Thursday, January 28, 2010

Part 20 -Life Goes On

Part 20 -Life Goes On
Marissa visiting Dr.McGillis lying on a sofa
“This seems silly I mean talking about feelings!I feel sad and tired and sometimes I feel like the babies are sucking the life out of me me dry !There are you happy!Is that what you want to hear?’”If it’s the darn hormones can’t just give me some drugs and make me feel better!”says Marissa
“We’ve already gone over this Marissa!Drugs that help equalize your mood are necessary and I have prescribed them but each person reacts differently!Some drugs work for some and not at all for others!There is a lot of trial and error but also talking about your feelings how this effects you is very helpful!’says Caitlin
‘I just want this over! I want to be able to smile at my husband and pick up my babies and not worry that I’ll ignore them!’says Marissa
“That’s what were trying to do !’says Cailtin smiling and talking softly and gently
“J..R.hates me! I know he hates me I mean I’m an unnatural mother I look at the babies and I want to get away!What kind of person does that make me no wonder J.R.hates me I hate me!’says Marissa
“Marissa no one hates you do you realize this is part of the illness talking?’says Caitlin
“Well I hate me!’says Marissa
‘Don’t I see a brave woman who is admitting she needs help and is seeking it!’says Caitlin
‘You don’t think I’m awful?asks Marissa
“No!’says Caitlin”you‘re a loving mom,wife and mother!’And were going to make you see that again!’

Adam’s house
Colby is on the phone
“So the arrangements are set !Tomorrow Dorothy’s fine dining the restaurant is closed for the evening.Good yes and people will be announced!Excellent!No to the courses !Yes, yes that will be excellent! So 5pm tomorrow evening !Yes our security people will be there to check the list !’
Wonderful!Thank -you!
Tim’s house
Trevor is getting to know his grandchildren
“This your grandfather Nate his name is Trevor too!’says Melissa to her son
“Really I have a granpup!’asks Nate
“Grandpup eh I like that!’ says Trevor“and who is this lovely lady?”
“I’m Natalie Dillon!’says Natalie
“He’s Grandpup Trevor!’ says Nate
“No silly Grandpup isn’t right it’s Grandpa !then looking to her mom she says ‘So he’s our grandfather but you said he was dead!’
“We thought he was but we were wrong he was just hurt!says Tim to his daughter
“Oh Daddy you must be so happy and you too Aunt Amanda!’says Natalie
“We are !”says Tim and Amanda
“So did you meet the babies Grandpa?There’s our sister Madeline but we call her Della and then there’s our brother Owen and our cousin Trevor! Here let me show says Natalie taking Trevor’s hand
“Me too me too I want to show him!says Nate
“You can both show me!’says Trevor inthralled with his grandchildren
“Look how happy Dad is!’ says Tim
“Yes but he’s still worried about my mother!’says Amnda
“Why should he be she just escaped again it’s nothing new for Janet!’ says Tim
“She wouldn’t leave Dad knowing he was alive didn’t you see the joy on her face?’
“She did look happy!’ says Tim suddenly puzzled
“see what did I tell you says Amanda
“What are you two talking about?’asks Melissa coming in
“Do you think Cheryl would mind watching little Trevor just a little while longer while we went to look for my mother?’asks Amanda
“I didn’t say I’d look for her !‘says Tim
“But you will won’t you?’begs Amanda
“I know that Janet has never been one of your favorite people son but you will help us find her won’t you?’says Trevor
‘For you Dad I will and you too Amanda!'says Tim”will you be all right while I‘m gone Melissa you the kids?’
‘We will manage I have Cheryl to help!Go find Janet Tim! I agree with Amanda there’s something strange about her disappearance!’

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