Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Part 6- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 6- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Dorothy’s restuarant and fine dining
Tad ,Kathy,Jenny ,Ruth and Krystal are seated at a table celebrating Kathy‘s birthday
”So how does it feel to be an adult” asks Tad
“Being an adult is hard !’says Kathy
“Welcome to being an adult “says Tad”I’m just glad you and Jenny got hme in J.r.s helicopter !’
“Well I am and I’m not I can’t get access to my car because of that stupid mudslide!’
“I’m sorry Kathy I know what a bum deal that is but you’ll get your car back when they fix the road!”says Tad “At least the slide didn’t take your car!’
“Yes really!’says Kathy
“so where’s Aaron?’asks Krystal
“We broke up and no I don’t want to talk about it so drop the subject “says Kathy
“Oooh touchy isn’t she!’ stage whispers Tad to Krystal
“Tad drop it !'says Krystal swatting Tad in the arm
“Where’s Uncle Jake isn’t he coming?’ asks Kathy disappointed
“No sorry Baby he wanted to come but he got called into work” lies
“Where’s Grandma Opal?'
“She should be here soon!'says Tad
I’ll be right back Jenny come with me while I touch up my make-up “says Kathy
As soon as she’s out of earhot Krystal says
“what’s really going on Tad what’s Jake up to?’
“Jake’s ex wife was kidnapped and he’s trying to find her with Jesse’s help”answers Tad
“what ex wife?Not Amanda?’asks Krystalshocked
“no a longtime ago Jake was married to Emily-Ann Sago.It seems that Carolyn stoled
Emily-Ann’s daughter!’says Tad sadly
“Are you talking about Ruth ?whispers Krystal so Ruth doesn’t hear”Carolyn took Ruth but Jake matched Ruth how is that possible?’
“Emily-Ann accessed his donations and had Ruth then Carolyn stole her!’Emily-Annsearched not finding her daughter she lost her mind !She was at the Happy Valley Sanitorium but someone kidnapped her! ‘says Tad
“oh my Tad that’s horrible that poor poor woman first her child then herself!’“I hope that Jake finds her!says Krystal just as Jenny and Kathy come back.
“there’s something weird going on with Jackson Montgomery and company look’ says Kathy pointing
back to the Montgomeries and company
“So that was lovely meal Jack but why are Annie and Emma here ?’asks Erica
“Just a minute! Waiter it’s time!’says Jack getting him to pour champagne in glasses and coke in Emma’s!
“I would like you all to meet the newest members of the Montgomery clan my daughter Annie Chandler and grandaughter Emma Lavery!”toasts Jack"to Annie and Emma!'
“What you except this at face value are you out of your mind Jackson Montgomery?asks Erica shrilly
“I agree with Erica for once says Greenlee shrilly do you have any proof?‘
”Jackson is my father I‘ve given him proof shouts Annie angrily
What about a DNA test ? Papers can be faked says Greenlee!’ as Erica nods
”i‘d be happy to do a DNA test JAckson is my father too!‘Annie says to Greenlee who then grabs Annie‘s hair and says
”If you think I‘m going to let you scam my father witch think again!‘says Greenlee
“Too loud too loud voices too loud “says Lily
“Come on Lily let’s got to the ladies room until the adults calm down !'says Emma pointedly
Lily and Emma leave!
“that’s enough says Jack “I’m not getting kicked out of this restaurant too! Ladies back to your corners.A DNA test is a formality Annie is my daughter accept it!"says Jack as Leo pulls Greenlee of Annie and Jack pulls Annie off Greenlee
“But Dad what if she’s scamming you?’says Greenlee pointedly
“She’s not !She’s my daughter and your sister you better try to get along and set a better example for your boys because your sister is now a part of my life!says Jack forcefully
“Fine but if she does one thing to hurt you she’ll be sorry she was ever born!Got it sis!’says Greenlee
“Perfectly sis !’says Annie through clenched teeth
As Jack says goodbye to all and leaves with Erica
“Well that went well !'says Jack to Erica
“You could have told me ahead of time !'complains Erica
“It wouldn’t have been right for you to know before the kids !"says Jack
“There not kids anymore and I won’t let any of them come between us again!’says Erica
“They won’t !I won’t let them !’says Jack

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