Sunday, February 14, 2010

Part 11- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Emily-Ann chained to the bed in the room Billy Clyde is keeping her in.Her chain is long enough to the nearby bathroom and sort of shut the door.
“ Your awake again good dem no good cops is searching highs and lows for us so we got keep hidden cause I aint going back to that hoosegow!”
“Of course you aren’t you didn’t do anything wrong Daddy” says Emily-Ann humoring him
“I like that cause I is your Pappy not that no good Benny Sago!”“He done corrupted both your ma..mas and tried to keep you away from me!’
“I love Donna she’s being very good to me!’says Emily-Ann
“So good she throws you into that he.ll hole!’says Billy Clyde”I brought you some new clothes you can’t keep wearing those pajamas!’
“Could I maybe take off the chain long enough to shower?’asks Emily-Ann
“Well I don’t know!’says Billy Clyde not quite ready to give in
“Oh come on please Daddy ? Women should be sweet smelling not ripe!”I wouldn’t want to embarrass you Daddy!'says Emily-Ann talking sweetly trying to think how Billy Clyde thinks and humor him
“Oh all right since my little girl asks so nicely but no funny business there’s no window and I’m timing you you got a half an hour to washer up and put on these new clothes.’says Billy Clyde removing the chain.”here I got you some of that nerosporin stuff to so you can put on your ankle!Dixie always said it chaffed !”“God rest that sainted lady’s soul you know that scum Alex Cambias poisoned her with pancakes!He better hope I never find him I’ll fix he’s wagon she was going to be my bride when I got out! Now I got to find me a new one!”
Course I got one of them licences now being a preacher man I can marry her myself!’
“I’m sure you’ll find someone nice some day Daddy you should wait until you find someone who thinks your special!”
“Yah I gets what your saying someone who cares about me ! I don’t have to do like that guy did it that movie “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”!Cause they’ll want to be with me!’Guess I could try that !’says Billy Clyde as Emily-Ann heaves a sigh of relief that she’s saved some poor woman.”but I shore like that movie! I got us one of those DVD players at the pawn shop.Maybe I’ll go find us that movie at the store and hide it under my coat and bring it home.’
“Don’t you have any money “asks Emily-Ann
“Shore enough I do but we have to enough to live extras cost money!’says Billy Clyde
“oh sorry Daddy I should ask stupid questions!’ say Emily-Ann still humoring him
“that’s okay at least you got my brains not dem silly mothers of yours!’says Billy Clyde as Emily-Ann bites her tongue so she doesn’t respond to Billy Clyde’s comments about Estelle and Donna
Emily- Ann takes the clothes and goes into the bathroom!
“hmm I’m going to sneak out and get us some grub she won’t even know I’m gone!’ says Billy Clyde to himself
Emily Ann dresses and comes out finding no Billy Clyde she sneaks out of the room only to run smack dab into Billy Clyde
“I should have known I couldn’t trust you!’ says Billy Clyde setting down the drinks and food “I got your favorite food too one of those Happy meals for McDonalds chicken nuggets!Youse loved them one you were little Estelle used to buy them for you or was it Donna at least I used to see you with them!Anways I got your favorite and you try to leave me?’
“I was scared I was looking for you Daddy!’says Emily-Ann
“I guess I’ll give you another chance since youse coming off them drugs that gave you but don’t try it again!’says Billy Clyde putting the chain back on her ankle
“Thanks Daddy for giving me another chance!’says Emily-Ann humoring him again
‘Youse my kin my daughter youse gets snother chance but only one says Billy Clyde’Cause fool me once shame on me Fool me once shame on me! least that’s what my cell guy said!’
“Come on eat like I said your favorite and look I even got you the Barbie-doll in the happy meal!’says Billy Clyde “cause I should given you a few of those when youse was little!’
“Oh Daddy that is so sweet of you!’says Emily-Ann putting it on thick.
“good now eat youse too skinny those people must have starved you!”

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