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Part 25 -Life Goes On

Part 25 -Life Goes On
Tim’s house
“They found her then ?’asks Melissa as Nate pulls at her shirt.
‘what Nate I’m on the phone!’
“Natalie said I was a doodoo head and she hit me!”
“Natalie Dillon did you say that to your brother and did you hit
him ?’asks Melissa covering the phone with her hand
“Yes but he deserved he was trying to give Trevor a noogy!’says Natalie
“Do you mean a noogie?’asks Melissa
“That’s what I said a newgee!’says Natalie pretending that’s what she said
“Nathan time out chair and Natalie time out chair!’says Melissa
“why?I was good!” says Natalie
“Next time your brother does something wrong come and tell and don’t hit your brother!’
”Sorry !Mommy sorry Nate!‘says Natalie
“I know what I did wrong no noogies right?”
“that’s right Nathan now is Trevor okay ?’asks Melissa
“Yes he stopped crying a few minutes ago!’says Nate
“Aren‘t you ashamed that you made a baby cry and he’s your cousin too!”asks Melissa“Okay both of you five minutes in the time out chairs to think about what you did wrong!’ she says as she sets an egg timer for five minutes
“Sorry Tim minor crisis here !All settled !Now what were you saying about Janet?’
“Janet has been found she as kidnapped! someone mistook her for someone else.she’s been beaten and drugged but they say she’ll be all right!’says Tim
“I thought you didn’t care Tim !’says Melissa
“ Well Amanda and Dad care and they are very relieved!I thought Dad was going to have a heart attack when he saw her all battered and bruised and drugged!I think he thought she was dead!”
“But she’s going to be okay !They are sure?”asks Melissa
“Yes she’s going tobe okay !She’s has a broken arm though!”says Tim
“A broken arm what kind of people do these things kidnap people by mistake and then beat them up?’”asks Melissa
‘I don’t have a clue honey !It’s very strange though I don’t know why anyone would do this!’
“Well at least she wasn’t escaping she does want to be with Trevor!’says Melissa”so what exactly happened to her?‘
”There was another trial at the courthouse for that Treena McCall!Do you know the woman I‘m talking about?
”yes I think so is she the one was on trial as the serial killers helpmate?‘asks Melissa
”yes Treena McCall is believed to have helped her son kill up to 5 women!‘says Tim
“And they mistook Janet for her?do they look alike?asks Melissa
“no but then the have never really had apicture of her in the paper so I guess the people who took Janet just thought right age ,right courthouse, prison van ,must be Treena McCall!
“but they must have realized did Janet get a look at them ?
“no they clorformed her and when she did wake up she was blindfolded and tied to a chair she says!’says Tim
“Oh how awful poor Janet!’says Melissa
“They would beleive her at first then she managed to finally convince them and they brought her back but not before Janet either tried to get untied and broke her arm or they broke it for her.She has horrible bruises they really worked her over!’but I still don’t get what Dad sees in that woman!’says Tim covering up for the fact he felt bad for Janet
“You don’t have to as long as she doesn’t harm him!’says Melissa
“She’d better not!’ says Tim
“Hey we got an invitaton yesterday to a ball in honor of a wedding in the Chandler family tonight I wonder which one of them get married?’says Melissa picking up the invitation”we are going aren’t we?’
“If you want to sweetie can you get a babysitter?’asks Tim
“Shelley said she babysit the other day but I think with the five of them here we’ll need two maybe I’ll asks Emma Lavery?’
“Good idea she’s a good kid she could probably use the money!”says Tim
“I’ll call Emma now!”says Melissa
“Okay when Dad’s done here will come home unless they let him stay with her for awhile!’says Tim
“Okay see you later hon love you!says Melissa
“Love you too !'says Tim “See you later!”says Tim hanging up
Melisssa picks up the phone just as the egg timer bings!
“Okay you two go play!but play nice and Nate don’t hurt your cousin!’
“Kay mommy!’ says Nate
“Okay mommy I won’t hit him again if he’s bad I’ll run and tell you!’saays Natalie going off to play as Melissa shakes her head
“Can I speak to Emma please?’asks Melissa
“Emma Lavery here!’ says Emma answer the phone
“Hi Emma this is Melissa Dillon !How’s your Dad doing?’asks Melissa
“He’s doing much better thanks for asking my mom hired anurse to push him a bit and so far it’s working! He seems a lot better! “
“That’s really good do you think that you’d be able to go out and babysit at my house”asks Melissa hopefully
“oh I’m sorry I was invited to the Chandler ball!My boyfriend invited me he’s Adam Chndler the third you know Trey!says Emma
“Would you know if any of your firiends could babysit I’m really in a bind here!’says Melissa
“Well Kathy Martin might if she’s not busy you could ask her!’says Emma
“Oh thanks Emma I’ll do that!’Bye!"says Melissa hanging up on Emma and dialing Kathy
“Can I speak to Kathy Martin please ?'asks Melissa
“Kathy Martin here!’ says Kathy
“Oh hi this is Dr.Melissa Dillon you know Amanda’s sister-in law!’
“uh huh !’says Kathy
“I have a huge favor to ask you! You see Tim and I were invited to the Chandler ball this evening and we can’t go not unless we get another babysitter! You see we have four kids two sets of twins two four year olds and two two month old babies!’ We also have Amanda’s Trevor visiting!so you can see we have our hands full!’
“oh I’m suppose to babysit Ruth tonight!’says Kathy
“do you think your Uncle Jake would allow you to bring Ruth over here?’asks Melissa
“I suppose I could ask just a minute!’
“uncle Jake Melissa really needs another babysitter do you think I could take Ruth and Jenny over there tonight?Trevor‘s there too!‘’asks Kathy of Jake
“I guess Ruth would have fun with her brother!says Jake And I don‘t think your dad will mind!“Okay then I’l drive you over there with Ruth and Jenny about 6pm if that’s okay
“Thanks Uncle Jake I ‘ll let Melissa know!
“Melissa Uncle Jake says okay so he’ll drive me over at 6pm if that ‘s okay?’asks Kathy
“That’s great thanks Kathy you’re a life saver!”says Melissa “Bye now!
“yes that’s okay it’s only my 18th birthday that everyone seems to have forgotten I’ve nothing better to do!says Kathy sighing aloud as she hangs up the phone

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Part 24 -Life Goes On

Part 24 -Life Goes On
Annie’s Bravo office.Emma is visiting
Annie is standing by her desk !Annie’s phone rings
“Annie Chandler here!’says Annie “who is this is this a joke because it’s not funny!then she becomes pale and sits down then says “ When when did this happen ? They did what?’Why?Why?“you’re sending documents to me I don’t want anything from him He never wanted me!Fine send them then!’I don‘t care!‘
“Mom mom whats the matter !says Emma alrmed that her mother is crying her eyes out!
“I can’t I can’t say it it will make it true!’says Annie through tears
“What what’s happened mom is it Dad!’asks Emma
“Sorry baby sorry to worry you she says hugging Emma it wasn’t your Dad it was mine!’says Annie
“That man I met years ago the man who said he would stay in touch and didn’t ? the guy who wasn’t there when you were ill?The guy who hated you and said you were lying when you said Ritchie had killed your friend when you were little.That guy? says Emma angrily”waht about him?
“He was my father!’ protests Annie crying”and he’s dead!’
“ah Mom I‘m sorry !Even if he was the world’s wrost Dad and he was he was your Dad!I’m so
sorry Mom!’says Emma hugging her mom”do you want me to call Dad?’
“No I can handle this on my own !I can handle this !says Annie trying to convince herself!Ms.Chandler sorry to interrupt this just arrived for you!says Caroll opening the door and coming in
“you want I should bring it later I’m interrupting something?’asks Caroll alarmed at seeing Annie crying
“Mom’s dad died !"explains Emma
“oh I’m sos sorry do you want me to do anything get you airline tickets so you can go to the funeral?Anything?says Caroll
“No Caroll they had the funeral without me !they cremated him under my Dad’s wishes and per his wishes told me afterwards!Why did he hate me so?’asks Annie
“Mom that’s his problem he was a jerk I don’t care if he is dead you don’t love one child more than another and take their part all the time!You won’t do that when you have this baby!Are you sure the baby is okay Mom?”asks Emma concerned
“I’m just going to lie down on my sofa here and put my feet up !'says Annie
“you still have a about what four months to go Mom?’asks Emma
“I’m fine the Baby is fine see feel she’s kicking!’says Annie
“She it‘s a girl?asks Emma
“yes we think so but you never know for sure until they are born!What do you think I should call your sister?asks Annie
“Cindy!’ says Emma “that was Scott’s mother!he couldn’t help being so sick!
“no he couldn’t and he’s getting the help he needs!I think Cindy is a good name!says Annie”and “I am never ever going to favor you over Cindy or Cindy over you! says Annie
“like I said he was a jerk! ‘Mom these papers have a lawyers name from Grandpas town!’says Emma handing over the papers
Annie opens then scans then and then finds two small envelopes.
“Dear Annie
I always wished you were mine but that was not to be !Your mom made that impossible!I hope you can forgive my treatment of you!I leave you my forune such as it is $50000!Enclosed please find your real birth ceritficate and your mother’s letter to your real Dad!I found it unmailed after she died.I also intercepted the letter she sent to tell him about you and her pregnancy!I didn’t want her to leave Ritchie and I!
Sincerely Your not so Dad Walter Novak

“He’s not my Dad?’Then who is? says Annie picking out the second envelope
“This is my mom’s writing!Weird! It’s adressed to someone but I can’t quite make it out!’ says Annie puzzled as we see
My darling Jack
This is the hardest letter I’ve ever had to write! When I met you thought I was single but I was married with a child.My son Ritchie!My husband Walter is a hard man.He didn’t beat me at least when I met but was abusive in his words and deeds.After he became the monster he is today who hits me with his fists and turns m son against me! I was lonely and you brought light and wonder into a life that was empty and devoid of feeling! I loved you deeply but when I wrote you to tell you of my pregnancy you never wrote back and I knew then that you were disgusted with me for lying to you! My daughter our daughter has grown into a lovely girl .She is sweet and has your generous giving nature.Walter knows she isn’t his and he torments her!He favors his son over her and at times he seems to egg on Ritchie’s cruel behavior against her!I’m begging you come rescue your daughter even if you care nothing for me !I beg you help Annie! He hates her!
Your Emma
P.S. please find letters at our special spot!

Annie picks up the envelope she can almost make it out

Jac s n M t g ry
410 South 7th Street,
Pine Valley,P.A

Annie looks at her birth cerificate under Father she sees

“ Mom does it say who your Dad is?’asks Emma looking over her shoulder
“yes and I can’t believe it !It seems I have family a brother,two sisters a cousin with chilidren!says Annie”but will my real Dad want me?
“IF he’s half the man I’ve heard he will Mom!”says Emma looking at the birth certificate as we see what she sees :
Jackson Montgomery
“You can’t tell a soul I have to tell him myself!’ says Annie
‘I won’t mom don’t worry when are you going to tell him?’asks Emma
“At the Chandler party!I have an invitation from Adam himself!’says Annie
“okay Mom I’ll support you no matter waht the outcome!

Part 23 -Life Goes On

Part 23 -Life Goes On
Ryan’s house
“I’m going home today Emma I’ve hired a nurse to see to your father’s needs!’says Annie
“but mom you stayed her looking after him the last few days why can’t you stay?’whines Emma
“I can’t Emma if I stay your father will get the wrong idea!’
“What wrong idea mom that you ove him care about him?’asks Emma
“ Your father has to learn to take me on my terms he has to realize that I’m an independant person not an extension of him! And if I stay right now I’m going to get sucked back into the life I once spiralled out of!I’ve come to far to be there !’when he sees that he’s human that I’m independant that I can make my own way then maybe he’ll be able to see the real Annie!”says Annie
“I get that you want to be independant I get that mom but Dad needs you!’says Emma
“that’s why this is so hard but if I don’t go back to my own carreer and get my own life in order I can’t be anyone’s partner!”says Annie
A loud bell rings Annie goes to answer it
“You rang Ryan?’inquires Annie
“Could you get me some juice?’asks Ryan holding out a glass
“you know Ryan Dr.Hayward said you have to get up and walk around a little bit!Or do you want to be an invalid the rest of your life?’says Annie
“I’ve been sick !’says Ryan whining
“Yes you’ve been sick emphasis on have ! I don’t think it’s helping either of us for me to be here!’I’ve hired a nurse she’ll be here this afternoon!”says Annie
“so your just abandonning me ?’asks Ryan
“Grow-up !I put everything on hold and rushed here to look after you!And did you once thank me ?No it was just taken for granted!’Now I have to go into my office nad get some things in order at Bravo!’
“What’s Bravo?’asks Ryan clueless
“Bravo if you had listened the half a dozen times I told you is my magazine for young adults about current issues facing them and some celebrity gossip/news that interests teens!”says annie exasperated
“But I thought you just wrote a bunch of little books?’says Ryan
“ Little books?’ says Annie steam coming out of her ears”Do you realize I’m a best selling author and not on the scale of Kendall either .My books are selling at the level of J.K.Rowling!You’re a jerk! I wasn’t going to tell you this but her here’s the deed to your house !Tha’t right I know all about your money troubles but you can quit worrying about being evicted your free and clear here!I paid off your mortgage and your health insurance for six months !That's right I did tht with my money!You could have asked and I would have helped you but you didn’t.And because you didn’t your company went down the toilet and you were close to losing this house!’You better get your act together Ryan because no one likes a two-bit whiner has been!”then she grabs her stuff and leaves the house
“Dad Mom’s right you know you aren’t doing anything to get better I need you and even though Mom’s mad at you she needs you.But she needs someone who respects her and respects her opinions and intelligence not someone who belittles her efforts!Maybe mom’s right maybe you need to get your act together and get better and find something else you can work at because a businessman your not!Maybe you need to go back to see a shrink again! No shame in that!And our insurance covers one so go back to one and if you didn’t like that Dr. you saw before go see Dr.Woods she was very helpful to a lot !’then Emma quietly leaves Ryan’s room.
“People are so mean when your sick!’ says Ryan aloud but then thinking about it “ I have been difficult Annie wanted to help me !She left a tour for her books to come to me! And I called her books stories I didn’t support her at all !And she had a magazine and she said she told me and I didn’t even hear her! Maybe I did take her for granted! I have to think about how I can make this up to her!and maybe Emma’s right maybe I should go see someone!But do they realize I almost died? And that I’m scared ?Oh why did I chase Annie away? I need her!

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Part 22 -Life Goes On

Part 22 -Life Goes On
Mike Roy’s hotel room where Janet was being held

Now is this everything Janet is there anything else you’re holding back about Carolyn?”asks Mike
“Maybe I want to keep my secrets!” says Janet mysteriously
“What are you hlding back Janet?’asks Mike menacing
“Geesh you don’t have to get all scary i was protecting people you know!’says Janet
“Jake and Amanda but mostly Jake!’says Janet
“What are you talking about Janet?’ Mike says getting frustrated
“Well see there’s this woman in the psych unit near me not in the criminal side the other one!”says Janet
“And this woman has what to do with your secret?’asks Mike prompting
“Hold your britches and let me tell the story!’This woman she really wanted a child seems years ago she was in love with this guy and she had one of those tubal pregnancies.Drove her crazy she lost her guy!He fell for some nurse.I really think he used to have a nurse fixation!(Mike arches his eyebrow here is if to say hurry up)Anyways she gets better leads a pretty good life .She becomes a nurse and moves to Pine Valley probably to be close to him but by this time he left for the Sudan!’
“Jake this woman was involved with Jake?’
“Yes she was his childhood sweetheart!“Anyways she goes to a swimmers clinic and she starts working there and finds out that he’s swimmers are there.Seems he donated sometime ago in fact the clinic is going to dipose of them .Shelf life and all !So she takes some and goes somewhere else and gets pregnant .Now she wants to go over to the Sudan to see Jake but befre she gets Carolyn gets her and waits until she gives birth and steals her baby girl!That’s right Ruth is this woman’s child not Carolyn what’s more because it was done with donated swimers Jake has no right to his little girl! Now that’s just not right!Poor Jake! And yet I feel sorry for her with no baby in her arms she went a little round the bend!’
“Who is this woman Janet who is Ruth’s mother?"asks Mike shaking Janet
“Well she doesn’t have a real good pedigree but who does?’sa'ys Janet
“Who is she Janet ?Who?”demands Mike
“Well her daddy is a mean nasty man now her adoptive daddy he’s peach and her adoptive stepmom!’I like them! They came to visit her lots!‘
“Who is she Janet?’demands Mike
“Her name is Emily Ann Sago Martin!she used to be married to Jake before when he was Joeybefore he got all uppity and became Jake.Like you can get Jake from Joesph!’says Janet
“Emily Ann is Ruth’s mom!’says Mike shocked
“Yes and believe me I’m glad I told someone that secrets been killing me!’says Janet”maybe you can figure out away to fix that I can’t !’
“How do you ferret out this stuff you should be a spy! ”says Mike
“Thank -you I think !'says Janet”I thought about it once but I couldn’t pass the psych tests!’
‘Janet, Janet what am I going to do with you?’
“return me with a good excuse to the hospital? one where they don’t blame me!’
“Okay But I might have to drug you and tie you up!"says Mike
“Okay but no hinky stuff big boy I’m strictly a one man woman now my Trevor’s back!’says Janet
“This is the way it’s going to play out Janet you were kidnapped and you escaped but you are bruised!Sorry I’m going to have to give you some of those bruise and tie your hands behind your back tight enough to leave marks!’says Mike “And I’m going to have to let Emily Ann know where her daughter is!It’s not right that she is ill from not having her child she should at least be able to see her!’
“Are you sure Mike that’s going to make a lot of the story of Carolyn come out!’asks Janet
“Yes what she did... how she fooled us all ..she can’t be allowed to get away with this!Would you have wanted someone to keep Amanda from you?”asks Mike
“When you put it that way I see it!You have to tell Emily Ann!’says Janet”do you think thye’ll believe me that I was kidnapped ?’
“Yes if you tell them this story” and whispers in her ear!

Part 21 -Life Goes On

Part 21 -Life Goes On
Mike Roy’s hotel room where Janet was being held
Janet is eating potato chips and watching a telemundo
“Janet?’says Mike puzzled and not seeing Janet tied to the chair he left her in.
“I’m here Raquel is worried that Julio is cheating on her but she’s wrong he’s actally hiding his illness from her!’says Janet waving towards the television.
“How did you get free?’asks Mike
“Oh that that was easy!says Janet “Did you get the video ?’
“Yes I found the memory stick exactly where you said it was!says Mike
”And did you look at the video ?’asks Janet munching on the chips
“Yes I saw it ,you could have doctored it!’says Mike
“But you know I didn’t you have the ability to do that!’says Janet matter of fact
‘Yes !’says Mike
‘You don’t sound upset!” says Janet surprised
“ I’m shocked appalled and totally disgusted!’ says Mike
“Yes I understand I couldn’t believe either a pretty face like that and she just does that to her child!’says Janet”You can see why I had to do something if she kept that up that beautiful little girl would have died!’
“Why couldn’t you have told someone Janet ?why did you have to kill her?’
“I wasn’t suppose to be out if anyone knew I had escaped they would have added years to my sentence as it is they still might for me escaping the van even though it was your fault!’says Jant pointedly
“ Janet no matter waht she did that doesn’t justify you killing her!’says Mike
“Huh like you’ve never killed a bad guy superspy!’says Janet
“I’m a journalist not a spy!’says Mike exaperated
“Shhh I’ll keep your secret!"says Janet(wink ,wink)
“I do regret my actions if only I could have stopped her without killing those innocents!’says Janet
“And what is to stop you from doing this again if someone does something you don’t like?’asks Mike
“Mike my life was ruined by one moment when I thought I’d killed the love of my life! I thought I had nothing to live for!Sure I had Mandy my beautiful Amanda but how could she love amother who killed her father? I misjudged her though that girl has her father’s heart!She’s got an abundance of forgiveness and goodness!So when I saw this woman who was stealing my
Mandy’s life sure I hated her!But I didn’t judge her because she had a child a little girl but when I saw what she was doing to that poor little girl it was like Ruth was Amanda I had to protect her from her mother!’explains Janet
‘I think I understand Janet!’says Mike quietly
“I’m sorry I hurt you I’m sorry she hurt you!I can tell you loved her!’says Janet in response”I was married once before to Axel Green.I loved him but he was a nasty man two faced man with a nasty temper!I gained weight I was so unhappy and I began to feel ugly everything unravelled from the abuse!I didn’t think he was like that when I met him or married him!I think Carolyn fooled everyone like Axel fooled me!”
“Thank -you I think Janet!’”can we keep this just between the two of us?’asks Mike
“I’ve thought about that I really have Mike but what if something she did to Ruth needs addressing we have to tell Jake somehow ! But I don’t want anyone to find out I killed her and those girls!’says Janet”I have my life back and I won’t lose it!’
“I’ve all ready gotten rid of the vehicle!they won’t find it it’s been crushed and the metal has been recycled!’We could probably send a copy of your video to Jake!’
‘Yes I guess we could do that!’says Janet
“Now is this everything Janet is there anything else you’re holding back about Carolyn?”asks Mike
“Maybe I want to keep my secrets!” says Janet mysteriously
“What are you hlding back Janet?’asks Mike menacing
“Geesh you don’t have to get all scary i was protecting people you know!’says Janet
“Jake and Amanda but mostly Jake!’says Janet
“What are you talking about Janet?’ Mike says getting frustrated
“Well see there’s this woman in the psych unit near me not in the criminal side the other one!”says Janet
“And this woman has what to do with your secret?’asks Mike prompting
“Hold your britches and let me tell the story!’This woman she really wanted a child seems years ago she was in love with this guy and she had one of those tubal pregnancies.Drove her crazy she lost her guy!He fell for some nurse.I really think he used to have a nurse fixation!(Mike arches his eyebrow here is if to say hurry up)Anyways she gets better leads a pretty good life .She becomes a nurse and moves to Pine Valley probably to be close to him but by this time he left for the Sudan!’
“Jake this woman was involved with Jake?’
“Yes she was his childhood sweetheart!

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Part 20 -Life Goes On

Part 20 -Life Goes On
Marissa visiting Dr.McGillis lying on a sofa
“This seems silly I mean talking about feelings!I feel sad and tired and sometimes I feel like the babies are sucking the life out of me me dry !There are you happy!Is that what you want to hear?’”If it’s the darn hormones can’t just give me some drugs and make me feel better!”says Marissa
“We’ve already gone over this Marissa!Drugs that help equalize your mood are necessary and I have prescribed them but each person reacts differently!Some drugs work for some and not at all for others!There is a lot of trial and error but also talking about your feelings how this effects you is very helpful!’says Caitlin
‘I just want this over! I want to be able to smile at my husband and pick up my babies and not worry that I’ll ignore them!’says Marissa
“That’s what were trying to do !’says Cailtin smiling and talking softly and gently
“J..R.hates me! I know he hates me I mean I’m an unnatural mother I look at the babies and I want to get away!What kind of person does that make me no wonder J.R.hates me I hate me!’says Marissa
“Marissa no one hates you do you realize this is part of the illness talking?’says Caitlin
“Well I hate me!’says Marissa
‘Don’t I see a brave woman who is admitting she needs help and is seeking it!’says Caitlin
‘You don’t think I’m awful?asks Marissa
“No!’says Caitlin”you‘re a loving mom,wife and mother!’And were going to make you see that again!’

Adam’s house
Colby is on the phone
“So the arrangements are set !Tomorrow Dorothy’s fine dining the restaurant is closed for the evening.Good yes and people will be announced!Excellent!No to the courses !Yes, yes that will be excellent! So 5pm tomorrow evening !Yes our security people will be there to check the list !’
Wonderful!Thank -you!
Tim’s house
Trevor is getting to know his grandchildren
“This your grandfather Nate his name is Trevor too!’says Melissa to her son
“Really I have a granpup!’asks Nate
“Grandpup eh I like that!’ says Trevor“and who is this lovely lady?”
“I’m Natalie Dillon!’says Natalie
“He’s Grandpup Trevor!’ says Nate
“No silly Grandpup isn’t right it’s Grandpa !then looking to her mom she says ‘So he’s our grandfather but you said he was dead!’
“We thought he was but we were wrong he was just hurt!says Tim to his daughter
“Oh Daddy you must be so happy and you too Aunt Amanda!’says Natalie
“We are !”says Tim and Amanda
“So did you meet the babies Grandpa?There’s our sister Madeline but we call her Della and then there’s our brother Owen and our cousin Trevor! Here let me show says Natalie taking Trevor’s hand
“Me too me too I want to show him!says Nate
“You can both show me!’says Trevor inthralled with his grandchildren
“Look how happy Dad is!’ says Tim
“Yes but he’s still worried about my mother!’says Amnda
“Why should he be she just escaped again it’s nothing new for Janet!’ says Tim
“She wouldn’t leave Dad knowing he was alive didn’t you see the joy on her face?’
“She did look happy!’ says Tim suddenly puzzled
“see what did I tell you says Amanda
“What are you two talking about?’asks Melissa coming in
“Do you think Cheryl would mind watching little Trevor just a little while longer while we went to look for my mother?’asks Amanda
“I didn’t say I’d look for her !‘says Tim
“But you will won’t you?’begs Amanda
“I know that Janet has never been one of your favorite people son but you will help us find her won’t you?’says Trevor
‘For you Dad I will and you too Amanda!'says Tim”will you be all right while I‘m gone Melissa you the kids?’
‘We will manage I have Cheryl to help!Go find Janet Tim! I agree with Amanda there’s something strange about her disappearance!’

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Part 19 -Life Goes On

Part 19 -Life Goes On
Janet awakes from a deep drug fueled sleep! She’s tied to a chair
“What were am I?’I hope you’re happy whoever you are you’re going to ruin everything!’ says Janet
“Hello Janet do you know who I am’asks the voice
“Gee what name would you like?asks Janet “Fred Court,Philip Brent (wonder what the real one thought about that?)Hal Wentwood,no how about you real name Michael(Mike) Roy? or is that an alias too?
‘So you know who I am? Mike says coming closer to Janet
“Blah bla blah journalist by day ,spy by night want to know anything else?Or can I get back to my life? Thanks to you I have a lot of fixing to do!’
“Why Janet why?’asks Mike
“Why what? Can you get to the point? Is this your example of spy interrogation techniques because they aren’t working!says Janet
‘Janet what am I to do with you?’asks Mike
“Gee I don’t know set me free because I got places to go people to see!’says Janet
“Janet I want to know why you killed her?’says Mike
“killed who?’asks Janet
“Carolyn Finn Martin remember her ?Why did you kill her?’asks Mike
“I could deny that I killed her but I‘d be lying!I could have ruined her memory but I didn’t
doesn’t that get me points?’asks Janet
“Janet why did you kill her?’asks Mike frustrated with Janet’s answers
“She was evil a twisted root!’Better to cut it off at the root!’
“What are you talking about Janet!’asks Mike”Carolyn was a wonderful warm charming person!”
“Yes about as charming as eel!says Janet
“Janet explain this to me what are you talking about?’
“Carolyn Finn(I refuse to call her Martin)because those people are good and decent! ”
“How dare you? says Mike
“I dare because I saw the twisted viper she was!’says Janet forcefully
‘Why are you calling her names what nonsense have you dreamed up to justify your crime!’
“Nonsense funny that you should mention that Mikey!’says Janet ”Nonsense sounds like something out of childhood ring any bells for you Michael?”
“What the devil are you talking about Janet?’asks Mike
“Simple deduction Dr.Watson!Simple deduction one plus one is two!’says Janet
“Explain this to me in terms I can understand
Okley dokley she was one of those mommy’s you know like that woman in that hit film!’”says Janet
“What film?says Mike
“Six Sense!’says Janet
“I don’t believe I saw that film!’says Mike
“You’ve got to be kidding it was a hit movie with Bruce Willis and a child that can see ghosts!”
“I didn’t see it what does that movie have to do with Carolyn?’
“Well in the film a little girl ghost tells the little boy that her mommy murdered her she had Munchausen by proxy!that’s where the mommy wants so much attnetion for herself she makes her child ill to get it! so this woman poisoned her child!”
“Oh Janet your mixed up this was all because you watched a movie and thought Carolyn was that woman!’
" Nope I have the proof Mike I taped her after watching her hurt that child!I planted a stuffed bear that filmed her foul act!'
"What are you claiming she did Janet?'
"She took her urine and injected into Ruth and she also injected her waste!She was a viper with two faces.The pretty face she howed to you and Jake and the face she turned on poor little Ruth!that poor baby no wonder she was sick!'
“Where is this video Janet ?’asks Mike
“Now if I tell you and it’s true are you going to keep your mouth shut and return me to the hospital and explain the goverment needed me for testimony?asks Janet
“I don’t believe aword of this but yes if it’s true I’ll return you to the hospital on the condition you never do anyhting like this again!’
“I know in killing her I killed those innocent children I’ve had terrible nightmares about that!’ says Janet remorsefully
“So where can I find the video!’
“It’s hidden in the warehouse on Bright street!’says Janet
“What warehouse Janet?’
“That warehouse you know the one where the old rubber factory was!’
‘If I found out this is a trick!says Mike with menace in his voice
“It isn’t she really was evil I’m sorry I know How much you cared about her!’
“I'll be back soon !I'm warning you tell the truth now and I'll go easier on you!'
"I guess you'll have to find out for yourself Mikey the truth hurts!says Janet still tied to the chair as Mike slams the door!Janet squirms this way and that way the chair tips over and surprisingly enough she’s now free!
“Can’t hold a good woman down Mike but I’ll just be a good little girl and wait here for you .Poor dear you’re going to need a woman’s comforting touch! I’m going to have to find you somebody since I’m taken my Trevor’s back! But I’m going to have to insist you straighten out the mess you made!I'm almost free to be with my man nothing going to mess that up especially not you!

Part 18 -Life Goes On

Part 18 -Life Goes On
Ryan’s house
Annie is looking at Ryan’s bills and looks shocked
“No wonder you had a heart attack!You owe everyone and his brother!' says Annie talking out loud as she dials in to Ryan’s computer to find out that is Ryan’s company is bankrupt he owes money to the IRS and to the bank for his company!His company is done!Even chapter 11 that Ryan had all ready declared hadn’t saved his company! she find the notifications from the bank saying that he has until friday to pay the bank $20,000 owed on his house or the house will be sold at auction!
“Oh Ryan why didn’t you ask people for help any of us would have helped you!says Annie aloud
“I’ll save you from yourself you big idiot!’says Annie’
Hello?'says Annie

"Annie is that you it's Ryan!'

"Oh hi are you feeling today?asks Annie

"How do you think I'm feeling? Did you plant this story in the newspapers Annie?'Ryan asks angrily

"No I didn't! I should sue them says Annie indigently"How dare they?I'm just sorry that you had to read that stuff!"

"Then you really didn't tell them this?Ryan asks sounding surprised and perhaps hurt

"Ryan I don't play games anymore I have my own life and it's very busy and full! I found out who was behind that though!"says Annie

"Really and who was that?'asks Ryan still suspicious

"The stupid representative from my publishing company April Finnigan!I told the company that I will not deal with her again and that unless they replace her I'm not continuing my tour!says Annie

"Wow looks like you handled that well!' says Ryan surprised and believing her

"I'm just sorry that you've been bothered by this Ryan!Now don't get stressed out I'm very competent now and this won't happen again!'says Annie

"Oh okay !Thanks Annie !Are you coming up to visit me I'm so bored!' says Ryan whining like a little kid

"Maybe in a little while I have some work to do Ryan !I'll see you awhile! Goodbye!says Annie hanging up then quickly dialing

“Hello Happy Valley trust how may I help you!’says the person on the phone
“this is A.Chandler!’Annie pauses here
“A Chandler who writes the Princess Emmaline books ?’says the person suitably impressed
“Yes er what is your name?"asks Annie thinking wow it’s so much fun to be recognized
“my name is Caroll!’says the voice
“I’d like to make a appointment with your bank president!’
“of course Ms.Chandler and I want to let you know that our trust company would be very happy to handle your funds and needs!’Mr.Vanderpool has an opening at 1pm if that is okay!says Caroll
“that would be wonderful and if you don’t mind what is Mr.Vanderpool’s first name Caroll?’
“Alfred !He’s a Pine Valley Pennsylvannia transplant I understand you are too!” says Caroll gushing
“Yes I am I’ll be there at 1pm nice talking to you Caroll!’says Annie hanging up
Annie pats her stomach and says “hang in there little one mommy has to go fix your soon to be new Daddy’s problems!’then will get some lunch!'
Annie puts on a gorgeous maternity dress in red her stomach sticking out in a little beach ball size!
She puts on a pretty pair of ballerina flats then looking outside seeing the rain she takes them off and put on some pretty rain boots in yellow and her red raincoat grabbing her yellow umbrella!
Annie arrives at the bank at 12:45 pm.She enters the bank and goes to the counter .
“Hello why it’s Caroll it’s it?’”I’m A.Chandler ,Annie Chandler!
“oh it’s so wonderful to me you !Iknow it’s probably an impostition but.....’says Caroll gushing holding up a book
Caroll is tall man, thin about 5ft 11inches his hair is dull lifeless and light brown and he wears thick bottle glasses!he’s wearing a suit obviously too big for him!
“But you’d like me to autograph it sure no problem is there anything you‘d like me to write asks Annie
“to Caroll from your grateful customer!’says Caroll
“Well I might be a customer when I’m done today providing Mr.Vanderpool helps me!’says Annie”soo I guess I could write that are you angling for a promotion Caroll?’
“Well maybe!’ says Caroll blushing
“that’s okay ?'says Annie we’ve got help each to get ahead !'
“oh here’s Mr.Vanderpool!’
“Mr.Vanderpool ,Annie Chandler author of the Emmaline books!”says Caroll
“thank-you Caroll!It’s wonderful to meet you won’t you come into my office so we can talk about your banking needs!’says Alfred
“I understand my ex -husband Ryan Lavery has been having some financial difficulties!”says Annie plunging right in
“I really can’t talk about that!’says Alfred
“I’m sure you read today’s paper Ryan and i will be remarrying at a later date but I’m sure you understand that I’m reluctant to take on all his financal woes!’says Annie
“And I’m sure they are many!’ says Alfred witha sigh slipping up
“Yes now I would like to arange to pay his bills and back taxes with my moneies and any money owing on his house!Of course I’d also like to switch my accounts to your trust company to the tune of 50 million dollars but I want to be assured of anonymity Ryan mustn’t find out who paid this is that understood ?asks Annie
“Quite!’says Alfred “I think that can be arranged!’Now will you need a line of credit for your magazine?’Bravoo is it?'
“Yes but I want to be the signing officer on that !’No authorization for moneies unless I sign for it!’says Annie shrewdly
“Done!’ says Alfred transfering Annie money from her other bank and setting up her accounts!
It’s a pleasure to do business with you Ms.Chandler I hope to see you again soon says Alfred as Annie gets up to leave.
“Have you had lunch yet ?Annie says to Caroll as she pass his desk
“No I’m just about to go off on lunch I have an hour!'he says
Well why don‘t you come to lunch with me at Dottie’s,my treat !
says Annie impulsively
”Really! That would be nice!‘says Caroll very excited
”I have a proposition I‘d like to talk over with you!‘says Annie
”okay!‘says Caroll slightly puzzled
Dottie‘s restaurant a few minutes later Caroll and Annie are seated looking at menus
“So do you do a lot of the receptionist work here?’
“Yes !‘says Carol
“How would you like to come and work for me?’Annie asks impulsively “I find I’m in need of a personal assistant I’ll pay well !What are you making now?
“I make about ninteen thousand a year and benefits!’says Caroll
“I can pay you about 35 thousand a year plus benefits with a raise in the first years and another in the second!says Annie
“Really I could come work for you?’I’ll do a fantastic job for you!I promise!’says Caroll”is it going to be bad for your image that I‘m gay?‘
”Well I had no idea your should never come into consideration for a job!says Annie”And anyone that gives you flack over that you get them to come see me!‘says Annie“Now I’m sure you have to give two weeks notice to the bank so how about we meet in two weeks time .Here’s my private cell phone number and address!
“Oh your the best I can’t believe this I’m so happy!’ says Caroll
“And so am I think you’ll make a great assistant! Annie says aloud and then under her breath “and if Ryan gets the wrong idea that’s his problem!’Becasue I need you and I need some help with all this work right baby?’Annie says patting her stomach again

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Part 17 -Life Goes On

Part 17 -Life Goes On
Annie at the hospital she’s waiting for Emma.Annie decides to get a paper.Opening it she sees

Convicted murder Janet Green on the loose
Convicted killer Janet Green disappeared on the way to Happy valley Hospital for the criminally insane.The van carrying Ms.Green was in an accident and well assessing damaging Ms.Green went missing!Police advise people not to approach her as she is assumed armed and dangerous just notify the Happy Valley police force!
“Good gracious that’s scary it’s agood thing I’m back!Maybe I’ll just turn to the lighter side of the news !’Annie thinks as she turns to the entertainment section
Famous author in mad dash to get to the bedside of beloved ex on death bed
Noted Author A.Chandler author of the Princess Emmaline series and editor and chief of Bravo magazine rushed to the bedside of her ex husband Ryan Lavery,and father of her daughter.A little birdie tells this reporter that a reunion is in the works and that the pair had planned to renew their vows! Sources (who wouldn’t identify themselves)at the hospital would only say Mr.Lavery is resting comfotably!We will continue to follow this news breaking story.

“Oh no Ryan is going to kill me !He’s never going to believe this wasn’t intentional and he just had a heart attack!’”what am I going to do?’Annie wonders aloud
“I saw that congratulations Annie!’ says David seeing the paper in her hands
“you don’t understnd the paper got it wrong this will amke him so mad!’says Annie
“That won’t do!’ says David taking pity on Annie and thinking how badly Ryan treated Annie
“My patient must not be upset a note will be psoted on his door no papers no current events no vistors but family!’that should work!’David says smirking
“Oh thank you David!I mean Dr.Hayward!’ says Annie walking away
“That woman is too good for Ryan Lavery has he any idea what a treasure she is?’says David to himself as Annie walks away
“Oh Emma I’m so glad to see you!’How are you sweetie?” says Annie spotting Emma and throwing her arms around her
“I love you mom I’m so glad to see you too!’says Emma hugging her back
‘I saw the paper this morning mommy is it true are you and Daddy getting married ?'asks Emma excited
“Oh Emma I’m sorry some repeorter made that up please don’t say anyhting to your father it would only upset him!’says Annie
“Don’t worry mom I won’t say anything!’says Emma turning to wink at Kathy as if to say it will come true
“Hi Kathy I want to thank your father for taking such good care of my little girl!’says Annie
“That’s okay!'says Tad creeping up and hearing this”We were glad to do it will just leave Emma with you now but we’d love it if you and Emma could come to dinner!’
“That’s so kind of you Tad thank-you!’ says Annie as they leave and go to Ryan’s room.
‘How are you Ryan?’asks Annie
“What are you doing here your suppose to be on your little book tour!’says Ryan
“You needed me and Emma needed me !’Where else would I be?’
“I feel bad that your missing your fun trip!’says Ryan
“the fans are wonderful but it’s boring without Emma or you there!’ says Annie
“Are you feeling better Daddy?"asks Emma
“Yes I am!’ says Ryan trying to appear all better “waht about school don’t you have some today?’
“I’m on my way in a couple of minutes I won’t be late!’says Emma putting on her coat.
“I’m so glad you’re going to be okayI was really worried !'admits Annie
“You can’t keep a good man down!’says Ryan
“Good man where?'says Annie winking
“I should be out soon!’says Ryan
“That’s not what David said when I talked to him!’ says Annie wrinkling her brow
“I’ll be out soon!’ Ryan insists
“Not if you keep refusing to eat properly and take your medications!’says Annie admonishing Ryan
“ You’re not my mother!says Ryan
“No because if I was I’d be forcing your medicine down your throat and make you eat !’says Annie
“I hate hospitals!’ whines Ryan like a child
“I know but you have stay here to get better!’says Annie talking to him like a little boy as the nurse comes in and injects something in his iv.
“What did you give him?’asks Annie as Ryan goes into a fitful sleep
“A sedative Dr.Hayward prescribed Mr.Lavery is still having heart palpaitations and Dr.Hayward beleives part of this is stress related !’says the nurse
‘Will he be okay ?’asks Annie getitng terrified
‘If we figure out what is causing him so much stress and are able to contain the stress!’says the nurse
I’m going to find out what is causing this stess don’t you worry Ryan.I’m going to protect you even if it’s from yourself!’

Part 16 -Life Goes On

Part 16 -Life Goes On
Tad’s house
Emma is calling on her cellphone
“What city please?asks the operator
“Minneapolis St. Paul!’please says Emma
”Millenuim Hotel Minneapolis what room please?
“Hello!’says Annie
’Mom it’s me Emma!’
“Oh Emma honey it’s so good to hear from you?’”It’s been way to long !I can hardly wait until a month from now to see you and Daddy!’says Annie excited
‘Mommy ....’Emma falters her
“What’s wrong Emma?’says Annie finally clueing in that something is wrong
“Daddy had a heart attack!’says Emma”I came down to breakfast and he was holding his chest and then I had to call an ambulance!”
“He had what? I think I heard you wrong Emma did you say your Dad had a heart attack?’
“Daddy’s at Happy Valley hospital!’says Emma
‘But he’only 40!” then realizing she’s probably scaring Emma”I’m sure they were able to help him though.they have Dr.Hayward on staff and he’s one of the finest heart specialist in the world the top of his field!”states Annie trying not to how her fear
“Yes he did this thing for Daddy where you stick awire up and clean out the gook in his heart!’says Emma
“So he’getting better?’asks Annie
“I think he will but Dr.Hayward says he’ll have to keep to a diet and probably take pills forever!’says Emma
“So where are you staying?’asks Annie
“With Mr.Martin you know Kathy’s dad!’says Emma
“I’m flying home !says Annie still worried “I want to see your dad for myself and make sure
you’re okay!You must have been terrified I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you sweetie!’says annie feeling guilty
“Mom you had a book tour, how were you to know Daddy would have a heart attack!”
“I’m so sorry don’t you worry though honey I’ll get them to postpone the tour and catch the next flight!’says Annie
“Are you sure mommy we don’t want to ruin your book tour!’
“You always come first precious!I’ll call you when I get in!Bye now!’says Annie hanging up
“There! Mom’s coming home" says Emma
“What do you think will happen Emma I keep telling you you’ve got to quit getting your hopes up that your parents will get back together!says Kathy
“Daddy needs her he’s sick and he loves her I know he does!’says Emma
“I hope it all works out for you Emma and that you don’t get your heart broken!’says Kathy
“I won’t you’ll see!’ says Emma
Flashback to Annie at the Millennieum Hotel in Minneapolis!
“Look April I have to fly home I’m sorry but you’re going to have to postpone the book tour for a least three to six weeks!”says Annie arguing
“Do you have any idea of how much work that would take?Or how much postponing would cost?’asks April
“Look my daughter needs me her father had a heart attack I’m going home!’says Annie
“it’s not like you’re married to the guy any more I mean we could explain it if you wer but really he meansnothing to you!’says April
“Really and you’re aware of this how!I’ve been dating my ex hsband again and in fact hough we haven’t announced it we paln on getting married again!says Annie getting angry and then fibbing a little
“Well I guess that is different then since you're engaged I guess I could justify that!'says April"
‘ Thanks April I do appreciate this now I’m off to the airport call me and set up a time to restart the tour!’says Annie
“if I didn’t like her so much I just wouldn’t be doing this!’Hello ET yes I have an animous tip for you award winning author “A.Chandler rushes to side of ex husband they are to re-marry!uh huh the love of her life Ryan Lavery, after Lavery has serious turn in hospital!” What yes he had a heart attack !Uh huh hospital Happy Valley Hospital in Happy Valley California!Yes her book tour has been postponed as hse goes to his side!There that ought to handle the cancellation of the book tour although I still have to notify individual sites!says April completing her calls

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Part 15 -Life Goes On

Part 15 -Life Goes On
Happy Valley hospital
“Did you hear Dr.Hayward Janet Green’s husband came back and then she went missing in transit!they think she’s escaped”says the nurse who’s name tag reads Helen
“Helen don’t you have enough to do around here that you have to gossip about former patients to this hospital?asks David sounding peturbed
“Sorry Doctor it won’t happen again says Helen
‘See that it doesn’t!’says David as he goes in another room to check on a patient
“What’s got into his bonnet?’ asks Helen of another nurse
“I’m not sure he’s been in such a good mood now that he has his little girl but that seesm to be a sore subject with him!He yelled at the janitor this morning for talking about Janet Green as well!”
“Dr.Hayward to the ER stat Dr.Hayward to the ER stat!”says the
David hurries to the ER
“Dr,Hayward !'says Helen “we are expecting an ambulance is coming in with a heart patient a man in his early forties”
“Have the parmedics realyed anything else ?’asks Hayward
“No!’says Helen
“Ryan? Oh it’s you!”Don’t worry Ryan were going to see what’s going on with that ticker of yours!’ says David
“Nurse make sure I get a tracing and have the patient put a baby aspirn under his tongue !’orders David
After a few minutes he looks at the tracing and says
” I like to do a scan of the heart it’s called an angiogram we give you amild sedative which we can then change if we have to put you out!We thenmake an a incision in the area and we put a wire up into the heart if there’s ablockage we can then wire aballon in to push out the blockage!”says David
“that sounds scary!’ says Ryan
“I’v done thousands of these and it’s the best way to find any heart damage if there is any and prevent any further damage!’Lets’ put it this way!Let us say you want to see if the sprinkler system for the grass in your backyard is working well. There are two ways to do that. You can look at the grass in the back yard. If the grass on the northwest corner of the yard appears unhealthy, the sprinkler system to that area may not be working well. The other possibility is to actually run an instrument through the sprinkler pipes to see if there are blockages. The stress test involves looking at the ‘grass’ (heart muscle) and coronary angiogram involves looking through the ‘pipes’ (heart arteries).
“I gues it’s necessary then!’says Ryan

”Yes definitely!Now do you have a family history of diabetes? do you smoke?do you have high cholestrol?
“Not that I know!’ of says Ryan as Emma comes running in and Tad tries to restrain her
“It’s okay Honey !'says Ryan “David is the best heart doctor around and he’s going to fix my heart aren’t you David?’his eyes begging David to reassure Emma
“ I’m the best no doubt about it !’says David reassuringly thinking of his Rose and how she would feel!“Now we are just going to take alook at your Dad’s heart and then if need be I’ll fix it!”Can you wait her with Tad and Kathy while we go do that Emma?’
“yes I guess says Emma a little more reassured “you’ll fix him right?’
“I will Emma I’ll fix his heart !'David promises rashly
‘Come on Emma why don’t we go to the cafeteria and I’ll be you and Kathy something to eat and drink!’says Tad
“yes come on Em we could get something to eat!says Kathy
“I don’t think I could eat says Emma
Come on we’ll get something bad for us something sweet and chocolatey!’says Kathy
“Do you think that’s what made Daddy’s heart bad he likes junk food!says Emma
“It better not be Dad eats junk food for breakfast maybe I should start making him eat oatmeal and a blueberry or two!’says Kathy staring at Tad’s back as he walks ahead of them!
The girls get some fruit dishes and some granola with yougurt as Kathy picks out some oatmeal with blueberries for Tad .she also picks up achocolate bar that she crumbles over the oatmeal!
“Here Daddy eat this!’ Kathy says to Tad
“It has fruit in it yuck!’ says Tad
“You have to eat it I want you to have a good heart”Kathy says pointedly”besides I even crumbled a chocolate bar over it!
“Come on Mr.Martin we don’t want you to have a heart attack too!’ says Emma
“Okay but I hate blueberries!’ says Tad”but how can I say no to two such beautiful young ladies!’
“Did you get a hold of your Aunt Caitlin?” yet asks Kathy
“Yes she and Aaron will be here soon .Should we go up soon ?'says Emma a spoonful of yougurt
“Yes we will Emma don’t worry David is taking good care of your Dad! He is a good doctor one of the best in the world for the heart!’says Tad grudgingly
They get up and go bak upstairs to await David.David comes out and says
“We found blockage in his right ventricle and inserted a balloon !We were able to remove the blockage but Ryan needs to remain here in the heart unit until we’re satisfied everything is working fine.’ But it all loks really good I promised you Emma and I’ve ket my promise!He’ll need a specail diet that he’ll have to stick to and less stress but it is looking like the worst is over!’says David as Emma hugs him and says
“Oh thank-you Dr.Hayward!thank-you can I see him?ask Emma
“All right but only for a few minutes my patient needs his rest1‘
Emma comes in and says
“oh Daddy I’m so gald you’re going to be okay!’
“I’m good now baby !then he says to Tad’You’ll look after my little girl until I get out please?’
“Yes don’t worry Ryan!’She and Kathy will enjoy theeir slumber parties!’
‘Did you call your mother asks Ryan of Emma
“Don’t I don’t want to wreck her fun and worry her!’ says Ryan
Meanwhile we hear Emma think “I’m calling mom and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!’
As they all leave Ryan to go to Tad’s!

Part 14-Life Goes On

Part 14 -Life Goes On
Ryan’s house
The day before talking to Emma
“Emma I know I promised your mom we’d meet here in Sacramento but I’m really swamped at work!I don’t know if I can get the time off then!’says Ryan
“but you promised!’says Emma
“It’s a silly romance book tour it doesn’t matter that much!’says Ryan
“It’s not silly romance books that’s what Kendall writes !Mom is becoming a well known children’ author !do you realize she’s on the best seller list that she sold almost as many books as J.K.Rowling did in her first year of the Harry Potter books?’asks Emma"and she started up her own magazine Bravo!'It's for teens!'
“that’s nice! says Ryan distractedly looking at his computer screen!
“did you even hear me Dad ?asks Emma
“your mom sold a bunch of book that’s good good for her!’Ryan says still not clueing in
“Dad are we going to Sacramento or not?’asks Emma
“we’ll see !'says Ryan
“we’d better go you promised said Emma” and it’s next month!”
“okay Emma now off to school says Ryan distracted working on his computer
Flash to the next day
Ryan is on the phone talking to the bank
“I know I know the balloon payment is due! Yes I know I took out a third mortgage on this house.Yes I know the payments due I think I’ll have it at the end of the week!’says Ryan his hands running through his hair looking worried.”okay yes I’ll be there!’
“What am I go to do? I’m such a failure how am I going to tell Emma I’ve lost this house and the company!’says Ryan out loud
“Daddy can I have twenty dollars were going on a field trip today and I have to buy my lunch!’yells Emma from upstairs and then when he doesn’t answer she comes into the kitchen
“Daddy did you hear me I need twenty dollars!’then seeing her father “she says “are you all right Daddy? You don’t look so good are you having a heart attack!’
“Actually I think I am!’ says Ryan holding his chest and sitting down ashenly
“Sit tight Daddy I know CPR I took a course laast year but I’m calling 911 right now !’says Emma
“Thank God my health insurance is paid up! Ryan then winces as he feels pressure in his chest
“911 what is your emergency how can I direct you?Fire, Ambulance ,Police ?”
“We need an ambulance my father is having an heart have to come help him now ...please!’Come to 1080 Happy Valley Road !
“is the patient breathing
“Yes!says Emma”checking his pulse as well
Now what is your name?"
”My name is Emma Lavery!
"Okay now Emma if possible, raise the legs up 12 to 18 inches to allow more blood to flow towards the heart and keep the patient in this position! “
“okay lie down Daddy we have to raise your legs 12 to 18 inches to get more blood to your heart!”
“Okay that’s done! says Emma He still has pulse but it’s really racing then it gets real slow then it races again!’says Emma checking his pulse again
"You’re doing fine Emma do you hear the sirens?’asks the operator
“Yes!’says Emma
“Go unlock your front door and clear a path to the room he is in without hanging up the phone!'
“Okay!’says Emma following the instructions.As she ushers the paramedics in!The paramedics put Ryan on a stretcher and place an oxygen mask over his face!He pulls it off and says
“Call Tad he’ll help you!
“Okay Dad don’t worry just let them take care of you I’ll get Mr.Martin to bring me to the hospital she says as as she watches them take Ryan away to the ambulance.
“Hello can I speak to Tad Martin?’asks Emma trying to hold back tears
“Emma is that you this is Tad!says Tad
“Mr.Marrrrttin!’says Emma crying an incoherent
“Waht is the matter Emma what’s wrong!’asks Tad
“it’s my Daddy!’says Emma cring some more
“What’s wrong with Ryan?’asks Tad
“He’s had a heart attack they think! They took him to the hospital!’says Emma
"I have to get to him!"
“Don’t worry Sweetie I’ll be right there you just hang on until I get there!says Tad hanging up
“Dad did I overhear Emma say that her dad had a heart attack?’asks Kathy
“yes I’ve got to go there now!’says Tad putting on his coat
“I’m coming she’s my best friend !'says Kathy booking no argument

Part 13- Life Goes On

Part 13 -Life Goes On

Happy Valley Courthouse
Courtroom 5
“State you full name for the record!”
“Janet Willahelmina Green also I have in the past be known as Natalie Marlowe ,Jane Cox,Janet Dillon!I’m not making light here I just wanted you to know!Janet says seriously to the judge
“Oh okay says Judge Ito”Let the record know that Janet Green will be sufficent strike the others!”
“I know I’m an awful person! A lot of people have to hate me for all the awful things I did!But Judge I really wasn’t aware of what I was doing.It’s taking me alot of therapy and some really good medicine but I can honestly say I’m so sorry!Trevor was the true love of my life .He tried so hard to help me even moving us to Denver Colorodo to help me!And how did I reward him I killed him! Although I don’t remember any of this I’ve been told! I just want to say I’m so sorry for all the people I’ve hurt but especially to Trevor’s children my daughter Amanda and Timmy whom I truly loved I don’t know how you can forgive me since I can’t fogive myself but I am so truly sorry for taking your father away from all of us!
Jut then the court doors open and figure comes in it’s Trevor !He’s not dead!
“Dr.Woods? says Janet on the stand”I don’t feel well I think I’m having an epsiode I see Trevor standing there and he’s dead!

“DAD?’ shouts Tim
Daddy?’says Amnda totally shocked and not believing her eyes
”Your honor my name is Trevor Dillon!’ May I approach he bench your honor!’
Christine has gone to Janet at this point taking her to aseat to sit beside her.
“He’s still there this must be a bad one!’says Janet covering her eyes as she looks on Trevor
“Janet I think we need to hear this man out I think he might really be Trevor!’says Christine
“but everyone said I killed him then who was the porkchops?’asks Janet visibly upset but yearning and hoping that this was Trevor
“ I can explain if you let me judge! In 2005 my wife and I went to acabing in the woods near Pine Valley Pennsylvannia.I took her there to remind her of the love we had shared and to eventually visit or daughter Amanda .Janet was suffeering from her depression and her mental illness! I hoped and prayed that this trip would help but Janet grew worse.Amna arrived at our cabing the one day .It turned out it was my Uncle Cal (he was only a little older than me).He has come by the family cabin to hide out as he was wanted for murder.Finding us there he became very upset! He knew I was a cop! and he tied us up! Janet was very upset at this .He took me aside and we went into the woods where he left me to die after putting abullet in my head.shows the scar on his temple!Luckily or maybe unluckily for me the bullet grazed me.When I awoke I wondered through the woods until I was found three days later and taken to hospital!I lost my memory from the bullet wound .I got a job working as a security guard for a firm Pittsburg!I’ve been working there for the last 4 years and then I found a story on Janet and I remebered it all who I was and who she was to me!I remebered only aweek ago !I learned this yesterday!I’ve been trying to find my children but I was unable to find them and then I found this court case coming up on line and I knew this is where Janet was so I came!’And judge Iwant to take responsibilty for my wife if she’ll still have me?'
Janet comes up to Trevor touches his face
”Of course I love you!“And says is it really you Trevor?’crying
“Yes Janet honey it is!’
“but they told me I killed you I went out of my mind thinking I’d killed you!’
“You didn’t honey I’m here!I’ll always be here for you!’says Trevor
‘I’m not imagining this tell me it’s real?’ she pleads of Dr.Woods
“It’s real he’s alive but someone was killed and you said you killed them do you remember what happened now?’Christine prods
“I don’t know and then we flash to what really happened after Trevor was shot and left for dead
Janet is terrified as she manages to get her hands free from rope from behind her back she hears the gunshot as Trevor’s Uncle Cal comes in
“Your turn now !’says Cal”I hate to do this to family but I’m not going to jail!’
“what did you do to Trevor ?'Janet asks
“I killed him and left him for dead just like I’m going to do to you.Cal says as he hits Janet on the head Janet picks up poker and strucks him on the head killing him.
Janet remembers going out of her mind chopping him up with the nearby axe and then wrapping his body up like meat and storing him in the freezer,Then getting confused because she knew Trevor was dead.She blames herself if Trevor hadn’t to bring her her he’d be alive it was all her fault she killed Trevor.She crwals into a ball rocking back in forth for days.When she finally gets hungry she thinks she’s killed Trevor and she hates herself!she thinks if only she had Amanda she’d be better.she kidnaps Babe at first thinking she’s Amanda.

Janet touches Trevor’s face once again and says “It’s real he didn’t kill you! Oh thank-you God!
“this is highly irregular says Judge Ito “Dr.Woods do you still feel your patient can handle the outside world!’
“I do your honor if released to a halfway house and contiuing with her medications and therapy!’
“Then it is the judgement of this court that the defendant be released to a halfway house tomorrow for a period of three months if the defendants’ husband is then prepared to take responsibilty’says Judge Ito
“I will your honor!'says Trevor interrupting here
“then it is the judgement of this court that you will be released to the halfway house tomorrow!’
Trevor is still holding Janet as Tim and Amanda come over to him
“Daddy?’says Amanda crying
“it’s okay pumpkin it’s me it’s Daddy!’ he says taking her in his arms while reaching to with his hand to Tim
“Tim it’s so good to see you son!"says Trevor as Amanda moves over to allow Tim to also hug his dead
“I can’t believe it I’m so glad your alive Dad!’says Tim
“Me too son.Me too says Trevor
“Janet it’s time to go back to the hospital !'says Dr.Woods to Janet
“I want to stay with Trevor can’t I stay with him!’begs Janet
“no you have to go back today and then tomorrow he can visit you at the halfway house tomorrow and in three months if you stick to your health plan you can be with Trevor!’
“ I love you honey you get better and wll be together in a rocking chairs!’says Trevor
“okay I’ll do it I’ll be worthy of you Trevor!’ Janet says “I want to be with you!’I love you!’
Janet smiling through tears is taken back to the hsopital as we see Tim and Amnda talk to their Dad.
“Dad this is my wife Melissa she’s a doctor!
”I‘m very pleased to meet you!’ says Trevor
“It’s very nice to meet you too you’ve made your two children so happy!says Marissa
“Dad you should come home with us and meet your 5 grandchildren!says Tim
“You have 5 children?’Trevor asks Tim
“I have one son he’s named after you he’s 18 months and Tim has four children !’says Amanda
“Yes it seems like Amanda and I had the same idea my oldest son is Trevor Nathan and his sister Natalie they’re 4 and then we have Madeline and Owen Timothy they are two months old!”
“You had two sets of Twins wow that’s a handfulThat’s got to be confusing and now with three of us?’says Trevor
“while my Trevor is known as Nate or Nathan !'says Melissa
“well I’m really excited to be meeeting my grandchildren!Are you going to be oaky with me supporting Janet?’asks Trevor of Tim
“You’re alive I still don’t trust Janet but I’ll try for you! I’m just not going to allow her near my kids I hope you understand that?’says Tim
“Yes I do!’says Trevor “Thanks son!’I'll meet you there!'the address is ?

"450 Canyon Road! 'Dad do you want to follow us?'asks Tim

"No I'm sure Iind it with my trusty GPS!'says Trevor

"Okay but don't drive off the Canyon because that thing told you too!'says Tim half joking

"I won't !'says Trevor" I don't follow it that closely!'Bye now see you soon!'

"Bye Dad says Tim and Amanda

Radio crackes on the court officer
“Janet Green has gone missing in transit!’
“She’s at again!’says Tim
“I don’t think so Tim she wants to be with Dad she wouldn‘t have escaped so what‘s happening?Where is she who took her?asks Amanda
Someone has taken her .I just know it should we tell Dad?'asks Amanda

"Wait until he meets the children then we'll tell him!"says Tim to Amanda

"Okay but then I'm going to look for Mom we should be looking all ready someone has her!'


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Part 12 -Life Goes On

Part 12 -Life Goes On
Part 12 -Life Goes On

Happy Valley Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane
Dr.Christine Woods is taking to Janet
“Well it seems you’ve made excellent progress Janet!’
“Thank you Dr.Woods I’ve been taking the new medicines and they are working! I don’t have all those mixed up feelings anymore! I can think clearly and I’m able to distinguish what constitutes wrong!’
“Do you understand there is a hearing today to determine if you can be moved to a halfway house?’
“Oh yes and I think I’m ready for that step!I know that if I do take that step that I have to take my meds and follow a set pattern everyday and if for nay reason I’m feeling confused i have to contact you or your service!’says Janet
“Well that’s wonderful I’m sure you’ll be happy to know I’ll be testifying that I think you’re ready for this step.’says Dr.Woods
“I wonder do you think they’ll let me apologize ?’says Janet biting her lip
“Oh Janet I think they’d be happy to let you do that! This shows definite progress and they will take that into account when they hear this!’says Dr.Woods thrilled that Janet seems to be taking responsibility for her actions

Happy Valley Courthouse
Courtroom 5
Tim and Melissa are there.
“I can’t believe your sister is defending Janet !'says Tim
“Marissa was asked to take the choice she tried to refuse but the firm she’s with said it could be her job if she did! they alos offered her more time off once this is done and you know she needs that!'
“Yes I guess he couldn’t refuse but what if she wins?'asks Tim
“well Marissa has to do her best will just have to hope if she gets out that the halfway house will make sure she behaves!
“mom is so much better!’ says Amanda to Tim
All rise the honorable Judge Ito presiding”says the baliff“Court is in session please be seated!
The Commonwealth of California versus Janet Green a hearing to decide if the plaintiff Janet Green is competent and can be released from Happy Valley Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane.
I will hear the evidence for the release and/ or the evidence for keeping the prisoner in custody of the prisoner !Counsellors!
“Your honor my client was very ill when she committed those hideous crimes but she has spent a lot of time in custody being treated.Finding the right medicines has been the key!I call Dr.Christine Wood to the stand!’ says Marissa defending Janet
“Do you swear to tell the truth and the whole truth and nothing but so swear you God?asks the Judge
“I do!’ says Christine
“State you full name for the record!”
”Dr.Colleen Christine Woods
“Now Dr.Wood’s you’ve been the primary doctor on Janet’s case since she was moved to Happy Valley is that true?’
“Yes that’s is true!’says Christine
‘And have you felt the defendant Janet Green has sufficiently recovered to be allowed in society?’asks Marissa
“I do!With the newmedication she‘s is cognizant of her crimes and is very remorseful’
‘Thank you your witness counselor!’ says Marissa
“Are you telling the court that this plantiff wil never commit a crime again?’asks Jack
“No one could predict that! says Christine”but I can tell you as long as this patient stays on the medicines prescribed and continues to see a doctor I doubt whether any other episodes will occur!”
“Thank-you doctor that will be all!’says Jack
“Is that all counsellor?asks the judge of Marissa
“No your honor my client would like to make a statement before judgement is rendered if the court pleases!’states Marissa
“Okay go ahead!’says the judge
“Do you swear to tell the truth and the whole truth and nothing but so swear you God?asks the Judge of Janet
“I do!’
“State you full name for the record!”
“Janet Willahelmina Green also I have in the past be known as Natalie Marlowe ,Jane Cox,Janet Dillon!I’m not making light here I just wanted you to know!Janet says seriously to the judge
“Oh okay says Judge Ito”Let the record know that Janet Green will be sufficent strike the others!”
“I know I’m an awful person! A lot of people have to hate me for all the awful things I did!But Judge I really wasn’t aware of what I was doing.It’s taking me alot of therapy and some really good medicine but I can honestly say I’m so sorry!Trevor was the true love of my life .He tried so hard to help me even moving us to Denver Colorodo to help me!And how did I reward him I killed him! Although I don’t remember any of this I’ve been told! I just want to say I’m so sorry for all the people I’ve hurt but especially to Trevor’s children my daughter Amanda and Timmy whom I truly loved I don’t know how you can forgive me since I can’t fogive myself but I am so truly sorry for taking your father away from all of us!
Jut then the court doors open and figure comes in it’s Trevor !He’s not dead!
“Dr.Woods? says Janet on the stand”I don’t feel well I think I’m having an epsiode I see Trevor standing there and he’s not dead!
Gasps from the courtroom as people turn around again and see Trevor standing there!

Part 11 -Life Goes On

Part 11 -Life Goes On

Part 11 -Life Goes On

Ryan at his office
Ryan is working in his office.He seems to be adding numbers and working on his computer.
“Good grief! The payment for the house is due Friday!The company is going under and my house payment is due! What the heck am I going to do?I’m such an idiot how could I have put my house on the line.I can’t ask anyone for favors their has to be a way to pull myself out of this.If only the bank hadn’t kept changing the payment dates and interest!I’ll manage I’ll get myself out of this if I can!’
Adam’s House
Colby is getting dressed and talking to her husband Pete Courtlandt
“I am so happy to be married to you!’ says Colby
“I was so happy you were alive after all that went down! I couldn’t believe that you were dead it nearly killed me!’says Pete”it was then that I realized that I never stopped loving you!’
“When you came to the hospital I couldn’t believe it I couldn’t believe how great it was to see you!’says Colby”I hadn’t realized how jealous I really was of Maddie Grey!Everytime I would see you with her it made me so mad but I didn’t relaize why but when I saw you after everyone thought I had been dead...
“you realized I was your prince Charming?’asks Pete playfully
“You were different so forceful and so glad to see me!’says Colby”and I saw the real Peter Courtlandt!
“What did you expect I always loved you Colby!I’ve loved you since we were kids! But I knew that you needed space so I gave it to you!I tried to move on with Maddie but when I thought you were dead I realized she was not even a pale copy of you!I thought I would die too!I wanted to when I thought you were gone!When that lady said you were alive! I wept and then I snuck to the hospital just to see you !When everyone left except your mom I snuck in just to see you and now for myself that you were alive!
“I know you did and I think it hit me just how much you really cared!’do you know Sam didn’t even come to see me until three days later!’
“yes I know because I didn’t leave for a week!’I just had Mom bring me new clothes!’
“I saw how good you were with your mother when your Dad died!Are you sure she’s okay without you there?’asks Colby
‘She’s okay !She actually staying with Tad for awhile!’Tad insisted!’
“Hmm did he think that you might need your mother too?’says Colby angrily
“Colby he loves me he just didn’t want me to have to take on all Mom’s grief!’admonishes Pete”“and he knows I‘m running Cortlandt electronics!”
“Sorry I just don’t want anyone to treat you badly even if he is your brother!’ says Colby
“Tad doesn’t treat me like a half -brother or a shirt tale relative but a brother, like I was a beloved brother.’He cares about me!’
“and why not your kind of loveable!’ says Colby kissing Pete
“I’ve got to sneak out and get to work!I’ll be gald when everyone knows about us!’says Pete
“They will because that wedding reception will be for Adam and Krystal Chandler and Peter and Colby Cortlandt!’says Colby
“I hope it doesn’t blow -up in our faces because no matter what this marriage is for keeps!”says Pete
“It won’t now off you go husband and bring home the bacon!’laughs Colby pushing Pete through the tunnels!


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Goodbye old friend-Goodbye Palmer

Special episodes of Happy Valley for James Mitchell our beloved Palmer
The truth is I’m not sure any show or story could do justice to the body of work that James Mitchell had on All My Children.He was the charming rascal we loved to root for loathe and like all at the same time.The quintensential anti-hero but with all the pizzazz of Cary Grant !I hope no one is offended I just wanted to say goodbye to one of the actors who made me like All my children and keep watching!This is my goodbye!As Opal would say” we are going to miss the old coot!”(So goodbye old friend Pine Valley and the world just won’t be the same!)I only hope that our show will have a wonderful tribute to him!

Goodbye old friend-part 1
Tad’s house early morning.Tad is sleeping his foot over the edge of the bed as the phone rings.
“Dad the phone !’says Kathy opening his bedroom door as Dottie hides under the covers pretending she‘s not there.Kathy doesn’t seem to see her.
“ What’s matter Kathy?and what did I say about knocking before you come in my room what if I
was in my all together?’
“You never answer the phone why do I always have to? It’s Grandma Opal she’s sounds odd!’Kathy says handing Tad the phone
“ what’s wrong
“Tad you have to come you have to come here!"implores Opal
“What is the matter Tad
“It’s’s Palmer...he....’she breaks off
“What’s the old disgruntled old pirate done now?asks Tad
“He left me !’says Opal
“He left you again?’asks Tad “I’ll have his head .I’m sorry!’
“ No ,No you don’t understand it’s the ultimate betrayal!’says Opal
“He cheated on you?’asks Tad
“Noooo I went to bring then old goat some oatmeal and coffee and...”says Opal breaking off crying huge sobs!
“Oh!’ says Tad finally understanding “He’s dead?’You found him dead?”
“Yesss he’s left meeee...”says Opal sobbing heart rendering sobs
“I’ll be right there Ma.Ma hold on!’says Tad
“Grandpa Palmer is gone?’asks Kathy crying“He died?’”Why does everyone have to die?’
“I don’t know honey they say there is a time and a season but it doesn’t make it hurt any less!’ says Tad wiping away a tear
“I thought you didn’t like him Daddy?’says Kathy
“He grew on me like peat moss!’says Tad pulling himself together”Can you look after yourself and Jenny until I get back? “
“Sure but what about Dottie?’Kathy asks
“You knew I was here?’asks Dottie embarrassed
“Yes sorry I had to ask and embarrass you!’says Kathy
“That’s okay special circumstances! Would you mind if I stayed until your Dad comes back” asks Dottie”I make a mean breakfast!”
“Sure I’d like that !’says Kathy”and so would Jenny!’
“I’m off as I get dressed and you leave my room!’says Tad pointedly
“Sorry Dad says Kathy smirking and leaving
Tad hurriedly dresses and kisses Dottie goodbye
“Sorry about this Dottie!’
“Go Tad Opal needs you!’says Dottie

Goodbye old friend-part 2
New Cortlandt Manor
Tad arrives Pete looking shocked and shaking answers the door
“You okay little brother? asks Tad”then of course your not okay!’”come seat down here while I go help!”
“I can’t believe he’s dead Tad .How can that be he’s invincible?’asks Pete starting to shake some more and unsteady on his feet
“I know Pete !'says grabbing a blanket and covering up Pete.
“I’m going to see to and the arrangements and then I’m going to make something hot to drink for you two.where’s the new housekeeper what’s her name?’asks Tad
“Susan has the day off !"says Pete woodenly
“great day for her to have the day off!’ says Tad grumbling
“Did either of you call the police? In sudden death you have to!’asks Tad
“Can you ?'asks Opal coming into the room deathly pale and her eyes red like saucers
“I’ll take care of everything don’t worry!’ says Tad
“You’re a good boy!’ says Opal
Tad picks up the phone and dials Jesse ‘Jesse Tad here called me to get over to New Cortlandt Manor”She found Palmer dead in his bed this morning!’
”Palmer Cortlandt is dead?‘asks Jesse unbeliveing as we hear it
“I know I couldn’t believe it either!’
Then only Tad’s end of the coversation
“Okay so we wait!’
“ they’ll come pick him up and take him to the morgue then later to the funeral home!Is there any particular one you want me to call?’asks Tad
“Brooks brothers they are the best in town and he deserves the best!”
“Oh okay will do just that !’
Opal then hands Tad a phone book.Tad makes all the necessary calls goes into the kitchen and makes a huge pot of tea .On a silver tray he brings tea, sugar ,cream and three tea cups.
They all sit here drinking tea stunned
Tad says do you remember how Daisy transformed you for Palmer
As we flashback to the scenes from the past and Daisy is helping Opal become a stylish woman to lure Palmer
flasback to Opal saying
“Those were wonderful times and smiling”And I remember our first wedding when I said the vows so fast lest he change his mind!
As we see this !
Do you remember when he called you at the cutting edge to ask why I wouldn’t forgive him and in that ridiculous voice.That was so funny!Him and Janet at the chicken shack!He was lucky I forgive him.Oh Why did the old grinch have to leave me!'
And we see that clip!
“They are together now that ought to make the old grinch happy!’ says Tad
”Dad always said you had a heart as big as Montana!‘says Pete
”I remember how upset he was with the chicken fingers I had for Dixie‘s dinner after her divorce from Adam!‘
“and then the old coot when you were proposing to our dear Dixe at that ball in that chicken suit him sneezing his head off too funny!’says Opal
Erica arrives and says
“oh Opal I’m so sorry I loved him too!He was one of my best friends!she says hugging and kissing Opal
“Do you remember all the times he complained about being married to me?’Opal asks
“Yes but I also remember how you were always there for him and he knew it!
As we flash to Palmer after Dixie’s funeral in hospital with heart palpitations .Palmer is telling Erica everytime he turns around Opal is having one of her premonitions and is there to pick him up and look after him!
“I miss him!’ says Erica”you know he gave Kendall the Fuison building for a $1!
“really he never wanted to let anyone know he had a heart!’
As we see him do just his give Kendall the building!
Goodbye old friend-part 3
The funeral
Opal,Pete.Tad .Kathy and Jenny greet the people coming in
First to arrive is first Nina and Cliff followed by Bobby and Kelsey .Followed by their three kids Katie 6, Rob 9,and Sharron 14 ,Mickey and his wife Trisha and their new baby who is 5 months old Clifford,Ross Chandler,who is now managing Courtland’s interests in hong Kong.Andrew Preston Courtland the European head of Courtland and Melanie “Lanie” Courtland,followed by Linc Tyler,Donna and Benny Sago!And surprisingly enough Ellen and Mark Dalton and Devon and Bonnie McFadden.Jesse and Angie come in with Natalia and,Brot and Randi and Frankie.Erica and Jack.Brooke and Brad Hewitt,Dottie and T.J. ,Maria and Aiden.and Sam and Maddie Ryan and Emma.Vanessa and David. They all hug Opal
Kendall and Zach arrive at the alst minute and take their seats!
How are you doing little brother?’ asks Nina of Pete
“I’m hanging in there! how are you ?'asks Pete
“I’m hanging in there too!’I miss him!’ says Nina”I miss not being able to pick up the phone and too talk to him!’
“I miss him yelling at me to hang up my coat and I miss our talks about business!’says Pete
“we’ll talk more later little brother!I love you!says Nina
“I love you too sis!’ says Pete
Adam arrives with Krystal
“What are you doing here Adam?’ asks Opal”he hated you!’
“Yes and that was mutual but we had an uneasy friendship these last few years and I’m going to miss the old coot!’says Adam
Flash to clips of Adam and Palmer showdowns
“I’m so sorry Opal!’ says Krystal hugging Opal
“You two are together ?Well isn’t that a hoot and half! Palmer always said Krystal was your match but that she was too good for you!says Opal
The funeral begins and Nina gets up to talk
My dad and I had a strange relationship he thought I should be a princess in an ivory tower.He always thought Cliff wasn’t good enough for me !But we reconcilled in the last few years and well he never would acknowledge that he was wrong he accepted that Cliff was family and that he had given me great happiness.We had Christmas together !
Flash to Palmer and the dogs threatening Cliff
Flash to clip of him being happy that Cliff had divorced Nina and the final papers were through!
My dad was a one of a kind a businessman and a father but most of all he cared about his family!says Nina concluding as Opal comes up to the podium pushing Daisy to the podium.
“You all know me I was one of Palmers’ ex’s!’ says Daisy”Palmer was indeed as my daughter said a one of kind .He had a heart of gold but he also had a strak of ruthlessness that made him a great businessman it’s one htose two got mixed up that he to in trouble
Clips here of trying to chase Daisy away then courting her!
“When I knew that our love was more like afriendship then anything else I knew that he needed someone like Opal so I set out to remake her just enough to get him to notice her
Show clips her of Opal getting her hair cut and her clothes toned down by Daisy! then finally winning Palmer and getting married to him!
“Go ahead pal Opal“says Daisy pushing Opal to the podium
“My husband Palmer was called Grinch by some (looks pointedly at Adam) and Pirate by others but he loved and loved deeply and was loved deeply he touched each and everyone of us in this room !
“That concludes our service there will be a private graveside service for the immediate family !’says the minister “Mrs.Cortlandt asks for you all to join her at Cortlandt manor for a celebration of Palmer’s life
As everyone leaves we see Opal touch Palmers’ picture and say ”Goodbye my sweet prince , parting is such sorrow but then I will blink and then it will be tomorrow!’says Opal choking up her voice on the brink of tears “till we meet again!and blows him a kiss! As Opal leaves we see Adam sneak back in to stare at Palmer's picture and say
""Goodbye old Friend! And if you come back and tell anyone this I'll deny it!and then sneak out again!
As Agnes Nixon comes out and says goodbye old friend will miss you!
Goodbye it’s really hard to say
We knew this would come one day
But it still seems too soon
To say goodbye and look at the moon
For James the man we also knew as Palmer Courtland or Pete Cooney
Our dream Curly of the dancing feet is it any wonder we were mooney
Over you, as you held our hearts upon the silver screen
We watched those movies hoping to gleen
Just a glimpse of your prescence and your shining soul
And as the years went by and took their toil
We will excited to see you once again
As you came upon our soapy show
And set about with your single glow
To show us a man who loved his family
Above all else we could see
As he set the dogs upon the doctor
As our spirits would soar
To watch him work misguide though he be
We’d cheer him on and wait to see
What this character would do next
And what he would do to vex
His daughter and all those in his life
Then how he got back his wife
How he lost her again
He found his daughter once again
As she left in the world to be
He was alone as we could see
Then he was an Uncle/Dad
Who threatened and tormented Tad
But he found the woman who would fill his life
Tad’s mother Opal would be his lady wife
And despite their divorce she was always there
To be there for her cuddly bear.
James showed this man that we all loved and made him real
He made us dream and see and most of all feel
That he was part of the people we loved to see
That he was a part of our family
The family of All My Children
And so now it is our sad duty to send
Our prayers to send him to his rest
But we want him to know he was the best
let him dance into heaven at God’s bequest
And choirs of angels sing him to his rest!

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Part 10 -Life Goes On

Part 10 -Life Goes On
So my mom is a famous authoreous!’ brags Emma to an audience in the cafeteria at Happy Valley high School
“Likely story Emma! says Trisha
“Emma likes to tell stories don’t you Emma?’says another girl who’s name is Kisha
“I admit I made up somethings about my friends Kathy and Aaron but I’ve done my pentience for that .I made amends to them! They are my friends againand they trust me “
“Fools that they are!’ says Kisha”Kathy Martin is just to nice for her own good!And Aaron
is your cousin he has to forgive you so hmm should we beleive anything you have to say!’Come on Trish let’s go someone is polutting the air hear with all her lies!’
“I’m not lying my mom is A.Chandler!’says Emma
“Your last name is Lavery !Not Chandler!Who’s that author anyway?asls Kisha
“A Chandler writes all those cool books you know those ones about woman who truimpth over men who do them wrong and then become totally successful!.”You know the main character is Emmaline!’says Tish
“Are you trying to use the fact the main character has a name close to yours to get popular?says another girl Ashley who has overheard the conversation”cause that’s just sick!’
“You people are just annoying!you wuld beleive something if it hit you in the face !My mother wrote most of those books when I was little for me!” She said I was Princess Emmaline!’
“Why don’t you just go away Emma and tell someone else your story cause none of us are buying it!says Kisha
“She’s telling the truth!’says Kathy coming up with Aaron “her mom is Annie Chandler!”
“Her mom is the famous authoreous she’s not making that up?” asks Ashley
“No she’s not !Her moms’ books are on the best seller list!”says Aaron
“Wow really?’ asks Trisha
“Like can I get a free copy?’asks Kish
“And I should do that because your my what?’asks Emma retaliating
‘We’re your friends Emma!’ says Trisha”you can get us signed copies can’t you?’
“When my mom gets back maybe she’s on a tour right now! She’s in Duluth today!says Emma
”We‘ll hold you to that!’ says Trisha
“like where’s Duluth is that in America or Canada?’asks Kisha
“like you’re really stupid you know it’s in America!"says Ashley
“I know where it is it’s in Minnesota!’says Trisha
“Just because you got A+ in geography in grade 4 you got always bring up that you no where places are!”says Kisha annoyed“I got a scholarship in math so if I’m not able to remember where every place is who cares!’
“Come on Kisha ,Trisha’s or friend you should be nicer to her she can help being a know-it all it’s part of her charming personality!’says Ashley ”Im hungry lets go get some fries!as the three girls Trisha,Kisha and Ashley
“So when will your mom be back ?’asks Kathy
‘I‘m not sure a month or so!says Emma “I miss her!
“I bet Iknow how close you and your mom are !Does she call?’
“She calls me every night!she talks to dad too!”says Emma
“Are you still thinking they’ll get back together?’She moved out Emma!’says Kathy
“But if you could only see them together ! they look so happy and really really good together!’says Emma
“Don’t get your hopes up Emma! I wouldn’t want to see you hurt!’says Aaron
“They’re going to get back together and were going to be a family again you just wait and see!’says Emma
The bell rings
“Lunch is over we have to get back to class!’says Kathy
“ Okay see you guys later I have English now!’says Emma
“Bye Em “ Kathy and Aaron say at the same time then laugh and walk arm in arm to their next class!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Part 9 -Life Goes On

Part 9 -Life Goes On
Ryan’s house

Emma pleads with her mom
“Mom please don’t move out you and Dad are so good together and we’re a family again!”
“Emma you knew this was just temporary I needed a place to stay and your father gave me one!”explains Annie
“But Mom Daddy needs you!’says Emma pleading
“Emma I can never be anyone’s companion or partner until I make something of myself and show someone I can be independant and not a needy little girl!’explains Annie
“But don’t you love Daddy?’
“I loved your father once I became so absorbed with him that I lived and died for him!That’s not love that’s obssession!I lost myself nad then my mind!And I set a bad example for you!I want you to see that you can be a strong woman and still have a relationship but first I have to prove to myself I’m worthy! that I have talents that I am strong!That I don’t need someone to take care of me that I can be an equal partner.!’
“But if you leave now Daddy will find someone else he always does when a woman leaves!’says Emma
“That’s just the chance I’ll have to take I’m hoping that if I show your father I am the woman he once thought I was and with the therapy he has been taking that we will both be able to come back together eventually as an equal couple!But no matter what happens honey this is between your father and I!We love you no matter what and you come you understand?”
“No it’s not Fair I want my parents together! Other people have parents who are together!”says Emma
“Emma!’ says Ryan coming up and hearing this says”You know we love you but Mommy wants to have her own place this was temporary!’
“I’m sorry Ryan she’s got it in her head that I should stay!’
“It’s only normal all kids want their parents together !I hope though that maybe you’d consider...”he breaks off here not usre how to put what hewants to say into words
“Consider what?” asks Annie looking like she hopes that Ryna won’t ask her to stay!
“Consider dating me?’says Ryan
“Well I’ll have to think about that!’ says Annie flirting
“We could take it really slow!’says Ryan
“We’d have to I haven’t told you both yet but I’ve had really good news .You know all those stories I wrote for Emma when she was little ?well I continued writng over the years and I have quite a collection of them.I was reading them at the Miranda Center to some of the children and one of the volunteers listened.Grace Van Houten She’s an editor for Blossoming Minds! She loved them she asked if I had more when she read them she offered me a contract!There going to publish my stories. And now with my magazine Bravo starting up!It‘s all really good!
“Really that’s wonderful!’Both Ryan and Emma say hugging Annie
“I’m so excited!It was finalized about an hour ago I signed the papers after Jack checked them over! I have to go on a book tour though!And it starts next month a 14 city tour at bookstores across the United States and Canada.I’m going to New York City,Reno ,and Las Vegas Nevada across the border to Vancouver British Columbia Canada then back to Duluth Minnesota, Pittsburg ,Pine Valley Pennyslvannia. Detroit Michigan , up to Montreal Quebec, Quebec city,Quebec Canada then back across to Bangor, Maine,fly to over to Toronto, Ontario,Canada, then my last stop before coming home LA..Sacramento,California!”
“Wow that’s quite the tour how long will you be gone?’asks Ryan
“That’s the problem it’s a two month tour!’says Annie
“What if Emma and I were to meet you in one of the stops?’asks Ryan
“That would certainly be nice!’says Annie smiling happily
“Okay then will meet you in Sacramento make sure you leave your iteranary!’
“thanks Ryan I’d really like that!’says Annie
“So where will you be moving too?asks Ryan
“I rented an apartment on Apple street.It’s a small one bedroom but it’s nice clean apartment!'
“I’ve seen those building they look nice! Do they have an intercom to buzz you in?'asks Ryan
“Yes and they are really safe !The area is very safe! Don’t worry!says Annie secretly pleased that Ryan is concerned
“ Can I come visit you there mommy ?’asks Emma
“Of course as long as Dad knows where you are!’says Annie
“Do you need any help getting your things to the apartment?’asks Ryan
“No thanks!’says Annie
“Would you like to have dinner and a movie Friday?’ asks Ryan
”That‘s tonight Ryan what if I were busy?‘say Annie
”Are you?asks Ryan
“No!’says Annie
‘ Okay then can we ?’asks Ryan
“Very well Ryan come pick me up at 7 here’s the address! says Annie handing him a piece of paper.”Goodbye sweetie see you soon” she says to Emma

Part 8 -Life Goes On

Part 8 -Life Goes On
Chandler mansion later that night
Krystal is talking to Adam in bed
“Why didn’t Colby come to dinner is she mad that we got married in Vegas without her?’
“No she wouldn’t have offered to give us a wedding reception if she was mad!I think because she knows Enzo ,Haley,Matteo and Max are all coming to stay she just wanted to give us sometime alone!says Adam
“What is the horrible alarm going off?asks Krystal
“I set the new alarms on the front dooor and the tunnels before we came upstairs"says Adam
“That’s probably a good idea seeing as so many people keep waltzing in like they own the place.Either the front door or the tunnels!’Oh no is someone breaking in?’asks Krystal alarmed
‘Oh now there’s the doorbell whoever it is must have tried the tunnels then the door.”says adm throwing on his robe as Krystal throws on some clothes quickly
“I wonder who’s at the door at midnight?’ says Krystal
Adam throws open the front door to reveal Haley,Matteo ,Max and Enzo on the doorstep!
“Oh good Dad you’re home we had a nightmare flight from Sacramento! Enzo is exhausted and so is Max ! says Haley in one breathas Matteo starts bringing all the luggage in and Haley pushes Max in
”Welcome I thought you were coming tomorrow but welcome anyway!”
”thanks Dad!’ says Haley kissing her Dad”you don‘t know how much this means to me!‘
”the nurse isn‘t here though she‘s not arriving until tomorrow! says Krystal worried
“Oh Krystal.sorry didn’t see you there says Haley”Im I interrupting something?’
“Haley Krystal and i wanted to wait until you were here to tell you.....’begins Adam before Haley interrupts
“You’re shacking up? that’s good better than jumping in feet first and getting married!’then seeing there faces at this comment she says “No you didn’t really? recoveering she says"Congratuations then I guess you know what you’re doing !What do they say the third times the charm?
“Haley I know what I’m doing I should never have let this woman get away from me in the first place!’says Adam bringing Krystal close to him
“Hey what ever floats your boat who am I to judge! As I said I’m just grateful to you Dad and I guess you too Krystal for putting us and our boys up!’ says Haley”I can’t thank you enough1‘And don’t worry about the nurse I’ll take care of my son tonight and until she gets here!’
“She’ll be here at 8 am tomorrow for Max!'says Adam”I thought you wouldn’t be here until noon!’Adam explains
“Well they offered us a deal if we flew a day earlier! I’m sorry I should have called!’says Haley
“That’s okay Haley I’m sure your daddy knows how hard it’s been for you!You must have had a lot on your plate!’excuses Krystal
“Here here are the keys to the house!Tell Enzo and Max no late nights though after 1am .I set the alarms.There’s one on the tunnels now !The code for both is 465464!
“Oh Dad you never change that’s funny!’says Haley
“I don’t get it what’s the joke?’asks Krystal puzzled “the doors needed alarms and so did the tunnels!’Is it the time he expects them in?’
“No!” says Haley still laughing and stops when Adam glares”Sorry and it’s not you that’s funny !the numbers Dad picked out they spell something!”
“Really what?’ asks Krystal
“They spell out I am King!”says Haley
“I already had Winnie clean out the east wing it’s all yours,Matteo’s and the boys!You should have a little more privacy that way!And Adm had all ready installed an elevator there for Max so I think you’re all set!If you need anything just come knock on our door!’ says Krystal going up to bed with Adam.e creep up the stairs and down to Colby’s room
We hear someone creep up the stairs and down to Colby’s room
Later outside of Colby’s room we hear voices inside
“Well that was close you almost got caught by that alarm well you were leaving!’says a voice we recognize as Colby
“Yes I’ll have to be more careful sneaking in!”says the male voice
“Have you told her yet?’asks Colby
“Have I told her that we broke up yes I told her that says the voice “but she dosen’t know about you!’
“Did you tell your mom yet?’asks Colby
“I haven’t even seen Mom !she’s kind of being unavailable!’says the voice
“I can hardly wait until the wedding reception!says Colby to the voice
“Me either a lot of people are going to be surprised!’And I’ve decided that’s the best way for them to find out! says the voice
“Do you think Dad and Krystal will mind that were sharing their wedding reception!’
“I hope not !'says the voice as he camera pans in and we see Pete Cortlandt pulling Colby into his armsand saying”I hope not my sweet little bride!’