Sunday, January 10, 2010

Part 8 -Old Love New Loves Collide

Part 8 -Old Love New Loves Collide
Happy Valley Hospital Colby’s room
Colby is writing she writes asking Adam“is Tina dead?’What about the others?"
J.R. shakes his head if if to say don’t tell her but Adam nods yes
“Yes honey she is I’m sorry about your friend !’Adam says gentlybut entirely avoiding the rest of the question!
“I just met her but she seemed so nice that I allowed her to wear my bracelet !Is that why you thought Tina was me? Colby writes
“Yes we couldn’t see her face clearly it was so bruised and battered but she had on your bracelet.I’m sorry she’s gone I’m sorry for her mother but I’m so glad you’re alive!"says Adam tears of joy in his eyes hugging Colby and holding her hand as Liza arrives sees Colby and says
“Oh baby you’re alive it’s true! My baby my baby” she cries tears streaming down her face.
“I’m okay mom stop crying! writes Colby “ J.r make her stop!’
“How can I make her stop when were all thinking the same thing says J.R.”you don’t know how awful it’s been!’
“I love you all” writes Colby
“we love you too !'says J.r.,Colby and Liza all at the same time!
“are you okay Daddy?Colby writes noticing the wheelchair Adam is in for the first time
“I’m fine now just a little heart trouble!’ says Adam”it’s fine now that I’ve seen you!
“No it’s not Adam we made a deal!” says David coming in the room”you could see for yourself that Colby was alive and doing well and then you’d let me do tests and check you out!
“Go Daddy I’ll be here when you get back!’ writes Colby
“Okay says Adam resigned “anything for you honey !'But I’ll be back soon he says
David takes this as consent and wheels the wheelchair with Adam out!
“J.R.Mom what didn’t Daddy tell me what happened to the others? Colby writes
Liza looks at J.r. and nods
“ The accident was pretty bad Enzo’s car was totalled and you sis didn’t fair much better.Enzo.Max and Sam are in critical condition in intensive care next door! Last time I heard they all through were in medically assisted comas to lower the swelling in their brains!Halley Matteo Maria and Aiden are with them day and night.Maddie and Pete are taking turns bringing them coffee and food .I’ve even seen Emma and Ryan as well doing the same thing!"
Colby tries to gasp but her wired jaw doesn’t cooperate as J.R. continues
“As you know Tina died.Corinna also died .I’m sorry sis I know how much this hurts!I know she was your best friend! I’m so sorry he says taking Colby in his arms as she cries heartbreaking silent tears!
“And the driver? Colby writes as she breaks free of J.r. arms
“The driver was Carolyn Jake’s wife she died as well!’says J.r. telling all
“NO poor Jake !Colby writes “why why did this happen?’
“I don’t know Colby why does one little mistake kill three people and hurt countless others?’ says Liza answering
“I don’t know either little sis!says J.R. I do know that Happy Valley has come together in this tragedy .Dad has donated the funeral he arranged for you to Tina’s mother.Other’s have come forward as well as Dad to start a scholarship in Tina and Corinna’s names!People really love you they were devastated to think you were gone!’says J.r.
“I’m sorry you went throught that all of you!writes Colby
“like I said tragedy has brought out the best in our new home town Happy Valley.It’s like we are all family!says J.r. How they all come out to help and grieve!
David comes back in the room!
"Your dad will be fine but it's time you got some rest ! Jr.,Liza your welcome to wait in the patients advocate room until later."says David
"if i'm really quiet can I stay here?' asks Liza not wanting to leave her daughter
"Yes okay but only if Colby rests!'says David softening realizing if Colby was his he wouldn't want to leave either!
Colby writes"I will sleep !Don't leave me Mommy!"
Liza says" Go to sleep honey Mommy's not going anywhere baby!'I love you!
"love you too mom!writes Colby setting down her pen and falling a sleep mid -stream


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