Monday, February 1, 2010

Part 27 -Life Goes On

Part 27 -Life Goes On
Jake at Tad’s
Tad and Jake are in Tad’s basement den
Tad has just shown Jake the video
“I’m really sorry Jake that I had to show you that that video and these documents came in the mail today.The person who sent them also threatens to public annunce all of this if I didn’t tell you immediately!’
“I can’t believe it are you sure the video was tampered with or altered in any way Tad?asks Jake
“I wish I could say different Jake but I can’t it reall is Carolyn!’says Tad
“How could I have been so wrong about her .I thought she was an angel ,an exceptional mother instead she was that monster who did that to my child!How could she have done that to her daughter?’ask Jake
“that’s were it gets worse or maybe better if you look at differently Jake!’
“What gets better or worse waht could be worse then this Tad?’asks Jake fearful and angry
“The documents enclosed with it prove beyond a doubt that Carolyn was not Ruth’s mother!’says Tad
“But that’s impossible !’says Jake even more shocked
“She’s wasn’t Ruth’s mother!’insists Tad
“Carolyn stoled that little girl from her real mother!’says Tad
“that’s preposturous she’s my Daughter .I proved it with DNA proof!I gave her my bone marrow!’protests Jake
“She’s your little girl but do you remember when Liza wanted Colby and you made donations!’asks Tad
“Yes I remember how could I not I thought Colby was my daughter at first!”says Jake
“Well it seems your donations were kept were they were used to make Ruth!’says Tad
“She’s mine but some stranger is her mother? This just gets better and better!’says Jake sarcasticly and then continuing
“You say she was stolen from her mother?’Oh my God she’ll want her back and I’ll lose my little girl again!’I can’t lose my little girl Tad I all ready lost one daughter I’ll be da.m.ned if I’ll lose two!
“Jake calm down !Maybe the two of you can make a custody agreement!’says Tad
“calm my brother expects me to be calm when I now have to share my daughter witha total stranger Jake says as Tad shkes his head”waht she’s not a total stranger? Who did Carolyn steal Ruth from let me see those documents Jake looks and sees:
Place of birth CALIFORNIA
County of Ventura Department of Health
City of Los Angeles Division of Vital Statistics
Name of child
Ruth Estelle Martin Date of birth November 15, 2007
Father Mother
Joesph Martin Junior full maiden name Emily-Ann Sago
Address:3420 Canyon Drive ADDRESS 3420 Canyon Drive
Pine Valley,Pennsylvannia Pine Valley,Pennsylvannia
Race:White age last birthday 32 years Race:White age last birthday 29 years
birthplace:Pine Valley,P.A. birthplace Pine Valley,P.A.
Occupation:Physician Occupation:Nurse
Number of children of this mother 2 Number of children still living 1

I hearby certify I attended the birth of this child who was born alive at 1010A.M.
Robert Welby M.D.
Dated 11/16/07 1500 Ventura Avenue
Filed 11/16/07
Trey Kenyon
I hereby certify that the above document is a true copy of the certificate on file in the California Department of Health.,Sacramento California
certified by Trey Kenyon
Jake can’t believe his eyes he rubs them and then says shocked “I don’t believe it of all the people in the world Emily-Ann is Ruth’s mother?’
“She’s really suffered Jake for over a year she searched high and low for Ruth and the woman she thought was Susan but really it was Carolyn!She stopped eating and drinking and then talking.She’s here at HappyValley Sanitorium!Chuck,Donna and Benny had her committed here because they have some of the finest psychiatric minds here in the country!Jake I talked to the hospital they thought I was afamily member!Emily-Ann carries around a doll that she sings to and calls Ruth!”says Tad almost in tears
“Oh my poor Emily-Ann ! I was so heartless to her years ago when she had a tuble pregnancy and then when she had her hysterical pregnancy!I abandoned her Tad I denied that I was interested in Katie Kennicot and I left her alone to deal with all on her own!I broke her Tad and now it seems that she needs my help again!I don’t know if she’ll be capable of looking after ruth after all she’s been through but I won’t deny her access to Ruth .I’ll talk to her doctor’s and if they allow it I’ll bring Ruth to see her as long as I think it’s safe for Ruth!”vows Jake
“Do you still love her Jake?’asks Tad surprised
“I think there will always be apart of me that loves the little girl I grew up with and married but do I love her no !Tad I love Amanda and I want her back in my life!’says Jake emphatically
“Well what are you going to do about Emily-Ann?’ask Tad
“I’m goin to go talk to he doctor’s like I sad and if they allow it bring her daughter to her tomorrow!’says Jake
“good says Tad “Mother’s should have access to their children!And Emily-ann has waited along time to see her daughter!’
“Iknow you’re still thinking about what Dixie went through Tad and how she never really got to meet her daughter again but I’d like to believe she was the one who brought Kathy back to you!’says Jake thoughfully
“Me too Bro me too!’says Tad

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