Friday, February 5, 2010

Part 33 -Life Goes On-The Wedding Reception 4

Part 33 -Life Goes On-The Wedding Reception 4
Tad is driving his car!
He goes through what he thinks is a puddle and his car sinks into a huge hole Tad manages to crawl out of the car with his cellphone unfortunately his cellphone is dead.He starts walking but he’s in the outskirts of town where there are few homes and few cars this time of night!He begins walking to Dottie’s leaving his car behind!He finally finds himself in the middle of nowhere taking shelter in an old abandonned cabin where he lights afire to get warm.
Back at the party
Jake is thinking about Emily-Ann and how she must have suffered he decides to go the hospital and bring her some pictures of Ruth!He leaves the party.Amanda sees him and leaves the party following him in her car!As T.J. Martin notices Amanda acting oddly and says to Caitlin pretending he’s had a phone call
“Caitlin I’m sorry but I have to leave I’ve had a call from work!’ he says holding up his phone.He kisses her good bye “Sorry about this I’ll make it up to you do you think you can get a ride with someone?’
“I’m sure I can just go work comes first!’ says Caitlin trying to be a good girlfriend
T.J.leaves gets in his car just in time to follow Amanda.
“Where is he going ?’Amanda thinks as she follows careful to not let Jake see her car.
The rain is coming down in sheets and all three Jake ,Amanda and T.J struggle to stay on the road!
Amanda shifts the gears of her car .as she rounds acurve folowing Jake! So does T.J. who’ following her another car gets in between them as Amanda slows down to handle the slippery road and Jake car disppears.Amanda searches but then not findinghim gives up and drives toward home.T.J. who was following her also loses Amanda in the driving rain and drives home.
Jake arrives at the hospital and enters.He walk to Emily -Ann’s room passing a janitor who’s head is down pushing a cart !
“Hello” he says to the a janitor!
“Oh! Hi says the janitor startled keeping his face hidden
“Working late tonight!’ says Jake
“I’m the night shift !'says the janitor hurriedly walking away
“Huh that guy looked familiar!’Wonder where I met him? says Jake aloud puzzled as the camera pans in for the face of the janitor it’s Billy Clyde Tuggle"was that starnge he seemed like he was hidng his face from me!then Jake dismisses it
Tuggle leaves the building swiping a card he has pirated from someone by a back entrance still pushing a cart. He pushes the cart to a nearby car and removes Emily- Ann from the cart where’s she’s hidden.Putting here in the back seat tenderly buckling here in!
“I’m saving you baby don’t you worry now your Daddy’s back !says Billy Clyde a huge grin on his face
Jake enters the room that Emily-Ann has and finds no Emily-Ann.He checks the corridor and then the nurse at the desk
“Have you seen the patient in room 703 Emily-Ann Sago Martin!she’s not there! asks Jake
“But she was there a few minutes ago in bed check !’says the nurse puzzled then sets offf an alarm that bings loudly as the doors automaticly lock everyone in place.The nurse and Jake look high and low and then they call Jesse!
“Jesse it’s Jake here I’m at happy Valley Hospital Emily Ann Sago Martin is missing!’says Jake
“say that again says Jesse as he tries to quiet Angie who is mad that her time with him at the reception has been interrupted
“Emily-Ann was here at the hospi tal in Happy Valley but she’s missing !’says Jake
“I’ll be right there!’ says Jesse mouthing sorry to Angie
“You have to go now? asks Angie slightly annoyed
“yes Jake needs help!'says Jesse
“This is what happens when you marry a super cop I guess!’ says Angie
“But there are benefits says Jesse hugging her
“I guess now go help Jesse I’ll see you later!It’s agood thing we came in two cars she says as
Jesse leaves to go to the Happy Valley hospital to get all the details from Jake!

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