Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Part 7- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 7- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Dorothy’s restuarant and fine dining
“Wonder what that was all about it was awfully loud! says Krystal
“The Montgomery family dinners are always loud but why was Annie there?’asks Tad
“Emma told me something earlier but she said it was a secret until after this dinner but don’t tell anyone else promise?’says Kathy
“okay I’ll bite what’s the big secret?’asks Tad
“Emma was having dinner with her grandfather!’says Kathy
“I didn’t see anyone!’says Krystal
“Yes you did says Kathy her grandfather is Jackson Montgomery!Annie just found out he’s her dad!’
“What?’ says Tad spitting his drink
“Yes it seem that the guy that raised Annie the guy that was so mean he wasn’t her dad Jack was!’
“Jackson Montgomery has another daughter he didn’t raise and it’s Annie?’says Krystal incredulously
“Well won’t that set the cat among the pigeons!’ says Opal
“Greenlee won’t be too happy that’s for sure says Tad “Oh look here your cake Kathy!’
As we see the waiter bring out acake that says Happy 18th Birthday Kathy.The waiter and all at the table sing Happy Birthday .They all eat cake and the party breaks up as they go home!
Jesse is searching for clues to Emily-Ann dissapearance
“Dad I mean sir we’ve found someoen who saw the man with Emily Ann !'says Natalia excitedly
“Where is this witness did you get his statement?’asks Jesse
“Brot is taking it right now “says Natalia
“Natalia you should have taken his statement and then told me says Jesse “take me to this witness!’
they come up to Brot who has just finished the statement
“I know you jsut gave me your statement sir Mr.Bullockbut could you repeat it for the Chief here?’ asks Brot
“Well it’s like this it was late you know about I don’t know about maybe 11pm and I was going into the sanitorium I know I’m no suppose to go visit that late but I like to make sure my wife is sleeping!Anyways so I see this man he looks like a janitor.”
“Description please ?'says Jesse
“I guess he was maybe 5ft 10 I don’t know he was all hunched over ! He had red hair and a red handlebar mustache.He had this cart youknow that looked like it had janitorial supplies but he reaches into where the grarbage should be!And I think he’s removing garbage but it’s a woman and he sticks her in his car!I called it in not on the 911 line cause I didn’t think he was kidnapping her .He treated her tender like she was a glass doll he was afraid to break.He even buckled her in.’say Mr.Bullock
“Would you recognize the man ?'asks Jesse
“Well I don’t know I’m a little far sighted “Mr.Bullock says looking through his pop glass glasses!
“Would you try !’“Is it that man over there?’ asks Natalia pointing to Jake
“Maybe says the man he’s about the right size !'as Natalia gives a look to Jesse that says I told you see I solved this one
“Come with me “says Jesse taking Mr.Bullock over to Jake
‘“Is this the man ?'asks Jesse
“No that guy was much older a maybe a little taller?’says Mr.Bullock
”And the car the man was driving do you know the make?”
”I‘m not sure one of them old 80‘s car a Horizon?‘I ‘m just not sure it was old and rusty!”
”did you see the licence plate at all?‘asks Jesse
”I think it might have been one of them vanity plates.It was from Pennsylvannia!what did it say some name Billy Bob something like that!
“Thank-you for your time,We may have some more questions later we have your address and phone number! .Could you come to the station later and sign your statement?’asks Jesse
“Certainly I’m a good citizen I know my duty says Mr.Bullock”I sure hope you find that pretty lady.
“We have a news blackout on this information including the disappearance please do not discuss this with anyone” asks Jesse
“I won’t! I don’t talk to a lot of people likes wise anyways with my wife here!’says Mr.Bullock
“So we have one lead sir the licence plate!’says Natalia and the description matches Mr.Martin’s description
“You were sure a few minutes ago that is was Jake !'says Brot laughing
“Was not and now that we have solid leads maybe we can rescue Emily-Ann!’ says Natalia
“Good work Monroe Fowler know lets’ get on that information and find Emily-Ann!says Jesse

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