Friday, February 19, 2010

Part 19- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 19- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Jesse has just arrived at the hospital still trying to coordinate finding Billy Clyde while worry about Natalia
“What do you mean he’s slipped our dragnet !He shot a cop for petesake! He shot my daughter.His kidnapped three citizens of Happy Valley and I want him apprehended yesterday !’shouts Jesse into his radio
“I’m Chief Jesse Hubbard Dr.Hubbard’s husband her stepdaughter ,my daughter,Natalia Fowler a policewoman was shot and brought here tonight where can I find here?’asks Jesse
“Officer Fowler was taken straight into the OR Dr.Hayward one of the finest heart surgeons in the world is working to remove the bullet!"shares the nurse
As Jesse visibly pales and sags as Tad catches him
“It’s going to be okay Jess she’s right you know David is a horrible human being but as a doctor and aheart surgeon if you need him he’s the one to have!’says Tad
“I know your right Tad but she’s my baby girl!Ah hell what am I saying you know that too!
We’re going to get your baby girl back to Tad and your wife.I need to be here right now but
we’re close to finding the scumbag and I won’t rest until there safe I promise you that Tad ‘says Jesse just as his radio squawkes
“No sign of the suspect sir but we had a citizen radio us that he may have been spotted agin near Sunset and Canyon Road 10 minutes ago!'comes the report from the police officer to Jesse
“Find that car now!’ shouts Jesse angrily
Flash to Billy Clyde driving the car“Well that as a close one but I think I lost them dere stinking coppers!Teach them to tangle with me I shot one dem coppers cars!’says Billy Clyde to Emily-Ann
“Are they okay? They don’t seem to be waking up!”asks Emily-Ann ignoring Billy Clyde‘s tirade against the cops because she‘s worried about the ladies!
“Shore they just had some that magic medicine youse nose that choloryform!’They’ll wake up in a little while and then I can say the words and they’ll be your’s!’
“but Daddy could we let them go and just have just you and I for awhile.I haven’t had a chance to get to know my Daddy !do we have to bring a stepmother into to this?”asks Emily-Ann trying to convince him to let Dottie and Kathy go free
“While that is really sweet youse being jealous of my affections for yore new stepma.mas but my affection for you won’t change yore my dawter and I’se never goin to forget that!’says Billy Clyde in all seriousness
“please Daddy couldn’t you let them go?’asks Emily-Ann begging Billy Clyde
“I don’t want to hear no more about this your stepma..mas are here tostay so you best get yore nose out of joint and accept dem!”says Billy Clyde as Emily-Ann sudednly reaches forwrd throwing her arms with the rope around Billy Clyde’s neck
“girl I aint going tell youse again !Da stepma.ama stays and if youse keeps dis up you going back to the hole I found youse in!understnd says Billy Clyde managing to get out of the rope and chastiing Emily-Ann in a raspy voice”keep dat up and I’m going to think dem doctors were right about you dawter!’
“sorry Daddy “says Emily-Ann sounding contrite to appease him
“youse best be sorry youse could have crashed the car and killed your Pappy!’says Billy Clyde
“Goll dang what’s a wrong with this here steering it won’t steer’as the car veers off the road and over the cliff edge on Canyon road just down the road from the landslides of few days ago
flash to alittle while later and we see Emily-ann still seated in the car behind the drivers seat unconscious.Kathy beside her unconscious ,Dottie still in the front seat unconscious and the car tittering on another cliff edge with Billy Clyde nowhere to be seen!


  1. Hey Sheila, It's Spencer (;

    So i read all of the other stories, I'm pretty sure this is the last one you posted right?? This one was good! Jessie is definitely improving as Police Chief, I'm really starting to like him now ^_^ can't say the same for the real Jessie on AMC, though. Still can't stand him as Police Chief! But your version of him is good. I also like that Tad is by his side!

    LoL does Billy Clyde really talk like that? I love the way you scribe him. OMG to the car falling off of that ledge! I hope Kathy, Dottie, or Emily Ann didn't die..:O! That would be said...can't wait to see what happens next!

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    thanks Amelia