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Part 19- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 19- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Jesse has just arrived at the hospital still trying to coordinate finding Billy Clyde while worry about Natalia
“What do you mean he’s slipped our dragnet !He shot a cop for petesake! He shot my daughter.His kidnapped three citizens of Happy Valley and I want him apprehended yesterday !’shouts Jesse into his radio
“I’m Chief Jesse Hubbard Dr.Hubbard’s husband her stepdaughter ,my daughter,Natalia Fowler a policewoman was shot and brought here tonight where can I find here?’asks Jesse
“Officer Fowler was taken straight into the OR Dr.Hayward one of the finest heart surgeons in the world is working to remove the bullet!"shares the nurse
As Jesse visibly pales and sags as Tad catches him
“It’s going to be okay Jess she’s right you know David is a horrible human being but as a doctor and aheart surgeon if you need him he’s the one to have!’says Tad
“I know your right Tad but she’s my baby girl!Ah hell what am I saying you know that too!
We’re going to get your baby girl back to Tad and your wife.I need to be here right now but
we’re close to finding the scumbag and I won’t rest until there safe I promise you that Tad ‘says Jesse just as his radio squawkes
“No sign of the suspect sir but we had a citizen radio us that he may have been spotted agin near Sunset and Canyon Road 10 minutes ago!'comes the report from the police officer to Jesse
“Find that car now!’ shouts Jesse angrily
Flash to Billy Clyde driving the car“Well that as a close one but I think I lost them dere stinking coppers!Teach them to tangle with me I shot one dem coppers cars!’says Billy Clyde to Emily-Ann
“Are they okay? They don’t seem to be waking up!”asks Emily-Ann ignoring Billy Clyde‘s tirade against the cops because she‘s worried about the ladies!
“Shore they just had some that magic medicine youse nose that choloryform!’They’ll wake up in a little while and then I can say the words and they’ll be your’s!’
“but Daddy could we let them go and just have just you and I for awhile.I haven’t had a chance to get to know my Daddy !do we have to bring a stepmother into to this?”asks Emily-Ann trying to convince him to let Dottie and Kathy go free
“While that is really sweet youse being jealous of my affections for yore new stepma.mas but my affection for you won’t change yore my dawter and I’se never goin to forget that!’says Billy Clyde in all seriousness
“please Daddy couldn’t you let them go?’asks Emily-Ann begging Billy Clyde
“I don’t want to hear no more about this your stepma..mas are here tostay so you best get yore nose out of joint and accept dem!”says Billy Clyde as Emily-Ann sudednly reaches forwrd throwing her arms with the rope around Billy Clyde’s neck
“girl I aint going tell youse again !Da stepma.ama stays and if youse keeps dis up you going back to the hole I found youse in!understnd says Billy Clyde managing to get out of the rope and chastiing Emily-Ann in a raspy voice”keep dat up and I’m going to think dem doctors were right about you dawter!’
“sorry Daddy “says Emily-Ann sounding contrite to appease him
“youse best be sorry youse could have crashed the car and killed your Pappy!’says Billy Clyde
“Goll dang what’s a wrong with this here steering it won’t steer’as the car veers off the road and over the cliff edge on Canyon road just down the road from the landslides of few days ago
flash to alittle while later and we see Emily-ann still seated in the car behind the drivers seat unconscious.Kathy beside her unconscious ,Dottie still in the front seat unconscious and the car tittering on another cliff edge with Billy Clyde nowhere to be seen!

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Dear Julie Hanan Carruthers Part 2*Likes ,Dislikes AMC

What did I like about todays show February 18,2010
I liked the family moments with the Chandlers
Adam spending the night on the sofa to be near JR and make sure he's allright and find him donors
I liked Krystal reaching out to Marissa because JR is sick and possibly dying
I liked Adam hiring Tad but I felt that Tad should have guessed who this person could be but maybe you're keeping that for another day so I'll let that go!
Annie's mental illness is understandable given her prior behavour with Greenlee but I hope tha Annie doesn't lose under your plan but has secret funds Adam doesn't know about given how she got nothing from her marriage to Ryan except a divorce and a trip to the looney bin!
What I didn't like about todays show February 18,2010
I didn't like Nu-Colby ( she just doesn't seem to have the acting chops to be Colby the product of Liza and Adam!I've tried to like this actress but she doesn't seem to be able to walk and Act at the same time

Ryan and Greenlee:
The Ryan and Greenlee reunion scences should have been magically and compelling!Unfortunately scenes are very bad.Ryan is coming off as a creepy kidnapping stalker and the voice Cameron is using is part of the problem as well ! He must think it's gentle and sexy but really the voice is coming off as extremely creeping and demanding! Ryan kidnaps Greenlee locks her in a room with him and when she complains she is hurt he still manhandles her? Then Greenlee says she still loves him? Do the writers stop to think before they write any of this !Everyone wants to be kidnapped manhandled and prevented from doing what they want don't they!And if you didn't recognize that was sarcasm!Learn how to write love scenes and realize the limitations of your actors!It isn't romantic to have a character who is known for violence to act this way!If they need acting help get it for them and don't write them as stalkers and manhandlers and then call them heroes!

Part 18- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 18- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Jesse is driving about searching for Billy Clyde in his patrol car with Tad by his side!
a call comes over his radio
“Perp sighted driving drivng a 2007 Honda four door car in blue!’says the voice over the radio
‘We’ve got him now!’ says Jesse” Patrol where was he sighted?’asks Jesse
“Perp sighted at Main and Canyon Roads!’says the voice over the radio
“ Don’t move in follow at a staggered pace don’t alert him!says Jesse
“Were going to get him Tad were going to get Dottie and Kathy back!’says Jesse to Tad
‘I hope so and in one piece!’
“That’s the plan TAd!’says Jesse
Falsh to Jenny at David’s
“Do you really think Dottie and Kathy will be okay? This man sounds awful!’says Jenny allowed
“Jenny if there’s something I know about your Dad he’s a fighter!He fights hardest when he’s back is to the wall and believe me he’s hard to beat !’David says grudgingly to comfort Jenny
“Thanks Dr.Hayward I feel better your right my Daddy will get them back safe!’says Jenny
“Come on Jenny I want to show you the new video game my Dad got me !’says Rose
“What kind of game is it?asks Jenny interested
“It’s the coolest my Dad special ordered! It ’s virtual surgery !”says Rose
“That’s a little weird you know!’say Jenny
“Come on it’s fun I bet you can’t beat me at heart surgery!’says Rose
“Probably not but I’m going to try!’ say Jenny competitvely
“That was very kind of you David!’says Vanessa to David
“I’m not heartless she’s worried I did what I had to put her mind at ease!’says David
“You can fool some people but your not fooling me David!You have a generous heart under that tough exterior!’says Vanessa to his departing back and he doesn’t hear a few seconds later he comes back into the room
“Mother I’ve ben called into the hospital could you watch the girls and keep the alarm on while
I’m gone?’asks David
“No worries David if Billy Clyde came here I’d take him out!’says Vanessa
“Oh I’m not worried mother I know the children will be safe with you!’says David slyly
“ Go dear !But I don’t think it would hurt if Rose started some self defence lessons next week!You know she is getting older and I like her to be able to defend herself especially from boys!says Vanessa
“Boys she’s too young for boys she’s got med school ahead of her a whole life before boys!’says David
“David she’s teen and teen girls like boys!’says Vanessa
“Over my dead body!’ says David
“David dear that isn’t he attitude to take you better get the right attitude now before it happens!’
“What happens?’asks David
“The guy her Dad hates comes into her life!’says Vanessa knowingly
Flashback to Jesse and Tad in the car
“There he is there’s the nasty perp!”says Jesse excited
“Careful Jesse we’ve got to box him in”says Tad
“Don’t tell me how to do my job Tad I know what to do!’says Jesse
“Natalia ,Brot,Bob Fred are you in position on my count we box him in are the spikes in place?”asks Jesse over the radio
“Yes the spikes are in place sir !’says Brot
“Oh no he’s spotted them he ‘s going over the sidewalk”says Natalia
Billy Clyde fires out the window at Natalia and Brot
“Thank goodness Dad made us wear our flack jackets!’says Natalia and then she says “what as she sees Brot’s face
“there’s blood !’says Brot still driving
“where ?'says Natalia as she looks under her arm and just under the flack jacket she’s been shot .
“I don’t feel so good!’ she says fainting
“Don’t you dare die on me Natalia !I love you don’t you dare leave me we’ve got a future together pleads Brot then Brot pulls over laying Natalia down taking off his shirt and pressing it to the wound as he calls in at the same time saying “Officer down at Main and burbank Officer down!Send immediate assistance!”
“Oh my god that’s Brot Natalia’s with him!Please God don’t let it be Natalia that’s shot “says Jesse”I got to know Tad if that’s my baby girl!’ turning around and sending more cars after Billy Clyde
“I understand Jesse just please let them find my baby girl and my wife!’ says Tad
Jesse gets out of the car and runs to the open door of Brot and Natalia’s squad car
“You were suppose to keep her safe Jesse!’ admonishes Brot
“I know sir I know I love her sir I’d give my life for her!admits Brot”I wish it had been me!’
“But it wasn’t was it ?"says Jesse unfairly”It went riht through her flack jacket?how?
“It went under her jacket near her arm.I’m stopping the flow of bleeding !'Brot says as Jesse finally notices that Brot has his shirt off and is pressing on the wound.The amblance arrives taking Natlalia away as Jesse says grabbing Brot's arm
“I’m sorry Brot that was unfair let’s get to the hospital!’

Part 17-The Disappearance Of Emily-Ann

Part 17-The Disappearance Of Emily-Ann
Dottie is out cold after being hit with a sock full of coins
Billy -Clyde pops up quickly and puts a chlorformed cloth over Kathy’s face even as she tries to use her karate!
“Women folk when will they learn that Billy Clyde Tuggle knows best no woman has ever bested me and they never will !'he says placing Dottie and Kathy in two different serving carts he puts tablecloths over and then wheels out to the alley behind Dorothy’s fine dining!He ushers them to Kathy’s waiting car and puts Kathy in the front seat buckling her in .He places Dottie directly behind her.He ties both their hands and feet!then he opens the trunk of the car taking out Emily-Ann and placing her directly behind the drivers side!
“Emily-Ann I told you I’d get you anew now yore goina have two!This is Dottie and little Dixie !says Billy Clyde “I know what yore a thinking and don’t youse worry none I left a note for that there varmint Tad Martin!’”he’s goina know I took his little bride and his chile!Course his honey chile is a grown woman and who canna blame her that she’s took a little old shine to yores truly!’And his bride she’s goina make me a good second wife as I’m turning Mormon now!I saw that show Big Love in da big house and it sounds like ti would be loads of fun!’as he drives away Dorothy‘s fine restaurant
Tad comes in the restaurant wonder what’s keeping Dottie and Kathy from the rest of their wedding photos in the park!
“Dottie ,Kathy where are you?”shouts Tad noticing that the restaurant looks deserted he begins searching he checks down the hallway and finds Kathy’s hairclip
“That’s odd here’s Kathy’s hairclip she msut have dropped it !'he thinks and walks into the kitchen were he find all the employees tied up.
“What the heck is going on ?Were you robbed?’asks Tad taking off gags and ties.
“There was a strange man here .He had red hair and a handlebar mustache .He demanded we go into the kitchen and then he got us to tie each other up.Once that was done he tied up the last person.Then he demanded to know where Dottie and Kathy were!’
“Oh my God Billy Clyde has them that’s why I can’t find them!’ says Tad aloud as one of the employees says “he left these for you handing Tad Dottie’s veil and a note
Tad opens the note and we see:
Dear Tad
Paybacks a aint it!
You took from me what shoulda been my bride
You took twenty long years from me and you didn’t even safe gurd what you done took
So I took two things youse hold dear
So as I said Paybacks a !

Billy Clyde Tuggle Esquire
P.S. don’t bother to try and find us we done gone where you’ll never find us!

“Jess it’s Tad!’says Tad
“You just left me in the park whats cooking does dottie want to talk to Angie?’asks Jesse
“Jesse he’s got them he’s got my little girl and Dottie!’
“Woah slow down Tad who’s got whom!’demands Jesse
“Billy Clyde was one step ahead of us all this time .He had a plan his paln was to get even with me and take my daughter and Dottie just for good measure.”saysTad devastated and worried out of his mind
“will get them back Tad!’Will get then back!’says Jesse reassuring Tad
“will we the last time when he took Dixie I almost didn’t get her back and I went over the falls!’says Tad
“That might be so but there wasn’t your best friend Jesse on his tail and willing to do anything to get your family back safe!’says Jesse emphaticly
“Thanks Jesse !'says Tad”what do we do now?’
“I’ll be right there with some troops just hold the fort until I get there you hear me Tad we do this together and we take hm down!’
“Jesse did I hear you right that monster Billy Clyde Tuggle has my grandaughter and my new daughter-in-law? Landsakes Jesse you have to get them back you have to save them!’says Opal
“I will !Opal I won’t let Tad down!’says Jesse as Angie comforts a shaking ashen Opal
Jenny hears all of this and feels guilty
“I wish I hadn’t wished for Dottie to go away or die!’she thinks aloud as no one hears
David and rose are in the park and see Jenny .
“What’s wrong are you so unhappy with your new stepmother?Rose asks seeing Jenny look unhappy
“She’s been kidnapped her and Kathy someone took them I overheard Grandma Opal says to Jesse.I’m such an awful person I didn’t want a stepmom and now not only has she been kidnapped but so has Kathy!”
“Did I hear you right Jenny?’Kathy and Dottie have been kidnapped?’asks David shocked
“Yes Dr.Hayward my Dad must be going out of his mind!’says Jenny
“Who would do such a thing?’ asks David aloud
“Jesse and Grandma Opal said it was some guy named Billy Clyde Tuggle!’says Jenny”and I heard Dad and Jake talking about it the other night .Bily Clyde took Emily-Ann Sago Martin .Jake was married to her a longtime ago!Not only that but Aunt Carolyn stole Ruth she’s Emily-Ann and Uncle Jake’s little girl!’
“Wow the things out of the mouth of Babes!’I’m going to have to watch what I say around you Rose! “says David shocked and excited at the same time”this was probably the same Billy Clyde whom Dixie told me kidnapped her years ago when Martin saved her and went over the falls!forgetting whom he talking to and thinking mostly aloud
“My Dad saved Kathy’s mommy and went over falls?’asks Jenny
“Yes but the idiot lost his memory and nearly died!’says David sill forgetting who he’s talking to and answering on autopilot “Opal do you want me to take Jenny to my house?’ asks David thinking of keeping Jenny safe from Billy Clyde because he thinks of her as Krystals!
“Thank-you David normally I’d be saying no because Tad wouldn’t like it but your house is the last place that monster would look for her so by all means tke her there.And protect her with your life understand David!says Opal
“I’ll protect her like she was Rose!’says David “come on Jenny you can spend the night at my house utnil we hear any news your Grandmother Opal says it’s okay!’
“Thank-you Grandma Opal!'says Jenny kissing her on the cheek and skipping off with David excited to be sleeping over but still worried about Kathy and Dottie
“I hope Tad won’t kill me for that !’she says to Angie
“Tad will understand that you’re protecting Jenny!’says Angie
“I hope so “says Opal”I hope there are some leads on that varmint Billy Clyde Tuggle
“Me too!’ says Angie as she stares over at the restaurant willing Jesse to come out with news

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Dear Julie Hanan Carruthers and writers

First of all let me tell you that we can see some improvements in our beloved show All My Children! Thank-you for that!

That said one of the biggest problems with the show now and in the past has been the constant touting of Ryan as a hero!The writers are responsible for our dislike of the character ! At one time Ryan was a sweet interesting character, a character we even liked to root for but that all changed when he began his manhandling of every woman who cared for him and his mental and physical abusive of them with no punishment! If you want him to be a leading man you need to :

1.Show us Ryan truly sorry for his past actions and getting therapy .Make him realize he's not perfect!

2.Don't let him win every woman he crooks his finger at turning them into mindless bimbos; have him have to really work at a relationship.

3.Get Cameron some refresher acting lessons.I like the man but the actor only has three faces mad smug and arrogant ;and it doesn't make me like his character!Is it you or Cameron responsible for this?If it's Cameron No offence I like you I really do but even the best actors need sometimes to step back and see when they are in a rut and fix it by going to acting classes!Talk to MEK he did this and he's better for it!

4..Make him spend more time with his daughter show us five seconds at the park or coloring with her and less overnights with strangers

5.And don't make all the other characters keep telling us how wonderful Ryan is .It doesn't work we're not that brainwashable!

Moving on you were quoted Ms.Carruthers as saying in SOD as saying "that the office started buzzing _you know "oh my God did you see that scene? and Oh my God I was crying in my office "And they've read it 15 times !"talking about the reunion of Greenlee and Ryan at the wedding!Personally I didn't see that and I usually cry at this kind of scenes at the drop of a hat!you also said "It's the connections that you have with the show that's so special ,when you hit it ,it reaches a place in people that not very many entertainment outlets can say they acomplish.That is true unfortunately for me and I believe a number of people who watch here on this board we didn't see this with the Greenlee and Ryan scenes!What we did see was an interesting coupling David and Greenlee which could have set up a future triangle being ruined at the altar of the past Grenlee and Ryan are the b and the end all of couples.Give us something to root for give us something exciting to watch we really have been loyal to All My Children but were tiring of seeing the same old recycled stories and the Scooby gang Gang up against David! That's just lazy writing! Think up some new things!Please and keep your job going and our show rolling!

Thanks a devoted viewer!
Amelia Cambias

Part 16-The Disappearance Of Emily-Ann

Part 16-The Disappearance Of Emily-Ann
“I now give you Mr.and Mrs.Thaddeus Martin you may now kiss the bride says the priest as Tad kisses Dottie.
Opal dabs her eyes an so does Jenny
“I thought I’d never see this” says Jenny”now Tad can be as happy as we are!’ she says to Greg
“ Tad and I are going to take some time now for pictures but we are hoping you’ll join us in two hours for a reception at Dorothy’s next door!’says Dottie

As everyone gets up to leave.And go out to the park to await the reception milling about!
Flash to Billy Clyde hiding in the restaurant Dorothy’s fine dining waiting patiently and Emily-Ann in the trunk of Kathy’s stolen car a gag in her mouth her feet tied behind her back to her hands!
Kathy comes in the restaurant to check on things .
The tables are set but there is no sign of the staff.
“Where did everyone get to the place looks deserted!'says Kathy
Flash to the staff tied and gagged in the kitchen!
Kathy is looking around and suddenly feels sick and runs to the bathroom
She throws up comes out washes her hands and steps outside the bathroom
Bily Clyde is outside the bathroom and he says
“Well lookee hear who is is this cute young thing! By gumption youse the spitting image of my beloved Dixe Cooney !A lot younger but youse sure is purty!Look that all that curly blonde hair hair like liquid sunlight it is!he waxes putting his hands in her hair and touching it!
“Who are you? You shouldn’t be here were closed for a private party!"says Kathy annoyed and slightly scares pushing away Billy Clyde’s hands
“Feisty just like your ma.m.a aren’t youse sweetcheeks!Cause My Dixie was your !God rest her soul!You going to make me a great bride !"says Billy Clyde grabbing her arms and twisting them behind her back and marching her down the hall just as Dottie comes in to check on the arrangements leaving Tad in the park!
“You let go of my daughter right now! says Dottie ‘when she spots Billy Clyde grabbing Kathy
“This ain’t your daughter missy why don’t you go mind youse own business!’says Billy Clyde
“She’s my daughter as of an hour ago!Now I’m going to tell you only one more time let go of my daughter or your going to be sorry!’
“Oh so youse the new Mrs.Tad Martin!’We can soon fix that!’ Billy Clyde says reaching out with one hand to grab Dottie well holding Kathy witht he other but Kathy uses her karate skills on Billy Clyde as Dottie does the same!Billy ends up on the floor and starts laughing
“I loves me feisty woman maybe I should become one of dem Mormons and take two brides!”he laughs
“Mormons don’t do that ! You don’t understand that religion do you says Kathy as Dottie putting Kathy behind her says “don’t talk to him Kathy you’ll only encourage him.”!
“Billy Clyde I suggest you leave while you can and also that you return Emily-Ann maybe if you do when they catch up to you they’ll go easy on you!’
“Wow dat Martin has a type you sound a lot like Miss Dixie!”
“I’ll take that us a compliment she was one of the finest people as I understand “says Dottie
“Can you help an old man up at least ?'says Billy Clyde sounding creaky and old
“I suppose!’ says Dottie reaching out to help him up as Billy Clyde hits her on the head with something that resembles a sock filled with coins it knocks Dottie out cold .As Billy -Clyde pops up quickly and puts a chlorformed cloth over Kathy’s face even as she tries to use her karate!
“Women folk when will they learn that Billy Clyde Tuggle knows best no woman has ever bested me and they never will !'he says placing Dottie and Kathy in two different serving carts he puts tablecloths over and then wheels out to the alley behind Dorothy’s fine dining!He ushers them to Kathy’s waiting car and puts Kathy in the front seat buckling her in .He places Dottie directly behind her.He ties both their hands and feet!then he opens the trunk of the car taking out Emily-Ann and placing her directly behind the drivers side!

Part 15-The Disappearance of Emily -Ann

Part 15-The Disappearance Of Emily-Ann

Friday the day of Tad’s and Dottie’s wedding
St.Peter’s chruch
Everyone is seated we see Adam and Krystal(dressed in a beautiful blue shimmering clinging low cut dress)whispering and fighting,Colby (is dressed in a Kelly green dress with flecks of dark green shimmering through out it it's floor length)and Peter happily smiling at each other and whispering sweet nothings in the third row.In the first row.We see Opal had an ascot hat on and a blue dress looking actually subdued for Opal. She’s grinning from ear to ear .
"Opal where did you find that dress it's lovely says Amanda surprised
"I consulted on of them bridal books and the dress looked a lot like this!Like my hat? asks Opal moving her head as we see that an ostrich featherand some peacock fethers dangling at the back of it!"I think I'm doing Tad proud!"
"You certainly are!' says Jake sitting down beside Amanda
"Any luck finding them?asks Amanda says to Jake
"No not yet!" says Jake "thanks for taking Ruth to Melissa!'
"Your welcome says Amanda

Beside her we see Jenny in a high necked green floor length gown with ruffles It’s very young looking!)We see Jr looking pale and sweatingly feverish with Marissa (dressed in a pink slinky number) at his side.Jaime sitting with his girlfriend Stacy Lee (she’s wearing a short ruffled neck dress a dust Rose pink) Jenny is glowing in a blue pregnancy dress and Greg, and Paulina is in a knee length dress with a petticoated skirt that ruffles out,and Brooke is dressed in a blue dress very age appropriate and Brad Hewitt.Angie (is dressed in a gossmer barely there dress in silver nad blue)and looks hot and Jesse ,Frankie and Randi!Randi is dressed in a blue dress that should have been demure on anyone else but looks hot on her !Sylvia Swanson the social worker is sitting next to Randi!All the men are dressed in tuxedos.
T.J. is standing beside Tad as his best man
“Are you sure you picked the right man ?asks T.J.”I mean shouldn’t Jaime or Jesse have been your best man?’
“T.J. I missed out a lot on your life and Jaime undesrtands that !He’s your brother and he’s allready ben through some weddings with me!But marrying your mother again it feels right and I want my son and hers the product of all that’s right with us to stand up with us as we take our vows!’says Tad
“Thanks Dad says T.J.saying it for the first time
“Your welcome son!’says Tad as they hear the music and wait for Dottie to come down the aisle they see Kathy come up the aisle as the maid of honor in purple (a short purple silk dress ruffled to a perfect open v necked showing her bust line)
Flash to Emily-Ann and Billy Clyde in Kathy’s stolen car
“This here is a sweet ride much better than the old bucket of bolts your daddy was drivin!says Billy Clyde
“Where are we going Daddy?'asks Emily-Ann sporting fresh briuses on her face
“what did I tell you about asking questions!I dun trusted you and you tried to escape again!When are you going to learn your pappy has your best interest at heart!I broke you out of that horrible place did’nt I !’
“Yes Daddy you did !'says Emily-Ann trying to mollify him
“Weeze late late for a very important date!"says Billy Clyde a tossing something to Emily-Ann
and we see as she looks at it:

Dorthea Thorton and Thaddeus Martin request your prescence in honor of their wedding taking place at :
St.Peter’s Bascillica
600 Main Street
Happy Valley
Time: 4 pm
Reception to follow at Dorothy’s fine dining
603 Main Street
Happy Valley

But we won’t be late at all will we Tad Martin!says Billy Clyde evily"Cause my revenge is going to rain down on you!"
Flashback to the wedding as we hear the wedding march and Dottie comes down the aisle to stand by Tad!
Thaddeus and Dorothea., have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourselves to each other in marriage?
“We do!"Dottie and Tad answer
Will you love and honor each other as man and wife for the rest of your lives?
“We do!"Dottie and Tad answer
Will you accept children lovingly from God, and bring them up according to the law of Christ and his Church?
“We do!"Dottie and Tad answer giggling a little
Since it is your intention to enter into marriage, join your right hands, and declare your consent before God and his Church.
“Do you Dorothea take Thaddeus James Martin to be your lawfullly wedded husband to have and to hold until death due you part?’asks the priest

I Dottie take you , take you Tad to be my husband, my partner in life and my one true love. I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before. I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.says Dottie"
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, take and wear this ring as sign of my love and faithfulness. This ring I give to you as a token of my love and devotion to you. I pledge to you all that I am and all that I will ever be as your wife. With this ring, I gladly marry you and join my life to yours.”says Dottie

Do you take Dorothea to be your lawfullly wedded wife to have and to hold until death due you part?’asks the priestof Tad

I, Tad , take you, Dottie, to be my lawfully wedded wife, my constant friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of God, our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live.says Tad

And now the giving and taking of rings says the priest

“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, take and wear this ring as sign of my love and faithfulness. “I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness. As I place it on your finger, I commit my heart and soul to you. I ask you to wear this ring as a reminder of the vows we have spoken today, our wedding day.”says Tad putting on Dottie’s ring on her finger
“Lord, bless these rings which we bless in your name! Grant that those who wear them may always have a deep faith in each other.May they do your will and always live together in peace, good will, and love. We ask this through Christ our Lord.”says the priest
All respond “Amen”

And then in unison Tad and Dottie say to each other ”Entreat me not to leave you, or to return from following after you, For where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. And where you die, I will die and there I will be buried.Dottie laughs here nervously and adds “Beside Dixe as well!’ as they continue May the Lord bless us and keep our union strong and fruitful!Amen

“”Does anyone have just case to prohibt this union ?asks the priest
No one says anything
“You have declared your consent before the Church. May the Lord in his goodness strengthen your consent and fill you both with his blessings.
What God has joined, men must not divide.
Everyone says” Amen!’ as Tad and Dottie smile
“I now give you Mr.and Mrs.Thaddeus Martin you may now kiss the bride says the priest as Tad kisses Dottie.
Opal dabs her eyes an so does Jenny
“I thought I’d never see this” says Jenny”now Tad can be as happy as we are!’ she says to Greg
“ Tad and I are going to take some time now for pictures but we are hoping you’ll join us in two hours for a reception at Dorothy’s next door!’says Dottie

As everyone gets up to leave.And go out to the park to await the reception milling about!
Flash to Billy Clyde hiding in the restaurant Dorothy’s fine dining waiting patiently and Emily-Ann in the trunk of Kathy’s stolen car a gag in her mouth her feet tied behind her back to her hands!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Part 14 - The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 14 -The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Jesse at the police station
‘So any leads on the vehicle that Billy Clyde is travelling in now Natalia or is he on foot?”asks Jesse ticked off that he has heard anything from Natalia
“ Still working on it we’ve had rash of car theives which makes it hard to weed out waht vehicle he could be in!My best guest is these four vehicles.”
“And those would be?’asks Jesse annoyed
‘ One blue van Dodge Chrysler 1998,one silver SUV, Saturn Vue 2007, One green Toyota corolla 2005,One blue Honda 2007 four door -that one is Kathy Martin’s !She got it for her eighteenth birthday parks it downtown yesterday a poof it’s gone in sixy seconds!’
“Isn’t that a movie ?'asks Brot laughing
“This is serious business Brot!’says Natalia reproachfully
“Sorry!’says Brot covering his mouth to hide a smile
‘Oh Tad’s got to be upset I went with him when he picked that out!’”It would be just like Billy Clyde to take Kathy’s car and laugh about it!’‘so what are the odds that it’s Kathy’s car he took?’asks Jesse
‘I’d say the odds are pretty good it was parked close to the suspects last known location.The Acorn motel!”says Natalia
“I’m putting out an all points bulletin on those cars all of them maybe if we find them we’ll find Billy Clyde!With a proviso to not approach the suspect that I will be in on the takedown!’says Jesse
“Can I be in on it two I mean we? Natalia asks seeing Brot’s face and his grimace at her I!
“If your on duty at the time I think you can be in on the capture but his man is dangerous I want Flack jacket worn around him.I’m issue a directive her that all officers wear their flack jacket until this dangerous man is found!’says Jesse”Natalia take this to Sgt Roberts will you ?’
“Sure says Natalia eager to please
“Can I see you for moment Monroe?’asks Jesse taking Brot aside and sending Natalia off to implement his directive
“Natalia has the makings of a good cop but she’s young and headstrong and thinks she’s above my directives!I’m asking you as a father to keep her safe make sure she wears her jacket.Billy Clyde wouldn’t hestitate to shoot her or anyone else in his way !So keep her from running into battle and throwing herself on Billy Clyde’s sword!’
“I will Jesse I mean sir I’ll keep her safe !'says Brot
“That’s all I can ask! says Jesse
Tad’s house
Tad is awaiting the social worker to pass the home test
“It’s past two where can she be .It’s almost 2:30 pm what if she doesn’t come?’ says Tad worried
“I’m sure she’ll be here soon she probably had an emergency or something!’says Dottie soothingly
“ Does everything look okay?’says Tad
“Tad the place is spotless!You somehow got a contractor come in and in two days had a gorgous space created in the attic for Mike’s private bedroom!How could they ask of anthing more?’soothes Dottie
“It is an nice room isn’t it ? Is the bed okay and the desk?’asks Tad worrying
“Tad you got top of the line furniture.A brand new laptop for his desk set up with all the parental controls.Mike’s going to love it and so will the social worker!”says Dottie surprised at Tad worrying “It’s okay sweetie it’s all going to work out !I have the wedding all set up at the Catholic Church next to Dottie’s .you know St.Peter’s my church beside the park?The wedding reception will take place at the restaurant !I sent out all the invites today so they should all arrive in time since the wedding is the day after tomorrow.since I wanted an accurate count each invitation is being delivered by meassenger who will get the yay or nay!”
“You’re an absolute wonder says Tad”I don’t know how you did all this so fast!I love you you know!this isn’t all about Michael but I can’t beging to tell you how much this means to me!’
“I think I know but you can make it up to me Friday night” says Dottie flirting and kissing Tad
The doorbell rings
“It’s showtime!says Tad theatrically
“Hello Sylvia Swanson we met at the Hospital! Mr.Martin,Ms.Thorton‘says Sylvia
“so we need to see the living area.Uh this is a very nice house Mr.Martin .now Michael will nedd his own bedroom are you able to provide him with one?’
“Yes come and see !'says Tad showing her the spacious bedroom just built in the attic
“Wow very nice Mr.Martin lovely appropriate furntiure!Is this computer for Michael? you know teens can get in a lot of trouble with computers!’says Sylvia
“That’s why I’ve set up parental controls and of course I will be monitoring his computer and internet use !'says Tad
“Wonderful top marks for that as I said you wouldn’t believe the trouble our children have gotten into with that .says Sylvia“I’ve interviewed Dr.Jake Martin and Opal Cortlandtthis morning and they were satisfactory! I need to interview all people leaving in the home so when can I interview .Kathy Martin, and your minor daughter Jenny Martin?
“Jake will be available in 20 minutes he has to finish at work!Kathy will be here in five minutes.and Jenny will be here in about ten!
“Would you like a cup of tea well your waiting or perhaps coffee ?'asks Dottie playing hostess
“that would be wonderful thank-you tea please!’
“Earl grey?"asks Dottie
“Wonderful so few people serve proper tea!’says Sylvia as she sips her tea “perfectly steeped!’
“Hi Dad I’m home !'says Kathy coming in”oh sorry that was so impolite I didn’t realize we had company !’”Hello I’m Kathy Martin!’
“Nice to meet you!’I wonder Mr.Martin ,Ms.Thorton could Kathy and I have a few minutes alone
I just have a few questions for her!
Just then Jenny comes home
“This is my other daughter Jenny!’says Tad proudly
“Hmm it’s a little irregular but I wonder if Jenny and Kathy could join me in the kitchen for their interview. “says Sylvia
“Of course will just wait in the living room until your finished !'says Dottie taking Tad by the hand and taking him to the living room

Tad and Dottie go into the livingroom.10 minutes later Tad is worried
“What could be keeping them so long? What if she foolishly doesn’t like my Kathy and Jenny!’What if Jenny says the wrong thing about us!’
“Tad it will be okay how could she not approve us were the perfect foster parents!’says Dottie comfortingly
just then Sylvia comes in and says
“Contingent and your wedding on Friday I think we can certainly approve you both as foster parents”“Might I dare to say you are exceptional candidates if only all our children could be so well placed!’

“Oh thank -you thank-you’says Tad and Dottie at the same time
”You are coming to our wedding Friday aren’t you asks Dottie
“I would love to !’says Sylvia secretly pleased
“I sent an invitaion by special message to your office but here .Here is another one ays Dottie handing Sylvia an invitaion from her purse
“Thank-you Ms.Thorton!’
“Dottie please!’says Dottie
“I think your a very lucky man Mr.Martin!’say Sylvia about Dottie
“It’s Tad and your absolutely right I am!’ he says taking Dottie’s hand
“well I’m off goodnight it was nice meeting your family Mr.Martin er Tad!”says Sylvia
“thank-you for making my family complete says Tad as she leaves
“We did Dottie we did Michael will live with us!’says Tad excited and then thinking of the girls he says to them are you okay with this Jenny and Kathy it will be a little bit of a change but the one thing you two have got to always know is I love you both but I have room in my hear for another child and Mike will be your brother if I can eventaully adopt him and even if I don’t he’ll be your brother in my heart!’says Tad
“Of course we’re okay with it says Kathy as Jenny nods”we know you love us and we feel really bad that Mike didn’t have a father like you so I think we can share you!’says Kathy emphatically
“You’re great kids you know that!I love you both!’ says Tad hugging them both.Jenny and Kathy go up to their rooms .Jenny gets on her cellphone and we hear only her side of the coversation!
“Hi Rose it’s Jenny! Yes Iknow I wanted to go over to your place to but I had to be here for this lameo social worker to okay this kid living at my house.Yes I know can you believe my Dad I have to pretend I’m so happy with this.First he says this kid ,the child of some criminal is moving in he builds a bedroom nicer than mine for him and gets that new Mac computer for him that I wanted.I’ve only be asking for that for about six months instead I have to make due with this lameo PinkDell!Then he says he’s marrying Dottie.and all the while I have to pretend I’m happy about this.I hate both my stupid parents .Krystal marries Adam and moves away to his house and now Dad is marrying Dottie and replacing me with the boy he’s always wanted!I hate them I wish I was dead! I should run away!’They wouldn't even notice I was gone maybe I'll do that next week after he moves in!says Jenny very unhappy


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Part 13- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 13- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Jesse at the police station
“Tad it’s Jesse I have some information on the kidnapping .It’s Billy Clyde he’s back!"
“But that ‘s impossible I saw him gunned down myself! It can’t be Billy Clyde Tuggle!”
“Sorry to have to tell you this but not only is he alive he was spotted downtown at one of the stores shoplifting!’says Jesse
“Are you sure Jesse?
“As sure as I could be it’s been twenty years he’s older than his mugshots!’says Jesse
‘Him again! He hates me !’says Tad “Is that why he went after Emily-Ann ?Do you think he knows about Ruth?’
‘Questions questions I have no answers to Tad .All I know is that he took her.She is his biological daughter who knows what goes on in his deluded mind “says Jesse ’”I’m getting a call on my other line this could be the call I’ve been waiting for I’ll update you.You’re still at the hospital with young Master Girder?’
“yes Mike needs the company !’
“Okay call you back! says Jesse as he switches lines”Hubbard here!’
“We thought we had him Dad but he’s ditched the car and he’s flown the coop!’
“Get to the point Natalia where is Billy Clyde Tuggle?’asks Jesse
‘ Sorry Dad he’s gone were not sure where !they were here at the Acorn Motel but they aren’t here now.We found Emily’s pajamas so she’s wearing the clothes he stoled!’
“We have to find her Emily-Ann maybe his biological daughter but were dealing with a pyscho here!he won’t hesitate to hurt her if he feels she crossed him!’says Jesse
“We’ll keep searching Dad but we have to find out whether he left on foot or in another vehicle it would help if I had some stolen car reports from the area for the last day or so!’says Natalia frustrated
“Access them Natalia get back to the station look them up and find that vehicle!”says Jesse
Happy Valley Hospital
“ Here I brought you some things!’ says Tad tentatively handing a bag to Mike
“Wow is this a gameboy and some games cool!Thanks Mr.Martin!’says Mike
“Just call me Tad!’saysTad “and your welcome!’
“I always wanted video games but Dad said they cost to much and their were totally stupid!’says Mike
“wit until you come to my house I’ve got a games room it’s my personal den but I do let some people in occasionally !’says Tad
“Do you have WII? asks Mike
“Do I have WII I love playing tennis on it and bowling I’m always beating Jake(that’s my brother you may have met him Dr.Martin!) I’m sure you’ll like doing that too!’
“Sounds like fun so who all lives at your house?’asks Mike
“Well I have two daughters Kathy who’s eighteen and Jenny who’s 13 !Jenny’s mother Krystal used to live next door but she lives with her husband now !’answers Tad
“Wow sounds like you’ve got a houseful!’says Mike
“That’s not the half of it says Tad “Jake and his daughter Ruth who’s two live with us too!’”and my biological mother Opal leaves with us too!‘
“Wow are you sure you have room for me?’asks Mike
“The more the merrier!’says Tad
“That’s right Mike the more the merrier we are so happy you can join our family” says Dottie smiling
“You people seem to good to be true!’says Mike”why would you want to be nice to me I’m the son of a criminal !’
“You are your own person that doesn’t make you like him!’says Tad
“Are you sure?’asks Mike
“Yes I am no Ray Gardner and you are not Ray Girder!’says Tad vehemently
“I’m tired I’m going to sleep now!says Mike”will you come back?’
“Yes I’m going home for a few hours but I’ll be back this afternoon and I’ll bring my daughters!’
Till then sleep tight!’says Tad
“Goodbye Tad” says Mike quietly as Tad and Dottie leaves
“He’s a nice boy Tad . I’ve made all the palns for our wedding do you still want to get married?’asks Dottie
“ Of course and not just for Mike though it’s a good reason!’I love you Dottie !You are a kind generous warm person who loves deeply. Thanks Dottie for being there for me and Mike!’says Tad
“I’ll always be there for you Tad !I love you too!And I’ll be a good mom to him I’ve allready raised a boy so I can help out there!”says Dottie”now let’s get home for that visit from the social worker!

Part 12- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 12- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Jesse at the police station two days after the kidnapping
“So any leads on the car the 80‘s Horizon?’asks Jesse
“No sir it’s like it’s vanished in the night!’says Brot as Natalia comes running in looking excited
“I’ve found some information sir!The car the Horizon?It was spotted for a few minutes at store downtown.I asked the stores nearby for the video surveillance and I think we have him sir I think we have him on video stealing some clothes probably for our vic!’says Natalia excitedly” I think we should do a sweep of nearby rooms hotels motels with a still from this video!I all ready made a picture we can circulate!’
“Let me see that !'says Jesse looking suprised and then grimacing” I guess I shouldn’t be surprised Tad came back from the dead, I came back from the dead why not one of the most diabolical villians that terrorized Pine Valley ? Did he have to be a Pine Valley transplant couldn’t he have stayed in Pennsylvannia?’asks Jesse”where has he been for the last twenty years?Jail?”
“who is it Dad you know him who is it?’asks Natalia
“It’s Billy Clyde Tuggle aka John Henry Rockfeller!He’s Emily-Ann’s biological father! He’s truly evil to the bone!It’s abit of a long story!He ran a lady of the evening ring and he ra..ped Emily-Ann’s mother producing her .Estelle struggled to raise her baby and got away from him marryng Benny Sago who formally adopted her.Estelle however was killed in a car accident and Donna Beck who had gotten away from Billy Clyde became a hairdresser .she married Benny an adopted Emily-Ann her best friends child with Benny! They broke up and she married Chuck Tyler some time later.He came back to town and told Emily-Ann he was her real dad she was fragile to begin with because of losing a baby but that just threw her and hse spent some time in a mental hospital!Then the amn became fixated on Dixie Cooney!”
“Tad’s Dixie Kathy’s mom the one who died?’asks Natalia
“yes and he wanted her to marry him all tied up in ropes of course because she never agree! The police department found him and he put dynamite out .To save Dixie Tad battled him and went over a cliff!He later came back and was later shot while trying to harm Tad who then though he was Ted Orsini!So how can he be alive ?I’ve seen the autopsy photos no one could survive that!’
“Did he have any family sir?’asks Brot
“I see where you’re going with this!What if he had a twin or a family member a cousin that looked like him and he was killed!says Jesse as he looks up something on his computer “Yes we have a winner one John Henry Rockfeller released two weeks ago after serving 20 years for a murder in Glouchester Maine!That’s the name he used when he came back to Pine Valley in the 80‘s!I must say he’s consistent! '
“Good work sir so we’ve identified him!’says Brot
“I identified him I found the video and made the picture !'whines Natalia wanting all the praise
“yes good work Natalia!Brot I want a sweep done of all the motels and hotels in the area but
don’t under any circumstances approach the perp!’Is that understood Natalia?’demands Jesse
“Yes sir!’say Natlia sticking out her tongue when Jesse desn't see as Brot does and frowns
“I want to be notified if the perp is spotted!No cowboying or cowgirling as the case may be!’says Jesse purposely
Natalia and Brot leave to go carry out Jesse’s orders as Jesse calls Tad to warn him
“Tad it’s Jesse I have some information on the kidnapping .It’s Billy Clyde he’s back!"

Part 11- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Emily-Ann chained to the bed in the room Billy Clyde is keeping her in.Her chain is long enough to the nearby bathroom and sort of shut the door.
“ Your awake again good dem no good cops is searching highs and lows for us so we got keep hidden cause I aint going back to that hoosegow!”
“Of course you aren’t you didn’t do anything wrong Daddy” says Emily-Ann humoring him
“I like that cause I is your Pappy not that no good Benny Sago!”“He done corrupted both your ma..mas and tried to keep you away from me!’
“I love Donna she’s being very good to me!’says Emily-Ann
“So good she throws you into that he.ll hole!’says Billy Clyde”I brought you some new clothes you can’t keep wearing those pajamas!’
“Could I maybe take off the chain long enough to shower?’asks Emily-Ann
“Well I don’t know!’says Billy Clyde not quite ready to give in
“Oh come on please Daddy ? Women should be sweet smelling not ripe!”I wouldn’t want to embarrass you Daddy!'says Emily-Ann talking sweetly trying to think how Billy Clyde thinks and humor him
“Oh all right since my little girl asks so nicely but no funny business there’s no window and I’m timing you you got a half an hour to washer up and put on these new clothes.’says Billy Clyde removing the chain.”here I got you some of that nerosporin stuff to so you can put on your ankle!Dixie always said it chaffed !”“God rest that sainted lady’s soul you know that scum Alex Cambias poisoned her with pancakes!He better hope I never find him I’ll fix he’s wagon she was going to be my bride when I got out! Now I got to find me a new one!”
Course I got one of them licences now being a preacher man I can marry her myself!’
“I’m sure you’ll find someone nice some day Daddy you should wait until you find someone who thinks your special!”
“Yah I gets what your saying someone who cares about me ! I don’t have to do like that guy did it that movie “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”!Cause they’ll want to be with me!’Guess I could try that !’says Billy Clyde as Emily-Ann heaves a sigh of relief that she’s saved some poor woman.”but I shore like that movie! I got us one of those DVD players at the pawn shop.Maybe I’ll go find us that movie at the store and hide it under my coat and bring it home.’
“Don’t you have any money “asks Emily-Ann
“Shore enough I do but we have to enough to live extras cost money!’says Billy Clyde
“oh sorry Daddy I should ask stupid questions!’ say Emily-Ann still humoring him
“that’s okay at least you got my brains not dem silly mothers of yours!’says Billy Clyde as Emily-Ann bites her tongue so she doesn’t respond to Billy Clyde’s comments about Estelle and Donna
Emily- Ann takes the clothes and goes into the bathroom!
“hmm I’m going to sneak out and get us some grub she won’t even know I’m gone!’ says Billy Clyde to himself
Emily Ann dresses and comes out finding no Billy Clyde she sneaks out of the room only to run smack dab into Billy Clyde
“I should have known I couldn’t trust you!’ says Billy Clyde setting down the drinks and food “I got your favorite food too one of those Happy meals for McDonalds chicken nuggets!Youse loved them one you were little Estelle used to buy them for you or was it Donna at least I used to see you with them!Anways I got your favorite and you try to leave me?’
“I was scared I was looking for you Daddy!’says Emily-Ann
“I guess I’ll give you another chance since youse coming off them drugs that gave you but don’t try it again!’says Billy Clyde putting the chain back on her ankle
“Thanks Daddy for giving me another chance!’says Emily-Ann humoring him again
‘Youse my kin my daughter youse gets snother chance but only one says Billy Clyde’Cause fool me once shame on me Fool me once shame on me! least that’s what my cell guy said!’
“Come on eat like I said your favorite and look I even got you the Barbie-doll in the happy meal!’says Billy Clyde “cause I should given you a few of those when youse was little!’
“Oh Daddy that is so sweet of you!’says Emily-Ann putting it on thick.
“good now eat youse too skinny those people must have starved you!”

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Part 10- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Jesse at the Happy Valley Police Station
“You think we could find on darn car in Happy Valley and now I have to find some child beater!’says Jesse digusted
“We’ve got him!’ says Natalia bringing in a man bruised and beaten
”What happened to him ?You two didn‘t do that to him did you?asks Jesse
“No sir we were searching for him but it seems a vigilante group came together found the suspect and were beating him when we found him!”explains Brot
“I think you need to take him to Happy Valley hospital we don’t want to give his lawyer justification for getting him freed!’says Jesse
Happy Valley Hospital
Annie and Jack are geting a DNA test done

“So the results will be back when Jake?’ asks Jack
“I put a rush on it .It maybe back tomorrow or perhaps Friday!’ says Jake
“I just want this over and done say Annie “what if because of my Chimera I don’t match?
“don’t worry they are very good at this and I took tow samoles from two differnt places that should help!’says Jake
“okay then I hope so!’ says Annie
“I don’t really need this test Annie I know your my daughter!’says Jack”and soonall of Happy Valley will know your my daughter!’
“thanks Jack I appreciate the support I have to go now I’ll talk to you later!’says Annie leaving
“Wow some shock isn’t it Jack!’says Jake
“yes but a good one I’m sure she’s mine I have another daughter!’says Jack
“well I hope it all works out I’ve got to go Jack’says Jake hearing a trauma coming in announced on the loud speaker!
Flash to a little later where Tad is anxiously awaiting for news from Melissa about the little boy
“So is he going to be okay!’asks Tad
“We did surgery on his arm you were right it was broken in three places."(Tad rubs his formerly broken arm here)” he has a concussion and contusions all over his body!”
“ Why are their people like that who have children?’Tad asks sadly
“I don’t know but I wish they would see these children are in danger and remove them before they can harm these children physically and mentally!’
“Can I see him?’asks Tad
“Yes I think Michael would like that!’says Melissa“even if you aren’t family I’ll allow!“
‘Thanks!’ Melissa Tad says just as they bring in Michael’s father!’
“That’s the scum who did this what’s he doing here?’asks Tad looking like he wants to strangle him
“He got beat up Mr.Martin were getting medical care before we take him to jail!’says Natalia
“HA you reap what you sow!You monster how does it feel to get beat up how would you like tobe a trusting little boy that his father beats!doesn’t feel good does it?’says Tad angrily to the man”get the scum out of my sight.
‘Wants and warrants for one Ray Girder.Murder, racketeering, fraud, assault !'says Brot to Natalia
“Your going away for a long time MR.’says Natalia as he tries to take a run at Natalia
“Add resisting arrest and assault of a police officer!’as she and Brot help the nurse restrain Mr.Girder!
David checks him over and says “he’ll live more’s the pity! You can take him to jail!’
Tad is in with Mike talking to him
”so I‘m Tad and your Mike!
”yes so !'says Mike
”so how you feeling?‘asks Tad
”okay he‘s not coming back is he my Dad he can‘t hurt me can he I heard him in the hall!‘says Mike
”No he won‘t I promised you that remember!‘says Tad
”You won‘t be able to live up to that promise they‘ll put me in foster care nad he‘ll just come get me and we‘ll move.
”When I was your age my Dad did the same thing to me!‘
”You don’t have to lie to me! You‘re dressed nice your Dad was some fine upstanding citizen!‘says Mike
”My Biological father who raised me until he dumped me in a park was a criminal! he was a ra..pist ,a murderersh , a penny any criminal with illusions of grandeur!’
“Geesh tell me waht you really think of him!"says Mike
“My biological father Ray Gardner was an evil man he broke my arm and left me for dead in a park.Sound familiar? He was evil incarnate he tried to blackmail the nice people who took me in and then he r.a,,ped my adoptive mother! So I do understand! says Tad quietly
“They must have been nice people taking you the child of a criminal in and you bringing all that grief on them!"says Mike
“They the Martins, are the salt of the earth .My mother Ruth and my father Joe are people who have hearts so big that they took me in as their own and raised me.They love me I am not their adopted son but their son!’
“You were lucky I’ve never had that kind of luck no one wants me not my father he hates me!"says Mike”I’m going to end up going into one of them holes agin that they call foster homes!The last time in one of those I might as well have stayed with my Dad I was beaten and stuck in a closet for two days without food.and you know who came got me out my Dad!"
“What if you had a good place to stay someone who had a family that treated you like family?’asks Tad
“That would be nice but it won’t happen !'says Mike
“Just maybe something good is coming your way!’says Tad
“Yes right !'says Mike”and pigs fly!’
Just then Tad overhears in the hall as Mike turns pale and looks scared!

“I’m Sylvia Swanson from childcare services I understand there’s a child here who has been injured by a parent!’”I’d like to speak with the doctor in charge!
“That would be Dr.Melissa Dillon!says David pointing at Melissa down the hall
“my name is Sylvia Swanson!I’m with childcare services I understand you have one Michael Girder in your care .We’ve been investigatin his father for awhile but he was alwys moving makin it difficult to track him!’
“Then maybe you should have taken Michael away!’ says Tad pointedly
“And you are? asks Sylvia with an edge to her voice
‘Tad Martin entrepenuar ,business mogul.P.I. says Tad trying to impress
“and your interest in this business Mr.Martin asks Sylvia pointedly eyes narrowing
“I found him in the park and chased his father away keeping him from killing him!”says Tad
“wonderfully commendable I’m sure Mr.Martin but your job is done shouldn’t you be leaving?’
“Look Ms.Swanson we got off on the wrong foot I just want to make sure this boy is safe!When I was a child my father did what his did !I know how it feels to be a powerless child against a father who treats you like a punching bag!Does she have any relatives?’asks Tad
“No he doesn’t “says Slyvia softening alittle after Tad’s confession”his mother died last year from breast cancer!’We are probably going to have to send him to foster care when he gets out of the hospital.”
“I could provide that!’ says Tad impulsively
“I’m sure you could Mr.Martin but don’t you think you should consult your wife before taking a child with these kind of psychlogical problems caused by an abusive parent!
“I’m not married”says Tad
“Oh then I’m afraid discussing foster care is inapprorpriate my office prefers to place children with two parents!"says Slyvia
“Well that’s okay because Tad and are engaged were planning on getting married very soon!"says Dottie coming up and hearing the conversation
“Well as long as you’re leaving in the home a wedding date is set soon! and the home checks out ,you and Ms.?
“Dorthea Thorton I’m the owner downtown of Dorthy’s fine dining and Dottie’s coffee !Dottie says introducing herself
"Oh I’m very familiar nice places both of them! Sylvia says impressed “of course there would be credit checks .I’m sure that such upstanding citizens would have no problem .do you live together?’
“No you see I’m a bit old fashion I beleive that a couple should be married before they live together”says Dottie covering
“Very admirable in this day and age however to release the child in your care you’ll need to be under the same roof!’
“Why don’t we move up the wedding Dottie ?asks Tad getting desperate looking at the little boy Michael!”Say Friday I’m sure that Michael won’t be released until next week will he Melissa?
“No he won’t !’says Melissa
“Yes Tad let’s get married Friday!’ says Dottie smiling
“very well we need to set up some checks how’s tomorrow for the home check Mr.Martin? at 2pm’asks Sylvia
“that will be fine !'says Tad”we’ll be there won’t we Dottie!’
“Yes we’ll be there!'says Dottie agreeing as Mike looks on and smiles

Friday, February 12, 2010

Part 9- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 9- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Tad is going into Dottie’s restaurant!Enzo and Max are seated on the patio watching the water and the park beside the restaurant patio.Tad has a huge bouquet of roses!
Tad is talking on his phoneI’ll help later find the car and Emily-Ann .Jesse and his people are searching everywhere and I have my best people on it! I‘ve got to makeup with Dottie little brother!‘I promise I‘ll help but today belongs to Dottie!’Bye Jake!” says Tad hanging up
“Have you seen Dottie today ?’Tad asks of the server
“That’s Ms.Throton to you and she said that if you came in she’s not available!’says the server wearing a name tag that says Chuck
”Please Chuck take pity on a poor sinner !I love the woman and she won‘t take my calls to apologize I‘ve been calling for two days now and all I get is either her answer a machine or a hang up.Please tell her I‘m here!
”I don‘t know she really didn‘t want to see you and she‘s been so cross for two days I don‘t want to cross her!‘I might lose my job!
“Aw Chuck she’d never fire you for that Please Chuck go tell her I’m on my knees her please!’says Tad getting down on his knees and handing Chuck a fifty dollar bill
“Okay Mr.Martin but I’m not promising and I’m keeping this fifty no matter what”Thanks for that Mr.Martin Chuck says smiling
“That’s all I can ask Chuck and thanks from one guy to another your doing a great thing!’says Tad encouragingly
Switch to Enzo and Max outside on the patio talking about a young woman Enzo tried to pick up.
“So did you see her Max she was hot not Paris Hilton hot but hot don’t you think!’ asks Enzo
“Yesss!’says Max
“We got to think up some pick up lines for me to say to get the girls fawning all over us!’says Enzo
“ Doon’t tryyso harddd!says Max
“Yes your right! She saw right through me thought I as a playar right bro?’says Enzo
“Yes!’Whaaat’s gooing on there ?’points Max
“Where?’asks Enzo
“Ppark mmaan!’says Max
“huh?’asks Enzo
“The parrrk boy maaan hhurtting!’says Max
“Oh my you‘re right what is that guy doing ?’asks Enzo”oh no I think he‘s killed him or something says Enzo terrified!‘
”caalll get helllp!‘says Max
”911 What‘s your emergency police fire or ambulance?asks the operator
”I need the police and an abulance there is a man beating someone up in the park .The man is beating a kid I think .You‘ve got to stop him!‘says Enzo
”Please give me the address please!‘says the operator
”it‘s Admiral park beside Dorothy‘s fine dining on Main street!I‘ve got to get help here my brother will stay on my phone but he doesn‘t speak so well “says Enzo handing the phone to Max and rushing in Dottie‘s to get help
”Please I need Help someone? Oh thank god Mr.Martin !There‘s a man he‘s beating a child in the park you have to help me stop him!
Tad drops the flowers and runs out the door to the park Enzo at his heels!
“Stop right there!’ yells Tad as the man sees Tad and takes off leaving the battered child on the ground .Tad gently examines the boy and sees he has a broken arm.Tad flashes back to the day Ray broke his arm and left him for dead in the park in Pine Valley!
The child opens his eyes starring at Tad
”He‘s my father! Why does he hate me?the child asks
“It’s going to be okay now son says Tad ‘he’ll never hurt you again!’ promises Tad”the ambulance is coming hang in there !‘
“Don’t leave me!’ says the boy barely audible
“I won’t!’ promises Tad”no one will hurt you again that’s my promise!’
The ambulance comes and takes the child to the hospital with Tad by his side
Dottie comes out of her resturant just as the ambulance
“what happened where’s Tad is he okay?’she asks ashen
“It wasn’t Tad !'says Enzo”this horrible man was beating a child in the park!And Mr.Martin came roaring over and stopped him then he protected him and watched him until the ambulance came.’I’ve never be so scared in my life but Mr.Martin he took control he stopped the bleeding withhis shirt!and he gone to the hospital with the boy.I can’t beleive it the kid said that was his dad that did that!’
“Oh my poor Tad this has had to bring back memories of that little boy he was when the Martin’s took him in!’says Dottie “I have to go to him!’

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Part 8- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 8- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Adam is in his living room eating breakfast two days after the wedding reception.He spooning something from a bowl into his mouth and grumbling as he washes it down with coffee
“What is the matter with you now Adam?’asks Krystal
”Winnie‘s still sick and that new cook served me this!do you know what this is it‘s gruel if I wanted gruel I would have stayed in Pigeon Hollow and lived in a shanty house!
”What‘s really bothering you Adam besides the food?asks Krystal
”We should be enjoying family having Max here and Enzo even if Haley and Mateo are away for work but instead that da.m .n Courtlandt is upstairs with my daughter!’says Adam
“Really Adam you better except him because he’s going to be around for awhile!At least they haven’t moved out Colby’s still in the house!’If you keep this up they’ll move out and you won’t see your daughter is that what you want Adam?”asks Krystal
“You no what that upstart said to me at our wedding reception?asks Adam”he had the nerve to tell me that Colby didn’t need me! That I’d better not hurt her!If anyone’s goign to hurt her it will be that Cortlandt trash!’
“Adam you have to calm down you have a pacemaker but you have a bumb ticker all this stress can’t be good for you!’says Krystal
“I’ve set up a trust for her that he can’t touch ever !He won’t get my money!’says Adam
“I’m sure he couldn’t care less about your money Adam it’s plain as the nose on your face that
he’s crazy about her!’You’ve got to try to get along Adam if only for Colby!’
“hello Grumps!’says Enzo ever the smart alec
“that’s Grandpa to you young man!’says Adam but turns and hides an uncharacteristic smile
“so Grandpa what’s chillaxing?asks Enzo
“ is he speaking English?’ asks Adam of Krystal
“It means what’s going on Grandpa!’says Enzo
“Not a lot I was finishing up some business calls well eating my breakfast!says Adam”don’t you have class today?’
“Heck no it’s spring break!hey you wouldn’t spring for me to go somewhere would you Gramps?’asks Enzo
‘That’s a heck no !says Krystal”you’re asks us to keep an eye on you we can’t do that if you’re galivanting somewhere!’
“Well said Krystal but I don’t see why the boy couldn’t find something to do in town.A young man needs some walking around funds.Says Adam taking out his wallet and handing Enzo some cash as Krystal frowns
“Gee thanks Grandpa you’re the best!’ says Enzo ready to leave but Adam says
“That comes with conditions that’s $2000 half is for your brother .You need to take him with you and get him out and about.It’s not good for him to stay in so much!’says Adam well Krystal smiles at him
“but Grandpa he can’t even talk it’s embarrassing and I have to push that wheelchair everywhere!’says Enzo as we see
Max hiding in the shadows in his wheelchair listening
“Is or is he not your brother?asks Adam“Do you know what I do to have my brother back for five minutes? You almost lost him you couldn’t have been the one who was in the wheelchair!I’m proud of your brother he might not be a Chandler by blood but he has the guts of one!So get your self together and show your brother family who cares about him and think of your brother instead of yourself for a change is that understood Lorenzo Santos!’demands Adam
“You’re right Grandfather my brother needs to get out I’ll take him out and will have a good
time!says Enzo embarrassed “sorry for being such a jerk!
“See that you keep that to yourself and don’t hurt your brother Enzo says Adam
“I won’t I do care about him!’says Enzo
“I know you do Enzo as much as I did and still do about Stuart’
Just then Max comes in in his wheelchair pretending he didn’t hear any of the conversation
“I’m soooo bbbored!’says Max leving an opening for Enzoe
“oh good i just scored some cash from gramps and I was thinking we might like to go to Dottie’s and sit on the patio overlooking the water there.We can watch some girls walk by and maybe they’ll join us!There alawys going swimming down there and with spring break on a lot more girls!"says Enzo enthusasticly
“Ar....e y... o sh..hure it wo..nnn’t be too Max
“No we’ll have fun come on !’says Enzo”just don’t steal all the good looking girls with that invalid act okay!”as Max chucklest
“That was a great idea Adam it’s good to see Max look happy “says Krystal “see That’s why I married you under all that billy gruff lies the heart of asweet and kind man!”
“Nonsense I just wanted to have some peace and quiet says Adam covering up but not fooling Krystal one bit!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Part 7- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 7- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Dorothy’s restuarant and fine dining
“Wonder what that was all about it was awfully loud! says Krystal
“The Montgomery family dinners are always loud but why was Annie there?’asks Tad
“Emma told me something earlier but she said it was a secret until after this dinner but don’t tell anyone else promise?’says Kathy
“okay I’ll bite what’s the big secret?’asks Tad
“Emma was having dinner with her grandfather!’says Kathy
“I didn’t see anyone!’says Krystal
“Yes you did says Kathy her grandfather is Jackson Montgomery!Annie just found out he’s her dad!’
“What?’ says Tad spitting his drink
“Yes it seem that the guy that raised Annie the guy that was so mean he wasn’t her dad Jack was!’
“Jackson Montgomery has another daughter he didn’t raise and it’s Annie?’says Krystal incredulously
“Well won’t that set the cat among the pigeons!’ says Opal
“Greenlee won’t be too happy that’s for sure says Tad “Oh look here your cake Kathy!’
As we see the waiter bring out acake that says Happy 18th Birthday Kathy.The waiter and all at the table sing Happy Birthday .They all eat cake and the party breaks up as they go home!
Jesse is searching for clues to Emily-Ann dissapearance
“Dad I mean sir we’ve found someoen who saw the man with Emily Ann !'says Natalia excitedly
“Where is this witness did you get his statement?’asks Jesse
“Brot is taking it right now “says Natalia
“Natalia you should have taken his statement and then told me says Jesse “take me to this witness!’
they come up to Brot who has just finished the statement
“I know you jsut gave me your statement sir Mr.Bullockbut could you repeat it for the Chief here?’ asks Brot
“Well it’s like this it was late you know about I don’t know about maybe 11pm and I was going into the sanitorium I know I’m no suppose to go visit that late but I like to make sure my wife is sleeping!Anyways so I see this man he looks like a janitor.”
“Description please ?'says Jesse
“I guess he was maybe 5ft 10 I don’t know he was all hunched over ! He had red hair and a red handlebar mustache.He had this cart youknow that looked like it had janitorial supplies but he reaches into where the grarbage should be!And I think he’s removing garbage but it’s a woman and he sticks her in his car!I called it in not on the 911 line cause I didn’t think he was kidnapping her .He treated her tender like she was a glass doll he was afraid to break.He even buckled her in.’say Mr.Bullock
“Would you recognize the man ?'asks Jesse
“Well I don’t know I’m a little far sighted “Mr.Bullock says looking through his pop glass glasses!
“Would you try !’“Is it that man over there?’ asks Natalia pointing to Jake
“Maybe says the man he’s about the right size !'as Natalia gives a look to Jesse that says I told you see I solved this one
“Come with me “says Jesse taking Mr.Bullock over to Jake
‘“Is this the man ?'asks Jesse
“No that guy was much older a maybe a little taller?’says Mr.Bullock
”And the car the man was driving do you know the make?”
”I‘m not sure one of them old 80‘s car a Horizon?‘I ‘m just not sure it was old and rusty!”
”did you see the licence plate at all?‘asks Jesse
”I think it might have been one of them vanity plates.It was from Pennsylvannia!what did it say some name Billy Bob something like that!
“Thank-you for your time,We may have some more questions later we have your address and phone number! .Could you come to the station later and sign your statement?’asks Jesse
“Certainly I’m a good citizen I know my duty says Mr.Bullock”I sure hope you find that pretty lady.
“We have a news blackout on this information including the disappearance please do not discuss this with anyone” asks Jesse
“I won’t! I don’t talk to a lot of people likes wise anyways with my wife here!’says Mr.Bullock
“So we have one lead sir the licence plate!’says Natalia and the description matches Mr.Martin’s description
“You were sure a few minutes ago that is was Jake !'says Brot laughing
“Was not and now that we have solid leads maybe we can rescue Emily-Ann!’ says Natalia
“Good work Monroe Fowler know lets’ get on that information and find Emily-Ann!says Jesse

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Part 6- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 6- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Dorothy’s restuarant and fine dining
Tad ,Kathy,Jenny ,Ruth and Krystal are seated at a table celebrating Kathy‘s birthday
”So how does it feel to be an adult” asks Tad
“Being an adult is hard !’says Kathy
“Welcome to being an adult “says Tad”I’m just glad you and Jenny got hme in J.r.s helicopter !’
“Well I am and I’m not I can’t get access to my car because of that stupid mudslide!’
“I’m sorry Kathy I know what a bum deal that is but you’ll get your car back when they fix the road!”says Tad “At least the slide didn’t take your car!’
“Yes really!’says Kathy
“so where’s Aaron?’asks Krystal
“We broke up and no I don’t want to talk about it so drop the subject “says Kathy
“Oooh touchy isn’t she!’ stage whispers Tad to Krystal
“Tad drop it !'says Krystal swatting Tad in the arm
“Where’s Uncle Jake isn’t he coming?’ asks Kathy disappointed
“No sorry Baby he wanted to come but he got called into work” lies
“Where’s Grandma Opal?'
“She should be here soon!'says Tad
I’ll be right back Jenny come with me while I touch up my make-up “says Kathy
As soon as she’s out of earhot Krystal says
“what’s really going on Tad what’s Jake up to?’
“Jake’s ex wife was kidnapped and he’s trying to find her with Jesse’s help”answers Tad
“what ex wife?Not Amanda?’asks Krystalshocked
“no a longtime ago Jake was married to Emily-Ann Sago.It seems that Carolyn stoled
Emily-Ann’s daughter!’says Tad sadly
“Are you talking about Ruth ?whispers Krystal so Ruth doesn’t hear”Carolyn took Ruth but Jake matched Ruth how is that possible?’
“Emily-Ann accessed his donations and had Ruth then Carolyn stole her!’Emily-Annsearched not finding her daughter she lost her mind !She was at the Happy Valley Sanitorium but someone kidnapped her! ‘says Tad
“oh my Tad that’s horrible that poor poor woman first her child then herself!’“I hope that Jake finds her!says Krystal just as Jenny and Kathy come back.
“there’s something weird going on with Jackson Montgomery and company look’ says Kathy pointing
back to the Montgomeries and company
“So that was lovely meal Jack but why are Annie and Emma here ?’asks Erica
“Just a minute! Waiter it’s time!’says Jack getting him to pour champagne in glasses and coke in Emma’s!
“I would like you all to meet the newest members of the Montgomery clan my daughter Annie Chandler and grandaughter Emma Lavery!”toasts Jack"to Annie and Emma!'
“What you except this at face value are you out of your mind Jackson Montgomery?asks Erica shrilly
“I agree with Erica for once says Greenlee shrilly do you have any proof?‘
”Jackson is my father I‘ve given him proof shouts Annie angrily
What about a DNA test ? Papers can be faked says Greenlee!’ as Erica nods
”i‘d be happy to do a DNA test JAckson is my father too!‘Annie says to Greenlee who then grabs Annie‘s hair and says
”If you think I‘m going to let you scam my father witch think again!‘says Greenlee
“Too loud too loud voices too loud “says Lily
“Come on Lily let’s got to the ladies room until the adults calm down !'says Emma pointedly
Lily and Emma leave!
“that’s enough says Jack “I’m not getting kicked out of this restaurant too! Ladies back to your corners.A DNA test is a formality Annie is my daughter accept it!"says Jack as Leo pulls Greenlee of Annie and Jack pulls Annie off Greenlee
“But Dad what if she’s scamming you?’says Greenlee pointedly
“She’s not !She’s my daughter and your sister you better try to get along and set a better example for your boys because your sister is now a part of my life!says Jack forcefully
“Fine but if she does one thing to hurt you she’ll be sorry she was ever born!Got it sis!’says Greenlee
“Perfectly sis !’says Annie through clenched teeth
As Jack says goodbye to all and leaves with Erica
“Well that went well !'says Jack to Erica
“You could have told me ahead of time !'complains Erica
“It wouldn’t have been right for you to know before the kids !"says Jack
“There not kids anymore and I won’t let any of them come between us again!’says Erica
“They won’t !I won’t let them !’says Jack

Part 5- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 5- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Same day 5:45 pm Dottie’s restaurant
Annie has just arrived with Emma
“Do I look okay is my hair okay?’asks Annie nervously”
”You look great your hair is gorgeous !Did you see Dad‘s eyes pop out when you picked me up for maternity dress that dress is Hot!
“Thanks Emma and thanks for dressing up this means a lot to me!’says Annie”and thanks for not telling your Dad yet I really wanted Greenlee,Lily and Reggie to find out first!’”I’m kind of worried that Erica will be there though!”
“She’ll have to except you ~your Jack’s daughter!Jack took it pretty good Mom.And he wants to be your Dad.So she’ll have to be nice!says Emma
“I hope so!’says Annie nervously biting her lip”do you think they‘ll like me?‘
“what’s not to like !Quit worrying mom shoulders back and confidence that’s what you always say to me!’says Emma
“Right you are Emma!’says Annie
“Montgomery table!’ says Annie to the maitre
Greenlee and Leo are all ready seated at the table with their babies Jacob and James.
“You? What are you doing here? I thought this was a family meal?’asks Greenlee with malice in her voice
“We were invited says Emma sitting down and mtioning her mother!
“You’re right I wasn’t nice !'says Greenlee Leo’s elbow into her”obviously Dad invited you!’
“Jack did invite us!'says Annie “Oh your babies are so cute !’admiring the little guys”what are ther names?‘
“This bright little guy is Jacob, the grumpy guy is James!Poor James is teething! Jacob will soon see the tooth’s rath too!’says Greenlee cooing to her boys and smiling!
“Oh look how he coos!’ says Emma as James starts talking to her!
“Amazing that’s the first time he’s been happy today I think he likes you!’ says Leo
Greenlee whispers something to Leo
“I don’t suppose you babysit?Do you?’asks Greenlee of Emma
“Yes I do sometimes !
“Would you consider babysitting this Friday?”asks Greenlee” We haven’t been out without the babies since they were born while except for the Chandler party last night!
“I have to consult my calendar at home can I get back to you asks Emma afraid that Greenlee will change her mind after dinner!’
“Yes sure no problem here here’s our phone number says Greenlee shoving a piece of paper to her!’
Just then Reggie and Lily arrive and sit down
“Hi I’m Lily I go to MIT !"Lily says to Emma
“I remember you from when I was younger didn’t you use to work for my brother Spike’s Dad Zach Slater?’
“yes I did!’says Lily “But I do quantum physics and advanced maths at MIT .I got to meet this man the other day a visiting professor !He was special like me only in a different way .He’s name is Stephen Hawkins I was so excited to meet him as I have all his books !says Lily
“Wow amazing he is so famous!’
“I’ll be famous one day they said when I finish my masters I can become a professor if i want or work in this Think Tank!It’s not a tank though like a fish tank it’s just a bunch of people who work at thinking up a lot of original ideas!’
“Erica won’t be happy to see you Annie!” says Lily
“I know but Jack invited me!’says Annie
“then she’ll have to be okay because Dad invited you!’says Lily
“thanks Lily!’ says Annie
“I’ve got to get back tomorrow I’ve got a game and coach is counting on me to rack up the points says Reggie to no one in particular
“You play ball?’asks Emma
“He’s got a scholarship for basketball.He’s that good!’says Greenlee proudly
“wow what year are you in and what are you taking?’asks Emma
“I’m in my last year I want to be an orthapaedic surgeon so my speciality is sports medicine!”
Wow impressive!says Annie enthusisticly
“Thanks!’ says Reggie lowering his head and blushing
Jack arrives with Erica
“What is she doing here? I won’t eat dinner with this woman she could stab me with her dinner fork!’says Erica
“Erica I’m asking you for me sit down and be quiet and let me get through this dinner and you’ll get an explanation!says Jack
“I don’t like this but I’ll do this for you and for Greenlee!’ Erica says
“That’s right you want to spend time with your Grandchildren don’t you Grandma Kane?’asks Greenlee needling Erica
“Actually I do but maybe they could call me Nana?’asks Erica
“Nana?’ says Jack spouting and spitting out his water he just took a drink of it
“Well yes it’s better than Grandma it sounds younger doesn’t it?’asks Erica
Everyone hurriedly agrees lest she change her mind and they‘ll order dinner
sometime later
“So that was lovely meal Jack but why are Annie and Emma here ?’asks Erica
“Just a minute! Waiter it’s time!’says Jack getting him to pour champagne in glasses and coke in Emma’s!
“I would like you all to meet the newest members of the Montgomery clan my daughter Annie Chandler and grandaughter Emma Lavery!”toasts Jack"to Annie and Emma!'
Shock evident on all faces except Lily's!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Part 4 - The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 4- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Annie pacing outside of Jack’s residence .She hides seeing Erica and waits until she leaves before ringing the doorbell
“Hello?Why Annie what are you doing here? asks Jack
“I have some legal issues to deal with!’ says Annie
“well you could have come to my office!’says Jack
“I need a divorce from Scott it’s time I mean I’ve sort have been on dates with Ryan but I’m still
legally married to Scott! And I have to protect this little one” Annie says patting her stomach wondering how to tell Jack the truth.
“Well of course would you like to sit Annie?’ asks Jack ever the genial host
“Thank-you Jack!’says Annie smiling at him
“So did you want me to extradite your divorce and full custody of your child?’asks Jack
“Yes could you please Jack?’asks Annie
“I think I could handle this but Erica might get upset!’says Jack
“I know and believe me if I could take that back I would!’says Annie regretfully
“I believe in giving people a second chance!Erica has had hers why should you have yours!’says Jack
“Thanks Jack you don’t know how much this means to me” says Annie
“I need any documents you have ?says Jack as Annie hands him documents
Jack reads overe the marriage licence then goes on to the others and finds Annie birth certificate.He sees
Place of birth NEW YORK STATE
County of Westchester Department of Health
City of new York Division of Vital Statistics

Name of child
Annie Date of birth March 20, 1978
Father Mother
Jackson Montgomery full maiden name Emma Beck Novak
Address: 945 Ventura Avenue Address :1000 Erie Street
Los Angeles ,California Erie ,Pennsylvannia
Race:White age last birthday 32 years Race:White age last birthday 25 years
birthplace: Los Angeles,California birthplace Erie,Pennsylvannia
Occupation:lawyer Occupation:housewife
Number of children of this mother 2 Number of children still living 2

I hearby certify I attended the birth of this child who was born alive at 11:00A.M.
Eli House M.D.
Dated 3/22/78 700 fifth Avenue,NY,NY
Filed 3/22/78

Robert Bennett
I hereby certify that the above document is a true copy of the certificate on file in the New York Department of Health.,New York,New York
certified by Robert Bennett
“ What is this is this a hoax?”asks Jack
“No Emma was my mother Emma Beck Novak!’says Annie “she never told me you were my father she killed herself when I was 16 and left this note says Annie handing over the notes!And we see:
My darling Jack
This is the hardest letter I’ve ever had to write! When I met you thought I was single but I was married with a child.My son Ritchie!My husband Walter is a hard man.He didn’t beat me at least when I met but was abusive in his words and deeds.After he became the monster he is today who hits me with his fists and turns m son against me! I was lonely and you brought light and wonder into a life that was empty and devoid of feeling! I loved you deeply but when I wrote you to tell you of my pregnancy you never wrote back and I knew then that you were disgusted with me for lying to you! My daughter our daughter has grown into a lovely girl .She is sweet and has your generous giving nature.Walter knows she isn’t his and he torments her!He favors his son over her and at times he seems to egg on Ritchie’s cruel behavior against her!I’m begging you come rescue your daughter even if you care nothing for me !I beg you help Annie! He hates her!
Your Emma
P.S. please find letters at our special spot!
“Our special spot but I didn’t check there not after I got that letter from her!She said she was married and that she loved her husband that she had a boy that she was going to try to make her marriage work!”“your Emma’s daughter?’ that Emma my Emma?’asks Jack puzzled
“Yes I suspect that he wrote that letter to you Walter knew you and she were together!’says Annie
“so You are my Daughter?’asks Jack
“yes it seems I am!says Annie
“I have a daughter! says Jack in wonder“another daughter!’”And a grandaughter Emma is my grandaughter!’
“Yes but it’s okay if you don’t want us!’says Annie in a small voice
“I loved your mother I was devastated when I thought she had left me! I want you and I want my grandaughter maybe grandaughters? in my life!Lily will welcome you !Greenlee it might take some time .But you are family and they will except you."says Jack
“Do you really want me ?’asks Annie afraid to believe
“You are my flesh and blood you are my child even though you’re grown.I’d like to get to know you and Emma and this little one a little better!’says Jack holding out his arms as Annie goes into them and they hug!
“I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you grow up!And that man raised you!’says Jack feeling guilty
“You couldn’t have known and I’m glad you’re my real father!’says Annie
“What happened to your mother?’ Jack asks
“Walter has much to answer for she wrote to you and he intercepted all her letters !She thought you hated her and she couldn’t take living with him anymore .She killed herself I found her!’
“Oh Annie I’m so sorry that happened and that you were the one to find her!That explains a lot!’says Jack
“I have to go to work now ..Jack?..I have to work at my magazine and I’m suppose to continue my book tour next week.”says Annie
‘I’d like to get together before that and meet Emma too if that’s okay?’asks Jack
“More than okay we’d love to get together would you lke to come for dinner tonight er you and Erica?'Annie adds
“Why don’t we meet at Dottie’s my treat? asks Jack
“Okay if you’re sure!’says Annie
“All right how about early say 6pm?’asks Jack
“Thanks Jack we’ll be there!’
“When you’re ready I’d love if you’d call me Dad!’says Jack
“Thanks Dad er Jack I don’t think I’m quite ready yet!’ says Annie
“Like I said when your ready I’d love to be called Dad but Jack will do!’says Jack


Part 3- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 3- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Emily-Ann is lying on a cot covered with a blanket.
Emily-Ann stirs on the cot waking and looking around
“Where am I ?'she asks aloud then she remembers a smell and then the cloroform
“I remember thinking it was Dad but Daddy would be here when I woke up”Emily-Ann thinks aloud
“Hello honey chile!’ says Billy Clyde
“Daddy ?'asks Emily-Ann still confused and wondering if it was Benny
“Oh you remembered! I’m touched baby touched !'says Billy Clyde smiling
“You it’s you but you’re dead!’ says Emily-Ann horrified as she tries to get up but finds her leg chained to the cot
“Just a precaution baby the chains that is!says Billy Clyde”didn’t how much drugs those quack doctors into youse!”
“Why did you take me from the hospital ?'asks Emily-Ann
“Couldn’t let my flesh and blood be tormented by those demon doctors soon as I got me out of that jail I scoured around look for my baby to make to youse for all those years I wasn’t with youse.I got religion in jail!"Billy Clyde says
”Prison you were in prison all that time we thought you were dead‘asks Emily-Ann
”Yes when that varmint Tad Martin took me over that cliff and into them falls !I thought I was dead but I fought them waters and I won!when I came out I found me a farm home and the lady gave me some food and cloths.Now there was a fine lady she warmed my bed for some time!
Then I went into this town in Gouchester ,Maine went into this bar and got into a little fight.The guy doesn‘t know how to fight even though he was the one that mouthed off and he goes belly up!Is it my fault he died if you can’t fight youse got no business starting one.So I goes to trial gets this stoopid lawyer who knows nottin and gets sent to the hoosegow for 19 years .I just got out of that jug about a month ago.And I found out that they shot and killed my brother thinking he was me! Poor John Henry! If only he hadn’t tried to get even with that Tad Martin for me!Nast evil man that Tad Martin!Like cat has nine lives!But he’ll get his! I got me a career while I was doing my time .I got me one of those licences over the internets and now I’m a minister!I can marry and bury people now!So I go look around Pine Valley and most of them mover and shakers have left that burg! So I says were should I go!And I hears this song that says Go west Young Man!So I do and I see that no good Donna Beck go to the hospital and what do I find she locked my Baby girl up there just so she could be with that rich guy that Chuck.More like upchuck I says!No one torments my baby-girl!
“ I wasn’t being tormented they were helping me!’ explains Emily-Ann
“Oh that’s what them head docs always want youse to believe but them docs are just demons in disguise!I couldn’t let no kin of mine be tormented by them no how!’says Billy-Clyde
”Have you got the headache?’Asks Billy Clyde noticing Emily-Ann robbing her head”sorry about that there medicine to knock you out will do that.Here here’s the pills to make that better” he says taking out A bottle of Excedrin and handing her two pills!
“Thank-you!’ says Emily-Ann thinking humoring him would probably be a good idea
“You must have got my good looks cause you look so much better than your and she was a looker used to bring in all kinds of money she did! says Billy-Clyde eluding to Estelle’s past working for him as an escort.But I don’t do that kinds of things no more.I’m a righteous man I got religion!"
Emily-Ann is scared and horrified by this she thinks and we hear her thoughts” He killed my mother Estelle he could kill me and what about Ruth if he finds out about Ruth !He’ll grab her!He must never found out about Ruth!”“I’ll just continue humoring him and when I get my chance I’ll get away.”“and he thinks he’s religious?'
Tad’s house
Tad comes in his front door it’s 10 am the day after the Chandler party.He’s drenched from head to foot his clothes what’s left from his tuxedo are torn and covered in mud!He slams the front door and yells"Kathy ?Jenny?’Where are you?’Daddy’s home finally!’Tad searches doesn’t find their beds slept in and gets worried he goes and checks the garage looking for Kathy’s car and becomes extremely alarmed not seeing it!He picks up his home phone finds no dial tone!Goes and gets into a old car he has in the garage and drives to the police station!
“Jesse I can’t find my daughter’s is everything okay at the Dillons?’asks Tad
“It’s okay Tad I was going to come tell you when I had the chance because the phones are still out all over town.We had a landslide near the Dillons but Jenny and Kathy are safe but unless you have a helicopter they aren’t coming home soon the road is gone and it will be awhile until it can be fixed!And what happened to you ?You look like hades!”asks Jesse
“I said the wrong thing to Dottie at the party and she took off like a shot!I followed her for awhile but my car got stuck in a sink hole out on Route 55 and then I had to climb out as the car sunk.I walked for what seemd like hours taking shelter in an abandonned cabin .Fell asleep and this morning I hiked home to find my grls missing!’
“Not a very good alibi !’says Jesse
“What do I need an alibi for?”asks Tad confused
“ Emily-Ann was kidnapped last night!’says Jesse
“Are you kidding me ?asks Tad looking at Jesse”you’re not she’s missing and you think I need an albi?I thought we were friends!’says Tad hurt
“Tad I had to ask I’m a cop first a friend second I can’t let my personal relationships come into my investigations!’says Jesse
“I had nothing to do withEmily-Ann’s disappearance !Now if my daughter’s are safe how can I help find Emily-Ann?’asks Tad

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Part 2- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 2- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
The Next Day
Jesse surveys the damage done by the mudslide
Melissa and Tim as well as Amanda Jr, and Marissa are there .
“We have to get through we have to get to our children!’say Tim speaking for Melissa and Marissa as well as J.r.
“What if they are trapped or hurt ?We can’t even call them because of the power outage .Do you know Jesse that the phones aren’t even working.!”says Melissa
“When will they get the phones fixed Jesse!’ asks J.r.”I want to know that my daughter’s are safe!”
“ My babies have to be okay !says Melissa and Marissa at the same time
“There have been no injuries two houses have been demolished but neither of them are yours Tim or J.r.!says Jesse
“Thank God!’ says Melissa and Marissa
“But we left Kathy there and Aaron and they’ve been alone for hours looking after all those children.I mean Shelley is there but still that’s a lot of work!’says Melissa
“I can’t allow you to go through just yet the road is out “says Jesse
“that’s okay my helicpter pilot will be here soon and it will take us to your house Tim!’says J.R.
“There had better be enough room for us all says!’ Amanda,Melissa and Marissa all at the same time
“ There is just enough room for us all!’ says J.R.
“ Good because frankly J.R. dear you wouldn’t be going if we can’t fit in !’says Marissa as Melissa and Amanda smile at her and cover laughs
“ Hey would I ever do that ?’asks J.r.
“Not anymore!’ says Marissa
J.r. ,Marissa,Melissa,Tim and Amanda squeeze into the helicopter .
The helicopter lands in Tim’s front yard and well they check out the backyard to find out half the backyard is gone and the mudslide has taken out the trampoline and the playground equipment.The next door neighbour who‘s house was closer to the cliff has no more house.
”Good thing they are in Europe!’ says Tim pointint to the neighbour‘s property.”do you think their insurance will cover it?‘
“I doubt it says J.R. Unless they took out extra coverage they’ll just call it an act of God and
won’t cover it!”
“Unbeliveable can I say I’m glad it’s not our house! Can you believe it’s only 7am” says Melissa to them all
“I’m beat!’ says Tim “You’re house is standing he says to Jr. pointing across the street
“Yes mine is as close to the cliff!’says J.r.
“Do you think Kathy got any sleep and we could convince her and Cheryl to stay and look after the children? I’m so tired! says Marissa
“Yes me too!Guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask!'
‘Wonder where she is and I guess the kids aren’t up yet!’ says Melissa
“Let’s look upstairs !says Marissa
Melissa opens her bedroom door tthe camera pans in and we see Kathy sleeping in Aaron’s arms appearing not to be dressed!
“Oh my god !'says Melissa slamming the door shut."Tad’s going to kill me!'
“ Sorry We fell asleep !'says Kathy coming out in Melissa’s robe.I’m sorry I borrowed your robe!'
“Oh that’s okay we were late sorry it was the weather and the power was out and the road is gone!But where is Shelley?" Melissa stumbling thinking what happened but afraid to ask and embarrass Kathy
”She got a call just before the phones went out that her dad had a heart attack in Minneapolis!so she left to go there!
”Oh poor Shelley!‘says Melissa”I hope he‘ll be okay!”
Aaron comes out a couple seconds later and Melissa wonders to herself and we hear
“Maybe it was innocent they were just sleeping!’Yes that must be it !’wanting to believe that
“Kathy I’ll pay extra if you can look after the kids well we sleep!’Melissa says
“Yes okay if the road is out it’s not like were going anywhere !’says Kathy smiling
“I’m going to miss football practice!’ says Aaron”the coach is going to kill me!’
Melissa goes to bed as Marissa goes home promising
“I’ll be back by 1 pm okay Kathy!’says Marissa
“okay see you later!’Kathy says putting on a smiling face
“I think I hate you Aaron McGillis!you took advantage of me last night I was out of it!You must have known!’says Kathy angrily”what a horrible way to spend a birthday!
”It was your birthday?“You were all over me how was I to know"says Aaron indignantly"besides you’re my girlfriend all the other guys have slept with their girlfriends!”
Yes right cause I always say take me Romeo and then you didn‘t remember my birthday either did you?“I have to wash those sheets before everyone knows!’ says Kathy”I hate you!If I could get away from you I’d be gone now but as it is just stay away from me and look after the kids okay!”“I’ll be right back!'