Sunday, December 6, 2009

Part 4 - Happy Valley Old home Week

the scene opens with Erica

Erica who is dressed elegantly in clothes for a woman her age!No low cut shoulderless clothes!She's wearing a suit jacket and skirt that has a beautiful ruffle at the bottom that brushes her knee from Armani!Very classy! Erica is smiling as she comes out of Dottie's restaurant followed by Jack!
"Jack I know I've been an tad imature and I've been a trial to you but I've had an ephiphany going to the Sudan with Save the children made me really think about my life!I've been selfish I've put myself first and not thought about your needs but I'm willing to work at it if you are .I'll still be Erica Kane but instead of Erica Kane 3.0 I'l be Erica Kane 2.0 !"sys Erica buckling up her seatbelt!
"hmm I'd like to see that where did you get the terminology 3.0 or 2.0? "asks Jack focusing on the road
"Well I've spent a lot of time with my grandsons that's right I said grandsons .I'm not quite ready for that title of Grandma so they call me G-Ma!( I think it's thoughtful of them!)laughs Erica
"I'm not asking you to change Erica!" says Jack arriving at Erica's house
"I know you're not the point is that I am changing and it's about time I grew up you can't act like a eighteen year old in a fifty plus body!says Erica as she goes through the front door and in to the living room!
"I've seen how much you've changed and when you threw that wedding for my daughter Greenlee so she could remarry Leo .I wanted to kiss you!"
"Aw you just missed seeing my face for a few months while i was busy touring for the UN as their ambassador for the Save the children!But speaking of Greenlee how is she doing in her pregnancy?I was taking to her last Friday but I haven't talked to her since I got home!"
"She's doing well she's due any day now !"
"I know says" Erica"How would Grandpa like to come into my parlour?"
"Why Scarlet I'd love too!Says Jack putting on his best Rett Butler taking off his jacket and following Erica into her bedroom!Sometime later Jack comes out of the bedroom and reaches into the pocket of his jacket!He pulls out a ring box with a huge diamond."Second times the charm "he says and smiles as he goes into Erica!

Jack offers the ring to Erica and she says "I'd love to say yes Jack but there are conditionsif I except""We have to go couples therapy so we don't allow our adult children to come between us and other issues that we've allowed to come between us.If I say yes and we get married it's until death do us part!Plus I've accepted the role as the UN Abassador for Save the children that means a lot of time apart!"she says frowning
"I was waiting to tell you I've been offered a job working for Save the children travelling with you if that's okay with you I'd ike to accept!"says Jack smiling but still hesitant
"Oh Jack you do that ?"I don't deserve you but if you still want me and you accept the conditions the answers YES!!!!"cries Erica Jack slips the ring on her finger and says I accept!
Back to Tad's house where Tad is in the foyer shouting up the stairs at Kathy "Get off your cellphone
Kathy ,Jenny's going to be late for karate come on we've got to go"shouts Tad
"Dad I've got some homework to finish please can't I stay home,I'll lock the door!"begs Kathy
"I don't know says Tad I don't like you home alone!"Tad counters
"Dad I'll keep the locks on the alarm on and Krystal's next door!please daddy pretty please?" Kathy begs
"Krystal's not home tonight she's been called into her coffee shop but if you keep the door locked the alarm on and don't answer the door I guess I'll allow it !"
"Thanks Daddy you're the best!"says Kathy
"I bet you say that to all your dads!kids Tad
"Bye daddy says Kathy pointedly shutting the door "
"don't forget the alarm" Tad yells through the now closed door.Tad and Jenny get in the car and drive away!
Kathy breathes a sigh of relief and opens to the door to a heavily made up Emma.Emma is dressed in three inch high black stillettos ,a tiny tiny red mini skirt and a red silk tank top!Her eyes are heavily made up and black rims her eyes.she's wearing bright red lipstick!
"wow Emma you look at least Sixteen ! comments Kathyand then continues gulping a little and twirling her hair"I know I said I'd go I even lied to my dad and said I had homework but I can't do it! I can't let my dad down he trusts me and he's never lied to me!I feel like a worm just for lying to him about homework I'd feel even worse if I went to this party with you!"
"Your such a chicken Kathy !I've heard all about your dad he wasn't perfect he's nickanme was TAd the Cad!"Let's just go to the party!"demands Emma
"No I'm not going and how dare you insult my dad Emma Lavery! At least my dad didn't drive anyone crazy!
"How dare you....... That's it I've had it with you Kathy your such drag! This is my chance to get in good at school to get with the popular kids I'm going with or without you !I don't need you!!!said Emma slamming TAd's front door
"Kathy yells after don't you dare Emma it's dangerous at those parties you need someone with you and I'm not going and I'm going to tell your mom if you do!!Emma comes back smiles at Kathy and then saysangrily"I can't believe you'd tell ! While you don't have to do that I'm not going and I'm never speaking to you again!"she says dramatically and then starts to go towards her house .Kathy shuts the front door yet again and sets the alarm shaking her head at Emma
The minute the door is shut Emma starts going the opposite directions towards the party!

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