Sunday, February 7, 2010

Part 1- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 1- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Jake walks to Emily -Ann’s room passing a janitor with red hair and a thick handle bar mustache who’s head is down pushing a cart !
“Hello” he says to the a janitor!
“Oh! Hi!’ says the janitor startled keeping his face hidden
“Working late tonight!’ says Jake
“I’m the night shift !'says the janitor hurriedly walking away
“Huh that guy looked familiar!’Wonder where I met him? says Jake aloud puzzled as the camera pans in for the face of the janitor it’s Billy Clyde Tuggle"was that starnge he seemed like he was hidng his face from me!then Jake dismisses it
Tuggle leaves the building swiping a card he has pirated from someone by a back entrance still pushing a cart. He pushes the cart to a nearby car and removes Emily- Ann from the cart where’s she’s hidden.Putting here in the back seat tenderly buckling here in!
“I’m saving you baby don’t you worry now your Daddy’s back !says Billy Clyde a huge grin on his face
Jake enters the room that Emily-Ann has and finds no Emily-Ann.He checks the corridor and then the nurse at the desk
“Have you seen the patient in room 703 Emily-Ann Sago Martin!she’s not there! asks Jake
“But she was there a few minutes ago in bed check !’says the nurse puzzled then sets offf an alarm that bings loudly as the doors automaticly lock everyone in place.The nurse and Jake look high and low and then they call Jesse!
Jesse arrives
“so Jake you arrived to the building and saw no one?’asks Jesse
“I saw the janitor!insists Jake”he was cleaning!’
“okay I’ll get back to you in awhile says Jesse as they continue searching with officers
“No sign of the patient !'says the cop coming up to Jesse and reporting in
“No sign of Emily-Ann sir!’ says Natalia in front of the other cops keeping it professional
“Are there any signs of struggle?’ asks Jesse
“I found this at the scene sir !'says Brot holding up a cloth soaked in chloroform
“Good work Monroe!’ says Jesse
as Natalia says grudgingly“Yes good work Brot!’as she goes down the hall coming back a few minutes later
“ Sir I’ve found a cart!’ says Natalia speaking up “I believe that the victim was transfered in this cart and moved into a waiting car!
“What reason would someone have for taking Emily-Ann!’ asks Jesse puzzled
“I don’t know says Jake hiding that Ruth is her daughter because he doesn’t think it pertinent.
“Your hiding something Jake says Jesse zeroing in
“I don’t think it is really relevant!’says Jake
“I decide what’s relevant Joesph!’says Jesse
“Well I found out tonight that Carolyn had stolen Ruth !’says Jake
“Stolen you mean kidnapped ?She’s not your daughter?asks Jesse”why didn‘t you inform me?”
“She’s my daughter her mother wanted my child so much she took my deposits that I made for Liza !She took them from a clinic and produced Ruth!Somehow Carolyn who was barren found out and she kidnapped Emily-Ann and stoled Ruth at birth!”
“So Emily-Ann is Ruth’s mother is that what you’re telling me?’says Jesse shocked
‘Yes and I had her doctor tell her this evening I was going to bring Ruth tomorrow!’
“Then why are you here tonight Jake ?'says Jesse his eyes narrowing
“Are you suggesting I had anything to do with this Jesse?’asks Jake“I wanted to see Emily-Ann and promise her myself that I would never keep Ruth from her!’
“Just because Tad’s my best friend doesn’t mean that I can let this slide Jake this does not look good for you!You had no reason to be here.You weren’t expected until tomorrow.”
“I just felt so bad for Emily-Ann I wanted to bring her a picture of Ruth!”says Jake taking a picture out of his wallet
“I want to believe you Jake but as I said it doesn’t look good!” says Jesse
“Sir there’s an emergency call from you from the station” says Brot coming up
“thanks Brot!says Jesse taking the call
“Sir we have a situation that is getting dire here in Happy Valley!’says the Sgt on the other end of the line
“And what is it now Bob?’asks Jesse “Are there too many robberies the drunk tanks are overflowing?’
“sir have you seen the weather?
’Yes says Jesse “that rain is really coming down!’
“it’s much worse the Canyon road has had a mudslide some of the houses are gone and the road is a wash out!’says the Sgt !
“Wow when it rains it pours .Is anyone hurt ?
“We have emergency transponders on sight sir!”answeres the Sgt.
“Good I’ll be there shortly! says Jesse hanging up “Brot I’m leaving you and Natalia in charge of this !’he says leaving and then to Jake he says”I better not find out you are involved in this disappearance Jake!
"I'm not!'protests Jake to Jesse's back as we watch Jesse leave.

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