Monday, February 1, 2010

Part 26 -Life Goes On

Part 26-Life Goes On
Tad’s house
A mysterious envelope is in the mailbox that Tad brings in
“What the heck is this ?’asks Tad out loud opening it to find a disc and a note
The note says
Dear Mr. Martin
We have sent a copy of this disc to your brother Jake Martin as it relates to his deceased wife Carolyn FinnMartin!We believe that this contains what will be a devastating blow for your brother.As we have no real animosity for him we send a copy to you in the hopes that you will view this and show it to your brother and help him to understand and deal with this.His child Ruth is involved as well! As you can see there are also copies of documents proving that Ruth was conceived by invitro from donations to a these donations were made to the bank by your brother the mother was not Carolyn Finn Martin! When Ruth was born she was stolen from her mother by Carolyn!The mother of Ruth searched in vain for the woman who called herself Susan but was unable to find her child!This poor woman had a nervous breakdown and is presently residing at Happy Valley Hospital on the mental health floor! I am not prepared to keep Ruth from her real mother any longer.I am suggesting that Jake go see the woman and eventually bring her child to her and share custody if the woman is capable of being a mother to Ruth! Tell Jake or be prepared for the concequences of him finding out in a package sent to him or publicly as I choose! Enclosed please find Ruth’s real birth certificate
A frenemy
Tad searches through the documents to find out who this person is saying is Ruth’s real mother
he finds the birth certificate
and we see:

Place of birth CALIFORNIA
County of Ventura Department of Health
City of Los Angeles Division of Vital Statistics

Name of child
Ruth Estelle Martin Date of birth November 15, 2007
Father Mother
Joesph Martin Junior full maiden name Emily-Ann Sago
Address:3420 Canyon Drive ADDRESS 3420 Canyon Drive
Pine Valley,Pennsylvannia Pine Valley,Pennsylvannia
Race:White age last birthday 32 years Race:White age last birthday 29 years
birthplace:Pine Valley,P.A. birthplace Pine Valley,P.A.
Occupation:Physician Occupation:Nurse
Number of children of this mother 2 Number of children still living 1

I hearby certify I attended the birth of this child who was born alive at 1010A.M.
Robert Welby M.D.
Dated 11/16/07 1500 Ventura Avenue
Filed 11/16/07
Trey Kenyon
I hereby certify that the above document is a true copy of the certificate on file in the California Department of Health.,Sacramento California
certified by Trey Kenyon

Tad is shocked and dismayed after checking over all the documents
Emily Ann Sago is Ruth‘s mother?“I know documents can be falsified but these look real what could be on this disc if these damaging documents are with it?”he says out loud hands going through his hair.He slips the disc into his computer carefully turning down the sound and putting on ear phones!
He sees :
Carolyn come into Ruth’s hospital room hug her then taking a needle which she injects into Ruth IV!A mysteroius voiceover says this is urine and waste being injected in the notes sent to you are labratory results the proof!
Tad stops the disc and rewatches appalled
“How could she ?How could she harm a child even if she wasn’t her own she raised her as her own? How could anyone be so evil ? Thank God if she wasn’t dead I think I’d kill her myself that poor little girl! How am I going to tell Jake ?How can I tell him all she’s done!Tad says aloud‘Poor Emily-Ann when I think how Dixie and I felt when Kathy was stolen we have to let EmilyAnn see her baby girl!We have to let her know she’s alive and well!What a mess!”
Tad picks up the phone
“Jake it’s Tad !I have to see you immediately !No it’s not something I can get into over the phone!You’ll be home in fifteen minutes!Great see you then !Bye!”says Tad hanging up the phone

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