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Part 17 -New Beginnings and New Alliances

Part 17 -New Beginnings and New Alliances
Emma is plotting she has Kathy’s passwords for spacebook and is giggling as she puts in the code!"Kathy is so stupid like I wouldn’t guess “Dixie’ “she says out loud
She instant messages Aaron telling him as we see
I really like you but there are lots of guys who like me and call me on the phone! I don’t know if I really want to date you!We did have a nice conversation n the phone though Are you a quarterback I have a thing for quarterbacks !I love football!
Love maybe
“Haha that should work for now !She sounds really ditzy!And Kathy hates jocks and football!Now I have to get Aaron’s password that’s harder !”Emma says “I wonder what it could be ?Could he have used his mom’s name nope Aislin doesn’t work wait a minute did she have another letter in front of the name she used what was it a C.Yes I think it was a C.but what was that name? I’ll look at the mail at their house when I go to visit Aaron!Emma gets on her caot and boots and yells to Ryan
“I’m going to a friend’s house!’Emma says
“We’ve been through this before Emma what friend what number can I reach you at and are their parents home?says Ryan who has obviously been rehearsing this list of things!’
“I’m going to Aaron’s!and no he’s mom isn’t home!’
“Then it’s no !No you are not going out!’ says Ryan
“Daddy whyyyyyyyy you are so mean!’says Emma whining
“I‘m not mean!’ I’m your father not your best friend and I need to set some boundaries for you!’says Ryan
“Have you been reading that self help book again?’says Emma disgusted
“yes! and it’s helping me be a better Dad to you!’says Ryan
“I liked you better the other way!’says Emma
Ryan says under his breath “I’m sure you did!’
“I’m still going out !’says Emma defiantly
‘I said you weren’t and what I say is the law in this house!’says Ryan
“Whatever you say Dad!’But I still think your mean!” says Emma taking off her coat and boots and pretending she was complying
“Go up to your room Emma and when you can be civil to me you can come back down!’ says Ryan angrily
“I will but only because Iwant to!I’m never ever talking to you again!” says Emma stamping up the stairs
“ Lord help me through the teen years!’ says Ryan picking up two self -help books one he has on surviving child abuse and the other parenting teenagers.We see the title of the parenting teenagers book it’s Parenting Teenagers For Dummies!’Ryan goes into his study to work on some of his new company Lavery Industries business!
Emma meanwhile is sneaking down the stairs watching for her father!She sneaks to the front door slipping quietly into her boots as she also slips on her coat.She creaks the front door open looking for any sign of Ryan!Seeing none she sneaks out on her way to Aarons to set her plan in motion.
Meanwhile Kathy is at her home very happy talking to Aaron on her cellphone
“I’m so glad that Emma forgave us both she gushes to Aaron”not that we did anything wrong but she is my best friend!’Kathy says
“Well she took it pretty well when I said she could be my friend but not my girlfriend!says Aaron
“Emma has a big heart but it’s easily crushed !says Kathy”let’s be extra nice to her and make sure we don’t exclude her just because we want to spend time together!Maybe we could even find her a guy that would care about her!
“That’s what I like about you Kathy your always thinking of others and how they feel!says Aaron
“I have to go know Daddy wants me to keep my cellphone calls down somethinga bout the minutes!says Kathy
“Okay I’ll talk to you later !says Aaron signing off
“Bye !'says Kathy
Aaron is sitting watching a football game when the doorbell rings
“Mom door!’ he yells”Mom the doorbells ringing!’ he yells again
“Oh fine I’ll get it I’ll jsut miss the third down! he complains as he answers it
“Hi Aaron says Emma “Did i interrupt something she says”I’m sorry!’
“No well yes I was watching a football game!
“oooh I love football who’s playing ?'she asks blinking her eyes in away she thinks is appealing
“ Oakland and Pittsburg!’
“Who’s winning?’she asks “I wish I could say Oakland but it’s Pittsburg!’says Aaron “I hope when their draft comes up this year they pick Terrence Cody, DT, Alabama!This guy is really good he’s 365lbs, about 6ft5in but he’s like a ballerina on his feet!He’s a little lazy with Alabama but I think Coach Davis could whip him into shape!He needs to learn to run a little faster too he’s quick now but he could be faster but if anyone can teach him that Coach Davis can !What do you think Emma?”
“Well I’m not really familiar with the player your talking about but he sounds good on paper! says Emma faking that she knows what he’s talking about while really her head is spinning!”I’m sure he would help the team !”
“yes well we really need someone !’says Aaron “I’d like to see them get to the
Superbowl in my lifetime!”“I‘ll get us some snacks is coke and chips okay?
“Want me to help you get some snacks ?'asks Emma hoping he’ll say No!
“no jsut sit I’ll get it !’he says as Emma sits the minute he leaves and can’t see her she slips out to the mail and finds and envelope address to Dr.Caitlin Aislin McGillis
“Huh... her name is really Caitlin !'says Emma” I’ll try that as a password “she says whipping out her I phone her dad bought her for Christmas with internet access.She codes in Caitlin forgetting that Kathy has no I-phone! It works and she puts in a message from Aaron to Kathy
I guess I should let you know about me!I really hate sports but my mom makes me play football!If I had my way I’d never talk or play them again.I also hate girls that are always too nice! I like it when they get mean to me once in awhile I hate nice nice nice all the time its’ boring! I also don’t think you should be totally clingy either I mean it’s okay to flirt wih other people know what I mean?
See you soon Aaron“That should work!’ Emma thinks as she quickly seats down just as Aaron sits down.
“I’ve got to go sorry that was my Dad he’s really being a pain!he wants me home now !Sorry!says Emma
“okay ! well see you later!’ than Emma says Aaron puzzled because Emma seems off
he logs onto to go to he’s specebook but it’s allready open and he checks and finds amessage he knows he didn’t send to Kathy
“I’ve been hacked he thinks but who did it?’
he calls Kathy and asks if she sent him a message and reads it to her!
“I didn’t send you that message!’ says Kathy
“who would do this which one of our so called spacebook friends did this?asks Aaron puzzled
“I don’t know but I’m locking my account and changing my password! Are you going to do the same to yours?asks Kathy
“yes but we still shouldn’t assume any message on their came frorm each other in fact your the only person I’m telling but any messages from me will be in person or on the phone!'says Aaron
“me too! says Kathy”until we find out who’s doing this we can’t trust anyone!’
“yes I don’t get it why would anyone send us such lame messages and expect us to believe it!’states Aaron
“I don’t know why anyone would be so mean says Kathy”Maybe it’sone of those mean girls at school!
“yes!’ maybe says Aaron”See you tomorrow !Bye Kathy!
“Bye Araon!’

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