Thursday, January 21, 2010

Part 8 -Life Goes On

Part 8 -Life Goes On
Chandler mansion later that night
Krystal is talking to Adam in bed
“Why didn’t Colby come to dinner is she mad that we got married in Vegas without her?’
“No she wouldn’t have offered to give us a wedding reception if she was mad!I think because she knows Enzo ,Haley,Matteo and Max are all coming to stay she just wanted to give us sometime alone!says Adam
“What is the horrible alarm going off?asks Krystal
“I set the new alarms on the front dooor and the tunnels before we came upstairs"says Adam
“That’s probably a good idea seeing as so many people keep waltzing in like they own the place.Either the front door or the tunnels!’Oh no is someone breaking in?’asks Krystal alarmed
‘Oh now there’s the doorbell whoever it is must have tried the tunnels then the door.”says adm throwing on his robe as Krystal throws on some clothes quickly
“I wonder who’s at the door at midnight?’ says Krystal
Adam throws open the front door to reveal Haley,Matteo ,Max and Enzo on the doorstep!
“Oh good Dad you’re home we had a nightmare flight from Sacramento! Enzo is exhausted and so is Max ! says Haley in one breathas Matteo starts bringing all the luggage in and Haley pushes Max in
”Welcome I thought you were coming tomorrow but welcome anyway!”
”thanks Dad!’ says Haley kissing her Dad”you don‘t know how much this means to me!‘
”the nurse isn‘t here though she‘s not arriving until tomorrow! says Krystal worried
“Oh Krystal.sorry didn’t see you there says Haley”Im I interrupting something?’
“Haley Krystal and i wanted to wait until you were here to tell you.....’begins Adam before Haley interrupts
“You’re shacking up? that’s good better than jumping in feet first and getting married!’then seeing there faces at this comment she says “No you didn’t really? recoveering she says"Congratuations then I guess you know what you’re doing !What do they say the third times the charm?
“Haley I know what I’m doing I should never have let this woman get away from me in the first place!’says Adam bringing Krystal close to him
“Hey what ever floats your boat who am I to judge! As I said I’m just grateful to you Dad and I guess you too Krystal for putting us and our boys up!’ says Haley”I can’t thank you enough1‘And don’t worry about the nurse I’ll take care of my son tonight and until she gets here!’
“She’ll be here at 8 am tomorrow for Max!'says Adam”I thought you wouldn’t be here until noon!’Adam explains
“Well they offered us a deal if we flew a day earlier! I’m sorry I should have called!’says Haley
“That’s okay Haley I’m sure your daddy knows how hard it’s been for you!You must have had a lot on your plate!’excuses Krystal
“Here here are the keys to the house!Tell Enzo and Max no late nights though after 1am .I set the alarms.There’s one on the tunnels now !The code for both is 465464!
“Oh Dad you never change that’s funny!’says Haley
“I don’t get it what’s the joke?’asks Krystal puzzled “the doors needed alarms and so did the tunnels!’Is it the time he expects them in?’
“No!” says Haley still laughing and stops when Adam glares”Sorry and it’s not you that’s funny !the numbers Dad picked out they spell something!”
“Really what?’ asks Krystal
“They spell out I am King!”says Haley
“I already had Winnie clean out the east wing it’s all yours,Matteo’s and the boys!You should have a little more privacy that way!And Adm had all ready installed an elevator there for Max so I think you’re all set!If you need anything just come knock on our door!’ says Krystal going up to bed with Adam.e creep up the stairs and down to Colby’s room
We hear someone creep up the stairs and down to Colby’s room
Later outside of Colby’s room we hear voices inside
“Well that was close you almost got caught by that alarm well you were leaving!’says a voice we recognize as Colby
“Yes I’ll have to be more careful sneaking in!”says the male voice
“Have you told her yet?’asks Colby
“Have I told her that we broke up yes I told her that says the voice “but she dosen’t know about you!’
“Did you tell your mom yet?’asks Colby
“I haven’t even seen Mom !she’s kind of being unavailable!’says the voice
“I can hardly wait until the wedding reception!says Colby to the voice
“Me either a lot of people are going to be surprised!’And I’ve decided that’s the best way for them to find out! says the voice
“Do you think Dad and Krystal will mind that were sharing their wedding reception!’
“I hope not !'says the voice as he camera pans in and we see Pete Cortlandt pulling Colby into his armsand saying”I hope not my sweet little bride!’

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