Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Part 16-The Disappearance Of Emily-Ann

Part 16-The Disappearance Of Emily-Ann
“I now give you Mr.and Mrs.Thaddeus Martin you may now kiss the bride says the priest as Tad kisses Dottie.
Opal dabs her eyes an so does Jenny
“I thought I’d never see this” says Jenny”now Tad can be as happy as we are!’ she says to Greg
“ Tad and I are going to take some time now for pictures but we are hoping you’ll join us in two hours for a reception at Dorothy’s next door!’says Dottie

As everyone gets up to leave.And go out to the park to await the reception milling about!
Flash to Billy Clyde hiding in the restaurant Dorothy’s fine dining waiting patiently and Emily-Ann in the trunk of Kathy’s stolen car a gag in her mouth her feet tied behind her back to her hands!
Kathy comes in the restaurant to check on things .
The tables are set but there is no sign of the staff.
“Where did everyone get to the place looks deserted!'says Kathy
Flash to the staff tied and gagged in the kitchen!
Kathy is looking around and suddenly feels sick and runs to the bathroom
She throws up comes out washes her hands and steps outside the bathroom
Bily Clyde is outside the bathroom and he says
“Well lookee hear who is is this cute young thing! By gumption youse the spitting image of my beloved Dixe Cooney !A lot younger but youse sure is purty!Look that all that curly blonde hair hair like liquid sunlight it is!he waxes putting his hands in her hair and touching it!
“Who are you? You shouldn’t be here were closed for a private party!"says Kathy annoyed and slightly scares pushing away Billy Clyde’s hands
“Feisty just like your ma.m.a aren’t youse sweetcheeks!Cause My Dixie was your !God rest her soul!You going to make me a great bride !"says Billy Clyde grabbing her arms and twisting them behind her back and marching her down the hall just as Dottie comes in to check on the arrangements leaving Tad in the park!
“You let go of my daughter right now! says Dottie ‘when she spots Billy Clyde grabbing Kathy
“This ain’t your daughter missy why don’t you go mind youse own business!’says Billy Clyde
“She’s my daughter as of an hour ago!Now I’m going to tell you only one more time let go of my daughter or your going to be sorry!’
“Oh so youse the new Mrs.Tad Martin!’We can soon fix that!’ Billy Clyde says reaching out with one hand to grab Dottie well holding Kathy witht he other but Kathy uses her karate skills on Billy Clyde as Dottie does the same!Billy ends up on the floor and starts laughing
“I loves me feisty woman maybe I should become one of dem Mormons and take two brides!”he laughs
“Mormons don’t do that ! You don’t understand that religion do you says Kathy as Dottie putting Kathy behind her says “don’t talk to him Kathy you’ll only encourage him.”!
“Billy Clyde I suggest you leave while you can and also that you return Emily-Ann maybe if you do when they catch up to you they’ll go easy on you!’
“Wow dat Martin has a type you sound a lot like Miss Dixie!”
“I’ll take that us a compliment she was one of the finest people as I understand “says Dottie
“Can you help an old man up at least ?'says Billy Clyde sounding creaky and old
“I suppose!’ says Dottie reaching out to help him up as Billy Clyde hits her on the head with something that resembles a sock filled with coins it knocks Dottie out cold .As Billy -Clyde pops up quickly and puts a chlorformed cloth over Kathy’s face even as she tries to use her karate!
“Women folk when will they learn that Billy Clyde Tuggle knows best no woman has ever bested me and they never will !'he says placing Dottie and Kathy in two different serving carts he puts tablecloths over and then wheels out to the alley behind Dorothy’s fine dining!He ushers them to Kathy’s waiting car and puts Kathy in the front seat buckling her in .He places Dottie directly behind her.He ties both their hands and feet!then he opens the trunk of the car taking out Emily-Ann and placing her directly behind the drivers side!

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