Sunday, January 10, 2010

Part 9 -Old Love New Loves Collide

Part 9 -Old Love New Loves Collide

Happy Valley Hospital
Marissa comes into the hospital her belly protruding looking for J.R at Colby’s room.She finds him outside just about to go back in since Colby is awake again after a two hour nap!
A few minutes later we see Melissa come in Tim supporting and saying
“ We need a wheelchair here my wife is in labor!’
A nurse rushes over with a wheelchair and ushers Melissa into a labor room.
“Tim calm down my labor just started !’says Melissa
“Dr. Dillon.oh is your baby coming ?'says the young nurse who comes in
“yes Cindy! says Melissa huffing a little as she tries to ride out the contraction
“ Look at her shouldn’t she be getting an epidural says a panicking Tim
“Tim would you calm down your making this harder !they have to wait until I’m dilated so much to give me an epidural!’says Melissa irritated
“Sorry!’ says Tim”what can I do for you?’
“Can you go to the hall and go down to the nurse station and ask for ice chips!says Melissa
“yes I can do that!’says Tim not realizing that she doesn’t really need them she just is giving him something to do
Flash to Marissa who has found Colby’s room and comes in
“Hello Colby!How are you doing !’Marissa asks really uncomfotable with her growing belly holding on to her back as if it hurts
Colby writes ”I‘m doing pretty good for a dead woman!“You’re the first to ask everyone else was just “Oh my goodness you’re alive!” LOL”
“I thought you’d probably heard enough of that by now! But I’m so glad you’re okay Colby.My baby and little A and Haley’s boys need their Aunt!"Marissa says understating how she’s feeling but getting her point across.
“Are you okay Marissa you keep holding your back!writes Colby
“my back is hurting!’Marissa says as J.R. says
“I’m sorry Marissa I should have gotten you a chair!” and gets her one
“oh dear!’says Marissa
“What’s the matter?’ asks J.R.
“I think my water just broke!’ says Marissa
“I think we have to leave Colby !Your neice or nephew wants to make an entrance!’ say J.R
“Don’t forget to come back later and let me know whether it’s a neice or nephew!’ writes Colby as J.r. has secured a wheelchair and is putting Marissa into it to push her to the labor floor!
We see the front steps of the hospital and Leo and Greenlee .Greenlee is hugely pregnant with twins.She is excited!
“I can believe that this day is finally here Dr.Clater is going to induce the babies!Since I’m a week over due and she thought that I would have them early like most twins!Ha she doesn’t know how strong the Dupres /Montgomery/ Smythe genes are does she ?These babies are strong and strong willed!”Greenlee says
“You’re absolutely right my little Greenpea they are going to be a dynamic duo!’says Leo carrying Greenlee’s labor bag with all her essentials including her Fusion make-up!
”Can you believe that Ryan seems to be dating Annie again after everything she did and he did?I always just thought she was a subsitute for me!says Greenlee "She's giving him a run for his money though I heard she's not only dating him but some other guy!
”Jealous dear ?'asks Leo only half-joking
”Ha she‘s stuck with Ryan fickle Ryan I have you and my babies that will be born sometime tomorrow or the next day!“Oh dear it seems the babies have other ideas !’Greenlee says”My water just broke!’


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