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Part 4 - The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 4- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Annie pacing outside of Jack’s residence .She hides seeing Erica and waits until she leaves before ringing the doorbell
“Hello?Why Annie what are you doing here? asks Jack
“I have some legal issues to deal with!’ says Annie
“well you could have come to my office!’says Jack
“I need a divorce from Scott it’s time I mean I’ve sort have been on dates with Ryan but I’m still
legally married to Scott! And I have to protect this little one” Annie says patting her stomach wondering how to tell Jack the truth.
“Well of course would you like to sit Annie?’ asks Jack ever the genial host
“Thank-you Jack!’says Annie smiling at him
“So did you want me to extradite your divorce and full custody of your child?’asks Jack
“Yes could you please Jack?’asks Annie
“I think I could handle this but Erica might get upset!’says Jack
“I know and believe me if I could take that back I would!’says Annie regretfully
“I believe in giving people a second chance!Erica has had hers why should you have yours!’says Jack
“Thanks Jack you don’t know how much this means to me” says Annie
“I need any documents you have ?says Jack as Annie hands him documents
Jack reads overe the marriage licence then goes on to the others and finds Annie birth certificate.He sees
Place of birth NEW YORK STATE
County of Westchester Department of Health
City of new York Division of Vital Statistics

Name of child
Annie Date of birth March 20, 1978
Father Mother
Jackson Montgomery full maiden name Emma Beck Novak
Address: 945 Ventura Avenue Address :1000 Erie Street
Los Angeles ,California Erie ,Pennsylvannia
Race:White age last birthday 32 years Race:White age last birthday 25 years
birthplace: Los Angeles,California birthplace Erie,Pennsylvannia
Occupation:lawyer Occupation:housewife
Number of children of this mother 2 Number of children still living 2

I hearby certify I attended the birth of this child who was born alive at 11:00A.M.
Eli House M.D.
Dated 3/22/78 700 fifth Avenue,NY,NY
Filed 3/22/78

Robert Bennett
I hereby certify that the above document is a true copy of the certificate on file in the New York Department of Health.,New York,New York
certified by Robert Bennett
“ What is this is this a hoax?”asks Jack
“No Emma was my mother Emma Beck Novak!’says Annie “she never told me you were my father she killed herself when I was 16 and left this note says Annie handing over the notes!And we see:
My darling Jack
This is the hardest letter I’ve ever had to write! When I met you thought I was single but I was married with a child.My son Ritchie!My husband Walter is a hard man.He didn’t beat me at least when I met but was abusive in his words and deeds.After he became the monster he is today who hits me with his fists and turns m son against me! I was lonely and you brought light and wonder into a life that was empty and devoid of feeling! I loved you deeply but when I wrote you to tell you of my pregnancy you never wrote back and I knew then that you were disgusted with me for lying to you! My daughter our daughter has grown into a lovely girl .She is sweet and has your generous giving nature.Walter knows she isn’t his and he torments her!He favors his son over her and at times he seems to egg on Ritchie’s cruel behavior against her!I’m begging you come rescue your daughter even if you care nothing for me !I beg you help Annie! He hates her!
Your Emma
P.S. please find letters at our special spot!
“Our special spot but I didn’t check there not after I got that letter from her!She said she was married and that she loved her husband that she had a boy that she was going to try to make her marriage work!”“your Emma’s daughter?’ that Emma my Emma?’asks Jack puzzled
“Yes I suspect that he wrote that letter to you Walter knew you and she were together!’says Annie
“so You are my Daughter?’asks Jack
“yes it seems I am!says Annie
“I have a daughter! says Jack in wonder“another daughter!’”And a grandaughter Emma is my grandaughter!’
“Yes but it’s okay if you don’t want us!’says Annie in a small voice
“I loved your mother I was devastated when I thought she had left me! I want you and I want my grandaughter maybe grandaughters? in my life!Lily will welcome you !Greenlee it might take some time .But you are family and they will except you."says Jack
“Do you really want me ?’asks Annie afraid to believe
“You are my flesh and blood you are my child even though you’re grown.I’d like to get to know you and Emma and this little one a little better!’says Jack holding out his arms as Annie goes into them and they hug!
“I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you grow up!And that man raised you!’says Jack feeling guilty
“You couldn’t have known and I’m glad you’re my real father!’says Annie
“What happened to your mother?’ Jack asks
“Walter has much to answer for she wrote to you and he intercepted all her letters !She thought you hated her and she couldn’t take living with him anymore .She killed herself I found her!’
“Oh Annie I’m so sorry that happened and that you were the one to find her!That explains a lot!’says Jack
“I have to go to work now ..Jack?..I have to work at my magazine and I’m suppose to continue my book tour next week.”says Annie
‘I’d like to get together before that and meet Emma too if that’s okay?’asks Jack
“More than okay we’d love to get together would you lke to come for dinner tonight er you and Erica?'Annie adds
“Why don’t we meet at Dottie’s my treat? asks Jack
“Okay if you’re sure!’says Annie
“All right how about early say 6pm?’asks Jack
“Thanks Jack we’ll be there!’
“When you’re ready I’d love if you’d call me Dad!’says Jack
“Thanks Dad er Jack I don’t think I’m quite ready yet!’ says Annie
“Like I said when your ready I’d love to be called Dad but Jack will do!’says Jack


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