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Part 14 - The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 14 -The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Jesse at the police station
‘So any leads on the vehicle that Billy Clyde is travelling in now Natalia or is he on foot?”asks Jesse ticked off that he has heard anything from Natalia
“ Still working on it we’ve had rash of car theives which makes it hard to weed out waht vehicle he could be in!My best guest is these four vehicles.”
“And those would be?’asks Jesse annoyed
‘ One blue van Dodge Chrysler 1998,one silver SUV, Saturn Vue 2007, One green Toyota corolla 2005,One blue Honda 2007 four door -that one is Kathy Martin’s !She got it for her eighteenth birthday parks it downtown yesterday a poof it’s gone in sixy seconds!’
“Isn’t that a movie ?'asks Brot laughing
“This is serious business Brot!’says Natalia reproachfully
“Sorry!’says Brot covering his mouth to hide a smile
‘Oh Tad’s got to be upset I went with him when he picked that out!’”It would be just like Billy Clyde to take Kathy’s car and laugh about it!’‘so what are the odds that it’s Kathy’s car he took?’asks Jesse
‘I’d say the odds are pretty good it was parked close to the suspects last known location.The Acorn motel!”says Natalia
“I’m putting out an all points bulletin on those cars all of them maybe if we find them we’ll find Billy Clyde!With a proviso to not approach the suspect that I will be in on the takedown!’says Jesse
“Can I be in on it two I mean we? Natalia asks seeing Brot’s face and his grimace at her I!
“If your on duty at the time I think you can be in on the capture but his man is dangerous I want Flack jacket worn around him.I’m issue a directive her that all officers wear their flack jacket until this dangerous man is found!’says Jesse”Natalia take this to Sgt Roberts will you ?’
“Sure says Natalia eager to please
“Can I see you for moment Monroe?’asks Jesse taking Brot aside and sending Natalia off to implement his directive
“Natalia has the makings of a good cop but she’s young and headstrong and thinks she’s above my directives!I’m asking you as a father to keep her safe make sure she wears her jacket.Billy Clyde wouldn’t hestitate to shoot her or anyone else in his way !So keep her from running into battle and throwing herself on Billy Clyde’s sword!’
“I will Jesse I mean sir I’ll keep her safe !'says Brot
“That’s all I can ask! says Jesse
Tad’s house
Tad is awaiting the social worker to pass the home test
“It’s past two where can she be .It’s almost 2:30 pm what if she doesn’t come?’ says Tad worried
“I’m sure she’ll be here soon she probably had an emergency or something!’says Dottie soothingly
“ Does everything look okay?’says Tad
“Tad the place is spotless!You somehow got a contractor come in and in two days had a gorgous space created in the attic for Mike’s private bedroom!How could they ask of anthing more?’soothes Dottie
“It is an nice room isn’t it ? Is the bed okay and the desk?’asks Tad worrying
“Tad you got top of the line furniture.A brand new laptop for his desk set up with all the parental controls.Mike’s going to love it and so will the social worker!”says Dottie surprised at Tad worrying “It’s okay sweetie it’s all going to work out !I have the wedding all set up at the Catholic Church next to Dottie’s .you know St.Peter’s my church beside the park?The wedding reception will take place at the restaurant !I sent out all the invites today so they should all arrive in time since the wedding is the day after tomorrow.since I wanted an accurate count each invitation is being delivered by meassenger who will get the yay or nay!”
“You’re an absolute wonder says Tad”I don’t know how you did all this so fast!I love you you know!this isn’t all about Michael but I can’t beging to tell you how much this means to me!’
“I think I know but you can make it up to me Friday night” says Dottie flirting and kissing Tad
The doorbell rings
“It’s showtime!says Tad theatrically
“Hello Sylvia Swanson we met at the Hospital! Mr.Martin,Ms.Thorton‘says Sylvia
“so we need to see the living area.Uh this is a very nice house Mr.Martin .now Michael will nedd his own bedroom are you able to provide him with one?’
“Yes come and see !'says Tad showing her the spacious bedroom just built in the attic
“Wow very nice Mr.Martin lovely appropriate furntiure!Is this computer for Michael? you know teens can get in a lot of trouble with computers!’says Sylvia
“That’s why I’ve set up parental controls and of course I will be monitoring his computer and internet use !'says Tad
“Wonderful top marks for that as I said you wouldn’t believe the trouble our children have gotten into with that .says Sylvia“I’ve interviewed Dr.Jake Martin and Opal Cortlandtthis morning and they were satisfactory! I need to interview all people leaving in the home so when can I interview .Kathy Martin, and your minor daughter Jenny Martin?
“Jake will be available in 20 minutes he has to finish at work!Kathy will be here in five minutes.and Jenny will be here in about ten!
“Would you like a cup of tea well your waiting or perhaps coffee ?'asks Dottie playing hostess
“that would be wonderful thank-you tea please!’
“Earl grey?"asks Dottie
“Wonderful so few people serve proper tea!’says Sylvia as she sips her tea “perfectly steeped!’
“Hi Dad I’m home !'says Kathy coming in”oh sorry that was so impolite I didn’t realize we had company !’”Hello I’m Kathy Martin!’
“Nice to meet you!’I wonder Mr.Martin ,Ms.Thorton could Kathy and I have a few minutes alone
I just have a few questions for her!
Just then Jenny comes home
“This is my other daughter Jenny!’says Tad proudly
“Hmm it’s a little irregular but I wonder if Jenny and Kathy could join me in the kitchen for their interview. “says Sylvia
“Of course will just wait in the living room until your finished !'says Dottie taking Tad by the hand and taking him to the living room

Tad and Dottie go into the livingroom.10 minutes later Tad is worried
“What could be keeping them so long? What if she foolishly doesn’t like my Kathy and Jenny!’What if Jenny says the wrong thing about us!’
“Tad it will be okay how could she not approve us were the perfect foster parents!’says Dottie comfortingly
just then Sylvia comes in and says
“Contingent and your wedding on Friday I think we can certainly approve you both as foster parents”“Might I dare to say you are exceptional candidates if only all our children could be so well placed!’

“Oh thank -you thank-you’says Tad and Dottie at the same time
”You are coming to our wedding Friday aren’t you asks Dottie
“I would love to !’says Sylvia secretly pleased
“I sent an invitaion by special message to your office but here .Here is another one ays Dottie handing Sylvia an invitaion from her purse
“Thank-you Ms.Thorton!’
“Dottie please!’says Dottie
“I think your a very lucky man Mr.Martin!’say Sylvia about Dottie
“It’s Tad and your absolutely right I am!’ he says taking Dottie’s hand
“well I’m off goodnight it was nice meeting your family Mr.Martin er Tad!”says Sylvia
“thank-you for making my family complete says Tad as she leaves
“We did Dottie we did Michael will live with us!’says Tad excited and then thinking of the girls he says to them are you okay with this Jenny and Kathy it will be a little bit of a change but the one thing you two have got to always know is I love you both but I have room in my hear for another child and Mike will be your brother if I can eventaully adopt him and even if I don’t he’ll be your brother in my heart!’says Tad
“Of course we’re okay with it says Kathy as Jenny nods”we know you love us and we feel really bad that Mike didn’t have a father like you so I think we can share you!’says Kathy emphatically
“You’re great kids you know that!I love you both!’ says Tad hugging them both.Jenny and Kathy go up to their rooms .Jenny gets on her cellphone and we hear only her side of the coversation!
“Hi Rose it’s Jenny! Yes Iknow I wanted to go over to your place to but I had to be here for this lameo social worker to okay this kid living at my house.Yes I know can you believe my Dad I have to pretend I’m so happy with this.First he says this kid ,the child of some criminal is moving in he builds a bedroom nicer than mine for him and gets that new Mac computer for him that I wanted.I’ve only be asking for that for about six months instead I have to make due with this lameo PinkDell!Then he says he’s marrying Dottie.and all the while I have to pretend I’m happy about this.I hate both my stupid parents .Krystal marries Adam and moves away to his house and now Dad is marrying Dottie and replacing me with the boy he’s always wanted!I hate them I wish I was dead! I should run away!’They wouldn't even notice I was gone maybe I'll do that next week after he moves in!says Jenny very unhappy


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