Monday, February 8, 2010

Part 3- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 3- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Emily-Ann is lying on a cot covered with a blanket.
Emily-Ann stirs on the cot waking and looking around
“Where am I ?'she asks aloud then she remembers a smell and then the cloroform
“I remember thinking it was Dad but Daddy would be here when I woke up”Emily-Ann thinks aloud
“Hello honey chile!’ says Billy Clyde
“Daddy ?'asks Emily-Ann still confused and wondering if it was Benny
“Oh you remembered! I’m touched baby touched !'says Billy Clyde smiling
“You it’s you but you’re dead!’ says Emily-Ann horrified as she tries to get up but finds her leg chained to the cot
“Just a precaution baby the chains that is!says Billy Clyde”didn’t how much drugs those quack doctors into youse!”
“Why did you take me from the hospital ?'asks Emily-Ann
“Couldn’t let my flesh and blood be tormented by those demon doctors soon as I got me out of that jail I scoured around look for my baby to make to youse for all those years I wasn’t with youse.I got religion in jail!"Billy Clyde says
”Prison you were in prison all that time we thought you were dead‘asks Emily-Ann
”Yes when that varmint Tad Martin took me over that cliff and into them falls !I thought I was dead but I fought them waters and I won!when I came out I found me a farm home and the lady gave me some food and cloths.Now there was a fine lady she warmed my bed for some time!
Then I went into this town in Gouchester ,Maine went into this bar and got into a little fight.The guy doesn‘t know how to fight even though he was the one that mouthed off and he goes belly up!Is it my fault he died if you can’t fight youse got no business starting one.So I goes to trial gets this stoopid lawyer who knows nottin and gets sent to the hoosegow for 19 years .I just got out of that jug about a month ago.And I found out that they shot and killed my brother thinking he was me! Poor John Henry! If only he hadn’t tried to get even with that Tad Martin for me!Nast evil man that Tad Martin!Like cat has nine lives!But he’ll get his! I got me a career while I was doing my time .I got me one of those licences over the internets and now I’m a minister!I can marry and bury people now!So I go look around Pine Valley and most of them mover and shakers have left that burg! So I says were should I go!And I hears this song that says Go west Young Man!So I do and I see that no good Donna Beck go to the hospital and what do I find she locked my Baby girl up there just so she could be with that rich guy that Chuck.More like upchuck I says!No one torments my baby-girl!
“ I wasn’t being tormented they were helping me!’ explains Emily-Ann
“Oh that’s what them head docs always want youse to believe but them docs are just demons in disguise!I couldn’t let no kin of mine be tormented by them no how!’says Billy-Clyde
”Have you got the headache?’Asks Billy Clyde noticing Emily-Ann robbing her head”sorry about that there medicine to knock you out will do that.Here here’s the pills to make that better” he says taking out A bottle of Excedrin and handing her two pills!
“Thank-you!’ says Emily-Ann thinking humoring him would probably be a good idea
“You must have got my good looks cause you look so much better than your and she was a looker used to bring in all kinds of money she did! says Billy-Clyde eluding to Estelle’s past working for him as an escort.But I don’t do that kinds of things no more.I’m a righteous man I got religion!"
Emily-Ann is scared and horrified by this she thinks and we hear her thoughts” He killed my mother Estelle he could kill me and what about Ruth if he finds out about Ruth !He’ll grab her!He must never found out about Ruth!”“I’ll just continue humoring him and when I get my chance I’ll get away.”“and he thinks he’s religious?'
Tad’s house
Tad comes in his front door it’s 10 am the day after the Chandler party.He’s drenched from head to foot his clothes what’s left from his tuxedo are torn and covered in mud!He slams the front door and yells"Kathy ?Jenny?’Where are you?’Daddy’s home finally!’Tad searches doesn’t find their beds slept in and gets worried he goes and checks the garage looking for Kathy’s car and becomes extremely alarmed not seeing it!He picks up his home phone finds no dial tone!Goes and gets into a old car he has in the garage and drives to the police station!
“Jesse I can’t find my daughter’s is everything okay at the Dillons?’asks Tad
“It’s okay Tad I was going to come tell you when I had the chance because the phones are still out all over town.We had a landslide near the Dillons but Jenny and Kathy are safe but unless you have a helicopter they aren’t coming home soon the road is gone and it will be awhile until it can be fixed!And what happened to you ?You look like hades!”asks Jesse
“I said the wrong thing to Dottie at the party and she took off like a shot!I followed her for awhile but my car got stuck in a sink hole out on Route 55 and then I had to climb out as the car sunk.I walked for what seemd like hours taking shelter in an abandonned cabin .Fell asleep and this morning I hiked home to find my grls missing!’
“Not a very good alibi !’says Jesse
“What do I need an alibi for?”asks Tad confused
“ Emily-Ann was kidnapped last night!’says Jesse
“Are you kidding me ?asks Tad looking at Jesse”you’re not she’s missing and you think I need an albi?I thought we were friends!’says Tad hurt
“Tad I had to ask I’m a cop first a friend second I can’t let my personal relationships come into my investigations!’says Jesse
“I had nothing to do withEmily-Ann’s disappearance !Now if my daughter’s are safe how can I help find Emily-Ann?’asks Tad

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