Thursday, February 18, 2010

Part 17-The Disappearance Of Emily-Ann

Part 17-The Disappearance Of Emily-Ann
Dottie is out cold after being hit with a sock full of coins
Billy -Clyde pops up quickly and puts a chlorformed cloth over Kathy’s face even as she tries to use her karate!
“Women folk when will they learn that Billy Clyde Tuggle knows best no woman has ever bested me and they never will !'he says placing Dottie and Kathy in two different serving carts he puts tablecloths over and then wheels out to the alley behind Dorothy’s fine dining!He ushers them to Kathy’s waiting car and puts Kathy in the front seat buckling her in .He places Dottie directly behind her.He ties both their hands and feet!then he opens the trunk of the car taking out Emily-Ann and placing her directly behind the drivers side!
“Emily-Ann I told you I’d get you anew now yore goina have two!This is Dottie and little Dixie !says Billy Clyde “I know what yore a thinking and don’t youse worry none I left a note for that there varmint Tad Martin!’”he’s goina know I took his little bride and his chile!Course his honey chile is a grown woman and who canna blame her that she’s took a little old shine to yores truly!’And his bride she’s goina make me a good second wife as I’m turning Mormon now!I saw that show Big Love in da big house and it sounds like ti would be loads of fun!’as he drives away Dorothy‘s fine restaurant
Tad comes in the restaurant wonder what’s keeping Dottie and Kathy from the rest of their wedding photos in the park!
“Dottie ,Kathy where are you?”shouts Tad noticing that the restaurant looks deserted he begins searching he checks down the hallway and finds Kathy’s hairclip
“That’s odd here’s Kathy’s hairclip she msut have dropped it !'he thinks and walks into the kitchen were he find all the employees tied up.
“What the heck is going on ?Were you robbed?’asks Tad taking off gags and ties.
“There was a strange man here .He had red hair and a handlebar mustache .He demanded we go into the kitchen and then he got us to tie each other up.Once that was done he tied up the last person.Then he demanded to know where Dottie and Kathy were!’
“Oh my God Billy Clyde has them that’s why I can’t find them!’ says Tad aloud as one of the employees says “he left these for you handing Tad Dottie’s veil and a note
Tad opens the note and we see:
Dear Tad
Paybacks a aint it!
You took from me what shoulda been my bride
You took twenty long years from me and you didn’t even safe gurd what you done took
So I took two things youse hold dear
So as I said Paybacks a !

Billy Clyde Tuggle Esquire
P.S. don’t bother to try and find us we done gone where you’ll never find us!

“Jess it’s Tad!’says Tad
“You just left me in the park whats cooking does dottie want to talk to Angie?’asks Jesse
“Jesse he’s got them he’s got my little girl and Dottie!’
“Woah slow down Tad who’s got whom!’demands Jesse
“Billy Clyde was one step ahead of us all this time .He had a plan his paln was to get even with me and take my daughter and Dottie just for good measure.”saysTad devastated and worried out of his mind
“will get them back Tad!’Will get then back!’says Jesse reassuring Tad
“will we the last time when he took Dixie I almost didn’t get her back and I went over the falls!’says Tad
“That might be so but there wasn’t your best friend Jesse on his tail and willing to do anything to get your family back safe!’says Jesse emphaticly
“Thanks Jesse !'says Tad”what do we do now?’
“I’ll be right there with some troops just hold the fort until I get there you hear me Tad we do this together and we take hm down!’
“Jesse did I hear you right that monster Billy Clyde Tuggle has my grandaughter and my new daughter-in-law? Landsakes Jesse you have to get them back you have to save them!’says Opal
“I will !Opal I won’t let Tad down!’says Jesse as Angie comforts a shaking ashen Opal
Jenny hears all of this and feels guilty
“I wish I hadn’t wished for Dottie to go away or die!’she thinks aloud as no one hears
David and rose are in the park and see Jenny .
“What’s wrong are you so unhappy with your new stepmother?Rose asks seeing Jenny look unhappy
“She’s been kidnapped her and Kathy someone took them I overheard Grandma Opal says to Jesse.I’m such an awful person I didn’t want a stepmom and now not only has she been kidnapped but so has Kathy!”
“Did I hear you right Jenny?’Kathy and Dottie have been kidnapped?’asks David shocked
“Yes Dr.Hayward my Dad must be going out of his mind!’says Jenny
“Who would do such a thing?’ asks David aloud
“Jesse and Grandma Opal said it was some guy named Billy Clyde Tuggle!’says Jenny”and I heard Dad and Jake talking about it the other night .Bily Clyde took Emily-Ann Sago Martin .Jake was married to her a longtime ago!Not only that but Aunt Carolyn stole Ruth she’s Emily-Ann and Uncle Jake’s little girl!’
“Wow the things out of the mouth of Babes!’I’m going to have to watch what I say around you Rose! “says David shocked and excited at the same time”this was probably the same Billy Clyde whom Dixie told me kidnapped her years ago when Martin saved her and went over the falls!forgetting whom he talking to and thinking mostly aloud
“My Dad saved Kathy’s mommy and went over falls?’asks Jenny
“Yes but the idiot lost his memory and nearly died!’says David sill forgetting who he’s talking to and answering on autopilot “Opal do you want me to take Jenny to my house?’ asks David thinking of keeping Jenny safe from Billy Clyde because he thinks of her as Krystals!
“Thank-you David normally I’d be saying no because Tad wouldn’t like it but your house is the last place that monster would look for her so by all means tke her there.And protect her with your life understand David!says Opal
“I’ll protect her like she was Rose!’says David “come on Jenny you can spend the night at my house utnil we hear any news your Grandmother Opal says it’s okay!’
“Thank-you Grandma Opal!'says Jenny kissing her on the cheek and skipping off with David excited to be sleeping over but still worried about Kathy and Dottie
“I hope Tad won’t kill me for that !’she says to Angie
“Tad will understand that you’re protecting Jenny!’says Angie
“I hope so “says Opal”I hope there are some leads on that varmint Billy Clyde Tuggle
“Me too!’ says Angie as she stares over at the restaurant willing Jesse to come out with news

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