Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Julie Hanan Carruthers Part 2*Likes ,Dislikes AMC

What did I like about todays show February 18,2010
I liked the family moments with the Chandlers
Adam spending the night on the sofa to be near JR and make sure he's allright and find him donors
I liked Krystal reaching out to Marissa because JR is sick and possibly dying
I liked Adam hiring Tad but I felt that Tad should have guessed who this person could be but maybe you're keeping that for another day so I'll let that go!
Annie's mental illness is understandable given her prior behavour with Greenlee but I hope tha Annie doesn't lose under your plan but has secret funds Adam doesn't know about given how she got nothing from her marriage to Ryan except a divorce and a trip to the looney bin!
What I didn't like about todays show February 18,2010
I didn't like Nu-Colby ( she just doesn't seem to have the acting chops to be Colby the product of Liza and Adam!I've tried to like this actress but she doesn't seem to be able to walk and Act at the same time

Ryan and Greenlee:
The Ryan and Greenlee reunion scences should have been magically and compelling!Unfortunately scenes are very bad.Ryan is coming off as a creepy kidnapping stalker and the voice Cameron is using is part of the problem as well ! He must think it's gentle and sexy but really the voice is coming off as extremely creeping and demanding! Ryan kidnaps Greenlee locks her in a room with him and when she complains she is hurt he still manhandles her? Then Greenlee says she still loves him? Do the writers stop to think before they write any of this !Everyone wants to be kidnapped manhandled and prevented from doing what they want don't they!And if you didn't recognize that was sarcasm!Learn how to write love scenes and realize the limitations of your actors!It isn't romantic to have a character who is known for violence to act this way!If they need acting help get it for them and don't write them as stalkers and manhandlers and then call them heroes!

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