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Part 18 -Life Goes On

Part 18 -Life Goes On
Ryan’s house
Annie is looking at Ryan’s bills and looks shocked
“No wonder you had a heart attack!You owe everyone and his brother!' says Annie talking out loud as she dials in to Ryan’s computer to find out that is Ryan’s company is bankrupt he owes money to the IRS and to the bank for his company!His company is done!Even chapter 11 that Ryan had all ready declared hadn’t saved his company! she find the notifications from the bank saying that he has until friday to pay the bank $20,000 owed on his house or the house will be sold at auction!
“Oh Ryan why didn’t you ask people for help any of us would have helped you!says Annie aloud
“I’ll save you from yourself you big idiot!’says Annie’
Hello?'says Annie

"Annie is that you it's Ryan!'

"Oh hi are you feeling today?asks Annie

"How do you think I'm feeling? Did you plant this story in the newspapers Annie?'Ryan asks angrily

"No I didn't! I should sue them says Annie indigently"How dare they?I'm just sorry that you had to read that stuff!"

"Then you really didn't tell them this?Ryan asks sounding surprised and perhaps hurt

"Ryan I don't play games anymore I have my own life and it's very busy and full! I found out who was behind that though!"says Annie

"Really and who was that?'asks Ryan still suspicious

"The stupid representative from my publishing company April Finnigan!I told the company that I will not deal with her again and that unless they replace her I'm not continuing my tour!says Annie

"Wow looks like you handled that well!' says Ryan surprised and believing her

"I'm just sorry that you've been bothered by this Ryan!Now don't get stressed out I'm very competent now and this won't happen again!'says Annie

"Oh okay !Thanks Annie !Are you coming up to visit me I'm so bored!' says Ryan whining like a little kid

"Maybe in a little while I have some work to do Ryan !I'll see you awhile! Goodbye!says Annie hanging up then quickly dialing

“Hello Happy Valley trust how may I help you!’says the person on the phone
“this is A.Chandler!’Annie pauses here
“A Chandler who writes the Princess Emmaline books ?’says the person suitably impressed
“Yes er what is your name?"asks Annie thinking wow it’s so much fun to be recognized
“my name is Caroll!’says the voice
“I’d like to make a appointment with your bank president!’
“of course Ms.Chandler and I want to let you know that our trust company would be very happy to handle your funds and needs!’Mr.Vanderpool has an opening at 1pm if that is okay!says Caroll
“that would be wonderful and if you don’t mind what is Mr.Vanderpool’s first name Caroll?’
“Alfred !He’s a Pine Valley Pennsylvannia transplant I understand you are too!” says Caroll gushing
“Yes I am I’ll be there at 1pm nice talking to you Caroll!’says Annie hanging up
Annie pats her stomach and says “hang in there little one mommy has to go fix your soon to be new Daddy’s problems!’then will get some lunch!'
Annie puts on a gorgeous maternity dress in red her stomach sticking out in a little beach ball size!
She puts on a pretty pair of ballerina flats then looking outside seeing the rain she takes them off and put on some pretty rain boots in yellow and her red raincoat grabbing her yellow umbrella!
Annie arrives at the bank at 12:45 pm.She enters the bank and goes to the counter .
“Hello why it’s Caroll it’s it?’”I’m A.Chandler ,Annie Chandler!
“oh it’s so wonderful to me you !Iknow it’s probably an impostition but.....’says Caroll gushing holding up a book
Caroll is tall man, thin about 5ft 11inches his hair is dull lifeless and light brown and he wears thick bottle glasses!he’s wearing a suit obviously too big for him!
“But you’d like me to autograph it sure no problem is there anything you‘d like me to write asks Annie
“to Caroll from your grateful customer!’says Caroll
“Well I might be a customer when I’m done today providing Mr.Vanderpool helps me!’says Annie”soo I guess I could write that are you angling for a promotion Caroll?’
“Well maybe!’ says Caroll blushing
“that’s okay ?'says Annie we’ve got help each to get ahead !'
“oh here’s Mr.Vanderpool!’
“Mr.Vanderpool ,Annie Chandler author of the Emmaline books!”says Caroll
“thank-you Caroll!It’s wonderful to meet you won’t you come into my office so we can talk about your banking needs!’says Alfred
“I understand my ex -husband Ryan Lavery has been having some financial difficulties!”says Annie plunging right in
“I really can’t talk about that!’says Alfred
“I’m sure you read today’s paper Ryan and i will be remarrying at a later date but I’m sure you understand that I’m reluctant to take on all his financal woes!’says Annie
“And I’m sure they are many!’ says Alfred witha sigh slipping up
“Yes now I would like to arange to pay his bills and back taxes with my moneies and any money owing on his house!Of course I’d also like to switch my accounts to your trust company to the tune of 50 million dollars but I want to be assured of anonymity Ryan mustn’t find out who paid this is that understood ?asks Annie
“Quite!’says Alfred “I think that can be arranged!’Now will you need a line of credit for your magazine?’Bravoo is it?'
“Yes but I want to be the signing officer on that !’No authorization for moneies unless I sign for it!’says Annie shrewdly
“Done!’ says Alfred transfering Annie money from her other bank and setting up her accounts!
It’s a pleasure to do business with you Ms.Chandler I hope to see you again soon says Alfred as Annie gets up to leave.
“Have you had lunch yet ?Annie says to Caroll as she pass his desk
“No I’m just about to go off on lunch I have an hour!'he says
Well why don‘t you come to lunch with me at Dottie’s,my treat !
says Annie impulsively
”Really! That would be nice!‘says Caroll very excited
”I have a proposition I‘d like to talk over with you!‘says Annie
”okay!‘says Caroll slightly puzzled
Dottie‘s restaurant a few minutes later Caroll and Annie are seated looking at menus
“So do you do a lot of the receptionist work here?’
“Yes !‘says Carol
“How would you like to come and work for me?’Annie asks impulsively “I find I’m in need of a personal assistant I’ll pay well !What are you making now?
“I make about ninteen thousand a year and benefits!’says Caroll
“I can pay you about 35 thousand a year plus benefits with a raise in the first years and another in the second!says Annie
“Really I could come work for you?’I’ll do a fantastic job for you!I promise!’says Caroll”is it going to be bad for your image that I‘m gay?‘
”Well I had no idea your should never come into consideration for a job!says Annie”And anyone that gives you flack over that you get them to come see me!‘says Annie“Now I’m sure you have to give two weeks notice to the bank so how about we meet in two weeks time .Here’s my private cell phone number and address!
“Oh your the best I can’t believe this I’m so happy!’ says Caroll
“And so am I think you’ll make a great assistant! Annie says aloud and then under her breath “and if Ryan gets the wrong idea that’s his problem!’Becasue I need you and I need some help with all this work right baby?’Annie says patting her stomach again

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