Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Part 13-New Beginnings and New Alliances

Amanda opens her eyes and remembers ! She crawls into a little ball and begins crying softly!
“there there sweetie I know it’s a hard blow and you obviously wanted this baby very much says the nurse coming in then she stumbles and says” You have another one at home that should comfort you!’
“Yes like one child is interchangeable with another right ?'says Amanda angrily”he is wonderful but he is not this child!’”I want my baby !’
“Nurse" says Melissa “what did you say to upset my patient?’
“nothing Doctor I was just trying to comfort her!’says the nurse backing away
“Very well I’ll call you if I need you!’ Melissa says
”Amanda your child wasn't ready and she came far too early I'm so sorry Mandy! She's a beautiful baby girl perfectly formed would you like to see her?‘asks Melissa stumbling a little but trying so hard to give comfort
”See her see my dead baby see what I lost ?‘asks Amanda angrily
”Some people find it easier if they see the child they lost!‘says Melissa
“You’re pregnant you wouldn’t understand !'says Amanda bitterly
“I think I’d understand better than most!’says Melissa"Two years ago I was pregnant with twins and I lost both of them at 6 months!’I know how much that hurts and how awful it can be!’
‘ You lost two babies?’asked Amanda shocked "I didn't know!"
‘Yes !’I did but now I’m expecting this little one and little sister things do get better! You always have a little space in your heart to remember and grieve for that baby or babies but it gets better!’says Melissa"I saw my babies and it helped!'
"Really do you think it would help me?'
"Everyone grieves in their own way but we could take a picture of the little girl and you could name her!
"I think I'd like to do that says Amanda dabbing her eyes"thank you for helping me!'
“I’m so glad my brother married you ‘says Amanda
“That's what family is for!I’m so glad I have you as a little sister says Melissa "And Tim and I will help you anyway we can to let you grieve and be there for you!’
“Thanks Melissa I just want to be alone for a bit! says Amanda just as the nurse comes in carrying flowers for Amanda
“Roses for you isn‘t that lovely”says the nurse
“Who are they from ?‘asks Amanda
“Here‘s the card!’ says the nurse!It says

I‘m sorry for hurting you and I‘m sorry about the baby!

“Hmm yes he cares! He didn’t come in person and he didn’t say Love!"comments Amanda
Just then a delivery person comes in with more flowers!

“Begonnias who would send me begonnias ?Who would know I love them and such pretty colors! Do you think it’s Jake ?"Amanda says excitedly looking at the flower while taking out the card which reads:
I can never hope to understand your great loss ! “But remember you are not alone!’
A great admirer of your resilient spirit!
“Who could have sent them?’ she asks Melissa wondering aloud
”It‘s not Jake at least I don‘t think it is!”
“I think you have a secret admirer!’ says Melissa who’s thanking whoever this is for providing a distraction for Amanda even for only a few minutes
Flash to Ryan who’s talking to Emma
“Why did you wait until today to do a report that’s due on Monday?’
“Why do today what you can’t put off tomorrow ! Ha ha!’ says Emma sarcasticly“ besides I’m doing the homework three days ahead of time I’m on Christmas holidays! It’s ridiculous that they expect me to do homework!”Stupid teachers!‘
“Emma show your teachers respect!
”Well I would if this teacher didn‘t quit flirting with you! the yuck factor is so there!”
”I think your imagining that but okay!“Is there something I can help you with to get you started?’ask Ryan
“Yes I’ve been trying to get you to tell me names so I can completely fill in my family tree!’says Emma
“Well I was born John Ryan Curry but that was later changed to Ryan Aloysius Lavery !’says Ryan“apparently Aloysius was my grandfather’s name, your great grandfather on your grandmas side!
‘And your Mom and Dad’s names? And no I’m not putting him in as your dad! Nobody needs to know that !Though I will say Uncle Aiden as your brother !Just as no dad, just your mom!’says Emma
“My mother’s name was Gail Lavery Curry later just Gail Lavery .She had a cousin who was married to Aiden’s Aunt at one time Duke Lavery!”
“Well I don‘t need Duke; cause I don‘t know how to fit him in!I do need your Dad’s name!’
asks Emma
“he’s name was Patrick Curry he later changed that to Patrick Lavery.I had a older brother Braden Curry later Lavery.he’s dead!’says Ryan
“how did he die?’ asks Emma
“I don’t want to talk about it!’says Ryan
“ Your aways keeping secrets! There are some things I should know!” says Emma huffy
“ We have some terrible family history Emma!’says Ryan And quite frankly there are some things you don’t want to know !’
“Yes I do!’ says Emma stamping her foot
“ Very well then if you keep insisting !Your Uncle Braden was a very bad man and went to prison! When he got out he met up with my younger brother Jonathan who was suffering from a brain tumor ! Jonathan killed him but it wasn’t his fault!’says Ryan
“Uncle Jon killed his brother you mean like Adam?’ asks Emma
“yes !’says Ryan forecfully and purposely”it wasn’t his fault!‘
“And did he kill Aunt Erin too?’asks Emma remembering no one had told her how Erin had died
“No that was Alex!’says Ryan
“He killed Aunt Erin? He could have killed me !'said Emma getting scared
“he would never have killed you,in his twisted mind only family is valuable and your family!’
“I’m scared Daddy!’ says Emma”what if he comes back again!‘
“Your safe Emma I won’t ever let him near you again and neither will your Uncle Aiden!’
“Oh okay Daddy I feel better now!’I know Aiden and you will protect me! and then starts working on her homework again
“Do you have more siblings ?’Emma asks
“Yes but I’m not sure where my sisters are !’says Ryan
“ What are there names and how old are they ?she asks working on the family tree
“let see there is Caitlin my sister who was born in September 8,1978 and then there is Colleen who was born in August 11,1979!”says Ryan
“Why don’t you know where they are ? asks Emma
“My father the one I grew up with was a bad man he hit us and when I got old enough I ran away!’says Ryan ashamedly
“Oh Daddy I’m so sorry you must have been so scared!’ says Emma insightfully”"It wasn't your fault he was a bad parent!
"How did you get to be so smart says Ryan hugging Emma
"It's hereditary she says winking and then"I love you Daddy! "
“I love you too pumpkin !’says Ryan

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