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Part 19- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 19- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Jesse has just arrived at the hospital still trying to coordinate finding Billy Clyde while worry about Natalia
“What do you mean he’s slipped our dragnet !He shot a cop for petesake! He shot my daughter.His kidnapped three citizens of Happy Valley and I want him apprehended yesterday !’shouts Jesse into his radio
“I’m Chief Jesse Hubbard Dr.Hubbard’s husband her stepdaughter ,my daughter,Natalia Fowler a policewoman was shot and brought here tonight where can I find here?’asks Jesse
“Officer Fowler was taken straight into the OR Dr.Hayward one of the finest heart surgeons in the world is working to remove the bullet!"shares the nurse
As Jesse visibly pales and sags as Tad catches him
“It’s going to be okay Jess she’s right you know David is a horrible human being but as a doctor and aheart surgeon if you need him he’s the one to have!’says Tad
“I know your right Tad but she’s my baby girl!Ah hell what am I saying you know that too!
We’re going to get your baby girl back to Tad and your wife.I need to be here right now but
we’re close to finding the scumbag and I won’t rest until there safe I promise you that Tad ‘says Jesse just as his radio squawkes
“No sign of the suspect sir but we had a citizen radio us that he may have been spotted agin near Sunset and Canyon Road 10 minutes ago!'comes the report from the police officer to Jesse
“Find that car now!’ shouts Jesse angrily
Flash to Billy Clyde driving the car“Well that as a close one but I think I lost them dere stinking coppers!Teach them to tangle with me I shot one dem coppers cars!’says Billy Clyde to Emily-Ann
“Are they okay? They don’t seem to be waking up!”asks Emily-Ann ignoring Billy Clyde‘s tirade against the cops because she‘s worried about the ladies!
“Shore they just had some that magic medicine youse nose that choloryform!’They’ll wake up in a little while and then I can say the words and they’ll be your’s!’
“but Daddy could we let them go and just have just you and I for awhile.I haven’t had a chance to get to know my Daddy !do we have to bring a stepmother into to this?”asks Emily-Ann trying to convince him to let Dottie and Kathy go free
“While that is really sweet youse being jealous of my affections for yore new stepma.mas but my affection for you won’t change yore my dawter and I’se never goin to forget that!’says Billy Clyde in all seriousness
“please Daddy couldn’t you let them go?’asks Emily-Ann begging Billy Clyde
“I don’t want to hear no more about this your stepma..mas are here tostay so you best get yore nose out of joint and accept dem!”says Billy Clyde as Emily-Ann sudednly reaches forwrd throwing her arms with the rope around Billy Clyde’s neck
“girl I aint going tell youse again !Da stepma.ama stays and if youse keeps dis up you going back to the hole I found youse in!understnd says Billy Clyde managing to get out of the rope and chastiing Emily-Ann in a raspy voice”keep dat up and I’m going to think dem doctors were right about you dawter!’
“sorry Daddy “says Emily-Ann sounding contrite to appease him
“youse best be sorry youse could have crashed the car and killed your Pappy!’says Billy Clyde
“Goll dang what’s a wrong with this here steering it won’t steer’as the car veers off the road and over the cliff edge on Canyon road just down the road from the landslides of few days ago
flash to alittle while later and we see Emily-ann still seated in the car behind the drivers seat unconscious.Kathy beside her unconscious ,Dottie still in the front seat unconscious and the car tittering on another cliff edge with Billy Clyde nowhere to be seen!

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Dear Julie Hanan Carruthers Part 2*Likes ,Dislikes AMC

What did I like about todays show February 18,2010
I liked the family moments with the Chandlers
Adam spending the night on the sofa to be near JR and make sure he's allright and find him donors
I liked Krystal reaching out to Marissa because JR is sick and possibly dying
I liked Adam hiring Tad but I felt that Tad should have guessed who this person could be but maybe you're keeping that for another day so I'll let that go!
Annie's mental illness is understandable given her prior behavour with Greenlee but I hope tha Annie doesn't lose under your plan but has secret funds Adam doesn't know about given how she got nothing from her marriage to Ryan except a divorce and a trip to the looney bin!
What I didn't like about todays show February 18,2010
I didn't like Nu-Colby ( she just doesn't seem to have the acting chops to be Colby the product of Liza and Adam!I've tried to like this actress but she doesn't seem to be able to walk and Act at the same time

Ryan and Greenlee:
The Ryan and Greenlee reunion scences should have been magically and compelling!Unfortunately scenes are very bad.Ryan is coming off as a creepy kidnapping stalker and the voice Cameron is using is part of the problem as well ! He must think it's gentle and sexy but really the voice is coming off as extremely creeping and demanding! Ryan kidnaps Greenlee locks her in a room with him and when she complains she is hurt he still manhandles her? Then Greenlee says she still loves him? Do the writers stop to think before they write any of this !Everyone wants to be kidnapped manhandled and prevented from doing what they want don't they!And if you didn't recognize that was sarcasm!Learn how to write love scenes and realize the limitations of your actors!It isn't romantic to have a character who is known for violence to act this way!If they need acting help get it for them and don't write them as stalkers and manhandlers and then call them heroes!

Part 18- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 18- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Jesse is driving about searching for Billy Clyde in his patrol car with Tad by his side!
a call comes over his radio
“Perp sighted driving drivng a 2007 Honda four door car in blue!’says the voice over the radio
‘We’ve got him now!’ says Jesse” Patrol where was he sighted?’asks Jesse
“Perp sighted at Main and Canyon Roads!’says the voice over the radio
“ Don’t move in follow at a staggered pace don’t alert him!says Jesse
“Were going to get him Tad were going to get Dottie and Kathy back!’says Jesse to Tad
‘I hope so and in one piece!’
“That’s the plan TAd!’says Jesse
Falsh to Jenny at David’s
“Do you really think Dottie and Kathy will be okay? This man sounds awful!’says Jenny allowed
“Jenny if there’s something I know about your Dad he’s a fighter!He fights hardest when he’s back is to the wall and believe me he’s hard to beat !’David says grudgingly to comfort Jenny
“Thanks Dr.Hayward I feel better your right my Daddy will get them back safe!’says Jenny
“Come on Jenny I want to show you the new video game my Dad got me !’says Rose
“What kind of game is it?asks Jenny interested
“It’s the coolest my Dad special ordered! It ’s virtual surgery !”says Rose
“That’s a little weird you know!’say Jenny
“Come on it’s fun I bet you can’t beat me at heart surgery!’says Rose
“Probably not but I’m going to try!’ say Jenny competitvely
“That was very kind of you David!’says Vanessa to David
“I’m not heartless she’s worried I did what I had to put her mind at ease!’says David
“You can fool some people but your not fooling me David!You have a generous heart under that tough exterior!’says Vanessa to his departing back and he doesn’t hear a few seconds later he comes back into the room
“Mother I’ve ben called into the hospital could you watch the girls and keep the alarm on while
I’m gone?’asks David
“No worries David if Billy Clyde came here I’d take him out!’says Vanessa
“Oh I’m not worried mother I know the children will be safe with you!’says David slyly
“ Go dear !But I don’t think it would hurt if Rose started some self defence lessons next week!You know she is getting older and I like her to be able to defend herself especially from boys!says Vanessa
“Boys she’s too young for boys she’s got med school ahead of her a whole life before boys!’says David
“David she’s teen and teen girls like boys!’says Vanessa
“Over my dead body!’ says David
“David dear that isn’t he attitude to take you better get the right attitude now before it happens!’
“What happens?’asks David
“The guy her Dad hates comes into her life!’says Vanessa knowingly
Flashback to Jesse and Tad in the car
“There he is there’s the nasty perp!”says Jesse excited
“Careful Jesse we’ve got to box him in”says Tad
“Don’t tell me how to do my job Tad I know what to do!’says Jesse
“Natalia ,Brot,Bob Fred are you in position on my count we box him in are the spikes in place?”asks Jesse over the radio
“Yes the spikes are in place sir !’says Brot
“Oh no he’s spotted them he ‘s going over the sidewalk”says Natalia
Billy Clyde fires out the window at Natalia and Brot
“Thank goodness Dad made us wear our flack jackets!’says Natalia and then she says “what as she sees Brot’s face
“there’s blood !’says Brot still driving
“where ?'says Natalia as she looks under her arm and just under the flack jacket she’s been shot .
“I don’t feel so good!’ she says fainting
“Don’t you dare die on me Natalia !I love you don’t you dare leave me we’ve got a future together pleads Brot then Brot pulls over laying Natalia down taking off his shirt and pressing it to the wound as he calls in at the same time saying “Officer down at Main and burbank Officer down!Send immediate assistance!”
“Oh my god that’s Brot Natalia’s with him!Please God don’t let it be Natalia that’s shot “says Jesse”I got to know Tad if that’s my baby girl!’ turning around and sending more cars after Billy Clyde
“I understand Jesse just please let them find my baby girl and my wife!’ says Tad
Jesse gets out of the car and runs to the open door of Brot and Natalia’s squad car
“You were suppose to keep her safe Jesse!’ admonishes Brot
“I know sir I know I love her sir I’d give my life for her!admits Brot”I wish it had been me!’
“But it wasn’t was it ?"says Jesse unfairly”It went riht through her flack jacket?how?
“It went under her jacket near her arm.I’m stopping the flow of bleeding !'Brot says as Jesse finally notices that Brot has his shirt off and is pressing on the wound.The amblance arrives taking Natlalia away as Jesse says grabbing Brot's arm
“I’m sorry Brot that was unfair let’s get to the hospital!’

Part 17-The Disappearance Of Emily-Ann

Part 17-The Disappearance Of Emily-Ann
Dottie is out cold after being hit with a sock full of coins
Billy -Clyde pops up quickly and puts a chlorformed cloth over Kathy’s face even as she tries to use her karate!
“Women folk when will they learn that Billy Clyde Tuggle knows best no woman has ever bested me and they never will !'he says placing Dottie and Kathy in two different serving carts he puts tablecloths over and then wheels out to the alley behind Dorothy’s fine dining!He ushers them to Kathy’s waiting car and puts Kathy in the front seat buckling her in .He places Dottie directly behind her.He ties both their hands and feet!then he opens the trunk of the car taking out Emily-Ann and placing her directly behind the drivers side!
“Emily-Ann I told you I’d get you anew now yore goina have two!This is Dottie and little Dixie !says Billy Clyde “I know what yore a thinking and don’t youse worry none I left a note for that there varmint Tad Martin!’”he’s goina know I took his little bride and his chile!Course his honey chile is a grown woman and who canna blame her that she’s took a little old shine to yores truly!’And his bride she’s goina make me a good second wife as I’m turning Mormon now!I saw that show Big Love in da big house and it sounds like ti would be loads of fun!’as he drives away Dorothy‘s fine restaurant
Tad comes in the restaurant wonder what’s keeping Dottie and Kathy from the rest of their wedding photos in the park!
“Dottie ,Kathy where are you?”shouts Tad noticing that the restaurant looks deserted he begins searching he checks down the hallway and finds Kathy’s hairclip
“That’s odd here’s Kathy’s hairclip she msut have dropped it !'he thinks and walks into the kitchen were he find all the employees tied up.
“What the heck is going on ?Were you robbed?’asks Tad taking off gags and ties.
“There was a strange man here .He had red hair and a handlebar mustache .He demanded we go into the kitchen and then he got us to tie each other up.Once that was done he tied up the last person.Then he demanded to know where Dottie and Kathy were!’
“Oh my God Billy Clyde has them that’s why I can’t find them!’ says Tad aloud as one of the employees says “he left these for you handing Tad Dottie’s veil and a note
Tad opens the note and we see:
Dear Tad
Paybacks a aint it!
You took from me what shoulda been my bride
You took twenty long years from me and you didn’t even safe gurd what you done took
So I took two things youse hold dear
So as I said Paybacks a !

Billy Clyde Tuggle Esquire
P.S. don’t bother to try and find us we done gone where you’ll never find us!

“Jess it’s Tad!’says Tad
“You just left me in the park whats cooking does dottie want to talk to Angie?’asks Jesse
“Jesse he’s got them he’s got my little girl and Dottie!’
“Woah slow down Tad who’s got whom!’demands Jesse
“Billy Clyde was one step ahead of us all this time .He had a plan his paln was to get even with me and take my daughter and Dottie just for good measure.”saysTad devastated and worried out of his mind
“will get them back Tad!’Will get then back!’says Jesse reassuring Tad
“will we the last time when he took Dixie I almost didn’t get her back and I went over the falls!’says Tad
“That might be so but there wasn’t your best friend Jesse on his tail and willing to do anything to get your family back safe!’says Jesse emphaticly
“Thanks Jesse !'says Tad”what do we do now?’
“I’ll be right there with some troops just hold the fort until I get there you hear me Tad we do this together and we take hm down!’
“Jesse did I hear you right that monster Billy Clyde Tuggle has my grandaughter and my new daughter-in-law? Landsakes Jesse you have to get them back you have to save them!’says Opal
“I will !Opal I won’t let Tad down!’says Jesse as Angie comforts a shaking ashen Opal
Jenny hears all of this and feels guilty
“I wish I hadn’t wished for Dottie to go away or die!’she thinks aloud as no one hears
David and rose are in the park and see Jenny .
“What’s wrong are you so unhappy with your new stepmother?Rose asks seeing Jenny look unhappy
“She’s been kidnapped her and Kathy someone took them I overheard Grandma Opal says to Jesse.I’m such an awful person I didn’t want a stepmom and now not only has she been kidnapped but so has Kathy!”
“Did I hear you right Jenny?’Kathy and Dottie have been kidnapped?’asks David shocked
“Yes Dr.Hayward my Dad must be going out of his mind!’says Jenny
“Who would do such a thing?’ asks David aloud
“Jesse and Grandma Opal said it was some guy named Billy Clyde Tuggle!’says Jenny”and I heard Dad and Jake talking about it the other night .Bily Clyde took Emily-Ann Sago Martin .Jake was married to her a longtime ago!Not only that but Aunt Carolyn stole Ruth she’s Emily-Ann and Uncle Jake’s little girl!’
“Wow the things out of the mouth of Babes!’I’m going to have to watch what I say around you Rose! “says David shocked and excited at the same time”this was probably the same Billy Clyde whom Dixie told me kidnapped her years ago when Martin saved her and went over the falls!forgetting whom he talking to and thinking mostly aloud
“My Dad saved Kathy’s mommy and went over falls?’asks Jenny
“Yes but the idiot lost his memory and nearly died!’says David sill forgetting who he’s talking to and answering on autopilot “Opal do you want me to take Jenny to my house?’ asks David thinking of keeping Jenny safe from Billy Clyde because he thinks of her as Krystals!
“Thank-you David normally I’d be saying no because Tad wouldn’t like it but your house is the last place that monster would look for her so by all means tke her there.And protect her with your life understand David!says Opal
“I’ll protect her like she was Rose!’says David “come on Jenny you can spend the night at my house utnil we hear any news your Grandmother Opal says it’s okay!’
“Thank-you Grandma Opal!'says Jenny kissing her on the cheek and skipping off with David excited to be sleeping over but still worried about Kathy and Dottie
“I hope Tad won’t kill me for that !’she says to Angie
“Tad will understand that you’re protecting Jenny!’says Angie
“I hope so “says Opal”I hope there are some leads on that varmint Billy Clyde Tuggle
“Me too!’ says Angie as she stares over at the restaurant willing Jesse to come out with news

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Dear Julie Hanan Carruthers and writers

First of all let me tell you that we can see some improvements in our beloved show All My Children! Thank-you for that!

That said one of the biggest problems with the show now and in the past has been the constant touting of Ryan as a hero!The writers are responsible for our dislike of the character ! At one time Ryan was a sweet interesting character, a character we even liked to root for but that all changed when he began his manhandling of every woman who cared for him and his mental and physical abusive of them with no punishment! If you want him to be a leading man you need to :

1.Show us Ryan truly sorry for his past actions and getting therapy .Make him realize he's not perfect!

2.Don't let him win every woman he crooks his finger at turning them into mindless bimbos; have him have to really work at a relationship.

3.Get Cameron some refresher acting lessons.I like the man but the actor only has three faces mad smug and arrogant ;and it doesn't make me like his character!Is it you or Cameron responsible for this?If it's Cameron No offence I like you I really do but even the best actors need sometimes to step back and see when they are in a rut and fix it by going to acting classes!Talk to MEK he did this and he's better for it!

4..Make him spend more time with his daughter show us five seconds at the park or coloring with her and less overnights with strangers

5.And don't make all the other characters keep telling us how wonderful Ryan is .It doesn't work we're not that brainwashable!

Moving on you were quoted Ms.Carruthers as saying in SOD as saying "that the office started buzzing _you know "oh my God did you see that scene? and Oh my God I was crying in my office "And they've read it 15 times !"talking about the reunion of Greenlee and Ryan at the wedding!Personally I didn't see that and I usually cry at this kind of scenes at the drop of a hat!you also said "It's the connections that you have with the show that's so special ,when you hit it ,it reaches a place in people that not very many entertainment outlets can say they acomplish.That is true unfortunately for me and I believe a number of people who watch here on this board we didn't see this with the Greenlee and Ryan scenes!What we did see was an interesting coupling David and Greenlee which could have set up a future triangle being ruined at the altar of the past Grenlee and Ryan are the b and the end all of couples.Give us something to root for give us something exciting to watch we really have been loyal to All My Children but were tiring of seeing the same old recycled stories and the Scooby gang Gang up against David! That's just lazy writing! Think up some new things!Please and keep your job going and our show rolling!

Thanks a devoted viewer!
Amelia Cambias

Part 16-The Disappearance Of Emily-Ann

Part 16-The Disappearance Of Emily-Ann
“I now give you Mr.and Mrs.Thaddeus Martin you may now kiss the bride says the priest as Tad kisses Dottie.
Opal dabs her eyes an so does Jenny
“I thought I’d never see this” says Jenny”now Tad can be as happy as we are!’ she says to Greg
“ Tad and I are going to take some time now for pictures but we are hoping you’ll join us in two hours for a reception at Dorothy’s next door!’says Dottie

As everyone gets up to leave.And go out to the park to await the reception milling about!
Flash to Billy Clyde hiding in the restaurant Dorothy’s fine dining waiting patiently and Emily-Ann in the trunk of Kathy’s stolen car a gag in her mouth her feet tied behind her back to her hands!
Kathy comes in the restaurant to check on things .
The tables are set but there is no sign of the staff.
“Where did everyone get to the place looks deserted!'says Kathy
Flash to the staff tied and gagged in the kitchen!
Kathy is looking around and suddenly feels sick and runs to the bathroom
She throws up comes out washes her hands and steps outside the bathroom
Bily Clyde is outside the bathroom and he says
“Well lookee hear who is is this cute young thing! By gumption youse the spitting image of my beloved Dixe Cooney !A lot younger but youse sure is purty!Look that all that curly blonde hair hair like liquid sunlight it is!he waxes putting his hands in her hair and touching it!
“Who are you? You shouldn’t be here were closed for a private party!"says Kathy annoyed and slightly scares pushing away Billy Clyde’s hands
“Feisty just like your ma.m.a aren’t youse sweetcheeks!Cause My Dixie was your !God rest her soul!You going to make me a great bride !"says Billy Clyde grabbing her arms and twisting them behind her back and marching her down the hall just as Dottie comes in to check on the arrangements leaving Tad in the park!
“You let go of my daughter right now! says Dottie ‘when she spots Billy Clyde grabbing Kathy
“This ain’t your daughter missy why don’t you go mind youse own business!’says Billy Clyde
“She’s my daughter as of an hour ago!Now I’m going to tell you only one more time let go of my daughter or your going to be sorry!’
“Oh so youse the new Mrs.Tad Martin!’We can soon fix that!’ Billy Clyde says reaching out with one hand to grab Dottie well holding Kathy witht he other but Kathy uses her karate skills on Billy Clyde as Dottie does the same!Billy ends up on the floor and starts laughing
“I loves me feisty woman maybe I should become one of dem Mormons and take two brides!”he laughs
“Mormons don’t do that ! You don’t understand that religion do you says Kathy as Dottie putting Kathy behind her says “don’t talk to him Kathy you’ll only encourage him.”!
“Billy Clyde I suggest you leave while you can and also that you return Emily-Ann maybe if you do when they catch up to you they’ll go easy on you!’
“Wow dat Martin has a type you sound a lot like Miss Dixie!”
“I’ll take that us a compliment she was one of the finest people as I understand “says Dottie
“Can you help an old man up at least ?'says Billy Clyde sounding creaky and old
“I suppose!’ says Dottie reaching out to help him up as Billy Clyde hits her on the head with something that resembles a sock filled with coins it knocks Dottie out cold .As Billy -Clyde pops up quickly and puts a chlorformed cloth over Kathy’s face even as she tries to use her karate!
“Women folk when will they learn that Billy Clyde Tuggle knows best no woman has ever bested me and they never will !'he says placing Dottie and Kathy in two different serving carts he puts tablecloths over and then wheels out to the alley behind Dorothy’s fine dining!He ushers them to Kathy’s waiting car and puts Kathy in the front seat buckling her in .He places Dottie directly behind her.He ties both their hands and feet!then he opens the trunk of the car taking out Emily-Ann and placing her directly behind the drivers side!

Part 15-The Disappearance of Emily -Ann

Part 15-The Disappearance Of Emily-Ann

Friday the day of Tad’s and Dottie’s wedding
St.Peter’s chruch
Everyone is seated we see Adam and Krystal(dressed in a beautiful blue shimmering clinging low cut dress)whispering and fighting,Colby (is dressed in a Kelly green dress with flecks of dark green shimmering through out it it's floor length)and Peter happily smiling at each other and whispering sweet nothings in the third row.In the first row.We see Opal had an ascot hat on and a blue dress looking actually subdued for Opal. She’s grinning from ear to ear .
"Opal where did you find that dress it's lovely says Amanda surprised
"I consulted on of them bridal books and the dress looked a lot like this!Like my hat? asks Opal moving her head as we see that an ostrich featherand some peacock fethers dangling at the back of it!"I think I'm doing Tad proud!"
"You certainly are!' says Jake sitting down beside Amanda
"Any luck finding them?asks Amanda says to Jake
"No not yet!" says Jake "thanks for taking Ruth to Melissa!'
"Your welcome says Amanda

Beside her we see Jenny in a high necked green floor length gown with ruffles It’s very young looking!)We see Jr looking pale and sweatingly feverish with Marissa (dressed in a pink slinky number) at his side.Jaime sitting with his girlfriend Stacy Lee (she’s wearing a short ruffled neck dress a dust Rose pink) Jenny is glowing in a blue pregnancy dress and Greg, and Paulina is in a knee length dress with a petticoated skirt that ruffles out,and Brooke is dressed in a blue dress very age appropriate and Brad Hewitt.Angie (is dressed in a gossmer barely there dress in silver nad blue)and looks hot and Jesse ,Frankie and Randi!Randi is dressed in a blue dress that should have been demure on anyone else but looks hot on her !Sylvia Swanson the social worker is sitting next to Randi!All the men are dressed in tuxedos.
T.J. is standing beside Tad as his best man
“Are you sure you picked the right man ?asks T.J.”I mean shouldn’t Jaime or Jesse have been your best man?’
“T.J. I missed out a lot on your life and Jaime undesrtands that !He’s your brother and he’s allready ben through some weddings with me!But marrying your mother again it feels right and I want my son and hers the product of all that’s right with us to stand up with us as we take our vows!’says Tad
“Thanks Dad says T.J.saying it for the first time
“Your welcome son!’says Tad as they hear the music and wait for Dottie to come down the aisle they see Kathy come up the aisle as the maid of honor in purple (a short purple silk dress ruffled to a perfect open v necked showing her bust line)
Flash to Emily-Ann and Billy Clyde in Kathy’s stolen car
“This here is a sweet ride much better than the old bucket of bolts your daddy was drivin!says Billy Clyde
“Where are we going Daddy?'asks Emily-Ann sporting fresh briuses on her face
“what did I tell you about asking questions!I dun trusted you and you tried to escape again!When are you going to learn your pappy has your best interest at heart!I broke you out of that horrible place did’nt I !’
“Yes Daddy you did !'says Emily-Ann trying to mollify him
“Weeze late late for a very important date!"says Billy Clyde a tossing something to Emily-Ann
and we see as she looks at it:

Dorthea Thorton and Thaddeus Martin request your prescence in honor of their wedding taking place at :
St.Peter’s Bascillica
600 Main Street
Happy Valley
Time: 4 pm
Reception to follow at Dorothy’s fine dining
603 Main Street
Happy Valley

But we won’t be late at all will we Tad Martin!says Billy Clyde evily"Cause my revenge is going to rain down on you!"
Flashback to the wedding as we hear the wedding march and Dottie comes down the aisle to stand by Tad!
Thaddeus and Dorothea., have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourselves to each other in marriage?
“We do!"Dottie and Tad answer
Will you love and honor each other as man and wife for the rest of your lives?
“We do!"Dottie and Tad answer
Will you accept children lovingly from God, and bring them up according to the law of Christ and his Church?
“We do!"Dottie and Tad answer giggling a little
Since it is your intention to enter into marriage, join your right hands, and declare your consent before God and his Church.
“Do you Dorothea take Thaddeus James Martin to be your lawfullly wedded husband to have and to hold until death due you part?’asks the priest

I Dottie take you , take you Tad to be my husband, my partner in life and my one true love. I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before. I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.says Dottie"
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, take and wear this ring as sign of my love and faithfulness. This ring I give to you as a token of my love and devotion to you. I pledge to you all that I am and all that I will ever be as your wife. With this ring, I gladly marry you and join my life to yours.”says Dottie

Do you take Dorothea to be your lawfullly wedded wife to have and to hold until death due you part?’asks the priestof Tad

I, Tad , take you, Dottie, to be my lawfully wedded wife, my constant friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of God, our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live.says Tad

And now the giving and taking of rings says the priest

“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, take and wear this ring as sign of my love and faithfulness. “I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness. As I place it on your finger, I commit my heart and soul to you. I ask you to wear this ring as a reminder of the vows we have spoken today, our wedding day.”says Tad putting on Dottie’s ring on her finger
“Lord, bless these rings which we bless in your name! Grant that those who wear them may always have a deep faith in each other.May they do your will and always live together in peace, good will, and love. We ask this through Christ our Lord.”says the priest
All respond “Amen”

And then in unison Tad and Dottie say to each other ”Entreat me not to leave you, or to return from following after you, For where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. And where you die, I will die and there I will be buried.Dottie laughs here nervously and adds “Beside Dixe as well!’ as they continue May the Lord bless us and keep our union strong and fruitful!Amen

“”Does anyone have just case to prohibt this union ?asks the priest
No one says anything
“You have declared your consent before the Church. May the Lord in his goodness strengthen your consent and fill you both with his blessings.
What God has joined, men must not divide.
Everyone says” Amen!’ as Tad and Dottie smile
“I now give you Mr.and Mrs.Thaddeus Martin you may now kiss the bride says the priest as Tad kisses Dottie.
Opal dabs her eyes an so does Jenny
“I thought I’d never see this” says Jenny”now Tad can be as happy as we are!’ she says to Greg
“ Tad and I are going to take some time now for pictures but we are hoping you’ll join us in two hours for a reception at Dorothy’s next door!’says Dottie

As everyone gets up to leave.And go out to the park to await the reception milling about!
Flash to Billy Clyde hiding in the restaurant Dorothy’s fine dining waiting patiently and Emily-Ann in the trunk of Kathy’s stolen car a gag in her mouth her feet tied behind her back to her hands!