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Part 1 -Portrait of Jenny

Portrait of Jenny -Part 1
Tad is remembering the summer that Jenny died and that this coming summer will be twenty six years since she died !1984 seems so long ago and yet the memories of Jenny and that summer so clear!He looks at the painting of Jenny on his wall produced from the picture he took on the beach that fatal day!He picks up his cellphone and starts dialling Greg
"How are you Greg ?"
"I'm doing well Tad !" "How's Jesse and Ange doing ?"
"They are doing well We've all moved that's one of the reasons I'm calling!"
"what I thought you all loved Pine Valley?says Greg
"we did but the disaster wiped out a lot of town and our hearts just weren't in it anymore!Mom and Dad and Opal still want to live there but Jesse and Angie and I have decided to move!You know how I inherited property from Nola ?
"yes"says Greg
"Well Nola left me most of a whole town,it's called Happy Valley in California.There's all ready a hospital here and some rehabilitation centers, a resthome(ala Oak Haven) .Anyway we're livng there now and since I don't have any reminders of Jenny here and since we both miss her like crazy I was wondering if we could dedicate something to honor her memory!"
"I think that would be nice Tad! We were such crazy kids but there isn't a day go by that I don't miss her !I know that Jenny would want me to forgive and forget Tony but I can't!"
"In fact I've been notified by my sources that he's getting out this summer the doctor's have declared him sane and the court may let him go!"He just faked that to get a reduced sentence I swear Tad you have to keep me from doing harm to that man if I see him I may kill him!"
"If I didn't have so much responsibilities I might have helped you!"says Tad " will you go and see him ?"asks Tad
"yes I think I have to will you come with me Tad and keep me from doing what Jenny would be mad at me for doing?"
"You've got it Greg just name the day and I'll be there bro!"says Tad getting choked up in his memories
"Thanks Tad you know how loved children and how she wanted to be a social worker what if we open a center kind like the Miranda center in Pine valley we could call it the Jenny Nelson center a shelter for woman (single mothers,poverty stricken families and to succeed or others who just need some other kind of help !Whether to go to school or get careers we It could work can counsel people on hahand and hand with the Miranda center Bianca opened here!""I'm prepared to give you 40 million dollars!
"40 million where are you getting that kind of money Greg did you rob a bank?" asks Tad
"I made quite abit on the stock market working in Hong Kong !"I think Jenny would really like me to spend my windfall on people who need a helping hand for themselves and their children !says Greg
" while we need to make specific areas that our charity will focus on and draw up a business plan !"says Tad
" this from Tad the live by his pants Tad?" jokes Greg
"I've grown up a lot Greg and I've run my own business and I understand how important business plans are! says Tad seriously
"yes Tad I know I bro I was just joking we've both come along way and I know J
enny we'd be proud of you!"I've got to go we'll discuss all the details later I'll fax you all the info if you give me your fax number!Tad gives him the fax number and then Greg
hangs up the phone and says" goodbye"!
A few days later Tad gets a call from Greg to fly to NYC to visit Tony Barclay in the courtroom case.
Judge comes in
"All rise !"says the baliff
"As they all rise Tad and Greg focus their eyes on Tony
"What the that's not Tony !" they both shout at the same time
"Quiet in the court or I will find you in contempt!" says the judge
"but your honor "says Greg "that is not Tony Barclay "I don't know when the switch was made but that is not Anthony Barclay Jr!!"his voice raising to a yell at Tony's name
"Who are you and why are you interrupting me with this nonsense ?" The man before me has been certified as Anthony Barclay Jr!"" Court reporter the paperwork please!" he says to Greg and then motions the court reporter
"Your honor my name is Greg Nelson!My wife Jenny Gardner Nelson and my unborn child were murdered by Anthony Barclay Jr.!"'That man before you as not he I don't know when it happened but that's not the man who murdered my wife and baby!"
" this is a serious allegation you are making Mr. Nelson it has been 25 years almost 26 people change in looks how can you be sure?"asks the judge
"I'm sure image of her murderer has been burned in my brain!That is not he!"
"Your honor says Tad standing up"My name is Thaddeous Martin can tell you agree with my brother- in -law and I can tell you that is categorically not Anthony Barclay the man who killed my sister Jenny and her unborn child!says Tad
"what proof can you offer me that this is not Anthony BarclayJr. asks the judge
"Nothing at this time your honor says Tad we were as surprised as you are now to see that man instead of Tony! but if you give me a some time I will get you the proof!" " and what qualifcations do you have for that Mr.Martin? asks the judge
"I'm certified P.I. in Pennsylvania and California besides I'm sure I can find something that can identify either the imposter or the real Tony!"
"You have one week Mr.Martin to prove that this isn't Anthony Barclay Jr."Court adjourned for one week !says the judge
" Your honor says Tad 'is it possible to keep the prisioner and this information a secret for the week?someone powerful has to be behind this!"
"There is now a gag order in place people!" the judge says "And the prisoner is to be kept in solitary confinement until this matter is resolved to my satisfaction!" says the judge banging down his gavel and saying "court adjourned until one week from today"
Tad and Greg live the courtroom stunned
Who has been masquerading as Tony and why?

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