Saturday, January 16, 2010

Part 4-Life Goes On-the People Versus Scott Chandler*2

Part 4-Life Goes On*The people versus Scott Chandler*2
“All rise the honorable Judge Banks presiding”says the baliff“Court is in session please be seated!
The Commonwealth of California versus Scott Chandler for the murder of Stuart Chandler.How do you plea the judge asks Scott
My client pleads not guilty! ”says Jack then continuing” By reason of insanity” As the courtroom gasps
“Sidebar counsellor please!’ says the judge“is this really your clients plea?’
“Yes your honor as you can see my client is disoriented and unable to grasp what’s going on in this courtroom !'says Jack
“And do you have any evidence to back this up ?’asks the judge
“My clients psychiatrist Dr.Cailtin McGillis will be happy to testify to this”
“I am familiar with Dr.McGillis!says the judge motioning at Caitlin to come to the bench
“Your honor here are the records of my patient's treatment!' Caitlin says handing them over to the judge
“And you’ve seen this ?'he says to the D.A. assistant who is prosecuting
“I have your honor and the Commonwealth is prepared agree to this plea and recommend incarceration at a mental health faciltity until such time the plantiff becomes well in which case we ask the court to access the situation again.’says the DA.. assistant
“Are you agreed counselor?’asks the judge
“Yes !says Jack
“Okay! go back to your tables!’says the judge “so I can render a decision!”
“All rise!'says the Baliff
“It is the decision of this court that you Scott Chandler shall be commited to Happy Valley Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane until such time you be cured! This court will review your case in one year!”Baliffs take the plantiff into custody until he can be transported to the facility! Court dismissed!says the judge as his gavel comes down!
“ Thank -you Jack you saved him!’ says J.R.”and now maybe he can get the help he needs!’
“I did my best J.r. a lot of people may not be happy with the outcome!’says Jack
“Nonsense I’m sure that Stuart would be happy says Adam choking up”he loved that boy!
“That is very forgiving of you Adam!’says Jack narrowing his eyes and wondering wht Adam was up to
“ Stuart was my heart and he held all the goodness in my life but that boy was his pride and joy! If I hadn’t corrupted him my brother would be alive! Stuart would never forgive me if I didn’t do everything in my power to help his son and make him well again!’says Adam choking up again
then turning to J.r he says
“JR how is Marissa and my grandchildren?
“Everyone is fine !’says J.r. hiding Marissa’s troubles
“And you the cancer isn’t back?’asks Adam hestitantly
“No it’s gone hopefully for good!’says J.r.
“That’s good!’ says Adamand then he blurts“I’m married again!
“You’re what? to whom ? ’says J.r.
“You know this woman very well!’says Adam crypticly
“Who would be crazy enough to marry you!’
“Someone who has done so before someone whom I should have trusted and stayed with! Someone who brings out the best side of me!
‘Who would that be?’asks J.R
“Krystal we were remarried in Vegas yesterday!’says Adam proudly just as Krystal walks up
“Oh Adam you said you’d allow me to tell J.r. with you!’says Krystal complaining
“Does Tad know’?asks J.R
“No !says Krystal” I still have to tell him!’
“Take my advice tell him soon before he finds out on his own!And congratulations Dad Krystal!’says J.R “although Krystal I’d have to say you must be out of your mind to take on that man again!
‘I love him!’says Krystal smiling
“Treat her right Dad don’t break her heart again says J.r.
“I will !'says Adam” I will son!’

“Colby has really come long well in the last month you’d never know she had a broken jaw the way she’s been non stop talking’says J.r. switching topics
“You haven’t been around that much she’s changed! She talks a lot around you but she’s really subdued !says Krystal”don’t you agree Adam?’
“ Yes she really hasn’t been herself!’says Adam
“Well what do you two expect she was thought dead because she loaned a girl she just met her bracelet and then she finds out her best friend Corinna died in the accident and her boyfriend Sam was hurt!’says J.r.”she needs time to grieve!
“While why hasn’t that young man been around I ask ?She almost died and Sam hasn’t been around except the once!What kind of man stops coming around when she most needs him ?’asks Adam
“Colby pushed him away! says Krystal
“Well if he was half a man he’d have figured that out and would have been there for her! says Adam
“I think you’re mellowing !’says Krystal
“I just want my daughter happy!says Adam
“I think Colby would be alot happier if you just stay out of it the both of you let her figure out herself what she wants to do about Sam!says J.r.
“ we’ll see!’ says Adam
“goodbye Dad ,goodbye Krystal see you soon!’says J.r.


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