Monday, January 25, 2010

Part 15 -Life Goes On

Part 15 -Life Goes On
Happy Valley hospital
“Did you hear Dr.Hayward Janet Green’s husband came back and then she went missing in transit!they think she’s escaped”says the nurse who’s name tag reads Helen
“Helen don’t you have enough to do around here that you have to gossip about former patients to this hospital?asks David sounding peturbed
“Sorry Doctor it won’t happen again says Helen
‘See that it doesn’t!’says David as he goes in another room to check on a patient
“What’s got into his bonnet?’ asks Helen of another nurse
“I’m not sure he’s been in such a good mood now that he has his little girl but that seesm to be a sore subject with him!He yelled at the janitor this morning for talking about Janet Green as well!”
“Dr.Hayward to the ER stat Dr.Hayward to the ER stat!”says the
David hurries to the ER
“Dr,Hayward !'says Helen “we are expecting an ambulance is coming in with a heart patient a man in his early forties”
“Have the parmedics realyed anything else ?’asks Hayward
“No!’says Helen
“Ryan? Oh it’s you!”Don’t worry Ryan were going to see what’s going on with that ticker of yours!’ says David
“Nurse make sure I get a tracing and have the patient put a baby aspirn under his tongue !’orders David
After a few minutes he looks at the tracing and says
” I like to do a scan of the heart it’s called an angiogram we give you amild sedative which we can then change if we have to put you out!We thenmake an a incision in the area and we put a wire up into the heart if there’s ablockage we can then wire aballon in to push out the blockage!”says David
“that sounds scary!’ says Ryan
“I’v done thousands of these and it’s the best way to find any heart damage if there is any and prevent any further damage!’Lets’ put it this way!Let us say you want to see if the sprinkler system for the grass in your backyard is working well. There are two ways to do that. You can look at the grass in the back yard. If the grass on the northwest corner of the yard appears unhealthy, the sprinkler system to that area may not be working well. The other possibility is to actually run an instrument through the sprinkler pipes to see if there are blockages. The stress test involves looking at the ‘grass’ (heart muscle) and coronary angiogram involves looking through the ‘pipes’ (heart arteries).
“I gues it’s necessary then!’says Ryan

”Yes definitely!Now do you have a family history of diabetes? do you smoke?do you have high cholestrol?
“Not that I know!’ of says Ryan as Emma comes running in and Tad tries to restrain her
“It’s okay Honey !'says Ryan “David is the best heart doctor around and he’s going to fix my heart aren’t you David?’his eyes begging David to reassure Emma
“ I’m the best no doubt about it !’says David reassuringly thinking of his Rose and how she would feel!“Now we are just going to take alook at your Dad’s heart and then if need be I’ll fix it!”Can you wait her with Tad and Kathy while we go do that Emma?’
“yes I guess says Emma a little more reassured “you’ll fix him right?’
“I will Emma I’ll fix his heart !'David promises rashly
‘Come on Emma why don’t we go to the cafeteria and I’ll be you and Kathy something to eat and drink!’says Tad
“yes come on Em we could get something to eat!says Kathy
“I don’t think I could eat says Emma
Come on we’ll get something bad for us something sweet and chocolatey!’says Kathy
“Do you think that’s what made Daddy’s heart bad he likes junk food!says Emma
“It better not be Dad eats junk food for breakfast maybe I should start making him eat oatmeal and a blueberry or two!’says Kathy staring at Tad’s back as he walks ahead of them!
The girls get some fruit dishes and some granola with yougurt as Kathy picks out some oatmeal with blueberries for Tad .she also picks up achocolate bar that she crumbles over the oatmeal!
“Here Daddy eat this!’ Kathy says to Tad
“It has fruit in it yuck!’ says Tad
“You have to eat it I want you to have a good heart”Kathy says pointedly”besides I even crumbled a chocolate bar over it!
“Come on Mr.Martin we don’t want you to have a heart attack too!’ says Emma
“Okay but I hate blueberries!’ says Tad”but how can I say no to two such beautiful young ladies!’
“Did you get a hold of your Aunt Caitlin?” yet asks Kathy
“Yes she and Aaron will be here soon .Should we go up soon ?'says Emma a spoonful of yougurt
“Yes we will Emma don’t worry David is taking good care of your Dad! He is a good doctor one of the best in the world for the heart!’says Tad grudgingly
They get up and go bak upstairs to await David.David comes out and says
“We found blockage in his right ventricle and inserted a balloon !We were able to remove the blockage but Ryan needs to remain here in the heart unit until we’re satisfied everything is working fine.’ But it all loks really good I promised you Emma and I’ve ket my promise!He’ll need a specail diet that he’ll have to stick to and less stress but it is looking like the worst is over!’says David as Emma hugs him and says
“Oh thank-you Dr.Hayward!thank-you can I see him?ask Emma
“All right but only for a few minutes my patient needs his rest1‘
Emma comes in and says
“oh Daddy I’m so gald you’re going to be okay!’
“I’m good now baby !then he says to Tad’You’ll look after my little girl until I get out please?’
“Yes don’t worry Ryan!’She and Kathy will enjoy theeir slumber parties!’
‘Did you call your mother asks Ryan of Emma
“Don’t I don’t want to wreck her fun and worry her!’ says Ryan
Meanwhile we hear Emma think “I’m calling mom and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!’
As they all leave Ryan to go to Tad’s!

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