Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Part 5- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 5- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Same day 5:45 pm Dottie’s restaurant
Annie has just arrived with Emma
“Do I look okay is my hair okay?’asks Annie nervously”
”You look great your hair is gorgeous !Did you see Dad‘s eyes pop out when you picked me up for maternity dress that dress is Hot!
“Thanks Emma and thanks for dressing up this means a lot to me!’says Annie”and thanks for not telling your Dad yet I really wanted Greenlee,Lily and Reggie to find out first!’”I’m kind of worried that Erica will be there though!”
“She’ll have to except you ~your Jack’s daughter!Jack took it pretty good Mom.And he wants to be your Dad.So she’ll have to be nice!says Emma
“I hope so!’says Annie nervously biting her lip”do you think they‘ll like me?‘
“what’s not to like !Quit worrying mom shoulders back and confidence that’s what you always say to me!’says Emma
“Right you are Emma!’says Annie
“Montgomery table!’ says Annie to the maitre
Greenlee and Leo are all ready seated at the table with their babies Jacob and James.
“You? What are you doing here? I thought this was a family meal?’asks Greenlee with malice in her voice
“We were invited says Emma sitting down and mtioning her mother!
“You’re right I wasn’t nice !'says Greenlee Leo’s elbow into her”obviously Dad invited you!’
“Jack did invite us!'says Annie “Oh your babies are so cute !’admiring the little guys”what are ther names?‘
“This bright little guy is Jacob, the grumpy guy is James!Poor James is teething! Jacob will soon see the tooth’s rath too!’says Greenlee cooing to her boys and smiling!
“Oh look how he coos!’ says Emma as James starts talking to her!
“Amazing that’s the first time he’s been happy today I think he likes you!’ says Leo
Greenlee whispers something to Leo
“I don’t suppose you babysit?Do you?’asks Greenlee of Emma
“Yes I do sometimes !
“Would you consider babysitting this Friday?”asks Greenlee” We haven’t been out without the babies since they were born while except for the Chandler party last night!
“I have to consult my calendar at home can I get back to you asks Emma afraid that Greenlee will change her mind after dinner!’
“Yes sure no problem here here’s our phone number says Greenlee shoving a piece of paper to her!’
Just then Reggie and Lily arrive and sit down
“Hi I’m Lily I go to MIT !"Lily says to Emma
“I remember you from when I was younger didn’t you use to work for my brother Spike’s Dad Zach Slater?’
“yes I did!’says Lily “But I do quantum physics and advanced maths at MIT .I got to meet this man the other day a visiting professor !He was special like me only in a different way .He’s name is Stephen Hawkins I was so excited to meet him as I have all his books !says Lily
“Wow amazing he is so famous!’
“I’ll be famous one day they said when I finish my masters I can become a professor if i want or work in this Think Tank!It’s not a tank though like a fish tank it’s just a bunch of people who work at thinking up a lot of original ideas!’
“Erica won’t be happy to see you Annie!” says Lily
“I know but Jack invited me!’says Annie
“then she’ll have to be okay because Dad invited you!’says Lily
“thanks Lily!’ says Annie
“I’ve got to get back tomorrow I’ve got a game and coach is counting on me to rack up the points says Reggie to no one in particular
“You play ball?’asks Emma
“He’s got a scholarship for basketball.He’s that good!’says Greenlee proudly
“wow what year are you in and what are you taking?’asks Emma
“I’m in my last year I want to be an orthapaedic surgeon so my speciality is sports medicine!”
Wow impressive!says Annie enthusisticly
“Thanks!’ says Reggie lowering his head and blushing
Jack arrives with Erica
“What is she doing here? I won’t eat dinner with this woman she could stab me with her dinner fork!’says Erica
“Erica I’m asking you for me sit down and be quiet and let me get through this dinner and you’ll get an explanation!says Jack
“I don’t like this but I’ll do this for you and for Greenlee!’ Erica says
“That’s right you want to spend time with your Grandchildren don’t you Grandma Kane?’asks Greenlee needling Erica
“Actually I do but maybe they could call me Nana?’asks Erica
“Nana?’ says Jack spouting and spitting out his water he just took a drink of it
“Well yes it’s better than Grandma it sounds younger doesn’t it?’asks Erica
Everyone hurriedly agrees lest she change her mind and they‘ll order dinner
sometime later
“So that was lovely meal Jack but why are Annie and Emma here ?’asks Erica
“Just a minute! Waiter it’s time!’says Jack getting him to pour champagne in glasses and coke in Emma’s!
“I would like you all to meet the newest members of the Montgomery clan my daughter Annie Chandler and grandaughter Emma Lavery!”toasts Jack"to Annie and Emma!'
Shock evident on all faces except Lily's!

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