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Part 5-Old Love New Loves Collide

Part 5-Old Love New Loves Collide
Pine Valley Hospital
Natalia is still waiting outside Enzo’s room but Enzo is in an intensive care room!Brot comes by and brings her a coffee and a breakfast sandwich
“Thanks Brot I was starving !'she says
“Me too!’ say Brot and pulls another one out of the bag for himself!
“so will the tests come back soon!’asks Brot
“I was told that they’d come back any minute but that was an hour ago!’says Natalia rubbing her eyes tiredly
“Officer Fowler the test results!’ says a technician places the results in her hands
“explain this to me in layman terms!’ says Natalia after reading the results
“Lorenzo Santos had a blood alcohol level of 0.01! that means he wasn’t drunk! He has no drugs in his system he’s clean as whistle!’says the technician
“So what the heck caused the accident?’ Natalia says aloud just as a patrolman comes in to speak with her.
“Officer Fowler we went back and interviewed the kids at the party it seems Lorenzo Santos was not drinking the beer that the other witnessess say that was non-alcholic beer.It seems that kid doesn’t drink!
As the patrolman says this we flashback to the party and Enzo bringing in non-alcholic beer in a case! When they were yelling chug chug his friends were joking with him because he was drinking non-alcholic beer .Someone gives Enzo a real beer .He has two sips realizes that it’s not his alcholic beer and sets it down.
His friend asks him”why don’t you have one beer Enzo it won’t kill you!’
It just might Brad he says in my family one beer leads to one more and one more and one more until your an alcholic going to AA meetings!‘Enzo says
”nonsense you don‘t become an alcholic from one beer!’ says Brad
”You do if you have a family history!My great grandmother was probaly an alcholic I know my Grandmother Arlene was and then there‘s my mom and my uncle!with a family history like that you don‘t take chances!’ Enzo says
“Okay I get your point still friends?’asks Brad
“Sure!’ says Enzo
Flashback to Natalia and the patrolman
“We must be missing something here what caused the cars to collide.Do we have a traffic camera at that intersection?’asks Natalia
“Actually we do and we’re suppose to get the feed copied and brought to us to analyze later this afternoon at the station.”says the a patrolman
”Okay I‘m home for few hours shuteye see you at 1600 hours for examination of that feed!‘says Natalia headed home
Tad’s house
Kathy is talking to Tad
“Where did you take Uncle Jake and where’s Ruth?’she asks
”Ruth is with Opal and I snuck your Uncle Jake upstairs while you were in the kitchen on the phone.Jake’s in my bed hopefully sleeping I drugged his coffee.”says tad matter of fact
“Daddy are you sure that was wise?’asks Kathy worried
“Angie gave me the medicine for him but Jake was been stubborn and I remembered how awful it was for me and how I didn’t sleep and it made it worse .So I thought I’d slip some in the coffee I bought him and he’d sleep!’says Tad
“I’m not sure I approve but I understand you were trying to help Uncle Jake so I excuse you Daddy!’says Kathy
“Now we’ve had numerous calls some things that had to be dealt with!says Kathy continuing”the phone has been ringing off the wall with reporters asking for comments about Carolyn!’
“Oh I’m sorry Kathy I hope you’ve been hanging up on them or telling them no comment!’ says Tad
“yes the first ones I did then I put the answer machine on!But Daddy I have some more really bad news! they announced on the radio that 3 people had died in that accident.
Three but I thought it was a one car accident!’ says Tad puzzled
“Daddy ,six teens were in the other car Sam Grey,Lorenzo Santos and Max Santos my cousins aand Colby Chandler,Tina Michaels and Corinna Sanchez!”
“oh no how are they doing did the report say?’says Tad missing that three dead part
“Daddy ,Colby and Corrina are dead1‘says Kathy crying
“what did you say I couldn’t have heard you right?’ says Tad sitting down
“Daddy I called the hospital Corinna died at the scene and Colby died at the hospital!It’s true!says Kathy throwing her arms around her Dad and crying loudly
‘It’s going to be okay sweetie will get through!’ this says Tad hugging Kathy”does your sister know yet?‘
”I told her about aunt Carolyn but she doesn‘t know about her godmother Colby!‘says Tad
”Oh no Krystal !'says Tad ‘I have to go next door and tell her !Can you hold down the fort Kathy and don’t answer the phone unless you know who it is!”Tad cautions
Tad enters through the door that connects their two homes using his key he goes up to Krystals bedroom to tell her as he does he yells
“Krystal are you home it’s Tad !’but gets no answer.He opens her bedroom door to find her sleeping naked beside an obviously naked Adam!
“Oh I’m sorry he says backing out of her room.Krystal wakes up and throws on a robe coming outside her room to talk to Tad
“More grief sex ?"says Tad slightly jealous
“Curse you Tad Martin! I lost Colby and so did Adam!We’re single and have every right to console one another .Oh why am I explaining myself to you? I’ll have my key back Tad Martin!Krystal says holding out her hand!
“I’m sorry!’ says Tad “I miss her too!’
“I heard about Carolyn where’s Jake?asks Krystal
“He’s next door I drugged him and put him to bed!’ says Tad “and little Ruth is with Opal!”
“Does Kathy and Jenny know about Colby?’asks Krystal her eyes tearing up
‘Kathy does she heard it on the radio!Jenny is watching cartoons and hasn’t heard!’says Tad
“I’m coming over to tell her says Krystal and then I’ve got to come back to Adam!’says Krystal
“What if Jenny needs you worse?’asks Tad
“Then her daddy will just have to handle it because Adam is ready to come apart at the seams!’says Krystal
“Okay let’s go so you can get back to loverboy!’ says Tad
“Tad he just lost his ownly child you know how that feels can’t you feel compassion for him?’asks Krystal
“I feel very bad for him but I don’t want you hurt!’says Tad
“I’m a big girl now Tad I know what I want and it’s Adam back!
“Don’t let him hurt you again !'says Tad
“he won’t!’ says Krystal confidently as they enter Tad's house and she hugs Kathy!

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