Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Part 29 -Life Goes On

Part 29 -Life Goes On
It’s rainy heavily outside and the wind is blowing as Kathy navigates the streets to Canyon Road.The wipers on her new car are going back
“Are we almost here Kaffy I have to go pee?’asks Ruth
“We’re almost there sweetie not to much longer and then you can visit with your little brother Trevor won’t that be fun?’asks Kathy“Jenny why don’t you play Ispy with Ruth while I drive nad concentrate okay?’
“Okay Kathy!’says Jenny”so i sy with my little eye something that is blue!’
“somefin blue the car the car’s blue says Ruth clapping “I win!’
“Yes you won that time lets see if you can find something else?’ says Jenny humoring Ruth as Kathy smiles at her
“I spy with my little eye something red!’
‘The house there !I win again!’ says Ruth clapping as Jenny just shakes her head and allows her to think that.
“She’s easily amused!’ says Jenny to Kathy
“Well werealmost here!When you we get there the two of you take off your seatbelts and will go run up to the door!’
“You know I saw on that show ‘Mythbusters” that running doesn’t help you still get wet!’ says Jenny
“ You sound like me when I was younger I guess it runs in the family!’says Kathy
“I don’t know why I couldn’t have stayed at Rose’s for the night it would have been fun to have
a sleepover!”complains Jenny
“Right dream on Jenny! Like Dad would let you stay at David’s!’snarks Kathy
‘I don’t think it’s fair how much Daddy hates Rose’s Dad!”says Jenny complaining
“Okay were here!’says Kathy”let’s go!’
Kathy comes in the door with Ruth and Jenny at the Dillons as Melissa holds open the door.
“wow it’s really storming out there !’says Melissa”nice car did yur Dad get new one?’
“That was my birhtday present Dad gave it to me tonight it’s a sweet ride isn’t it!’brags Kathy
“Oh dear was today your birthday and we all asked you to babysit I’m sorry Kathy!I’ll make it up to you I’ll double your rates today only okay!
“thanks Mrs.Dillon!’says Kathy
‘Cheryl is in the nursery she says she’ll stay late until 2am when I get home so you won’t have all the responsibility.
“That’s good because there’s a lot of children” I mean there’s Jenny and Ruth then Trevor,Nate,Natalie,Madeline,and Owen! Seven children!
“it’s worse that I’m afraid Melissa brought over her twins Bella and Beth!It seems Winnie was going to babysit but she has the flu!’
Two people looking after 9 children I don’t even think that’s legal!’says Kathy
"oh dear maybe I should stay home!'says Marissa
"Maybe I could ask someone he's a good guy and I promise with all this children there won't be any problems!says Kathy
"I don't know a boy over but then Cheryl is here and we need another person!I guess just this once if he'll come I take it your talking about Aaron McGillis?'
"yes says Kathy
"okay then give him a call and if he will that would be great!'says Melissa
"Aaron it's Kathy do you think you could do me a big favor and help me out?'asks Kathy
"what do you want me to do' asks Aaron resigned
"Can you help me and another lady babysit 9 kids!Four of them tiny babies!one 18 month old,one 2 year old,Two 4 year olds and my sister Jenny!'
"Wow that's a lot of children I guess I could help but you'll owe me!Aaron says"I'll be there in 15 minutes my mom can drop me off before she goes to the party!

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