Saturday, February 13, 2010

Part 10- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Jesse at the Happy Valley Police Station
“You think we could find on darn car in Happy Valley and now I have to find some child beater!’says Jesse digusted
“We’ve got him!’ says Natalia bringing in a man bruised and beaten
”What happened to him ?You two didn‘t do that to him did you?asks Jesse
“No sir we were searching for him but it seems a vigilante group came together found the suspect and were beating him when we found him!”explains Brot
“I think you need to take him to Happy Valley hospital we don’t want to give his lawyer justification for getting him freed!’says Jesse
Happy Valley Hospital
Annie and Jack are geting a DNA test done

“So the results will be back when Jake?’ asks Jack
“I put a rush on it .It maybe back tomorrow or perhaps Friday!’ says Jake
“I just want this over and done say Annie “what if because of my Chimera I don’t match?
“don’t worry they are very good at this and I took tow samoles from two differnt places that should help!’says Jake
“okay then I hope so!’ says Annie
“I don’t really need this test Annie I know your my daughter!’says Jack”and soonall of Happy Valley will know your my daughter!’
“thanks Jack I appreciate the support I have to go now I’ll talk to you later!’says Annie leaving
“Wow some shock isn’t it Jack!’says Jake
“yes but a good one I’m sure she’s mine I have another daughter!’says Jack
“well I hope it all works out I’ve got to go Jack’says Jake hearing a trauma coming in announced on the loud speaker!
Flash to a little later where Tad is anxiously awaiting for news from Melissa about the little boy
“So is he going to be okay!’asks Tad
“We did surgery on his arm you were right it was broken in three places."(Tad rubs his formerly broken arm here)” he has a concussion and contusions all over his body!”
“ Why are their people like that who have children?’Tad asks sadly
“I don’t know but I wish they would see these children are in danger and remove them before they can harm these children physically and mentally!’
“Can I see him?’asks Tad
“Yes I think Michael would like that!’says Melissa“even if you aren’t family I’ll allow!“
‘Thanks!’ Melissa Tad says just as they bring in Michael’s father!’
“That’s the scum who did this what’s he doing here?’asks Tad looking like he wants to strangle him
“He got beat up Mr.Martin were getting medical care before we take him to jail!’says Natalia
“HA you reap what you sow!You monster how does it feel to get beat up how would you like tobe a trusting little boy that his father beats!doesn’t feel good does it?’says Tad angrily to the man”get the scum out of my sight.
‘Wants and warrants for one Ray Girder.Murder, racketeering, fraud, assault !'says Brot to Natalia
“Your going away for a long time MR.’says Natalia as he tries to take a run at Natalia
“Add resisting arrest and assault of a police officer!’as she and Brot help the nurse restrain Mr.Girder!
David checks him over and says “he’ll live more’s the pity! You can take him to jail!’
Tad is in with Mike talking to him
”so I‘m Tad and your Mike!
”yes so !'says Mike
”so how you feeling?‘asks Tad
”okay he‘s not coming back is he my Dad he can‘t hurt me can he I heard him in the hall!‘says Mike
”No he won‘t I promised you that remember!‘says Tad
”You won‘t be able to live up to that promise they‘ll put me in foster care nad he‘ll just come get me and we‘ll move.
”When I was your age my Dad did the same thing to me!‘
”You don’t have to lie to me! You‘re dressed nice your Dad was some fine upstanding citizen!‘says Mike
”My Biological father who raised me until he dumped me in a park was a criminal! he was a ra..pist ,a murderersh , a penny any criminal with illusions of grandeur!’
“Geesh tell me waht you really think of him!"says Mike
“My biological father Ray Gardner was an evil man he broke my arm and left me for dead in a park.Sound familiar? He was evil incarnate he tried to blackmail the nice people who took me in and then he r.a,,ped my adoptive mother! So I do understand! says Tad quietly
“They must have been nice people taking you the child of a criminal in and you bringing all that grief on them!"says Mike
“They the Martins, are the salt of the earth .My mother Ruth and my father Joe are people who have hearts so big that they took me in as their own and raised me.They love me I am not their adopted son but their son!’
“You were lucky I’ve never had that kind of luck no one wants me not my father he hates me!"says Mike”I’m going to end up going into one of them holes agin that they call foster homes!The last time in one of those I might as well have stayed with my Dad I was beaten and stuck in a closet for two days without food.and you know who came got me out my Dad!"
“What if you had a good place to stay someone who had a family that treated you like family?’asks Tad
“That would be nice but it won’t happen !'says Mike
“Just maybe something good is coming your way!’says Tad
“Yes right !'says Mike”and pigs fly!’
Just then Tad overhears in the hall as Mike turns pale and looks scared!

“I’m Sylvia Swanson from childcare services I understand there’s a child here who has been injured by a parent!’”I’d like to speak with the doctor in charge!
“That would be Dr.Melissa Dillon!says David pointing at Melissa down the hall
“my name is Sylvia Swanson!I’m with childcare services I understand you have one Michael Girder in your care .We’ve been investigatin his father for awhile but he was alwys moving makin it difficult to track him!’
“Then maybe you should have taken Michael away!’ says Tad pointedly
“And you are? asks Sylvia with an edge to her voice
‘Tad Martin entrepenuar ,business mogul.P.I. says Tad trying to impress
“and your interest in this business Mr.Martin asks Sylvia pointedly eyes narrowing
“I found him in the park and chased his father away keeping him from killing him!”says Tad
“wonderfully commendable I’m sure Mr.Martin but your job is done shouldn’t you be leaving?’
“Look Ms.Swanson we got off on the wrong foot I just want to make sure this boy is safe!When I was a child my father did what his did !I know how it feels to be a powerless child against a father who treats you like a punching bag!Does she have any relatives?’asks Tad
“No he doesn’t “says Slyvia softening alittle after Tad’s confession”his mother died last year from breast cancer!’We are probably going to have to send him to foster care when he gets out of the hospital.”
“I could provide that!’ says Tad impulsively
“I’m sure you could Mr.Martin but don’t you think you should consult your wife before taking a child with these kind of psychlogical problems caused by an abusive parent!
“I’m not married”says Tad
“Oh then I’m afraid discussing foster care is inapprorpriate my office prefers to place children with two parents!"says Slyvia
“Well that’s okay because Tad and are engaged were planning on getting married very soon!"says Dottie coming up and hearing the conversation
“Well as long as you’re leaving in the home a wedding date is set soon! and the home checks out ,you and Ms.?
“Dorthea Thorton I’m the owner downtown of Dorthy’s fine dining and Dottie’s coffee !Dottie says introducing herself
"Oh I’m very familiar nice places both of them! Sylvia says impressed “of course there would be credit checks .I’m sure that such upstanding citizens would have no problem .do you live together?’
“No you see I’m a bit old fashion I beleive that a couple should be married before they live together”says Dottie covering
“Very admirable in this day and age however to release the child in your care you’ll need to be under the same roof!’
“Why don’t we move up the wedding Dottie ?asks Tad getting desperate looking at the little boy Michael!”Say Friday I’m sure that Michael won’t be released until next week will he Melissa?
“No he won’t !’says Melissa
“Yes Tad let’s get married Friday!’ says Dottie smiling
“very well we need to set up some checks how’s tomorrow for the home check Mr.Martin? at 2pm’asks Sylvia
“that will be fine !'says Tad”we’ll be there won’t we Dottie!’
“Yes we’ll be there!'says Dottie agreeing as Mike looks on and smiles

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