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Part 31 -Life Goes On-The Wedding Reception 2

Part 31 -Life Goes On-The Wedding Reception 2
Dorothy’s fine dining

“And now the reason for the party Adamand Krystal Chandler!The newly weds ’ announces the Master of Ceremonies
The crowd starts talking and you hear :
“I can’t believe it he married HER again!“ “Her again?’ “She knows the gold goose when she sees him!’ “Unfreakin believeable she married that old goat again is she crazy?’
Adam and Krystal are bathing in the people rushing forward to congratulations
“I can’t believe this why didn’t she tell me ? I knew she was seeing him but she didn’t tell me!’says Tad hurt to Dottie
“I’m sorry she did that Tad but you’re not interestd in her still are you?’ asks Dottie
“hardly there’s only one woman for me right now and it‘s you Dixie er I maen Dottie!’ says Tad
“Oh Tad it’s still her isn’t it I’m competing with a ghost !’says Dottie
“It was a slip of the tongue Dottie !she’d dead and gone!”say Tad trying to make-up with Dottie
“Prove it to me !Marry me Tad ?’Dottie asks
“I’m not ready yet Dottie! I’m sorry but I can’t marry you yet! Does this mean we broke up?Tad says to dead air.
Tad looks around for Dottie but she’s all read y made tracks for the bathroom!
And the other couple who are celebrating their wedding at this reception Colby and Peter Cortlandt!” announces the Master of Ceremonies
“I heard wrong says one person another says”did they say Colby married Pete?”Two dynasties coming together the rich get richer!” this party is full of suprises “says another in the crowd as we see
Jake his mouth open in suprise .Adam who looks shocked hurt and angry all at the same time.Krystal who looks hurt !Amanda who has just walked in behind the newlyweds walking over to Jake ,and then Maddie who had got a job as server for the party just to see Pete drop a glass he was serving breaking it.Liza who has come in with David is looking hurt and shocked!
Pete notices Maddie and says to Colby”Do you mind if I go talk to her I won’t be long I just want to make it right!’
“Pete you’ll never make it right she has to get over you and chasing after her will make her think you care!’says Colby
“Do you really think so Colby ?” asks Pete
“Yes I do let’s go dance !Our first dance as a married couple!’says Colby
“What about all those dances in your bedroom?’asks Pete suggestively
“Pete not in mixed company!’ says Colby blushing”do you thinking Dadd y took that okay he looks really mad!’
“He can be mad all he wants I’ve got a lead on a house for us and I have the down payment for our home !I’ve been very frugal and I take in a good salary with my position at Cortlandt Electronics!says Pete reassuringly then seeing Colby’s face he adds” He loves you he’ll get used to the idea.Especially after I show him how happy I make you!kissing her neck
“Pete not in front of the crowd and my father!’says Colby
“I can’t help you are irresistable!”says Pete
“I love you Pete!’says Colby
“I love you too honey!’Now let’s go meet the tiger in his den!”says Pete
“Okay but I’m scared!’ says Colby taking Pete
‘That’s okay I’m shking to my very toes but you can’t see it can you?’says Pete
“No you look unflappable!’says Colby
“That’s my new corporate look!’Unflappable works good in business and it will with your Dad
too !says Pete
Colby and Pete start walking to Adam and Krystal as people stop them a long the way congratulating them. just before they get there thye run into Liza and David
“I can’t believe this I thought I get to throw you abeautiful white wedding some day.I didn’t even know you were seeing Pete again and here you are married to him!Are you sure you love hm Colby?’asks Liza worried and hurt
“I’m sorry Mom it kind of just happened!’says Colby”oh I’m not telling you qite right that
doesn’t sound right!says Colby”I love him !Pete Cortlandt is the love of my life ”she says fiercely
“I’m sorry Ms.Colby we should have let you know about the wedding but I love Colby so much and when she said she’d marry me we wanted to avoid Adam’s reaction not yours!says Pete molifying Liza
“If you make Colby happy then welocme to the family Pete but if you hurt her watch out !'says Liza
“I won’t I’m the luckiest man in the world to have her be my bride!When I thought she had died my world stopped spinning! She is my life and I will do anything I possibly can to make her happy and be the best husband to her!”waxes Pete
“Pete I saw how you were there for my little girl in the hospital if you can continue that then how can I not except you into the family!says Liza “So welcome to the family Pete!
“Thank -you Ms.Colby!’says Pete
“Either Liza or Mom-in law but not Ms.Colby you’re making me feel old Pete!’says Liza smiling
“We have to go face the music with Dad mom we’ll talk later okay?says Colby
“Just stand up to him Pete and Colby !You’re married and happy if he doesn’t like it to bad !says Liza
‘Okay!’ they both say walking over to Adam!
“Hi Daddy!’ says Colby tentatively as Adam glares at Pete then with Krystal jabbing him with an ebow he tries a smile that comes off as angry.
“Pete!’Adam aknowledges angrily
“ I’m sorry we didn’t tell you sooner Daddy don’t be mad at Pete it was my idea!’says Colby
“What was your idea keeping it a secret from me or getting married or both?’asks Adam
“It was my idea to keep it a secret and announce it tonight but it was both of who decided to get married!’says Colby
“Is that right boy?’asks Adam of Pete appearing intimidating
“Mr.Chandler sir ,I love you daughter! I’ve always loved her I have a good job I come from a good family!(Adam scoffs here)and she loves me! “
“Pish posh I can get you an annulment like that Colby you don’t have to stay married to this clod says Adam addressing only Colby
“I think I hate you right now Dad! Let’s leave Pete I don’t have to put up with this and neither do you!’says Colby angrily
“No this is our wedding reception too we don’t have to leave!’ says Pete
“Come on Colby let’s leave those two for a few minutes and go powder or noses!’ says Krystal annoyed and glaring at Adam as she mouths “Make this right!’
they leave and Adam says” Get it over with Cortlandt! If you think you’re going to turn my daughter against me think again!’
“Colby and I love each other Adam!Now we could be disengenuinious here or we can be honest! Colby and I love each other we are married and we would like some harmony with you but frankly if you put up roadblocks that’s your problem not ours! We don’t need you as much as you need us or rather Colby! I would hope for your daughter’s sake and for appearances you’d except me but I’m telling you right now that I won’t stand for your games you will not hurt Colby with your mind games!I am not a boy but a man and I am your son-in law so you’d better except it and be nice to me! Even if it’s only when Colby’s around! Do we understnd each other DAD?’Pete says in a menacing voice we’ve never heard from him sounding a lot like his father
“So the fruit didn’t fall far from the tree!’ “Does Colby even know the real Pete Cortlandt?”asks Adam
“She knows who and what I am capable of! Do you?asks Pete

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