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Part 9 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*6

Part 9 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*6
later that evening towards midnight
David is talking with Jake while T.J lurking in the corridor hidden from view strains to hear the conversation
“Was it the fall that caused Amanda to lose the baby do you think or was it the toxemia?’Jake asks as T.J. googles Toxemia on his I-phone
“Definitely the toxemia ! says David’this condition is very serious as you’re aware Martin.We should have caught it but neither of us have seen her !David continues with real remorse “The toxins in the blood have caused a huge spike in her blood pressure which caused her fall!then recovering he says” None of this would have happened however if you hadn’t deceived her!’
“Me me deceived her? Trevor isn’t mine but he isn’t yours either so just who’s child is he Davy boy?says Jake back
“I don’t know what your talking about!”says David”he’s my son!’
“Likely story Davy I’ve seen the tests results I was going to tell Amanda myself !’
“When were you going to do that after you spent New years with your real wife and child???says David
“ Oh shut-up Davy!’says Jake
“Well at least I was free when I was pursuing Amanda when I wasn’t married”says David maliciously
Jake swings at David and misses because he ducks!
“Control yourself Martin were in a hospital!’says David just as Melissa comes out of Amanda’s room and says
“if you little boys would like to grow-up I could use some help on the care of our patient!”she says disgustedly
Jake and David put their differences aside and discuss the best course of action for Amanda’s treatment!T.J. comes out from where he was hiding he stares at Amanda’s door and thinks
“No wonder she fell down the stairs with idiots like that in her life!’ “I’m so sorry for your loss pretty lady !"and then decides to go home for the night returning the next morning he says ‘Happy New Year pretty lady maybe this year will be better for you as he watches the clock inch closer to midnight
Flash to the adult ballroom where Rose is introduced to Marissa by Jenny
“This is Rose Marissa she’s your sister but not mine because her dad is your dad!explains Jenny while Rose hides behind her terrified
‘Hi Rose I’m so glad to finally meet you David told me about you yesterday! I’m so glad that you have our Dad now and I’m so glad your my little sister!’says Marissa making Rose so happy
Rose smiles happily and says”I’m so glad I have two big sisters now I mean...she breaks off realizing she wasn’t mentioning Babe
“that’s okay we’ll always have her in our hearts even though we weren’t fortunate enough to meet her !’says Marissa
“Oooh it’s almost midnight!’ says Jenny as we switch to the adult side and see as
Marissa kisses the stroke of midnight as the couples Jenny and Greg ,Paulina and Kieran,Jesse and Angie,Natalia and Brot,Dottie and Tad,Brooke and Brad ,Adam and Krystal,Colby and Sam,Jaime and Stacy,Scott and Annie,Matteo and Haley and finally we see Leo and Greenlee.Everyone looks delirously happy and unaware of Amanda's fall
Vanessa comes on the podium and asks
"everyone thank you so much for the cheques and donations to the Happy Valley Children’s Cancer Center you've helped a lot of children here tonight and raised 30 million dollars for them Thank-you one and all!"Please enjoy the rest of your night!'
Switch to the young adult ’s side where
Aaron is standing beside Kathy and Emma at midnight and he reaches over and kisses Kathy full on the lips. As Emma seethes!

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