I had such a bad dream,
It was enough to make me steam,
You were gone and Ryan was near,
but now you're here,
I've nothing to fear,
So come to me don't just lear,
And give me a kiss,
So I'm in bliss!"
That's what our Erica will say!So hurry up Mr.Frons !
We really want our Jack to stay!
Don't ever make him go away!

Tad is sweet and kind
And has a brilliant mind
He's interesting ,complicated charming and funny
And would make some lucky woman a wonderful honey!

But he wouldn't be the same
By any other name
Then our wonderful MEK
Someone else no way!

Cause you know we love the man
And we want to keep him as long as we can
On our show AMC
We want him to be
Cause Tad ,Tad played by MEK
Is the best actor to watch every day!
Our wonderful MEK
Is the actor to watch on tivo ,DVD or tape
As we drool over him and the blush runs to our nape
We continue to watch our guy
we never want to say goodbye
To the family man that is Tad
or the man who has faults but isn't bad
He's captured our heart and mind
Isn't he simply positively devine!
I love MEK

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