Sunday, February 14, 2010

Part 12- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 12- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Jesse at the police station two days after the kidnapping
“So any leads on the car the 80‘s Horizon?’asks Jesse
“No sir it’s like it’s vanished in the night!’says Brot as Natalia comes running in looking excited
“I’ve found some information sir!The car the Horizon?It was spotted for a few minutes at store downtown.I asked the stores nearby for the video surveillance and I think we have him sir I think we have him on video stealing some clothes probably for our vic!’says Natalia excitedly” I think we should do a sweep of nearby rooms hotels motels with a still from this video!I all ready made a picture we can circulate!’
“Let me see that !'says Jesse looking suprised and then grimacing” I guess I shouldn’t be surprised Tad came back from the dead, I came back from the dead why not one of the most diabolical villians that terrorized Pine Valley ? Did he have to be a Pine Valley transplant couldn’t he have stayed in Pennsylvannia?’asks Jesse”where has he been for the last twenty years?Jail?”
“who is it Dad you know him who is it?’asks Natalia
“It’s Billy Clyde Tuggle aka John Henry Rockfeller!He’s Emily-Ann’s biological father! He’s truly evil to the bone!It’s abit of a long story!He ran a lady of the evening ring and he ra..ped Emily-Ann’s mother producing her .Estelle struggled to raise her baby and got away from him marryng Benny Sago who formally adopted her.Estelle however was killed in a car accident and Donna Beck who had gotten away from Billy Clyde became a hairdresser .she married Benny an adopted Emily-Ann her best friends child with Benny! They broke up and she married Chuck Tyler some time later.He came back to town and told Emily-Ann he was her real dad she was fragile to begin with because of losing a baby but that just threw her and hse spent some time in a mental hospital!Then the amn became fixated on Dixie Cooney!”
“Tad’s Dixie Kathy’s mom the one who died?’asks Natalia
“yes and he wanted her to marry him all tied up in ropes of course because she never agree! The police department found him and he put dynamite out .To save Dixie Tad battled him and went over a cliff!He later came back and was later shot while trying to harm Tad who then though he was Ted Orsini!So how can he be alive ?I’ve seen the autopsy photos no one could survive that!’
“Did he have any family sir?’asks Brot
“I see where you’re going with this!What if he had a twin or a family member a cousin that looked like him and he was killed!says Jesse as he looks up something on his computer “Yes we have a winner one John Henry Rockfeller released two weeks ago after serving 20 years for a murder in Glouchester Maine!That’s the name he used when he came back to Pine Valley in the 80‘s!I must say he’s consistent! '
“Good work sir so we’ve identified him!’says Brot
“I identified him I found the video and made the picture !'whines Natalia wanting all the praise
“yes good work Natalia!Brot I want a sweep done of all the motels and hotels in the area but
don’t under any circumstances approach the perp!’Is that understood Natalia?’demands Jesse
“Yes sir!’say Natlia sticking out her tongue when Jesse desn't see as Brot does and frowns
“I want to be notified if the perp is spotted!No cowboying or cowgirling as the case may be!’says Jesse purposely
Natalia and Brot leave to go carry out Jesse’s orders as Jesse calls Tad to warn him
“Tad it’s Jesse I have some information on the kidnapping .It’s Billy Clyde he’s back!"

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