Monday, February 1, 2010

Part 28 -Life Goes On

Part 28 -Life Goes On
Jake at Tad’s
“It’s all fixed I talked to the doctor’s and explained who I was to Emily-Ann.I’m going to see Emily-Ann tomorrow with Ruth!”says Jake to Tad who has been waiting patiently!”
“Good oh great look at the time!And I still haven’t given Kathy her birthday present she probably thinks I forgot!’says Tad
“Did you even says Happy Birthday to her?’asks Jake
“No I was waiting to suprise her !”says Tad
“Bad move first of all we’re going out for her birthday and second you ask her to babysit her sister Jenny and my daughter Ruth on her birthday and you don’t even wish her happy Birthday?’says Jake
“Well I kind of was distracted!’ says Tad pointedly”do you think she’ll like her present?’
“Oh she’ll love it Tad what teen wouldn’t?’
“great thanks Jake want to see her face come with me!’demnds Tad
“Kathy !’calls Tad as he comes up the stairs
“yes Dad?’ answers Kathy
“Happy birthday sweetie he says hugging her
“oh Daddy you did remember !'she says
“Like I’m going to forget one of the greatest days of my life !says Tad”so do you want your present Miss eighteen year old?’asks Tad
“sure where is it Dad?'Kathy asks looking around
“well I forgot it out in the garage you’ll just have to go out and get from the car !”says Tad
“I think you left it in my rental !'says Jake ”the blue Honda in the garage!
”Can I go get it Dad !'says Kathy excited and eager
”Hop to it !'says Tad smiling”it‘s apackage with shiny gold paper!‘Why don‘t we just follow you out so you can open it right away!
”Okay says Kathy as she heads for the garage opening the car she reaces in but can‘t reach the parcel so she sits in the driver seat and opens the gold package a gift cerificate for gas and a certificate falls out!she looks at it it‘s the ownership for the car she‘s sitting in a used 2007 Honda four door car without power windows!She looks aTad shocked
”I hope you like it I know it‘s not brand new but it‘s like new and it doesn‘t have pwer windows I checked they recalled that model because people could get shocked!”says Tad unsure
Kathy bounds out of the car and hugs’ it the her dad saying
”Oh thank-you Dad it‘s the car I was saving for isn‘t the one I circled !‘says Kathy
”Yes now you can use that money for gas when the card runs out but if you ever short this card is f or emergencies !'says Tad handing her a credit card in Kathy‘s name.
“You thought of everything it is insured right?’asks Kathy
“yes but remember if you’re going to drive other peole in the car waht is the rule?’asks Tad
“No radio ,no talking, no distractions for the driver all passengers buckled up eyes on the road leaving room for stoppage !And only one passengers my age if they promise not to talk and distract! And obsolutely no alchohol drank whatsoever by the driver !”did I cover everything Dad?’asks Kathy
“yes I think so !If I allow you to drive Ruth and Jenny to Melissa and Tim’s do you think you can be careful and follow those rules?’asks Tad
“absolutely Dad thanks for trusting me!And thanks for the wonderful present I thought everybody forgot!says Kathy
”no we didn‘t in fact were having afamily get together tomorrow night for your birthday if you‘d like to invite Aaron!‘says Tad
”thanks dad!‘says Kathy
“Here this is from me and Ruth!’ says Jake handing her a present
“oh Uncle Jake thank-you a gift card for Chandler’s.That’s Colby’s new store isn’t it?’
‘Yes I don’t know how expensive her clothing is there I hope $1000 is enough!’says Jake
“Oh Uncle Jake I thought it was $100 and I was happy how can I ever thank-you?’says Kathy
“A hug would do !'says Jake as Kathy hugs him
Kathy goes to get Ruth and Jenny ready as it’s 5:30pm!
“well that won’t over well!says Tad
“yes she definitely liked her presents!’ says Jake
“mine was better!’ says Tad half joking riling Jake
“I don’t know about that waht young women wouldn’t want to shop for clothes at the most exclusive store in town!’says Jake
“we did good!’ says Tad
“That we did Brother that we did!’says Jake

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