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Part 13 -End Game-The Kidnapping-2 -

Part 13 -End Game-The Kidnapping-2

Christmas Eve Day
"I'm your grandaughter then why did you feel it necessary to kidnap me?'asks Emma humoring him thinking he is very deluded
"My dear your father believes all the wicked stories about me ! He wouldn't have let you spend time with me!"explains Alex"you are such a good daughter you'd not disobey him would you?'
"Okay so I did lie to him to come to your wedding and I'm sorry so sue me!'says Emma
Alex lets out a loud laugh at this and says "Oh my dear you are a Cambias "he says very pleased
"We will get to know each other and in a few days fly off to Europe to my chalet ;where you will have a private tutor to make that talent you have of calulating sums to great sums in your head even more enhanced!""You must be groomed to take over Cambias as you are my true heir!'Alex says
"But you just got married won't Vanessa get your company if you die?' says Emma "she seems really nice and intelligent!'
“Nonsense she thinks I’m fool! But I’ve beaten her at her own game I have her grandaughter
she’s in the next room!’
“You kidnapped another person?’asks Emma
“She was warned what would happen if I thought she was crossing me! I saw how close she was with David! She’s probably plotting against me!”says Alex paranoid
“So where is this person Emma asks “can I visit with her?’
“I guess maybe it will stop the wailing! She’s been crying non- stop since she awoke!’says Alex.He goes to the door and says something to the limo driver who is the guard.a few minutes later he brings in a tembling Rose.
“See I can be kind he says “you’ll be very happy with me grandaughter!’then he leaves shutting the door
“Is he really your grandfather asks Rose ‘I think he’s mean!’
“It seems he’s yours too since he’s married to your grandmother!’says Emma
“how can that be Grandma wouldn’t marry someone like him! Oh wait a minute so that’s the awful thing Grandma said she had to do to protect Daddy!”exclaims Rose
“How old are you?’ asks Emma
“I’m 10!” says Rose
“I’m 13!’ says Emma almost 14 !“Who is your father ?’
“My dad is the most important guy in the world he’s a famous cardiologist I’m sure you ‘ve heardof him,Dr.David Hayward!’answers Rose proudly
“Dr.David is your Dad?’”Oh good she says between your Dad and mineRyan Lavery, Alex is going go down!’ We’ll be rescued in no time!’says Emma reassuringly
“Do you really think so?’asks Rose
“of course our Dad’s are pitbulls when it comes to their children ! they won’t rest until they find us and save us but if we get the chance we have to try to save ourselves too!says Emma
“I think maybe I can pick the lock with my hairpin want me to try” asks Rose
“If you think you can be my guest!’ says Emma humoring Rose
“If I just jiggle it here and then turn this here and jiggle this a little more oh drat the pin broke I’ll jsut use another she says taking out another pin tongue in her teeth concentrating!”I’ve got it Emma I’ve got it!she says as the lock comes open
“Let me look out first and see if the coast is clear !'Emma says.Emma opens the door quickly shutting it just as quickly when she sees The limo driver coming down the hall luckily he didn’t see her he jiggles the lock andis unaware that it is all ready unlocked he brings in two lunches and sets them down see you later girls he says.Emma waits a few minutes and tries the door it’s locked again!
Rose jiggles the pins in the door and manages to unlock it again.Thy both creep to the door and peer out ! Their jailer and Alex appear to be gone they walk out into the hallway and run to the front door and alrm goes off as they try to open it and a huge cage door comes down trapping them!
“We’re never getting out of here”says Rose
Meanwhile Ryan looking for Emma has run into Tad and Aiden who have discovered where Emma is .David too has discovered his daughter is missing and arrives at the house the same time as the others!
“What are you doinghere?” they all ask David
“Saving my daughter and apparently yours Lavery he says as he tries to get in and fails he leaves and goes back to his car!The others all tryto get in but are prevented by the cage door.Behind the door they hear a female Child crying!
“We have to get in !'Ryan says Emma is crying”Let‘s go get something and come back!”Tad Aiden and Ryan go off to get something to break down the door meanwhile David comes back wielding an axe and breaking down the door .He runs in and grabs his daughter in his arms as well as Emma’s hands
“I knew you’d save me Daddy!’ Rose says happily and relieved
‘Princess I’ll always keep you safe he says!” then as he sees Ryan now back with an axe he says
“Here’s your daughter Lavery you can thank me later!’
“Thank God your safe!Who took you and why ?’Ryan asks not expecting an answer ”Are you okay?‘
“I’m fine Daddy he treated me okay!It was Alex Cambias ,Daddy he said he was my grandfather and that he wnated to know me better.He says I’m his heir!’why would he say that?’asks Emma explaining
“He’s a madman! he doesn’t need a reason.He killed your Aunt Erin you know.Thank God your safe!’says Ryan
‘He killed Aunt Erin?’ But he said he loved Grandma he said she was his true love ! He even knew her name and Grandpa’s real last name Curry!” asks Emma
“He knew the name Curry ?'asks Ryan puzzled
"Yes he said it wasn’t her name before it was forced on her by Patrick Curry he said that her name was Lavery not him!Is that true Daddy?’ He’s not really your father and my grandfather is he?’
“I don‘t know if he’s telling the truth! says Ryan clearly taken back
Aiden and Tad’s phones ring both at once as they get a call from Adrian telling them that Alex has been arrested by black op types and is gone!They tell Ryan that he doesn’t have to worry again.
“did David really say that that little girl was his ?’asks Tad
“Yes Mr.Martin says Emma she said she was David Hayward’s daughter and so did Alex!’
“huh so David has another child let’s hope he reforms for this one! “say Tad”wonder who her mother is?’
“Mr.Martin ,Rose saved me she picked the lock and Dr.David opened the door and dragged me out with his daughter! He didn’t leave me there!’We owe the Haywards a thank -you Daddy and more "she says to Ryan!’
“I guess I could thank him!'says Ryan reluctantly
“Let’s go home Daddy it’s almost Christmas!’says Emma
“You’re the best Christmas present this year!’ says Ryan “thank goodness your safe and sound!”Tad I’m sorry for being a jerk and refusing your help and Tad and Aiden I owe you a huge thanks for spending your Christmas eve day looking for my daughter!he says shaking their hands then leaving!
“Wow !What’s gotten into him mate?’ asks Aiden of Tad
“Maybe it’s Christmas?” says Tad
“Yes Maybe !'says Aiden

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