Friday, January 8, 2010

Part 4-Old Love New Loves Collide

Pine Valley Hospital
“Where is she where’s my daughter?’ demands Adam with Krystal with Liza not far behind them.Liza is shaking in fear as Krystal is clinging to Adam
“Mr,Chandler could you and Ms.Colby and er Mom Marissa and J.r.could you step in this room please !says Melissa taking them into a private room
“ Mr.Chandler, Liza,Jr,Marissa and mom she says” I’m sorry we believe the accident victim that we brought in a t 2:30 am was Colby Chandler!
“So where is she asks?’ Adam impatiently
“Adam would you quiet down and let my daughter tell you!’says Krystal “go ahead honey she says to Melissa
Melissa pales and says “A ptient was brought in at 2:30 am!She had severe facial and head injuries.We believe that Colby was that patient! We work furiously and tried everything possible but the patient expired at 3am.
“Expired expired Colby’s dead ?'asks J.R. unbelieving
“Nonsense you’ve made a mistake it can’t be Colby!’says Adam
“No your wrong says Krystal”No god would do this to me again!As she goes into Marissa’s waiting arms!
Meanwhile Liza had sunk to the floor and no one had noticed her passed out!
Melissa finally notices first and tends to Liza.
“I think I heard you wrong !'says Liza as she comes around
‘ I’m so sorry !’says Melissa “and I’m even more sorry to ask you to come identify Colby!’
“I’ll do it!’ says J.R.close to tears but swallowing them.He follows Melissa into the room where seeing the bracelet he says “I bought that for her brithday !Oh no it’s true Colby’s dead and he breaks down crying .J.R. quickly pulls himself togather to go tell the others
“It’s true Dad I’m so sorry!Dad Colby’s gone!” J.r.says choking on tears
‘ I have to see for my self!’ says Adam clutching his chest
“Are you sure Dad !says J.r.
‘Yes says Adam then he says to Liza”are you coming ?’
“Yes!‘says Liza tears streaking down her face.Theyboth go in the room hesitating to go to the body but slowly inch there.As Adam takes the woman’s hand in his and sees the bracelet
he says”she loved that bracelet .Why God why my little girl?’and he starts crying in Liza’s arms.She breaks free and goes to her daughter grabbing her hand she says
”This isn‘t Colby!It can’t be !’says Liza .Adam takes her in his arms and says
“I don’t want this to be our daughter our baby either but it is!’
Adam takes Liza out of the room to J.r. and Marissa.Marissa offers to make the arrangements.
Adam says this is the last thing they have to do for his little girl as he and Liza make plans for the funeral but not before he says
“Who ever was responsible for this I’ll have their head!’Tell me what happened !”
Melissa explains
“The kids in the accident were Enzo and Max your grandsons,Sam Grey and Corinna and Tina Michaels. Corinna and Colby were killed.Enzo was driving possibly drunk and has serious injuries he may be paralyzed and Max isn’t much better he’s in a controlled coma!The car that Enzo hit killed Carolyn Martin, Jake Martin’s wife luckily it didn’t kill his two year old daughter in the back seat.We haven’t been able to reach Haley and Matteo!
“That’s because there in Vegas this weekend!’ says J.R. pulling out his phone to call them
“Haley it’s J.R. are you sitting down ! I have some really bad news.Ther’s been an bad accident !Enzo was driving Max and Colby were also in the car!Haley Colby is gone !"Jr.starts crying
“My boys what about my boys?’ Haley shouts crying for her sister and scared for her boys!
Max and Enzo in in bad shape Haley I won’t lie to you it’s not good get the first flight out or would you rather I send the jet?’asks J.R.
“Send the jet please J.r.!”says Haley openly crying and hard to understand
We can hear Matteo in the background asking “What’s happened tell me!"
"It will be there with in the hour !'says J.R to Haley then he hangs up and says to Adam and Marissa“I couldn’t tell her it was Enzo driving drunk she’ll find that put soon enough!’


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