Sunday, December 6, 2009

Part 5 -Happy Valley Old Home Week

The minute the door is shut Emma starts going the opposite directions towards the party! Emma angrily swings her arms as she says
"I'll fix that Kathy I'll get popular and ignore her just because she's in grade 9 now she thinks she's better then me"she angrily mutters .Kathy meanwhile continues to her homework.
"Who does that Emma Lavery thinks she is she sounds just like her father!I'm just going to do my homework and I'm never speaking to her again"thinks Kathy.After an hour doing her homework she hears her cell make a knocking noise!She hesitates then reads "So srry come help trouble party please Emma"Kathy thinks for a minute and then realizes even for Emma this is very short and she must really need help it couldn't be a trick .Could it? She can't chance it if Emma is asking for help it must be bad!Kathy runs to the front door locks it and heads for the party she didn't want to go to!
Kathy's enters the front door of the party house tripping over guys guarding the door .Waht's the password they ask
Kathy says" Rams" the mascot for their high school and is let in!She wonders around past lounging around downing cups of beer .In the center of the room two football types are chugging beer in a contest with many egging them on but no Emma!Kathy is getting scared she goes upstairs and checks the rooms she opens the door at the top of the stairs and finds Emma ! Emma is lying prone on the bed a guy is near by saying come on you ask me up here!Emma looks drugged but is saying "NO I said NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
Kathy says "get the heck away from her you a.s.s.hat""what did you do to her did you drug her ?"she says going over to Emma
"Oooh two blondes" says the obviously drunk guy
"Get stuffed you neaenderthal "says Kathy as he tries to grab Kathy and in one swift karate kick she knocks him on the floor!
"why the hell did you do that ?"he asks
"Just get out of my way says Kathy as she tries to get Emma up and out of the room however she can't so she gets out her cell
"Geeze some girls now how to hurt a guy" says the creep leaving the room
Kathy speaks into the phone "Dad I don't know what to do Emma went to a party I was suppose to go but I couldn't do that,so she went alone and know she's out cold .Oh daddy I need you i don't know what to do!" cries Kathy tears rolling down her face
Tad on the other end of the phone says"It's okay Kathy you did the right thing first you went to help your friend and two you called your dad!Now heres what I want you to do do you do you knw the address there?"
"It's 1090 Happy Valley Road !Kathy says .
"Okay I'm on my way" says Tad "but in the meantime when you to call 911 and tell them everything you just told me about Emma and ge them to send an ambulance!I'll be there soon hangin in there pumkin Daddy's coming be strong until i get there!"Kathy hangs up Tad and calls 911
the ambulance arrives just as Tad gets there he rushes to Kathy's side as she cries in his arms .
"Where's Jenny?"asks Kathy worried about her little sister
"Lucky for you Krystal had got someone to cover at the cafe and she came to the Karate studio just as you called !She's going to take Jenny home to her house!"says Tad reassuring his daughter
"Oh Daddy can we go to the hospital ?"asks Kathy buckling up in the car as the ambulance pulls away
"Of course says Tad I called her father but I had to leave a message he's not answering his phone !Annie and Scott are on their way to the hospital!"just then Tad's phone rings Tad just answers it on his bluetooth
"Tad this is Ryan returning your call what did you want?" asks Ryan rudely
" Ryan I don't know how to say this Emma on the way to the hospital.she sick "Tad dodges not wanting to scare Ryan too much but still wanting to give him some truth!
"What do you mean she's sick ?"asks Ryan his voice raising
"Just go to Happy Valley hospital they're taking here there says Tad hanging up
"That man needs anger management !" says Tad under his breath
Tad and Kathy enter the hospital and rush to the emergency room where they are met by Scott and Annie .Annie is beside herself with worry and Scott is worried not only about Emma but about how close Annie is to giving birth.Dr.Jake Martin comes out "she 's okay""Emma had a bad reaction to the roofies someone slipped her but she's going to be fine!he says to Annie and Scott just as Ryan comes in.
"Roofies someone gave my daughter roofies? Where was my daughter Annie that someone could give her roofies?"he yells at Annie
"Ryan "Annie says calmly
"This was your night for Emma to stay at your house !Did you forget?" she asks calmly
"That has nothing to do with it !sputters Ryan on a rant"Why was she at a party?"And who did this to her?"
"Mr.Lavery We were all invited to this party Emma wanted to go and at first I said I would go then I realized my dadwouldn't like it.I thought she wasn't going but she did!says Kathy crying
All Ryan hears is that Kathy and Emma went to a party which is not what Kathy said!he says
"I always knew you were trouble Kathy Martin why did I ever let you hang around with Emma ? as he moves closer to Kathy clenching his fists
"that's enought Lavery !Says Tad try listening for a change"My Kathy refused to go to said Party Emma went and when she got in toruble called Kathy who went protected your daughter from the fiend who did this called me and an ambulance .You should be thanking my daughter!!!"says Tad angrily his voice lower instead of raising
"Then why is my daughter in a hospital bed asks "RYan
"Your daughter made a mistake, kids do that's why they have parents to set limits listen to them and explain to them how to protect themselves"Your daughter was drugged that's scary she's going to need you to be calm and talk to her without judgement can you man up Ryan and do that because that's what a Dad does!Tad says gently to Ryan"When all this as calmed down you take her aside tell her you love her tell her she can tell you anything and tell her how scared you were for her and that she has to make better choices .But remember she can't make choices if she doesn't have the information.Tad continues forcefully"Okay enough lecture I'm glad your daughter is okay Now I'm taking mine home!Come on Kathy let's head home it's been along night!"concludes Tad taking Kathy's shoulder and leading her to the car!

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