Friday, January 29, 2010

Part 22 -Life Goes On

Part 22 -Life Goes On
Mike Roy’s hotel room where Janet was being held

Now is this everything Janet is there anything else you’re holding back about Carolyn?”asks Mike
“Maybe I want to keep my secrets!” says Janet mysteriously
“What are you hlding back Janet?’asks Mike menacing
“Geesh you don’t have to get all scary i was protecting people you know!’says Janet
“Jake and Amanda but mostly Jake!’says Janet
“What are you talking about Janet?’ Mike says getting frustrated
“Well see there’s this woman in the psych unit near me not in the criminal side the other one!”says Janet
“And this woman has what to do with your secret?’asks Mike prompting
“Hold your britches and let me tell the story!’This woman she really wanted a child seems years ago she was in love with this guy and she had one of those tubal pregnancies.Drove her crazy she lost her guy!He fell for some nurse.I really think he used to have a nurse fixation!(Mike arches his eyebrow here is if to say hurry up)Anyways she gets better leads a pretty good life .She becomes a nurse and moves to Pine Valley probably to be close to him but by this time he left for the Sudan!’
“Jake this woman was involved with Jake?’
“Yes she was his childhood sweetheart!“Anyways she goes to a swimmers clinic and she starts working there and finds out that he’s swimmers are there.Seems he donated sometime ago in fact the clinic is going to dipose of them .Shelf life and all !So she takes some and goes somewhere else and gets pregnant .Now she wants to go over to the Sudan to see Jake but befre she gets Carolyn gets her and waits until she gives birth and steals her baby girl!That’s right Ruth is this woman’s child not Carolyn what’s more because it was done with donated swimers Jake has no right to his little girl! Now that’s just not right!Poor Jake! And yet I feel sorry for her with no baby in her arms she went a little round the bend!’
“Who is this woman Janet who is Ruth’s mother?"asks Mike shaking Janet
“Well she doesn’t have a real good pedigree but who does?’sa'ys Janet
“Who is she Janet ?Who?”demands Mike
“Well her daddy is a mean nasty man now her adoptive daddy he’s peach and her adoptive stepmom!’I like them! They came to visit her lots!‘
“Who is she Janet?’demands Mike
“Her name is Emily Ann Sago Martin!she used to be married to Jake before when he was Joeybefore he got all uppity and became Jake.Like you can get Jake from Joesph!’says Janet
“Emily Ann is Ruth’s mom!’says Mike shocked
“Yes and believe me I’m glad I told someone that secrets been killing me!’says Janet”maybe you can figure out away to fix that I can’t !’
“How do you ferret out this stuff you should be a spy! ”says Mike
“Thank -you I think !'says Janet”I thought about it once but I couldn’t pass the psych tests!’
‘Janet, Janet what am I going to do with you?’
“return me with a good excuse to the hospital? one where they don’t blame me!’
“Okay But I might have to drug you and tie you up!"says Mike
“Okay but no hinky stuff big boy I’m strictly a one man woman now my Trevor’s back!’says Janet
“This is the way it’s going to play out Janet you were kidnapped and you escaped but you are bruised!Sorry I’m going to have to give you some of those bruise and tie your hands behind your back tight enough to leave marks!’says Mike “And I’m going to have to let Emily Ann know where her daughter is!It’s not right that she is ill from not having her child she should at least be able to see her!’
“Are you sure Mike that’s going to make a lot of the story of Carolyn come out!’asks Janet
“Yes what she did... how she fooled us all ..she can’t be allowed to get away with this!Would you have wanted someone to keep Amanda from you?”asks Mike
“When you put it that way I see it!You have to tell Emily Ann!’says Janet”do you think thye’ll believe me that I was kidnapped ?’
“Yes if you tell them this story” and whispers in her ear!

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