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Part 32 -Life Goes On-The Wedding Reception 3

Part 32 -Life Goes On-The Wedding Reception 3
Adam and Pete facing off
Adam says” Get it over with Cortlandt! If you think you’re going to turn my daughter against me think again!’
“Colby and I love each other Adam!Now we could be disengenuinious here or we can be honest! Colby and I love each other we are married and we would like some harmony with you but frankly if you put up roadblocks that’s your problem not ours! We don’t need you as much as you need us or rather Colby! I would hope for your daughter’s sake and for appearances you’d except me but I’m telling you right now that I won’t stand for your games you will not hurt Colby with your mind games!I am not a boy but a man and I am your son-in law so you’d better except it and be nice to me! Even if it’s only when Colby’s around! Do we understnd each other DAD?’Pete says in a menacing voice we’ve never heard from him sounding a lot like his father
“So the fruit didn’t fall far from the tree!’ “Does Colby even know the real Pete Cortlandt?”asks Adam
“She knows who and what I am capable of! Do you?asks Pete
“ A boy facing off against man do you think I’m threatened at all ?’says Adam
“As I said let’s get this straight Adam I’m Colby’s husband I’m not going anywhere and if you think that you can walk all over either of anymore think again!’”I’m not the little boy you could use a discard who was eager to learn your business savy!The fall guy for your criminal schemes! I’m the president of my own company which is on the upswing! We don’t need you but Colby because you are her father would like a relationship with you but not at the cost of losing me so choose Adam your anger or your daughter what will it be?’says Pete looking Adam straight
“yes Daddy waht will it be will you except Pete or will you lose me?asks Colby
“ For you Colby I’ll except him!’says Adam reluctantly
“There daddy was that so hard says Colby hugging Adam as we hear what Adam’s really thinking”that little upstart Pigeon Holllow get thinks he can beat me he better think again!Keep your friends close keep your enemies closer!’as he smiles and shakes Pets’hand and says
“Welcome to the family!’not meaning a word of it!
Meanwhile Tad is searching franticly fro Dottie who a waiter tells him has left so he gets inhis car and starts drivng to Dottie’s It’s storming heavily outside and the rain is lashing Tad’s car as he turns on his wipers.He goes through what he thinks is a puddle and his car sinks into a huge hole Tad manages to crawl out of the car with his cellphone unfortunately his cellphone is dead.He starts walking but he’s in the outskirts of town where there are few homes and few cars this time of night!He begins walking to Dottie’s leaving his car behind!
Back at the party
Jake is thinking about Emily-Ann and how she must have suffered he decides to go the hospital and bring her some pictures of Ruth!He leaves the party.Amanda sees him and leaves the party following him in her car!As T.J. Martin notices Amanda acting oddly and says to Caitlin pretending he’s had a phone call
“Caitlin I’m sorry but I have to leave I’ve had a call from work!’ he says holding up his phone.He kisses her good bye “Sorry about this I’ll make it up to you do you think you can get a ride with someone?’
“I’m sure I can just go work comes first!’ says Caitlin trying to be a good girlfriend
T.J.leaves gets in his car just in time to follow Amanda.
“Where is he going ?’Amanda thinks as she follows careful to not let Jake see her car.
The rain is coming down in sheets and all three Jake ,Amanda and T.J struggle to stay on the road!
Melissa and Tim’s
Aaron is helping Kathy babysit
“ Wow this is really boring !how do you stand it Kathy !’says Aaro as he changes two babies’diapers on Madeline and Owen as Kathy changes Bella and Beth. Then Kathy changes Trevor !
“It’s like an assembly line!” says Kathy laughing
“I could have been hanging out with the guys from the football team “Aaron says as they put the kids to bed!
‘Well I’m glad you’re spending time with me and helping me out!’says Kathy
“Oh Kathy I’m sorry to leave you in the lurch but I just got a call from Minneapolis my Dad has had a heart attack!I can’t get a hold of Melissa but I can’t stay !You’ll have to manage at least you have Aaron to help!’says Cheryl can‘t
“I guess you have to go but that’s odd you can’t get a hold of Melissa let me try!’says Kathy”that’s odd there’s no dial tone.”I thought cellphones always worked!
“I’m off!Bye Kathy and Aaron sorry for leaving you in the lurch!says Cheryl going out the front door.
“Bye!’ says Kathy a few minutes later the lights go out!Kathy and Aaron light candles and check on the children finding them all asleep.Kathy says great I’m getting a migraine she
goes to Marissa’s medicine cabinet and takes out what she thinks are migraine pills
“There that ought to get rid of my headache” she says taking two pills as the camera pans in and we see:
Take one pill for headaches only under supervision and the warning that says may cause euphoria , amnesia and sleep walking!
“I hope the lights come on soon!’ says Kathy
“Me too but whatever will we do until then!’ says Aaron kissing Kathy deeply
“The children!’ says Kathy
“We’ll hear then says Aaron continuing to kiss Kathy as she kisses him back!

Happy Valley Hospital
Emily-Ann is sitting in a chair in her room rocking back and forth in her arms is a doll .As Dr.Christine Woods comes in.
“Hello Emily-Ann!’ Christine says softly”how are you this evening?’
“Tired go away!says Emily Ann” Ruthie is tired! she says rocking a doll”she will wake SHH!
“Emily-Ann we talked about this that is adoll that is not Ruth! Emily-Ann look at me we’ve found Ruth!’
“Found Ruthie? but she’s right here says Emily-Ann looking dazzed and confused.
“Emily-Ann the woman that stoled her is dead!she can’t hurt you again and she doesn’t have Ruth!’says Christine
‘Ruthie where is my Ruthie?asks emily-ann stting down the doll.
“Emily-Ann we will bring her to you tomorrw but for now see what I have?”asks Christine holding pictures
“I know this woman that’s dottie did she take my Ruth?’says Emily-Ann
“You know my best friend Dottie ? No she didn’t take Ruth Susan who’s real name was Carolyn took Ruth! See if you look over here in the picture who do you see ?’asks Christine
“You know her name ? Emily-Ann aks her eyes narrowing in suspicion
“look here Emily-Ann?Who do you see ?asks Christine again
“It’s Joey my Joey!says Emily-Ann
“Joey calls himself Jake now he found Ruth!He found his little girl!explains Christine”see the little girl beside him “she points out”that’s Ruth
“That’s my Ruthie?Joey saved my Ruthie?’asks Emily-Ann
“That’s right Emly-Ann he did she’s with her daddy!’says Christine
Emily-Ann cries silently
“are you okay Emily-Ann ahs this been too much?’asks Christine
“I want to see her I want to see my little girl says Emily-Ann sounding more like an adult and lucid
“tomorrow you will see Ruth Emily-Ann I promise until then would you like to keep the picture of Ruth?’asks Christine
I want to her her voice can I speak to her on the phone?’asks Emily-Ann
“She’s very little Emily-Ann and she doesn’t know who you are!’states Christine
‘I will never hurt her I promise to not say anything until tomorrw about being her mother !Please can I call her please Dr.Woods?’pleads Emily-Ann
“I won’t promise anything Christine says taking out her cellphone she dials Tad’s
“Can I speak with Jake Martin?she asks as Opal answers
“Sorry he’s out for the night!says Opal
“This is Dr.Wood’s Emily -Ann Sago Martin’s doctor!’
“oh yes rightJake was telling me all about that!That poor woman I had that heppen to me course my boy was older but it’s plum awful!’says Opal rambling
“then you understand tht Emily-Ann would like to speak with her daughter !’states Christine
“sure and I’d put her on if she was here !’says Opal”tell you waht you hld on right there !says Opal quickly dailing her cellphone well holding the home phone with Christine on the line
“hello Kathy it’s Grandma Opal! Is Ruth close by oh i’m goign to have a Dr.wood’s cll there you put Ruth on the phone when she calls !okay!
“sure Grandma!’ says Kathy obediently
“okay says Opal after hanging up her cellphone it’s alla ranged you call this number5555555 and tell Kathy your name and hse’ll let you talk to Kathy!’says Opal
“Thank-you !says Christine hanging up and dialling Kathy
Kathy puts the phone up to Ruth’s ear
“Hello Baby How are you asks Emily-Ann!’
“’asks Ruth
“Yes baby doll it’s your ma.m.a!’ says Emily-Ann pleased her yeys shining with joyful tears”I’ve missed you so!’
“missed yo to!’says Ruth “Luv ya!’
“I love you too baby my little Ruthie!’Be good for your Daddy!‘
“bye ma.ama go play now!says Ruth handing Kathy the phone
“she’s gone now bye says Kathy hangin up the phone as Emily-ann also hangs up handing the phone to Christine.
“I’ll see her tomorrow?’asks Emily-Ann
“you will !'says Christine “here you go!’ she says handing Emily- Ann her medication
“Thank-you says Emily-Ann”for giving me bck my baby!
”your welcome but you can thnk the real person who found her tomorrow“
“Please thank Jake for me!says Emily-Ann!’
“you can thank him tomorrow!says Christine
you do it tonight!’ says Emily-Ann”I still love him!’
“That’s something you should tell him yourself!says Christine”but remember we talked about this in session he may not feel the same!
Christine leaves the room with Emily-Ann falling into a drugged sleep she goes to complete paperwork in her office.As we watch Emily -Ann sleep we see a black figure enter her room and place a hand over her mouth but not before she says

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