Sunday, February 14, 2010

Part 13- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 13- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Jesse at the police station
“Tad it’s Jesse I have some information on the kidnapping .It’s Billy Clyde he’s back!"
“But that ‘s impossible I saw him gunned down myself! It can’t be Billy Clyde Tuggle!”
“Sorry to have to tell you this but not only is he alive he was spotted downtown at one of the stores shoplifting!’says Jesse
“Are you sure Jesse?
“As sure as I could be it’s been twenty years he’s older than his mugshots!’says Jesse
‘Him again! He hates me !’says Tad “Is that why he went after Emily-Ann ?Do you think he knows about Ruth?’
‘Questions questions I have no answers to Tad .All I know is that he took her.She is his biological daughter who knows what goes on in his deluded mind “says Jesse ’”I’m getting a call on my other line this could be the call I’ve been waiting for I’ll update you.You’re still at the hospital with young Master Girder?’
“yes Mike needs the company !’
“Okay call you back! says Jesse as he switches lines”Hubbard here!’
“We thought we had him Dad but he’s ditched the car and he’s flown the coop!’
“Get to the point Natalia where is Billy Clyde Tuggle?’asks Jesse
‘ Sorry Dad he’s gone were not sure where !they were here at the Acorn Motel but they aren’t here now.We found Emily’s pajamas so she’s wearing the clothes he stoled!’
“We have to find her Emily-Ann maybe his biological daughter but were dealing with a pyscho here!he won’t hesitate to hurt her if he feels she crossed him!’says Jesse
“We’ll keep searching Dad but we have to find out whether he left on foot or in another vehicle it would help if I had some stolen car reports from the area for the last day or so!’says Natalia frustrated
“Access them Natalia get back to the station look them up and find that vehicle!”says Jesse
Happy Valley Hospital
“ Here I brought you some things!’ says Tad tentatively handing a bag to Mike
“Wow is this a gameboy and some games cool!Thanks Mr.Martin!’says Mike
“Just call me Tad!’saysTad “and your welcome!’
“I always wanted video games but Dad said they cost to much and their were totally stupid!’says Mike
“wit until you come to my house I’ve got a games room it’s my personal den but I do let some people in occasionally !’says Tad
“Do you have WII? asks Mike
“Do I have WII I love playing tennis on it and bowling I’m always beating Jake(that’s my brother you may have met him Dr.Martin!) I’m sure you’ll like doing that too!’
“Sounds like fun so who all lives at your house?’asks Mike
“Well I have two daughters Kathy who’s eighteen and Jenny who’s 13 !Jenny’s mother Krystal used to live next door but she lives with her husband now !’answers Tad
“Wow sounds like you’ve got a houseful!’says Mike
“That’s not the half of it says Tad “Jake and his daughter Ruth who’s two live with us too!’”and my biological mother Opal leaves with us too!‘
“Wow are you sure you have room for me?’asks Mike
“The more the merrier!’says Tad
“That’s right Mike the more the merrier we are so happy you can join our family” says Dottie smiling
“You people seem to good to be true!’says Mike”why would you want to be nice to me I’m the son of a criminal !’
“You are your own person that doesn’t make you like him!’says Tad
“Are you sure?’asks Mike
“Yes I am no Ray Gardner and you are not Ray Girder!’says Tad vehemently
“I’m tired I’m going to sleep now!says Mike”will you come back?’
“Yes I’m going home for a few hours but I’ll be back this afternoon and I’ll bring my daughters!’
Till then sleep tight!’says Tad
“Goodbye Tad” says Mike quietly as Tad and Dottie leaves
“He’s a nice boy Tad . I’ve made all the palns for our wedding do you still want to get married?’asks Dottie
“ Of course and not just for Mike though it’s a good reason!’I love you Dottie !You are a kind generous warm person who loves deeply. Thanks Dottie for being there for me and Mike!’says Tad
“I’ll always be there for you Tad !I love you too!And I’ll be a good mom to him I’ve allready raised a boy so I can help out there!”says Dottie”now let’s get home for that visit from the social worker!

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