Thursday, February 18, 2010

Part 18- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 18- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Jesse is driving about searching for Billy Clyde in his patrol car with Tad by his side!
a call comes over his radio
“Perp sighted driving drivng a 2007 Honda four door car in blue!’says the voice over the radio
‘We’ve got him now!’ says Jesse” Patrol where was he sighted?’asks Jesse
“Perp sighted at Main and Canyon Roads!’says the voice over the radio
“ Don’t move in follow at a staggered pace don’t alert him!says Jesse
“Were going to get him Tad were going to get Dottie and Kathy back!’says Jesse to Tad
‘I hope so and in one piece!’
“That’s the plan TAd!’says Jesse
Falsh to Jenny at David’s
“Do you really think Dottie and Kathy will be okay? This man sounds awful!’says Jenny allowed
“Jenny if there’s something I know about your Dad he’s a fighter!He fights hardest when he’s back is to the wall and believe me he’s hard to beat !’David says grudgingly to comfort Jenny
“Thanks Dr.Hayward I feel better your right my Daddy will get them back safe!’says Jenny
“Come on Jenny I want to show you the new video game my Dad got me !’says Rose
“What kind of game is it?asks Jenny interested
“It’s the coolest my Dad special ordered! It ’s virtual surgery !”says Rose
“That’s a little weird you know!’say Jenny
“Come on it’s fun I bet you can’t beat me at heart surgery!’says Rose
“Probably not but I’m going to try!’ say Jenny competitvely
“That was very kind of you David!’says Vanessa to David
“I’m not heartless she’s worried I did what I had to put her mind at ease!’says David
“You can fool some people but your not fooling me David!You have a generous heart under that tough exterior!’says Vanessa to his departing back and he doesn’t hear a few seconds later he comes back into the room
“Mother I’ve ben called into the hospital could you watch the girls and keep the alarm on while
I’m gone?’asks David
“No worries David if Billy Clyde came here I’d take him out!’says Vanessa
“Oh I’m not worried mother I know the children will be safe with you!’says David slyly
“ Go dear !But I don’t think it would hurt if Rose started some self defence lessons next week!You know she is getting older and I like her to be able to defend herself especially from boys!says Vanessa
“Boys she’s too young for boys she’s got med school ahead of her a whole life before boys!’says David
“David she’s teen and teen girls like boys!’says Vanessa
“Over my dead body!’ says David
“David dear that isn’t he attitude to take you better get the right attitude now before it happens!’
“What happens?’asks David
“The guy her Dad hates comes into her life!’says Vanessa knowingly
Flashback to Jesse and Tad in the car
“There he is there’s the nasty perp!”says Jesse excited
“Careful Jesse we’ve got to box him in”says Tad
“Don’t tell me how to do my job Tad I know what to do!’says Jesse
“Natalia ,Brot,Bob Fred are you in position on my count we box him in are the spikes in place?”asks Jesse over the radio
“Yes the spikes are in place sir !’says Brot
“Oh no he’s spotted them he ‘s going over the sidewalk”says Natalia
Billy Clyde fires out the window at Natalia and Brot
“Thank goodness Dad made us wear our flack jackets!’says Natalia and then she says “what as she sees Brot’s face
“there’s blood !’says Brot still driving
“where ?'says Natalia as she looks under her arm and just under the flack jacket she’s been shot .
“I don’t feel so good!’ she says fainting
“Don’t you dare die on me Natalia !I love you don’t you dare leave me we’ve got a future together pleads Brot then Brot pulls over laying Natalia down taking off his shirt and pressing it to the wound as he calls in at the same time saying “Officer down at Main and burbank Officer down!Send immediate assistance!”
“Oh my god that’s Brot Natalia’s with him!Please God don’t let it be Natalia that’s shot “says Jesse”I got to know Tad if that’s my baby girl!’ turning around and sending more cars after Billy Clyde
“I understand Jesse just please let them find my baby girl and my wife!’ says Tad
Jesse gets out of the car and runs to the open door of Brot and Natalia’s squad car
“You were suppose to keep her safe Jesse!’ admonishes Brot
“I know sir I know I love her sir I’d give my life for her!admits Brot”I wish it had been me!’
“But it wasn’t was it ?"says Jesse unfairly”It went riht through her flack jacket?how?
“It went under her jacket near her arm.I’m stopping the flow of bleeding !'Brot says as Jesse finally notices that Brot has his shirt off and is pressing on the wound.The amblance arrives taking Natlalia away as Jesse says grabbing Brot's arm
“I’m sorry Brot that was unfair let’s get to the hospital!’

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