Friday, February 12, 2010

Part 9- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 9- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Tad is going into Dottie’s restaurant!Enzo and Max are seated on the patio watching the water and the park beside the restaurant patio.Tad has a huge bouquet of roses!
Tad is talking on his phoneI’ll help later find the car and Emily-Ann .Jesse and his people are searching everywhere and I have my best people on it! I‘ve got to makeup with Dottie little brother!‘I promise I‘ll help but today belongs to Dottie!’Bye Jake!” says Tad hanging up
“Have you seen Dottie today ?’Tad asks of the server
“That’s Ms.Throton to you and she said that if you came in she’s not available!’says the server wearing a name tag that says Chuck
”Please Chuck take pity on a poor sinner !I love the woman and she won‘t take my calls to apologize I‘ve been calling for two days now and all I get is either her answer a machine or a hang up.Please tell her I‘m here!
”I don‘t know she really didn‘t want to see you and she‘s been so cross for two days I don‘t want to cross her!‘I might lose my job!
“Aw Chuck she’d never fire you for that Please Chuck go tell her I’m on my knees her please!’says Tad getting down on his knees and handing Chuck a fifty dollar bill
“Okay Mr.Martin but I’m not promising and I’m keeping this fifty no matter what”Thanks for that Mr.Martin Chuck says smiling
“That’s all I can ask Chuck and thanks from one guy to another your doing a great thing!’says Tad encouragingly
Switch to Enzo and Max outside on the patio talking about a young woman Enzo tried to pick up.
“So did you see her Max she was hot not Paris Hilton hot but hot don’t you think!’ asks Enzo
“Yesss!’says Max
“We got to think up some pick up lines for me to say to get the girls fawning all over us!’says Enzo
“ Doon’t tryyso harddd!says Max
“Yes your right! She saw right through me thought I as a playar right bro?’says Enzo
“Yes!’Whaaat’s gooing on there ?’points Max
“Where?’asks Enzo
“Ppark mmaan!’says Max
“huh?’asks Enzo
“The parrrk boy maaan hhurtting!’says Max
“Oh my you‘re right what is that guy doing ?’asks Enzo”oh no I think he‘s killed him or something says Enzo terrified!‘
”caalll get helllp!‘says Max
”911 What‘s your emergency police fire or ambulance?asks the operator
”I need the police and an abulance there is a man beating someone up in the park .The man is beating a kid I think .You‘ve got to stop him!‘says Enzo
”Please give me the address please!‘says the operator
”it‘s Admiral park beside Dorothy‘s fine dining on Main street!I‘ve got to get help here my brother will stay on my phone but he doesn‘t speak so well “says Enzo handing the phone to Max and rushing in Dottie‘s to get help
”Please I need Help someone? Oh thank god Mr.Martin !There‘s a man he‘s beating a child in the park you have to help me stop him!
Tad drops the flowers and runs out the door to the park Enzo at his heels!
“Stop right there!’ yells Tad as the man sees Tad and takes off leaving the battered child on the ground .Tad gently examines the boy and sees he has a broken arm.Tad flashes back to the day Ray broke his arm and left him for dead in the park in Pine Valley!
The child opens his eyes starring at Tad
”He‘s my father! Why does he hate me?the child asks
“It’s going to be okay now son says Tad ‘he’ll never hurt you again!’ promises Tad”the ambulance is coming hang in there !‘
“Don’t leave me!’ says the boy barely audible
“I won’t!’ promises Tad”no one will hurt you again that’s my promise!’
The ambulance comes and takes the child to the hospital with Tad by his side
Dottie comes out of her resturant just as the ambulance
“what happened where’s Tad is he okay?’she asks ashen
“It wasn’t Tad !'says Enzo”this horrible man was beating a child in the park!And Mr.Martin came roaring over and stopped him then he protected him and watched him until the ambulance came.’I’ve never be so scared in my life but Mr.Martin he took control he stopped the bleeding withhis shirt!and he gone to the hospital with the boy.I can’t beleive it the kid said that was his dad that did that!’
“Oh my poor Tad this has had to bring back memories of that little boy he was when the Martin’s took him in!’says Dottie “I have to go to him!’

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