Sunday, February 7, 2010

Part 2- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 2- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
The Next Day
Jesse surveys the damage done by the mudslide
Melissa and Tim as well as Amanda Jr, and Marissa are there .
“We have to get through we have to get to our children!’say Tim speaking for Melissa and Marissa as well as J.r.
“What if they are trapped or hurt ?We can’t even call them because of the power outage .Do you know Jesse that the phones aren’t even working.!”says Melissa
“When will they get the phones fixed Jesse!’ asks J.r.”I want to know that my daughter’s are safe!”
“ My babies have to be okay !says Melissa and Marissa at the same time
“There have been no injuries two houses have been demolished but neither of them are yours Tim or J.r.!says Jesse
“Thank God!’ says Melissa and Marissa
“But we left Kathy there and Aaron and they’ve been alone for hours looking after all those children.I mean Shelley is there but still that’s a lot of work!’says Melissa
“I can’t allow you to go through just yet the road is out “says Jesse
“that’s okay my helicpter pilot will be here soon and it will take us to your house Tim!’says J.R.
“There had better be enough room for us all says!’ Amanda,Melissa and Marissa all at the same time
“ There is just enough room for us all!’ says J.R.
“ Good because frankly J.R. dear you wouldn’t be going if we can’t fit in !’says Marissa as Melissa and Amanda smile at her and cover laughs
“ Hey would I ever do that ?’asks J.r.
“Not anymore!’ says Marissa
J.r. ,Marissa,Melissa,Tim and Amanda squeeze into the helicopter .
The helicopter lands in Tim’s front yard and well they check out the backyard to find out half the backyard is gone and the mudslide has taken out the trampoline and the playground equipment.The next door neighbour who‘s house was closer to the cliff has no more house.
”Good thing they are in Europe!’ says Tim pointint to the neighbour‘s property.”do you think their insurance will cover it?‘
“I doubt it says J.R. Unless they took out extra coverage they’ll just call it an act of God and
won’t cover it!”
“Unbeliveable can I say I’m glad it’s not our house! Can you believe it’s only 7am” says Melissa to them all
“I’m beat!’ says Tim “You’re house is standing he says to Jr. pointing across the street
“Yes mine is as close to the cliff!’says J.r.
“Do you think Kathy got any sleep and we could convince her and Cheryl to stay and look after the children? I’m so tired! says Marissa
“Yes me too!Guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask!'
‘Wonder where she is and I guess the kids aren’t up yet!’ says Melissa
“Let’s look upstairs !says Marissa
Melissa opens her bedroom door tthe camera pans in and we see Kathy sleeping in Aaron’s arms appearing not to be dressed!
“Oh my god !'says Melissa slamming the door shut."Tad’s going to kill me!'
“ Sorry We fell asleep !'says Kathy coming out in Melissa’s robe.I’m sorry I borrowed your robe!'
“Oh that’s okay we were late sorry it was the weather and the power was out and the road is gone!But where is Shelley?" Melissa stumbling thinking what happened but afraid to ask and embarrass Kathy
”She got a call just before the phones went out that her dad had a heart attack in Minneapolis!so she left to go there!
”Oh poor Shelley!‘says Melissa”I hope he‘ll be okay!”
Aaron comes out a couple seconds later and Melissa wonders to herself and we hear
“Maybe it was innocent they were just sleeping!’Yes that must be it !’wanting to believe that
“Kathy I’ll pay extra if you can look after the kids well we sleep!’Melissa says
“Yes okay if the road is out it’s not like were going anywhere !’says Kathy smiling
“I’m going to miss football practice!’ says Aaron”the coach is going to kill me!’
Melissa goes to bed as Marissa goes home promising
“I’ll be back by 1 pm okay Kathy!’says Marissa
“okay see you later!’Kathy says putting on a smiling face
“I think I hate you Aaron McGillis!you took advantage of me last night I was out of it!You must have known!’says Kathy angrily”what a horrible way to spend a birthday!
”It was your birthday?“You were all over me how was I to know"says Aaron indignantly"besides you’re my girlfriend all the other guys have slept with their girlfriends!”
Yes right cause I always say take me Romeo and then you didn‘t remember my birthday either did you?“I have to wash those sheets before everyone knows!’ says Kathy”I hate you!If I could get away from you I’d be gone now but as it is just stay away from me and look after the kids okay!”“I’ll be right back!'

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