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Part 14 -New Beginnings and New Alliances

Part 14 -New Beginnings and New Alliances

Tad in his house talking to Kathy
“She won’t talk to me Daddy she keeps hanging up!I don’t know why he kissed me instead of her!’It really wasn’t my fault!’bemoans Kathy
“A boy kissed you?’asks Tad “and yuo didn’t want him to?’
“well I like him but I kind of thought he liked Emma he was dancing with her!’
“But he kissed you without your permission?’seethes Tad
“Daddy that’s not it it really isn’t I didn’t really mind the kiss it was New Years except...she breaks off
“Except?’ what asks Tad gently trying to come to grips with his daughter being kissed and not acting like an irate father.
“Except Emma really ,really likes him!”says Kathy
“but he obviously likes you!’says Tad”you’ve got a big decision to make Kathy.Do you chose to get to know this boy .In which case he’s welcome to come here when Krystal or I are here to supervise!
“Daddy!’ Kathy protests”that’s so old fashion!’
“It maybe old fashion but remember your Dad was a young stud on upon ablue moon and he knows how guys think!’
“Daddy!’ Kathy says blushing and embarrassed
“just saying!’ says Tad knowingly and then continues“Your other choice is make peace with Emma and don’t ever speak to this boy again !if you do decide to see him Kathy, Emma might never speak to you again! “
“Oh Daddy what should I do?’asks Kathy
“Follow your heart sweetie if this boy feels like the one to you then choose him if not then move on and forget him!’says Tad trying to put his daughter’s feelings first despite his misgivings of her dating
“Thanks Dad!'Kathy says kissing Tad’s cheek” I’m going to have to really think about this and maybe talk it over with Krystal”
“Krystal’s a good sounding board but make sure you call first if Adam is there I don’t want you going over!'says Tad
“Daddy I know Adam has been mean to you in the past but he’s been pretty nice to Jenny, Krystal and I!
‘When did you see him?’asks Tad pretending he’s not concerned
“The last couple of weeks he’s been hanging out at Krystal’s” answers Kathy
“Well until I say different I would prefer that your sister and you come home when Adam is
there !’ Tad says quietly seething
“ I think your over reacting but okay Dad!’ says Kathy leaving the room and going up to call Krystal!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Part 13-New Beginnings and New Alliances

Amanda opens her eyes and remembers ! She crawls into a little ball and begins crying softly!
“there there sweetie I know it’s a hard blow and you obviously wanted this baby very much says the nurse coming in then she stumbles and says” You have another one at home that should comfort you!’
“Yes like one child is interchangeable with another right ?'says Amanda angrily”he is wonderful but he is not this child!’”I want my baby !’
“Nurse" says Melissa “what did you say to upset my patient?’
“nothing Doctor I was just trying to comfort her!’says the nurse backing away
“Very well I’ll call you if I need you!’ Melissa says
”Amanda your child wasn't ready and she came far too early I'm so sorry Mandy! She's a beautiful baby girl perfectly formed would you like to see her?‘asks Melissa stumbling a little but trying so hard to give comfort
”See her see my dead baby see what I lost ?‘asks Amanda angrily
”Some people find it easier if they see the child they lost!‘says Melissa
“You’re pregnant you wouldn’t understand !'says Amanda bitterly
“I think I’d understand better than most!’says Melissa"Two years ago I was pregnant with twins and I lost both of them at 6 months!’I know how much that hurts and how awful it can be!’
‘ You lost two babies?’asked Amanda shocked "I didn't know!"
‘Yes !’I did but now I’m expecting this little one and little sister things do get better! You always have a little space in your heart to remember and grieve for that baby or babies but it gets better!’says Melissa"I saw my babies and it helped!'
"Really do you think it would help me?'
"Everyone grieves in their own way but we could take a picture of the little girl and you could name her!
"I think I'd like to do that says Amanda dabbing her eyes"thank you for helping me!'
“I’m so glad my brother married you ‘says Amanda
“That's what family is for!I’m so glad I have you as a little sister says Melissa "And Tim and I will help you anyway we can to let you grieve and be there for you!’
“Thanks Melissa I just want to be alone for a bit! says Amanda just as the nurse comes in carrying flowers for Amanda
“Roses for you isn‘t that lovely”says the nurse
“Who are they from ?‘asks Amanda
“Here‘s the card!’ says the nurse!It says

I‘m sorry for hurting you and I‘m sorry about the baby!

“Hmm yes he cares! He didn’t come in person and he didn’t say Love!"comments Amanda
Just then a delivery person comes in with more flowers!

“Begonnias who would send me begonnias ?Who would know I love them and such pretty colors! Do you think it’s Jake ?"Amanda says excitedly looking at the flower while taking out the card which reads:
I can never hope to understand your great loss ! “But remember you are not alone!’
A great admirer of your resilient spirit!
“Who could have sent them?’ she asks Melissa wondering aloud
”It‘s not Jake at least I don‘t think it is!”
“I think you have a secret admirer!’ says Melissa who’s thanking whoever this is for providing a distraction for Amanda even for only a few minutes
Flash to Ryan who’s talking to Emma
“Why did you wait until today to do a report that’s due on Monday?’
“Why do today what you can’t put off tomorrow ! Ha ha!’ says Emma sarcasticly“ besides I’m doing the homework three days ahead of time I’m on Christmas holidays! It’s ridiculous that they expect me to do homework!”Stupid teachers!‘
“Emma show your teachers respect!
”Well I would if this teacher didn‘t quit flirting with you! the yuck factor is so there!”
”I think your imagining that but okay!“Is there something I can help you with to get you started?’ask Ryan
“Yes I’ve been trying to get you to tell me names so I can completely fill in my family tree!’says Emma
“Well I was born John Ryan Curry but that was later changed to Ryan Aloysius Lavery !’says Ryan“apparently Aloysius was my grandfather’s name, your great grandfather on your grandmas side!
‘And your Mom and Dad’s names? And no I’m not putting him in as your dad! Nobody needs to know that !Though I will say Uncle Aiden as your brother !Just as no dad, just your mom!’says Emma
“My mother’s name was Gail Lavery Curry later just Gail Lavery .She had a cousin who was married to Aiden’s Aunt at one time Duke Lavery!”
“Well I don‘t need Duke; cause I don‘t know how to fit him in!I do need your Dad’s name!’
asks Emma
“he’s name was Patrick Curry he later changed that to Patrick Lavery.I had a older brother Braden Curry later Lavery.he’s dead!’says Ryan
“how did he die?’ asks Emma
“I don’t want to talk about it!’says Ryan
“ Your aways keeping secrets! There are some things I should know!” says Emma huffy
“ We have some terrible family history Emma!’says Ryan And quite frankly there are some things you don’t want to know !’
“Yes I do!’ says Emma stamping her foot
“ Very well then if you keep insisting !Your Uncle Braden was a very bad man and went to prison! When he got out he met up with my younger brother Jonathan who was suffering from a brain tumor ! Jonathan killed him but it wasn’t his fault!’says Ryan
“Uncle Jon killed his brother you mean like Adam?’ asks Emma
“yes !’says Ryan forecfully and purposely”it wasn’t his fault!‘
“And did he kill Aunt Erin too?’asks Emma remembering no one had told her how Erin had died
“No that was Alex!’says Ryan
“He killed Aunt Erin? He could have killed me !'said Emma getting scared
“he would never have killed you,in his twisted mind only family is valuable and your family!’
“I’m scared Daddy!’ says Emma”what if he comes back again!‘
“Your safe Emma I won’t ever let him near you again and neither will your Uncle Aiden!’
“Oh okay Daddy I feel better now!’I know Aiden and you will protect me! and then starts working on her homework again
“Do you have more siblings ?’Emma asks
“Yes but I’m not sure where my sisters are !’says Ryan
“ What are there names and how old are they ?she asks working on the family tree
“let see there is Caitlin my sister who was born in September 8,1978 and then there is Colleen who was born in August 11,1979!”says Ryan
“Why don’t you know where they are ? asks Emma
“My father the one I grew up with was a bad man he hit us and when I got old enough I ran away!’says Ryan ashamedly
“Oh Daddy I’m so sorry you must have been so scared!’ says Emma insightfully”"It wasn't your fault he was a bad parent!
"How did you get to be so smart says Ryan hugging Emma
"It's hereditary she says winking and then"I love you Daddy! "
“I love you too pumpkin !’says Ryan

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Part 12-New Alliances and New Beginnings

Part 12-New Alliances and New Beginnings
Dr.Aislin McGillis is talking loudly to her son Aaron in their apartment.
“What did I tell you? I told you you had to stay away from her!”says Aislin
“Stay away from whom?asks Aaron
“Don’t pretend you don’t know Aaron McGillis! you know how dangerous this is if he reveals what I did!’
“I didn’t talk long to her!I danced with Emma once!’explains Aaron
‘ Well I know it’s hard Aaron I saw him last night!says Aislin
Flashback to the ball where we see Aislin spying on Emma and Ryan!Aislin is whistfully looking at the two of them and crying softly!
“I wanted to run to him and tell him but I couldn’t if I do....she gulps back tears and fear “for fear Alex would send the information to the authorities!’says Aislin "who think it was an accident!
“Mom what you did is defensible I’m sure that they’d say it was self defence !’says Aaron”you didn‘t mean to kill him he was beating you!‘
“But if they don’t what would happen to you?’asks Aislin”you’d be all alone! I want to go to the authorities I want to tell but I have to see ! I have to get up the courage to go to him and hope he can forgive me for almost betraying him for Alex! Then maybe he‘ll take you in if ...her voice drops off thinking of the possibility of jail
“Mom he threatened me didn’t he?’says Aaron
“yes he did how did you know that?” says Aislin looking surprised
“He came by once I didn’t tell you but he hinted as much! he maligned you!’say Aaron quietly
‘I’m sorry Aaron I was trying to protect you !He thought I was planting mind control in Aiden’s mind as well but the joke is on him! I just helped him feel better! I would never hurt Ryan even through his brother Aiden!’
“ I love you mom it will be okay and I’m sure Ryan still loves you too!’ He’ll do the right thing once you tell him !
“I hope so your future may depend on it!’”I have to find the right time!’she says
“I’ll leave it to you mom but do it soon before it comes out!’says Aaron’I met a girl mom ! her name is Kathy Martin! Mom she’s so sweet and generous and kind! “the problem is her best friend is Emma so she’s hard to avoid!’ “not only that I think Emma has some kind of weird crush on me!’
“oh that is bad that Emma is crushing on you !'says Aislin
“No kidding I don’t want to hurt her but how do I tell her she’s like a little sister to me?’asks Aaron
“Maybe you do have to tell her just that” says Aislin
"Yes I think you're right""'I'm going over there !"says Aaron
"to Ryan's ? Do you have to?"asks Aislin
Yes you know I do !I won't give you away!Bye "Mom !"he says putting on his coat to go to Emma's.
""Don't let him recognize you!'Aislin says
"He's never seen me how could he know the truth?'says Aaron"Don't underestimate him Ryan is very smart!"says Aislin
"if he's so smart why doesn't he know your here!'says Aaron
"I've been careful!'says Aislin"I'll tell him soon!'
"you'd better !This is to hard a secret to keep it's bound to be found out!"says Aaron


Monday, December 28, 2009

Part 11-New Alliances and New Beginnings

Part 11-New Alliances and New Beginning
Amanda in a hospital bed with tubes and monitors.She stirs and slowly opens her eyes
“what ..... oh no my baby she says gripping her stomach.Are you okay baby?’ she asks heartbreakingly patting her stomach in vain
Melissa comes in and says “I’m sorry Amanda the baby is gone!”
“no no I killed my baby !’says Amanda
it wasn’t the fall that killed your baby! have you ever heard of Toxemia?’
“What my baby..... not my baby!’ not hearing anything in her misery and totally unconsolable crying
‘ this won‘t hurt to much !'says Melissa adminstering a sedative with a nurses help that she calls
Amanda is still rocking back and forth crying and slowly drifts off still mutttering baby in her sleep
“Nurse I want this patient monitored for awhile! Thoughts of suicide, a flux of hormones and a loss of a child can push some women over the edge!”says Melissa to the nurse"and I want to be paged when she awakens
“yes Doctor!”says the nurse and then as Melissa leaves she mutters she’s as arrogant as her father it must run in the family!’
T.J. waiting outside the room hears all and tries to think of something he can do for Amanda.He decides to send her flowers from a secret admirer.He goes to the florist and orders white and red begonias for remembrance .He includes a note that says”
I can never hope to understand your great loss ! “But remember you are not alone!’
T. J then goes to Dottie’s for breakfast!
‘Oh good your finally here!Pancakes are up the fruit is on the table with the syrup!I made sausages and bacon too it’s the keeper keeping warm!says Dottie from the kitchen!
“Mom !'T.J says with a mouth full of pancakes as Dottie sits down to eat
‘What Taddie?' asks Dottie .
“M om you know I hate when you call me Taddie !It’s T.J. remember !’I’m 30 years old you’d think you’d remember!’T.J. complains
‘Somethings up with my boy ! waht’s going on you look like something wonderful has happened and yet something bad!’says Dottie searching his face
‘ I met her Mom!T. J. says whistfully
“you met who? ask Dottie puzzled
‘the one the woman Mom!Remember when I was little and you said I would meet the woman who would turn my insides to jelly who I’d want to breath for?’says T.J.
“Well good then it’s about time when do I get to meet her this woman who has my T.J.’s heart?’ asks Dottie
“ that the problem mom she doesn’t know me!’
“I don’t understand your in love with a woman who doesn’t know you?’ have you lost your mind T.J. and become one of those people I’ve read about a stalker?’
“ I’ve just have become so tongur tied around her mom!’says T.J.
“my son who I’ve always thought takes after his father the Casonova of Pine Valley with the big heart he’s the one who can’t talk to the woman of his dreams? Have you said two words to her ?’asks Dottie
‘yes I said Hi to her at your coffee shop and I bought her a cappuchino when she couldn’t find the change!”
“you could have a had it for free it is my shop!’ says Dottie
“But if I did that then she thank you not me!’ says T.J.
“so have you asked her out’asks Dottie
“no but I saw her last night at the ball I went to the washroom after I saw her to wash my hands so they weren’t clammy and ask her to dance but when I came out of there she was lying on the stairs.She was hurt Mom!says T.J. obviously very upset his hands over his eyes
“is she going to be all right ?'asks Dottie
“I think so physically but Mom she was pregnant!’says T.j.quietly
“Oh T.J. !’says Dottie “then she’s taken!’
“It’s not like that mom! she’s been used by two different men! who treated her badly ! expalins T.J.
‘Is she married or living with someone ?’asks Dottie
“No she’s all alone! and she’s lost her baby!’T.J. says mournfully
“Well if she’s not taken I guess that’s not a hindrance but T.J the loss of a baby is!When I lost your brother it was only you and your father that made me want to live!’Dottie says remembering
“I’m sorry mom for making you remember!’says T.J. quietly
“Don’t Daryl lives on when we talk about and remember his beautiful smile and his quiet giggle when he was about to tease!’ I know that one day we’ll see my little boy once again in heaven with your father (well the man who raised you!’
“Daryl Sr was my father he was there for all my chidhood and beyond! !Mom you know I loved Daryl Jr. but is that a possibilty that my child could be special like him?asks T.J.
“Daryl Sr. side of the family apparently carried the gene for this but anyone can have a special child! And that’s exactly what they are special children loaned to you to love and teach as they teach you life is a lot more than you think!’answers Dottie fiercely
‘I love you mom says T.J. “Daryl couldn’t have had a better mom!Or a better life!’
“I love you too! says Dottie “ but you have a hard row against you this woman is grieving and she’s not thinking clearly go slow and make sure that you don’t hurt her worse !’says Dottie
“so what’s her name?’asks Dottie continuing
“Her name is Amanda Dillon!’ says T.J.
“Oh no Jake’s wife?’asks Dottie
“No! He has a wife and her name is Carolyn and apparently they have a child too!Amanda was never legally married to him!’
“but he’s your uncle!’says Dottie protesting
“He maybe my uncle but he treated the woman I love like tissue !If I have my way he’ll never ever hurt her again!’says T.J. angrily
‘ I hope you succeed T.J but I see a lot of heartache ahead for you and Amanda!’says Dottie shaking her head
“I know that nothing comes easy mother but she’s the one ! ‘says T.J. boldly
“I know what is is to love someone so much it hurts that you think your heart will bleed !I wish you more luck and that you win your hearts desire!’says Dottie giving in but hoping his heart won‘t break
“Thanks mom’says T.J.
“Now what can I do to help?’asks Dottie

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Part 10 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-New Years Day

Part 10 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-New Years Day
New Year’s Day Emma’s house
“Emma for Petesake answer the phone I’m tired of it ringing!" says Ryan his head heavy and sore from drinking the night before!He sips from a drink of raw egg and looks hung over!
“I don’t want to talk to Kathy Martin ever again!’she says not answering the phone
Ryan answers it and says”sorry Kathy I don’t understand what is going on but apparently she doesn’t want to talk to you.Uh huh ,okay I’ll tell her but I’m not promising she’ll call you back it’s up to her!’ then hanging up the phone he yells for Emma.Emma comes and he says
“Kathy told me to tell you she’s sorry it wasn’t her fault and guys are scum!’
‘Well I don’t care says Emma stamping her foot”she’s a boyfriend stealing backstabbing so called friend! I’ll never trust her again!”
“I gather that’s a no !What a minute boyfriend?You’re too young for a boyfriend!’ says Ryan his eyes bugging out
“Oh Daddy you are so outdated!’says Emma rolling her eyes
“Outdated?’I’m not outdated look at these rock hard abs!’says Ryan posturing
“Ooh yuck Daddy remember who you’re talking too!’says Emma“And another thing I hate Kathy Martin don’t ever mention her to me again”
“”Well I don’t think you should ever mention boys to me again and dating you’re tooo young for dating!”
“I’m 13 it’s not like I haven’t kissed a boy before!’
“What what do I have to do get a chasity belt for you?’says Ryan half serious”what what boy did you kiss you‘re never leaving the house again!‘
“That’s not funny Daddy!’ and then Emma repeats“I hate Kathy Martin!’
“Your a broken record Emma !'Can’t you work it out Emma?Are you going to let some boy come between you in your friendship?’ says Ryan using the self help book he bought to help himself and some of it’s dialogue
“Oh Daddy one person can’t carry a whole friendship and she is a backstabbing boyfriend stealing witch!’
“You said that many times all ready!’says Ryan
“It bares repeating I won’t forgive her for this!’
“You know the boy isn’t blameless for this he obviously did something!’reasons Ryan
“He kissed her but she must have done something to make him!’says Emma
“Em I love you dearly but maybe he just isn’t the boy for you!’says Ryan clearly not in favor of any boy near his daughter
“Not the boy for me Daddy !!!’protests Emma’You never take my side!’And I’m only your daughter! she says running upstairs and slamming her bedroom door!
“Oh no she’s a teenager !’ says Ryan pulling his hair and getting on the phone to Annie
“Oh Annie you won’t believe what your daughter has been going on about!’ Ryan tells her
“What now Ryan? “ask Annie exasperated
“Boys and kissing them!’says Ryan shocked
‘Well she is thirteen!’ says Annie
“I blame you for this!’ says Ryan
“What else is new ?"says Annie
“ Ryan she‘s going to want to date boys and even kiss them .Hopefully if we talk to her it won’t go further !’says Annie
“Further?’ says Ryan gulping
“Take a deep breath Ryan! Our little girl is growing up but we are her parents and we can deal with it ! We can also talk to our daughter and make sure she’s aware she can say No if she’s pressured !And to not put herself into situations she can’t handle!’Emma and I have talked about this but I can always have a refresher talk with her if that would put your mind at ease!"says Annie
“Why don’t you just tell her that abstinance is the best policy! ‘says Ryan
“Would that have worked with you when you were younger!’ Annie asks
“No but she’s too darn young!’says Ryan
“I agree she is so we tell her why we think she should wait and then we leave it to her! That’s all we can do!’says Annie”Bye now!‘
“Goodbye then!’ says Ryan "you weren't much help!"and then
“I think I need a drink !'says Ryan slamming down the phone “Maybe more than one!’he mutters to himself

Part 9 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*6

Part 9 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*6
later that evening towards midnight
David is talking with Jake while T.J lurking in the corridor hidden from view strains to hear the conversation
“Was it the fall that caused Amanda to lose the baby do you think or was it the toxemia?’Jake asks as T.J. googles Toxemia on his I-phone
“Definitely the toxemia ! says David’this condition is very serious as you’re aware Martin.We should have caught it but neither of us have seen her !David continues with real remorse “The toxins in the blood have caused a huge spike in her blood pressure which caused her fall!then recovering he says” None of this would have happened however if you hadn’t deceived her!’
“Me me deceived her? Trevor isn’t mine but he isn’t yours either so just who’s child is he Davy boy?says Jake back
“I don’t know what your talking about!”says David”he’s my son!’
“Likely story Davy I’ve seen the tests results I was going to tell Amanda myself !’
“When were you going to do that after you spent New years with your real wife and child???says David
“ Oh shut-up Davy!’says Jake
“Well at least I was free when I was pursuing Amanda when I wasn’t married”says David maliciously
Jake swings at David and misses because he ducks!
“Control yourself Martin were in a hospital!’says David just as Melissa comes out of Amanda’s room and says
“if you little boys would like to grow-up I could use some help on the care of our patient!”she says disgustedly
Jake and David put their differences aside and discuss the best course of action for Amanda’s treatment!T.J. comes out from where he was hiding he stares at Amanda’s door and thinks
“No wonder she fell down the stairs with idiots like that in her life!’ “I’m so sorry for your loss pretty lady !"and then decides to go home for the night returning the next morning he says ‘Happy New Year pretty lady maybe this year will be better for you as he watches the clock inch closer to midnight
Flash to the adult ballroom where Rose is introduced to Marissa by Jenny
“This is Rose Marissa she’s your sister but not mine because her dad is your dad!explains Jenny while Rose hides behind her terrified
‘Hi Rose I’m so glad to finally meet you David told me about you yesterday! I’m so glad that you have our Dad now and I’m so glad your my little sister!’says Marissa making Rose so happy
Rose smiles happily and says”I’m so glad I have two big sisters now I mean...she breaks off realizing she wasn’t mentioning Babe
“that’s okay we’ll always have her in our hearts even though we weren’t fortunate enough to meet her !’says Marissa
“Oooh it’s almost midnight!’ says Jenny as we switch to the adult side and see as
Marissa kisses the stroke of midnight as the couples Jenny and Greg ,Paulina and Kieran,Jesse and Angie,Natalia and Brot,Dottie and Tad,Brooke and Brad ,Adam and Krystal,Colby and Sam,Jaime and Stacy,Scott and Annie,Matteo and Haley and finally we see Leo and Greenlee.Everyone looks delirously happy and unaware of Amanda's fall
Vanessa comes on the podium and asks
"everyone thank you so much for the cheques and donations to the Happy Valley Children’s Cancer Center you've helped a lot of children here tonight and raised 30 million dollars for them Thank-you one and all!"Please enjoy the rest of your night!'
Switch to the young adult ’s side where
Aaron is standing beside Kathy and Emma at midnight and he reaches over and kisses Kathy full on the lips. As Emma seethes!
Part 8 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*5
Rose goes into the other ballroom and sees Jenny and Kathy .Emma on one side of the room and Aaron McGillis is on the other!Ryan has been hanging out on the young adult side guarding over Emma.First Rose goes to Jenny and confides how she was looking forward to meeting her sisters and Jenny’s sisters Melissa and Marissa.But now that would be posponed by the accident!
“they’re okay you’ll like them!’ says Jenny”and they’l like you !I like you!’
“thanks says Rose “I’ll have to wait until Daddy can do it!’
“Maybe I could introduce you to Marissa later before Midnight!’ says Jenny
“Thanks you’re the best we’re almost sisters so I’m going to say your my sister too!”says Rose
Emma is getting extremely annoyed with her father by the time this conversation has finished
“Daddy I’m safe here won’t you please go have a good time over there!’Emma says pointing to the other ballroom
‘Mr.Lavery she’s safe here see those men ? Rose points out several adult men hidden in various corners of the room, they are protecting all the young adults in this room no one can leave without there knowledge or their parents! There is no alcohol present here all young adults having be searched before they enetered the party!My dad is scared too he wants to protect me this is his way .They’ll protect Emma too it was part of the orders they were given before the party!
“Wow I guess your dad has thought of everything!’says Ryan surprised
‘then you can trust that Emma will be safe?’ask Rose
“Yes I guess!’says Ryan walking to the other ballroom and then says to himself”It’s hard to believe that’s a kid it’s like a little adult in a tiny body!”shaking his head
“how did you do that?’ asks Emma
“You just have to know how to talk to adults! Thy have their own language!’says Rose
“You make them sound like trained dogs!” says Kathy laughing
“When you put it that way it is insulting! Grandma says that it’s really that I’m very verbally gifted and that I know how to handle people.Kind of like and old soul in a young body she says!boasts Rose
“Your a bit full of yourself but I like you!” says Emma and then to Kathy”Wow look at that hot guy over there !’
“which one are you talking about? asks Rose trying to follow what Emma was saying to Kathy
“That one over there is smoking!’says Rose
“Yes he is cute !'says Kathy
”I saw him first !'says Emma
“Don’t be ridiculous Emma we all just saw him!’says Kathy annoyed
“I saw him before and I danced with him at the wedding .His name is Aaron McGillis but I think he might be mad at me!’says Emma talking fast
“Why would he be mad at you?’asks Rose and Kathy together
‘Oh because I wouldn’t believe him about Alex! I should have listened”bemoans Emma
‘Oh just go over and talk to him ‘says Rose and Kathy together and irritated
“Fine I will!’says Emma stumping off
.Emma goes over to Aaron
‘Hi “says Emma
“Ah hi!says Aaron
then the two of them burst out at the same time”I’m sorry!’which causes them both to laugh with relief
‘I heard what happened I wish I could have stopped him!’says Aaron
“I should have listened to you says Emma
‘friends?'says Aaron holding out his hand
“Friends!’ says Emma holding out hers”Come meet my friends!’she says as she takes him over to Jenny ,Rose ,And Kathy!
flash to Amanda at the hospital .T.J. is waiting outside to find out about her.
“are you family?’ asks a nurse
“no!’ says T.J.”and yes
”Is it yes or no make up your mind!“If it’s no then I’m sorry you have to leave we have strict rules about visitation!’
“it’s yes she was almost my aunt!says T.J.
“must be one of these weird Pine Valley transplants!’ the nurse says under her breath “following their family trees is like following a soap opera!”
Just then David comes out ‘Nurse this. patient is to have no visitors not on the list provided! handing her a clipboard
“ is she going to be okay?ask T.J.
“it’s really a waiting game !’hey wait a minute aren’t you that reporter from the new station ?’
“no comment!’says David fiercely
“this isn’t about ratings or astory please can’t you tell meif she’s going to be okay?’asks T.J.
‘if you had been listening...wait a minute earlier you said you were a Martin and Martin’s don’t listen!She’s in serious condiion she lost her baby baby!’says David breaking off sadly
“I’m sorry I didn’t know!’ says T.J.”that’s awful I’m so sorry for your loss Doctor!’.
“just wait aminute Martin...says David then realizing that T.J meant it he says “sorry and thank-you for your condolences!’”I got to go and I suggest you do the same it will be along time before anything is known!”
‘Okay thanks Doc!’says T.J pretending to leave but sneaking out and going to hide in the staircase! he whips out his phone and tells his boss he’s taking some personal days!

Part 7 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*4

Part 7 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*4
Amanda lays unconscious on the floor having fallen down the stairs!T.J. Martin as he know calls himself comes out of the men’s washroom turns the corner and finds Amanda at the bottom of the stairs!
He pulls out his cellphone and calls for an ambulance and tries to give aid Melissa comes walking down the stairs near the washroom and goes into Doctor mode.T.J. takes this opportunity to call his camera crew! “Can’t make it they’ll be sending a replacement look for them! Bye!” then he makes another call
T.J.says to someone on the other end of the phone” I can’t cover it you‘ll have to find someone else I know it’s short order I have a situation that needs taking care of .Yes I’ll owe you bye!”
“Is she going to be all right?’he asks of Melissa
“I don’t know!’says Melissa she’s losing a lot of blood I need to pack her!
“Would my shirt help asks T.J. already removing his jacket and shirt to rippling muscles
“Thanks!’ says Melissa using the shirt to stop the bleeding!”go see what’s keeping that ambulance and see if you can find David Hayward he’s a doctor or any other doctor you can find I need help here!”
T.J. bounds up the stairs and finds Jake with Carolyn
“Uncle Jake you have to come there is a woman who fell down the stairs! She’s bleeding so much!says T.J.
“Is there someone with her have you called and ambulance?’ asks Jake following T.J.
”Yes I did but we are still waiting on the amblance!‘
”we who?’ asks Jake
”Dr.Melissa Dillon she‘s working on the woman!‘answers T.J.
“Oh my no it’s Amanda “says Jake growing pale and sitting down on the steps!
“Uncle Jake you know this woman?’asks T.J.
“Yes she’s my wife I mean I thought I was married to her until Carolyn told me that she hadn’t filed the papers!Oh Mandy I’m so sorry this is my fault!Jake says getting very upset
“Dr.Martin if you can’t pull yourself together you’re have no use to me go find my father David Hayward !’
“I can do this ,I can do this ,you don’t need David “says Jake trying to pull himself together.then Carolyn appears behind him and Amanda wakes up and screams
“Get them away from me!”
“You two are upsetting my patient go find my father!”demands Melissa
David arrives and pitches in assisting his daughter and helping stem the bleeding as Amanda fades into unconscious once again!As Jake watches with Carolyn and his daughter from the sidelines!The ambulance arrives and David tells Rose he had to leave with the ambulance and that Vanessa and Rose have to take over completely
“My Daddy is wonderful but I don’t think I want to be a doctor when I get older!’ says Rose
“why?’ asks Vanessa
“Cause he gets called away a lot and misses things!’ says Rose
“That’s part of being a doctor!’ says Vanessa
“so what do you want to do?’ asks Vanessa
“Maybe a party planner!’ says Rose"or perhaps a Cancer researcher!'
“I’m sure your Dad and I will be happy with what ever carreer you choose!’says Vanessa
“I ‘ve got to check in on my young adult party you can handle it here Grandma?’ Rose asks ”and you‘ll let me know any news about that poor lady?‘
”Yes I‘ll let you know about Ms.Dillon.I promise Rose!“If you’re sure you can handle the party dear I 'll look after the adult party!’says Vanessa
"We have to continue going and raise more money for Children's Cancer Research!"says Rose
biting her lip
"We will Rose will raise a lot more I'l get them to shake out their wallets!'
"I know you will Grandma I leave that to you!"says Rose leaving to the other room!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Part 6-New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*3

Part 6 -New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*3
Amanda enters the ballroom in a shimmering silver floor length stunner beach ball bump showing out front .She looks around and then goes over to Tim and Melissa’s table with J.R.and Marissa and sits down.
“All alone Amanda where’s Jake?’ asks J.R.
“As you and probably half the town knows J.R we broke up! Turns out we were never legally married must make you say serves you right right J.R.?”
I‘m sorry Amanda !”J.R says sincerely“Actually Amanda I think Jake is a cad and that you deserve better!’.
“Wow Marissa you’ve really made the JR that can be nice come out to play! she says to Marissa then turns to J.r.and says
“You’re a lucky guy.She’s got brains and beauty and wants you !You better appreciate her bud!”
“I do !'says J.R. smiling at his wife and she smiles back
Pete enters proudly with Maddie on his arm followed By Maria (marias’ dress is floor length and and red with a low cut neckline )her date Dr.Braden Bartlett.(in a tux)
Haley enters with Matteo(in a tux) .Haley is in three inch heels and is wearing a stunning white silk dress with red lotus flowers delicately positioned through out it!
“Our sons really didn’t want to come to this did they ?’says Haley
“No maybe it’s good that they’re busy with homework!’says Matteo
“You fell for that?’They just didn’t want to come without dates!’says Haley
“They are so smart I wish I could have gotten out of this”says Matteo annoyed that he didn’t think of an excuse
”Really you didn‘t want to send time with me?‘asks Haley annoyed
Ah no it‘s not that !'says Matteo hastily backtracking “I love spending time with you your the light of my life!"then he coverschanging the subject a little “What’s wrong with my sons?’asks Mateo
“Nothing they’re just a chip off the old block waiting for the right woman to come along!”says Haley”I just wish they’d quit ignoring the obvious ones!”I‘d like some grandchildren some day!
“Aw but your too young to be a Grandma and too beautiful”says Matteo
“You know the exact right thing to say to get around me Matteo!’ says Haley smiling
Just then Brad Hewit and Brooke arrive .Brooke is elegant in a floor length velvet red dress.
“Quite the crush!’ Brooke says to Brad
“Yes but I’m glad you excepted my invitation” says Brad
“so have you had made any success with the improvements you were talking about?’asks Brooke”I mean at your hotels of course!”
“Am I tongue tying you to make you so nervous!’
“it’s just I guess I haven’t been on so many dates in so long!’
“A beautiful woman who’s intelligent these men have no eyes to see!’ says Brad
“Flatterer Iknew I liked you !'says Brooke"My daughter Laura is here all the way from Hong Kong she flew in for this she’s spending New Years with me since she didn’t make it for Christmas !’I’m so excited were celebrating Christmas with her New Years.would you like to come too? Brooke asks tenatively
“Well I’d loved to Ms.Brooke!’says Brad charmingly” sure but are your daughter won’t mind?’
“Actually I was going to ask you anyway but then Laura begged me to invite you since she wants to meet the man I’m dating!I hope that doesn’t chase you away!’
“No I’d like to meet your daughter if she’s anything like her mother I’m sure she can charm the birds off trees!’
“Oh she can!’says Brooke laughing and then gesturing to Jaime who’s entered with a beautiful woman on his arm dressed a white silk dress rimed in red
Jaime says “Mom this is Stacy Lee!"
“please to meet you Stacy “Brooke says to the petite Asian woman in her red dress
they see Scott and Annie walk in arm and arm Annie glowing .A bulging belly close to term!Leo and Greenlee walk in and everyone gasps litle whispers say
“I thought they were dead!
the whole room seems to stare as Leo and Greenlee seem oblivious of it all the only sight they see is each other and the belly that carries the twins they will soon have!Leo careful takes Greenlee to a seat and sits her gently down solicitice to her every need!
“Wow!’ says Brooke “It must be something in the Pine Valley water nobody ever stays dead!"
Just then they see Jake and Carolyn enter the ballroom their two year old in Jake’s arms.This is too much for Amanda who sees Jake and runs past Brooke’s table crying her eyes out.
“well that’s not good !'says Brooke wondering when all this happened
Flash to Amanda running down the stairs to the washroom she trips and falls head first down the stairs .No one seems to be around as she lies at the bottom of the stairs bleeding from the head and a pool of blood below her bottom!
T.J. Martin as he know calls himself comes out of the men’s washroom turns the corner and finds Amanda at the bottom of the stairs
He pulls out his cellphone and calls for an ambulance and tries to give aid Melissa comes out of the washroom and goes into Doctor mode.T.J. takes this opportunity to call his camera crew!

Part 5 - New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*2

Back to the party as we scan around and see Tad and Dottie,and Jesse and Angie. Krystal and Adam at another table with Colby and Sam!Tad still glares at Adam with Krystal! At another table Natalia and Brot,Randi and Frankie.
We see Jenny and Greg arrive !Jenny is dressed in a floor length red silk dress ,has a swirl of white around the waist and the bottom is lined with imitation white fur,It has a jacket that has white at the cuffs.Kind of like the dress Betty wears in white Christmas except with a jacket that when removed shows a strapeless dress underneath! People gasp and point!
“When are they going to get over it those transplants from Pine valley and others who want to keep this story running!asks Jenny of Greg
‘Sorry I guess when our nephew T.J. did that story a lot of poeple saw it!says Greg”they’ll get onto something else eventually just ignore those people says Greg’we’re here together for our first New Years in 25 years and I’m going to enjoy every moment with my lovely wife !’
“Me too! says Jenny smiling and kissing Greg”Let’s go have a dance they’re playing our song!’
“That doesn’t sound like our song protests Greg
‘ Every song is ours tonight” smiles Jenny knowingly and happily
“you are absolutely right says Greg steering her to the dance floor and proceeding to dance .
he says “Just a minute!”he says as he leaves Jenny on the dance floor and goes to the orchestra and slips the band leader money .He comes back with a rose in his teeth and proceeds to Tango with Jenny as the orchestra plays a Tango!Other couples join in all laughing and having fun .Randi and Frankie,Tad and Dottie,Adam and Krystal!
Tad is annoyed and says as much
“She was married to him before and that man Adam chandler left her on the floor while she was giving birth to my daughter and he also was ready to let Janet sell our daughter I don’t know how she can forgive him that!’
“Tad a woman can a man she loves a lot especially if he’s willing to change! Adam’s been through life altering experiences they do change people!“says Dottie as she is clearly talking about herself as well”I‘ve heard some good things about what he‘s been doing in the community!It‘s like he‘s trying to be as good as Stuart to mke up for him being gone!
“You always see the good in people Dottie!! I’m so glad you’re back in my life I need the positive attitude you bring to me !"says Tad”but I‘m still worried about Krystal
I know you always worry about people you‘ve cared about it‘s what makes you such a good person Thaddeous Martin!“I’m glad Tad I’ve missed having you around too!says Dottie then seeing Tad still looking at Krystal worried she says’We’ll help her if she needs it but you have to let her make her own choices!’
“You’re right I know you’re right Dottie I’m sorry I’m neglecting you!’says Tad smoothing his hair.
“That’s okay Tad I’m enjoying myself!’ says Dottie as Tad dips her in a tango grabbing arose and putting it between his lips
“Stealing my moves Martin?’ says Greg laughing as the dance concludes and the go to sit at a table together!
“I taught you them!’ say Tad laughing
Melissa and Tim arrive .Followed by Marissa and Jr,Marissa and Melissa look at each other and start laughing they are both wearing the same maternity dress! Long red silk dresses that each have a little baby bump out front! !They start searching in their purses for jewelery and take it out running to the washrooms to try and change their looks slightly!When they come back Marissa is wearing a sparkling rhinestone pin at her cleavage and Melissa is wearing a green bird pin at her bosum!
“Definitely different!’ say Tim trying not to laugh
“Yes Definitely different says J.r .agreeing quickly
“Well we do try said Melissa and Marissa twirling .
“We have the most beautiful women here agree J.r.and Tim simultaneously.
“Way to kiss up right Melissa?’ says Marissa
“Yes but we like it!’says Melissa smiling and Marissa agreeing
Ruth and Joe. enter the ballroom.Ruth in a stately blue matron like dress.Joe in a tux
"This looks like a lovely party Joe!'
"Yes dear it does!' says Joe"
Once around the dance floor!' Joe asks
"I'd love too!' says Ruth smiling as they dance onto the dance floor

Part 4 -New Beginnings and New Alliances-The New Years Party*1

People start arriving to the crowded ballroom. Tad dressed in a tux comes in with Dottie on his arm .Dottie is dressed in a stunning red silk dress and her hair upswept!They are followed by Kathy and Jenny ! Kathy is dressed in pink but is a little annoyed since she believes her dress should be low cut and more adult like ! Jennyin a green princess styled dress is happy to be at her first what she believes to be adult party at only 10!Krystal is all ready at the party.She’s also dressed in red.A red sparkly dress a barely there dress ,she looks reallt stunningly beautiful.Tad spots her and goes to walk over to her when he realizes she’s not alone she’s with Adam who’s dressed in a tuxedo !
Tad is shocked he thought Adam was still recovering in the Sanitorium.Krystal not seeing Tad reaches up and gently kisses Adam on the cheek!
Tad wonders what is going on!
Angie and Jesse arrive .Angie is dressed in white a stunning silk floor length gown with a imtiation fur half wrap drapped across her shoulders .Jesse looks hot in a tux that is strictly Jesse!They are laughing and look stunningly happy together
Natalia is dressed in a red silk dress with an imitation white half wrap fur and Brot in a a tux as she looks nervously around and asks Brot
“Are you sure I look okay Angie said that this fur would look good but,,,”
“ You are beauty itself!’says Brot
Natalia blushes and says “thanks!‘a little awkwardly
Frankie (in a tux)and Randi(her dress short and candy cane stripped) arrive arguing furiously over Frankie’s atentiveness to other people
“I don’t care if Aislinn said she needed help putting her playstation 3 to her receiver!complain Randi loudly “Don’t you realize the woman was coming on to you!Just because she’s Dr.Aislin McGillis!!!Her son Aaron could have helped her he’s what 14 years old!They are all techinical at that age!
”She‘s our neighbour I was just trying to be neighbourly and Aislinn needed help!says Frankie and then thinking he says“And they are not all techinical at that age !And what about Kieran who lives down the hall he’s all can I borrow some sugar can I borrow some flour that guy really is after you!What is he one of your old Johns?
“ .Franklin Hubbard you promised never to bring that up again you are always throwing that in my face and I’m so tired of it!”I do not even speak to Kieran you are always givng him flour!If I talked to the guy you’d be mad!“I have never come on other guy I love you you big dope!Randi says exasperated
“I’m sorry Randi!’ says Frankie contrite “You are right and maybe I should listen to you! You might be right abut Aislinn she does seem lonely! he admits belatedly”I love you too!
“Okay then let’s go have some fun Randi says

Part 3-New Beginnings and New Alliances

Part 3 - New Beginnings and New Alliances
Vanessa preens and adjusts her dress before entering the ballroom to check all the decorations and tables followed by a wirlwind called Rose.Rose looks around checking floral arrangements at the tables.Vanessa‘s resilliant in a beautiful velvet red dress Rose is dressed like afairy tale Disney Princess in plae blue!
“They did it exactly like I told them Grandma!’says Rose commenting on the flowers
‘yes they did!’says Vanessa indulgently but thinking “They better have for all the money I’m paying them!’
“Does my dress look all right Grandma?’asks Rose suddenly concerned dressed in a Disney style sleeping beauty style dress .
“Ah Rosie you look like a princess”says David coming up suddenly behind them
“You really mean it Daddy?’asks Rose “Your not just saying that because I’m your daughter?’
“Sweetheart you are the spitting image of your mother!’says David
“yes you are Rose!’ says Vanessa”And your mother was stunningly beautiful inside and out just like you!”
“Does the ballroom look okay Daddy ? Did you see the young adult ballroom ? Grandma and I arranged for supervision for it to so nobody gets out of hand right Grandma?’Rose spits out not waiting for any answers
“Whoa slow down everything is wonderful you and your Grandmother have planned this wonderfully!’says David boosting Rose’s ego
“Aw Daddy you say the nicest things I think people misjudge you a lot!’Rose says
“Rose you are the light of my life !’says David as Rose goes into the other room
“ She’s a pistol isn’t “ says Vanessa
“That she is ,she’s a true gift Mother thank -you for bringing her back into my life!’says David sincerely
“My boy you have been one of my great joys how could I do any less for you?’says Vanessa
“She’s changed my priorities mother !’says David
“A child will do that!’
“When she was kidnapped ....breaks off David overcome with emotion
“You wanted to kill Alex I know I did to! That’s over that monster will never see the light of day again!And I got the last laugh I have all his loot!’says Vanessa snarling when she mentioned Alex and growing fiercely protective and then laughing when she mentions Alex‘s loot!
“Mother just when I thought I had you pegged you say something like that !’says David laughing

Part 2 - New Beginnings and New Alliances

Part 2- New Beginnings and New Alliances
Kathy on the phone from her house to Emma’s

" Did you get an invitation to this adult ball Emma?asks Kathy
“Yes so are you going to go?’asks Emma
“I don’t know maybe!It would require a new dress that Daddy would have to buy for me!’
“I got a new designer dress when I went to that crazy wedding!’says Emma
“I know but obviously you won’t want to wear that!says Kathy
“It’s a beautiful dress and she picked it out not him!says Emma “but still Daddy would buy me another one if I asked he’s really showering me with gifts like that will make him feel less guilty!Why he feels guilty I don’t know! I was the one who lied and kept secrets! I feel guilty about that but not guilty enough not to except free stuff!”
“Your so bad Emma!’says Kathy laughing
“Am I ?'says Emma seriously
“”Aw Emma you know I was just’ kidding right! None of waht happened to you was your fault.If grown-ups didn’t keep secrets all time you would have known who that guy was!And then to find out he was your grandpa scary!”says Kathy
“you didn’t tell anyone else that did you?’ asks Emma
“Don’t worry I wouldn’t tell anyone that that’s your biz!"Kathy “Are you okay with Aiden being your uncle?’
“sure” says Emma “at least knowing I have a special ops uncle I feel safe!’”seriously that guy who’s my grandfather is whacked!He was going to take me to Europe I would have never seen my Dad or Mom again!‘
“I’m sorry that happened to you!’says Kathy “we actaully have a lot in common!My biological grandfather my Dad’s dad he was a psycho!’
“No how do you know that?’asks Emma
‘Well I did some research at the library when we went back to Pine Valley to get the rest of our stuff!’It seems that he dumped my Dad in a park after he broke his arm!’
“Oh my your poor Dad,the Martin’s did that but they seem so nice!’
“Not the Martin’s they adopted him .Opal’s husband Ray Gardner it seems he was a real bad guy into all kinds of criminal stuff.He planted abomb and when he realized Aunt Jenny was in the house he died saving her!”
“Wow and those adults are seating on that powderkeg how many other things aren’t they telling us makes you wonder huh?says Emma
“ Parents everything is a secret, secret ,secret but you keep one and it’s I’m going to have topunish you for you own good!”
“who said that to you not your Dad!’says Kathy
“no it was Scott he says that I have to be punished for lying .He’s making me clean the house !’complains Emma
“Really the whole house?’ asks Kathy
“No like I’d ever do that! No my room!’says Emma
“I clean my room at least once aweek that’s not a punishment!’states Kathy”Why are you talking this way about Scott don‘t you like him?‘
“Yes he’s okay but he hasn’t given me stuff like my parents for being kidnpped and he told my Mom she was spoiling me too much so she stopped!’
“Sounds like he was just being a good parent!”states Kathy knowingly “besides didn’t he let your mom stay all night with you the night you were returned and then Christmas morning!”
“Yes but I want the stuff!’says Emma defiantly
“Oh Emma grown -up Scott loves you enough to say NO!He loves you you’re so lucky you have three parents that love you!’”My mom is gone and I have my Dad and have to borrow Jenny‘s mom!You‘re so so lucky!”
“I am aren’t I ?"says Emma
“so we’re going ?asks Kathy
“Oh yes we’re going together right?’ asks Emma”there could be so cute guys there!”
“While it’s not like we have dates!”says Kathy
“I could have one if I wanted to!’ says Emma
“Me too!’says Kathy”Hey do you want to go to Krystal‘s for a new dress she has a fabulous dress shop!And I get a discount I‘m sure she‘d give you one too if your with me!
“Sounds pretty good! Daddy would like the discount although I’m sure he’ll get me a new dress he‘ll do anything for me right now!’ Emma says confidently “so I’ll call you in an hour and will go okay?
Okay I‘ve got to talk to my Dad anyway!“Bye Emma !’says Kathy hanging up her cellphone
“Bye Kathy !”says Emma just as Kathy hangs up
In the Martin and Lavery households we hear “Dad I need a new dress!’

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Part 1 -New beginnings and New Alliances

Part 1 -New beginnings and New Alliances
Vanessa is happily enjoying her wealth that she gained from Alex .While Alex languishes in a deep dark secret jail!Clarence is confering with St.Peter about the money that Vanessa kept!
“Vanessa did give some of the money to the Miranda Center after all says Clarence" pleading her case so she is trying!”
St.Peter tugs at his ear piece and says “he agrees but he also says she is a work in progress that you must monitor and check in on!”
“I will do my duty!’ says Clarence
Back to David’s! He wants to have a party to introduce his daughter to Happy Valley and the world!What about a ball he asks Vanessa
“A ball for a ten year old really David! Do you really think a child would enjoy that kind of party?says Vanessa
“Well what kind of party should I have ?’asks David scratching his head
“How about some kind of party that children would enjoy perhaps some dance music other children while the adults have a party in the other room?’
“But how is that going to introduce my daughter?’asks David
“David is this for you or her?’Because if it’s really for your daughter then you’d have the party I described!Vanessa says getting irritated
“Well I want people to see my daughter!”
“I’m hearing just a little too much of MY here David!’
“You’re right mother I am trying!But it’s hard because I’m pretty sure MY and mine was the first word you taught me!’
“was I that bad David?’asks Vanessa contrite
“No mother you also taught me to strive and be my own person!’David says softing towards
“well I think Rose would like a party, you have to bring her in on the idea!’says Vanessa uncharacteristically patient then you see she’s been silently counting on her fingers
“Yes I guess!’says David
“There could be great repercussions if people find out we are the ones who are throwing the shindig what if it’s tied to say A children’s charity or a women’s shelter fund raiser?’
“Brilliant if I don’t say so myself mother!’ says David
‘ Rose !'calls Vanessa
“Yes Grandma answers Rose
‘Your Dad wants to throw a party to introduce you to Happy Valley and because he so happy to have you as his daughter!says Vanessa
‘ Is that right Daddy?’asks Rose biting her lip expectantly
“Yes princess I’m proud of my little girl and I want everyone to meet you!”“I also want some help from you in the planning stages!
“ Oh Daddy you are the best says Rose” I do love you!’”I means so much to me that you trust me to help you!‘
“Well I’m going to need help from my two best girls to plan this shindig !'says David indicating Vanessa and Rose
“Will you invite my sisters?’asks Rose
‘Will invite them but Rose some people think I’m a black sheep and won’t want to come and your sisters might be in that category I don’t know them very well!”
“but you love them right Daddy?’asks Rose troubled
“yes I do ! I hope they feel the same about me but...”David says his sentence dropping off
“ You think they won’t come if the invite is from you?’says Rose picking up on what David was trying to say
“It’s that in a nutshell!’ says David
“So what do we do how do we get know around that?'asks Rose
“Ah do you know how much you sound like your mother (Allie)“asks David awed
“Thanks Daddy I hope I’m very like her!’ says Rose proudly
“I was thinking maybe we cold give a ball for charity of course there would have to be one ball for the adults and in the other room a party for young adults!
‘Cause I’m a young adult ?'Rose asks hoping to hear the affirmative
“Of course you are it’s your party isn’t it ?”Of course that means you’ll have to attend both parties and hostess them!’
‘Really?’ asks Rose impressed
‘Really!says David comfirming it!As they peer over the plans and start firming up the ideas!
The next day invites start appearing all over town!Tad and his daughters Kathy and Jenny receive one.along with Krystal ,Scott and Annie. .Christine Woods,Angie and JesseNatalia and Brot,Frankie and Randi, Opal and Palmer,and Pete,Jenny and Greg, Jaime and Paulina ,Dottie and T.J.,Brooke and Brad Hewitt(Dottie's cousin)and his son Kieran,JR and Marissa ,Melissa and Tim.,and Amanda along with Dr.McGillis and Aaron,and Maria Sam and Maddie !
As we watch a hand opens the invite that reads
The Children’s Ball to celebrate New Years and
to raise funds for childhood cancer
You are cordial invited to attend the children’s ball.Guests are asked to make a minimum donation of $50 to the Happy Valley Children’s Cancer Center.Please feel free to exceed that amount and help the hospital make the children as comfortable as possible in this difficult time and beat cancer in our lifetime
Thank-you for your donation and attendance
Please bring your invitation as only those with a valid invitation will gain admittance!

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What's Killing The Soaps

What's killing the Soaps are people who scorn the soaps and don't even care to think about how much talent and intelligence it takes to portray a character most of the year .Who have to learn and memorize pages and pages of dialogue just to get in front of the camera! The actors have to portray that character in a way that captures the viewers interests even when their writers and head writers don't understand the genre!
What's killing the Soaps are people who scorn them and who have never truly watched a soap or who secretly watch them just to scorn them.Many nightime people and movie stars have come from soaps and have learned valuable acting experiences because they started on soaps
What's killing the soaps are headwriters who are hired and treat the soaps history like it never happened ,like the viewers have never watched the soap.Following the Bible of the soap is not a sin but a must !Viewers appreciate the richness of the stories that incorporate the people and the families that drew them into their "Stories .
What's killing the soaps are the steadfast rules of how they monitor the ratings so they can get their add revenue.Just going to the 18 -34 years of age range for ratings is ridiculous ! People below and above those ages watch and watch via their VCR's,PVR's, DVD,Recorders and on their TV screens but the medium of television is going to the personal computer and the medium will have to move with that if it wants to survive! Their product is bought by these people!

Another thing that is killing the soaps as I said is the storylines.They are alienating viewers with their refusal to follow history!One of the key things that went wrong with All My Children over the last year was they stepped away from the bible characters lines were virtually interchangeable as the characters spouted their lines! Mr.Pratt said he liked his soaps campy but that's not what long term viewers want!They'll put up with a little camp if they must but not to the extent that Mr.Pratt took it!If you want viewers for the soaps you give the viewers what they want to see!One thing that always keeps viewers watching are good stories stories about families,families triumph over adversity but also good times and bad!Multigenerational stories are the type that bring viewers in!!One thing that does not is a constant bombardment of depressing story-lines something All my children suffered under Mr.Pratt's leadership! If there was a happy moment in the time he was there I don't recall it!

Give the viewer something and or someone to care about!But don't change long term characters into unrecognizable people! You have a history use it to your advantage and make the viewer like them again!Recasts are tricky recasting someone who looks almost twenty years younger then the character is jarring for the viewers so you really should ease into it.Show the viewers why they should like this character by slowly introducing them to current stories! Having a character a popular a long time character come back and then act out of character alienates your viewers.
So in conclusion if you want Soaps to survive writers should honor the history because then the viewers will continue to honor the Soaps!

Part 15 -End Game*The Aftermath

End Game- The Aftermath
Ryan’s the day after Christmas
Emma is listening to music on her I-pod .when the doorbell rings she doesn’t hear it .Ryan’s shouts ‘Get that Emma will you?like he usually does and then he thinks about it reconsiders and runs for the door! All the well Emma hasn’t heard any of it.Emma startles and jumps when she realizes Ryan has answered the door. but Ryan doesn‘t notice
“Aiden hello thanks for helping me the other night !What a horrific night what a horrible Christmas Eve !Did I forget to tell you thank-you says Ryan nervously seeing the expression on Aiden’s face which he sees is bad news!’
“ I have two hard things to tell you says!’ Aiden nervously "well three things!"
“Well spit it out !'says Ryan inviting Aiden in and shutting the door.Meanwhile Emma has turned her volume on her music to nothing but left the ear phones in to make it look like she can’t hear.
‘ First of all Greenlee is alive!’says Aiden as Ryan sits down with a shocked look on his face.She contacted me to let me know and I think she’ll be calling you later to explain but she asked me to break this to you first.
”How? why?
It‘s a terribly long story so I‘ll just give you the short version!“She was injured but she’s recovered thanks to Leo.Yes Leo he’s alive and with his wife Greenlee! That’s right Greenlee is his wife again!As much as she tried to love either of us we knew in her heart he always came first and now she has him back .She’s so happy.In fact she’s expecting children twins!
“She’s with Leo.He’s alive?’quarries Ryan
“Yes and I know and she knows how much this hurts us!“ I loved her too you know! But she’s always loved him Leo I mean!I saw how she broke when she lost him so did you !’ says Aiden
“ She’s not coming back?Ryan asks forlornly in a little boy voice
‘No I’m sorry mate as I said I know how that hurts!”
“She’s doing okay though?’asks Ryan totally stunned with the turn of events
“ Yes she says she is I haven’t seen her for myself but...”
“then how do you know someone isn’t making her say these things that she really wants to be where she is that Leo is alive!”asks Ryan hopeful
“ My contacts have confirmed the story Ryan .Leo was recovered from the river and had amnesia when he remembered he found David about the time David found him.David found Greenlee as he came back to take her to Leo right after the accident he worked his magic saved her and brought her to Leo!She’s been with him for months!’
"Leo and Greenlee together again!' No more Green Butterfly!"then recovering a little he says“So is this all the bad news you’ve got?’ asks Ryan“Like that’s not bad enough?’
‘ No unfortunately there is more!’states Aiden
“What more could there be ?'asks a devastated Ryan
“Well you know the Wedding Emma went to ?There really was a wedding !Alex married Vanessa Bennett Courtland!”
”But she‘s dead too what is this an epidemic of people who won’t stay dead?‘“ Was she behind Emma’s kidnapping too?asks Ryan ready to go after Vanessa
“No she knew nothing about it when she found out she gave information that led to the apprehension of Alex and the information I was able to get where Emma was held!’and put her own grandchild at risk!‘
“But she still married him ,she must be guilty of something!’says Ryan
“ Actually the weird thing about it is Vanessa was undercover for the Feds .She was trying to get information on Alex and I found out why!’says Aiden mysteriously
“Really how do you get all these facts Aiden I thought they kept these undercover operations on a need to know basis?’asks Ryan
“I’m always in the know Ryan but if I told you how I’d have to kill you!says Aiden
“One more thing!’states Aiden
“What more ?’asks Ryan
‘ I found something out that effects both of us!’says Aiden
“Why all the drawn out conversation tell me!’ demands Ryan
“It’s because when I say it I’ll have to admit it’s true!’You know how Emma said that Alex said that she was his grandaughter?’
“He’s crazy we know that so what!’He‘s an evil twisted monster!‘says Ryan viciously"and if he ever comes near my daughter again he'll wish he was dead!'
“Actually although we’d like to think he’s crazy ,the man is crazy like a fox!And quite the Cassanova.He’s slept his way through a lot of woman two of them two woman close to us both.My mother Lindsay Devane and your mother Gail Lavery Curry!’
“Nonsense it’s just more drivel the man is spitting! You don’t really believe this ?asks Ryan incredulous"Come on man don’t fall for his tricks !You know how he is he sucks you in weaves a story that sounds plausible and spits you out!’he continues seeing Aiden’s believing face!
‘I’ve proven it with two independant DNA tests I’m afraid “says Aiden sadly
“What how did you do that it can’t be true!’
“It is were brothers and he’s our biological father!’”Two independant nameless test have proven it!says Aiden quitely but forcefully
“But Patrick Curry aka Lavery was my father!states Ryan
“No actually he was your step-dad!’states Aiden"It appears Alex was tellling the truth when he said that's why your stepfather took the Lavery name they were hiding from Alex!"
“No you have to do the test again I thought Patrick was a horrible father I can’t be the son of a serial killer !’
‘I don’t want to be his son either but we have to remember that just because he’s our biological Dad doesn’t make him our father!’states Aiden”there were two tests that confirmed it !
”Is that why Emma and I couldn‘t find our toothbrushes?“I don’t know how I feel about you being my brother !says Ryan slightly uncomfortable
“Me neither mate but we’re stuck with that at least the two of us can band together against dear old DAD!says Aiden
‘so he was telling the truth “ ‘He’s my grandfather I don’t want him to be I never want to see him “again says Emma interrupting frightened
“We won’t ever let him near you again “says Ryan and Aiden at the same time
“So your my Uncle ,Uncle Aiden?’ asks Emma mollified and comforted by the prescence of these two strong men!
“If you’ll have me ?says Aiden “and it’s okay with your dad”
”Yes you have a new uncle” Ryan says to Emma and then to Aiden “Well at least something good came out of this says Ryan “I got a pretty good brother even if he has a strange accent !” he teases
“Me too!’ says Aiden shaking Ryan’s hand as Ryan decides to hug him awkwardly and Emma hugs them both!

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Part 14-End Game-Christmas Day

Ryan’s house
just after midnight Christmas morning
Emma comes in the house followed by Ryan and falls into her mother’s waiting arms crying
“Oh thank God your safe !Oh thank-you Ryan for finding our girl and bringing her home safely says Annie patting her daughter’s head and hugging Emma close
“Are you okay baby you’re not hurt she asks and then when Emma continues crying she says to Ryan”What did the monster do to her?’
“she’s okay I promise I had her checked out at the hospital!’says Ryan
“and you didn’t even think to call me ?’ “I was worried sick !’says Annie
“I’m sorry you’re right!’ says Ryan “I should have called you!’
Annie looks at him shocked and then smiles

“Baby it’s all right now your with your mommy and daddy now we won’t ever let anyone hurt you again!’says Annie fiercely
”that’s right sweetie Daddy and er Mommy won’t let anyone do this to you ever again !says Ryan
“I’m okay!’ says Emma hiccuping a little with her crying!
“Why don’t you go make her some hot chocolate Ryan !‘says Annie
“Would you like some Hot chocolate?’ asks Ryan
“No not really!' says Emma and then basking in her parents love she says
“It after midnight it’s Christmas isn’t it? and since it is can I open my presents now instead of the morning?"
“I guess!’ says Annie and Ryan at the same time agreeing to anything to make Emma happy!’
As Emma jumps on the presents and starts opening them Ryan says “
it kind of reminds you of when she was little doesn’t it?’
“Yes it does!’ says Annie smiling
‘I’m sorry! says Ryan quietly
“For what ?’asks Annie
“For not rescuing or daughter David got there first !”
“Ryan you have a complex you went to rescue your daughter she’s right in front of us safe and sound you brought her home! Who cares who got there first .In our daughter’s eyes her DADDY saved her!
“OH I love this thank you Daddy says Emma holding up a Video I-pod right at that moment and then”Thank -you Daddy I knew that you’d come and save me,I told Rose you would! And you did you saved us!she says as she throws herself in her father’s arms!”Merry Christmas Daddy!Mommy! she says
“Merry Christmas Pumpkin!’ both Annie and Ryan say at the same time as both of them stare at Emma thanking God for their child’s safety!
Back to Vanessa waiting at a hotel for news of Rose’s safety
“Oh thank God baby you're safe !'says Vanessa seeing David with her”is she all right that monster didn’t do anything to her did he?as Rose is muttering up against her she‘s hugging her so tight!
“She’s all right mother I checked her over!”
“you’re sure ?she says hugging Rose!’Then asking her’Are you okay baby once again?'
?“If you’d quit hugging me so hard I’d tell you how I cracked the lock on the door just like you showed me how to do Grandma!”brags Rose
“mother what have you been teaching my daughter?’ asks David crossing his arms
“Only things that would save her life ,it’s not easy to be a woman you know David dear!”says Vanessa quipping back
“well I guess it did come in handy!’agrees David
“Can we have Christmas now?’ asks Rose “I’ve been oh so good!’
“you have haven’t you!’ says David indulgently”but I think all the parcels I bought and anything Santa brought would be at my house if Santa’s even made it there yet says David
”I don‘t know about that I brought all the presents here there in my room come on Vanessa says leading them to her hotel room!
“I only asked Santa for one thing I hope I get it!’ says Rose almost to the room
“Really what was that?'asks David
“I want a Hamster you know one of those toy ones they’re called Zhu Zhu pets!says Rose
“well if they are the most popular toy this year don’t be suprised if Santa ran out !'says Vanessa alarmed thinking that she’s let Rose down not buying it herself
Rose runs to the gifts and says “can I ?’
“Go ahead!’ says Vanessa and David indulgently at the same time
Rose opens a present addressed to her from Santa.It’s a Zhu Zhu hamster
she says”I knew there was a Santa! I knew it ’and smiles wildly
David looks at Vanessa and mouths thank-you Vanessa shakes her head and looks puzzled then they both mouth surprised Santa?
Flash to Father Clarence ouside Vanessa's hotel talking to St.Peter
“We did good !'"She's really trying to be good!And her goodness is inspiring her son and grandaughter !'champions Father Clarence
"She's a work in progress!says St.Peter"But he's pleased so far!'

Fadeout until

Christmas Morning
Tad’s house 6 am

Tad’s bedroom
.Jenny is wondering whether Tad is awake as she wants to open presents.She’s all ready to open the presents and can’t wait .She’s all ready woke up a disgruntled Kathy who protested but got up.Krystal has been woken up and brought next door to their house now it’s only Dad that needs waking up !Tad fakes that he’s still sleeping opening one eye and then rolling over.
“Dad get up!’ yells Jenny practically in Tad’s ear
“All right I’m wake what’s the big hurry you‘d think it was Christmas !’says Tad cleaning out his ear with his finger
“Daddy enough with the joking I want to open presents!’ says Jenny
“Fine says Tad but I’ll expect a little help later on to put on the dinner!
Jenny and Tad arrives downstairs to Krystal sitting in a chair near the tree,Kathy is in another chair.Joe and Ruth on the sofa.Opal and Palmer have arrived along with Pete !
“I thought you were coming this afternoon says Tad clearly puzzled
“So did I!” says Palmer grumpily
“Hush old man!’says Opal it’s Christmas and I wanted to spend Christmas with my son’s and my grandchildren."
“So did I!’ says Palmer meaning Nina, Cliff and her boys and their kids and wives!
“I’m sorry you haven’t heard from Nina what’s wrong with that girl!’says Opal fiercely
“She’s busy !that’s all says Palmer excusing Nina
“hrrumph!’ says Opal
the present are quickly unwrapped as everyone looks happy and holds up different presents of clothes and things .Both girls hold up a video I -Pod from Grandma and Grandma Courtland! Palmer presents Pete with a gold key!
“what’s this for ?asks Pete clearly puzzled
“It’s the key for your office at Courtland electronic as the Vice President your hours will coincide with your studies of course but when you graduate next year the company is completely yours Peter .You’ll be President of Courtland Electronics if that‘s what you want!says Palmer
“Your giving me your company?’asks Pete”what‘s the catch?‘
”No catch Pete I‘m looking to retire and spend time with your mother!‘says Palmer
”Thanks Dad you won‘t regret this!‘says Pete
”I better not !'says Palmer
“Wow !’I thought I was hearing things you’ve tamed the lion’says Tad
“Tad!’ says Palmer”I have a gift for you!’
“you have a gift for me?’asks Tad struck almost speechless choking out the words
“ Before Dixie died she gave me something for you and I I guess I should have given it to you before now! she asked me to keep until that Christmas! he hands Tad a package.Tad opens it slowly and reveals a beautiful star a Christmas star that when plugged in had optic lights that twinkled different colors as it glowed and twinkled.In with the package was a note that said
Remember that you only have to wish upon our star !
Yours always and forever your Dixie
Tad takes the star removes the angel from the top of the tree and places it on top then he turns out the lights as the tree glitters and shines as the optic lights from the star gleam and twinkle like the real thing!
“Thank-you Dad!’ he says
“Don’t push it Palmer will be fine!’ Palmer says
Just then the doorbell rings .Tad goes to the door well everyone remains watching the tree.Tad smiles and says wait just a minute to who’s ever is at the door .He goes down the hall to the living room and says to Palmer
‘The present I ordered for you has finally arrived !’
“You got me....a present ?’Palmer asks incredulously”that certainly wasn‘t necessary!”
“Yes it was !'says Tad”And here it is!’ he says opening the door to reveal first Nina and Cliff (his daughter and SIL)followed by Bobby and Kelsey(Grandkids) who had finally got back together and married.Followed by their three kids Katie 6, Rob 9,and Sharron 14 (great grandkids),Mickey and his wife Trisha(grandkids) and their new baby who is 3 months old Clifford(great grandson)!Ross Chandler(Palmer’s nephew) who is now managing Courtland’s interests in hong Kong.Andrew Preston Courtland the European head of Courtland ( Palmer’s adopted son) and Melanie “Lanie” Courtland(His neice and Dixie's sister)
“Oh my Tad!’ how did you do this asks Opal so happy for Palmer who is extremely happy and trying not to show Tad how much this gift means to him!
“I had a little help from Santa and his elves and a wishing star says Tad starring at the tree and says quietly ”Merry Christmas Dixie!'
We see Father Clarence outside Tad's home and flashback to him talking to Palmer about Dixie and her last present to Tad
"Don't you think Dixie would have wanted Tad to have this last gift of love ?'he asks of Palmer
"Palmer says "that Tad doesn't deserve it!'e wanted it?
If you could have one last thing of Lottie's would you have wanted it?' Father Clarence quietly asks
"Yes!'says Palmer
"then there's your answer give Tad the Christmas present that Dixie wanted him to have!"
"I'll think about it "says Palmer
Flashback to Father Clarence smiling at the Happy family and disppearing into the morning light!
“Merry Christmas eveybody!’ says Tad
then everyone shouts “Merry Christmas to all!’
And Tad looks at the camera and and to all a goodnight!

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Part 13 -End Game-The Kidnapping-2 -

Part 13 -End Game-The Kidnapping-2

Christmas Eve Day
"I'm your grandaughter then why did you feel it necessary to kidnap me?'asks Emma humoring him thinking he is very deluded
"My dear your father believes all the wicked stories about me ! He wouldn't have let you spend time with me!"explains Alex"you are such a good daughter you'd not disobey him would you?'
"Okay so I did lie to him to come to your wedding and I'm sorry so sue me!'says Emma
Alex lets out a loud laugh at this and says "Oh my dear you are a Cambias "he says very pleased
"We will get to know each other and in a few days fly off to Europe to my chalet ;where you will have a private tutor to make that talent you have of calulating sums to great sums in your head even more enhanced!""You must be groomed to take over Cambias as you are my true heir!'Alex says
"But you just got married won't Vanessa get your company if you die?' says Emma "she seems really nice and intelligent!'
“Nonsense she thinks I’m fool! But I’ve beaten her at her own game I have her grandaughter
she’s in the next room!’
“You kidnapped another person?’asks Emma
“She was warned what would happen if I thought she was crossing me! I saw how close she was with David! She’s probably plotting against me!”says Alex paranoid
“So where is this person Emma asks “can I visit with her?’
“I guess maybe it will stop the wailing! She’s been crying non- stop since she awoke!’says Alex.He goes to the door and says something to the limo driver who is the guard.a few minutes later he brings in a tembling Rose.
“See I can be kind he says “you’ll be very happy with me grandaughter!’then he leaves shutting the door
“Is he really your grandfather asks Rose ‘I think he’s mean!’
“It seems he’s yours too since he’s married to your grandmother!’says Emma
“how can that be Grandma wouldn’t marry someone like him! Oh wait a minute so that’s the awful thing Grandma said she had to do to protect Daddy!”exclaims Rose
“How old are you?’ asks Emma
“I’m 10!” says Rose
“I’m 13!’ says Emma almost 14 !“Who is your father ?’
“My dad is the most important guy in the world he’s a famous cardiologist I’m sure you ‘ve heardof him,Dr.David Hayward!’answers Rose proudly
“Dr.David is your Dad?’”Oh good she says between your Dad and mineRyan Lavery, Alex is going go down!’ We’ll be rescued in no time!’says Emma reassuringly
“Do you really think so?’asks Rose
“of course our Dad’s are pitbulls when it comes to their children ! they won’t rest until they find us and save us but if we get the chance we have to try to save ourselves too!says Emma
“I think maybe I can pick the lock with my hairpin want me to try” asks Rose
“If you think you can be my guest!’ says Emma humoring Rose
“If I just jiggle it here and then turn this here and jiggle this a little more oh drat the pin broke I’ll jsut use another she says taking out another pin tongue in her teeth concentrating!”I’ve got it Emma I’ve got it!she says as the lock comes open
“Let me look out first and see if the coast is clear !'Emma says.Emma opens the door quickly shutting it just as quickly when she sees The limo driver coming down the hall luckily he didn’t see her he jiggles the lock andis unaware that it is all ready unlocked he brings in two lunches and sets them down see you later girls he says.Emma waits a few minutes and tries the door it’s locked again!
Rose jiggles the pins in the door and manages to unlock it again.Thy both creep to the door and peer out ! Their jailer and Alex appear to be gone they walk out into the hallway and run to the front door and alrm goes off as they try to open it and a huge cage door comes down trapping them!
“We’re never getting out of here”says Rose
Meanwhile Ryan looking for Emma has run into Tad and Aiden who have discovered where Emma is .David too has discovered his daughter is missing and arrives at the house the same time as the others!
“What are you doinghere?” they all ask David
“Saving my daughter and apparently yours Lavery he says as he tries to get in and fails he leaves and goes back to his car!The others all tryto get in but are prevented by the cage door.Behind the door they hear a female Child crying!
“We have to get in !'Ryan says Emma is crying”Let‘s go get something and come back!”Tad Aiden and Ryan go off to get something to break down the door meanwhile David comes back wielding an axe and breaking down the door .He runs in and grabs his daughter in his arms as well as Emma’s hands
“I knew you’d save me Daddy!’ Rose says happily and relieved
‘Princess I’ll always keep you safe he says!” then as he sees Ryan now back with an axe he says
“Here’s your daughter Lavery you can thank me later!’
“Thank God your safe!Who took you and why ?’Ryan asks not expecting an answer ”Are you okay?‘
“I’m fine Daddy he treated me okay!It was Alex Cambias ,Daddy he said he was my grandfather and that he wnated to know me better.He says I’m his heir!’why would he say that?’asks Emma explaining
“He’s a madman! he doesn’t need a reason.He killed your Aunt Erin you know.Thank God your safe!’says Ryan
‘He killed Aunt Erin?’ But he said he loved Grandma he said she was his true love ! He even knew her name and Grandpa’s real last name Curry!” asks Emma
“He knew the name Curry ?'asks Ryan puzzled
"Yes he said it wasn’t her name before it was forced on her by Patrick Curry he said that her name was Lavery not him!Is that true Daddy?’ He’s not really your father and my grandfather is he?’
“I don‘t know if he’s telling the truth! says Ryan clearly taken back
Aiden and Tad’s phones ring both at once as they get a call from Adrian telling them that Alex has been arrested by black op types and is gone!They tell Ryan that he doesn’t have to worry again.
“did David really say that that little girl was his ?’asks Tad
“Yes Mr.Martin says Emma she said she was David Hayward’s daughter and so did Alex!’
“huh so David has another child let’s hope he reforms for this one! “say Tad”wonder who her mother is?’
“Mr.Martin ,Rose saved me she picked the lock and Dr.David opened the door and dragged me out with his daughter! He didn’t leave me there!’We owe the Haywards a thank -you Daddy and more "she says to Ryan!’
“I guess I could thank him!'says Ryan reluctantly
“Let’s go home Daddy it’s almost Christmas!’says Emma
“You’re the best Christmas present this year!’ says Ryan “thank goodness your safe and sound!”Tad I’m sorry for being a jerk and refusing your help and Tad and Aiden I owe you a huge thanks for spending your Christmas eve day looking for my daughter!he says shaking their hands then leaving!
“Wow !What’s gotten into him mate?’ asks Aiden of Tad
“Maybe it’s Christmas?” says Tad
“Yes Maybe !'says Aiden

Part 12 - End Game

Vanessa and David on the plane on their way to Vermont
“Who are you and what have done with my mother?”asks David wanting to believe Vanessa but being afraid to trust her.
“ I’m sorry I really do love you David!’says Vanessa quietly with tears in her eyes as she hugs David
“Are they really forcng you to do this mother?’asks David
“No one is forcing me son I’m doing what I should have done a long time ago protect my son!’
“Thank-you mother er I love you too says David his voice stumbling a little with the ill used words
“Enough of this mushiness says Vanessa ‘I lied before for what I thought was a good reason!’
“What did you lie about?’ says David his eyes narrowing
“Rose is not Jake’s daughter she’s yours!”says Vanessa
“she’s mine?’Why should I believe that?’ asks David
“Because she is her look at her picture and deny it!’ Vanessa says handing him a picture
“She’s really my daughter!’ says David wonder and joy on his face his eyes wet with unshed tears“she’s beautiful!
“yes I’d like to think she looks a little like her Grandmother!’ says Vanessa proudly
" Where is she ?'asks David

“She’s in Vermont with her nanny!’says Vanessa “we’ll be there soon!”
David and Vanessa leave the plane and arrive at a private residence.They go in and all of a sudden a little girl with her hair in braids a pink tee on her top jeans on her bottom and a book in her hand comes flying into the room!The book in her hand is revealed to be a medical text book Advanced Cardiology as the camera pans in!
“who is this Grandma?’ the little girl asks of Vanessa
“This is your father,my son ,David !'Vanessa answers
“I thought so says Rose’Besides the fact that his eyes are very closely aligned with mine and his other genome charcteristics are similiar he also matches the picture you’ve shown me!'
and then she hugs David‘s arm awkwardly .David reaches down and hugs her back as she continues
”Grandma said I should be patient and you would come one day and here you are! Rose says in awe and then shyly she asks ”Are you here to stay Daddy?’
“Yes Princess,Daddy‘s here to stay!It took me along time to find out about you but now that I know about you wild horses can’t keep me away!

“Good because I really needed a Dad and you weren’t here! ” Now we can be a family!You me and Grandma!Rose says happily
“Rosie my dear you remeber how Grandma told you how Daddy needed help that he’d got itnot a spot of trouble that only Grandma could get him out of?’
“yes !'says Rose pouting
“Now now no pouting young lady! Your dad is here to take you with him while Grandma goes to fix the problem!’
" But we can be a family now!"Rose protests tearing up
“We were always a family and will always be a family but right now we..."breaks off Vanessa as Rose interrupts
“We have to help Daddy I know!’ says Rose a tear in her eye but bravely saying” I’ll do my part I’ll help Daddy! once again throwing her arms around David! Who is thrilled that she’s taken to him so quickly!
”and the best way to help?’ prompts Vanessa
“and the best way to help is stay with Daddy don’t talk to strangers ,stay indoors !Trust no one but Grandma ,Daddy or Brianne my Nanny!
“Yes and Daddy will keep you safe until we call be together won’t you David?’asks Vanessa
“ Of course I will princess!"says David forcefully “you ae the light of my life !’
“I love you Daddy!’ says Emma “I can hardly wait until my first Christmas with you!”
“I love too Princess I think I got the best present ever this year since I got you David says hugging his daughter!
Vanessa gets on the phone “I’m on my way Floyd! Operation End game is back on!

Part 11-End Game

Part 11-End Game-It could be a Wonderful life Vanessa -2
Flash to Vanessa waking up in a long tem care facility!She can hardly move she's been in a coma so long.It's 2007 Christmas morning and a nearby nurse says
"My goodness it's A Christmas miracle! she exclaims " I have to call Dr Doyle
"arrrrie Dohle"Vanessa tries to say "Allie Doyle" but this is how it comes out after 5 years in a coma
There dear don't try to talk it's been along time since you were awake !'says the nurse
"Sheee ehghhhh"says Vanessa and some garbled word that were suppose to be she doesn't even have a legitimate medical licence!'
"you've been in acoma for a while the nurse says giving her a drink s Vanessa manages to speak a little better
"I've been in Tacoma.I don't know any one in Washington!'says Vanessa
"No a C.O.M.A. says the nurse spelling it out!
"Nonsense I feel fine!' says Vanessa trying to sit up but her body won't cooperate.
'I think you should let me help says the nurse seating her up!'
"Thank you!' says Vanessa suddenly says remembering her ordeal and the coversation with St.Peter!
Anyway says Vanessa as we flashback to her telling the story to David on the plane.Dr.Allie Doyle was there she looked after me and with God's help saved me!
"that's quite the story mother but don't you think that was a drug induced dream mother!'says David cynically
"I know that it wasn't!' says Vanessa continuing
"Allie worked all that time and used an experimental drug to bring me out of that long coma .Five years gone in the blink of an eye!After you had broken up her and Jake Martin she'd gone back to school got her diploma straighened out and interned again !She has a real medical licence with real credentials.
"You bad boy you shouldn't have been so cruel to that girl!'
"she picked Jake or me!'says David defending himself
"I taught you that I'm sorry !'says Vanessa "I was wrong!'
"Who are you and what have you really done with Vanessa? says David half seriously
"What I said for those men in the warehouse was for someone elses benefit but I'm getting ahead of the story!Vanessa says continuing the story of what happened to her and how she's changed! " I began extensive thearpy to learn how to walk again and stride tha's why the canes but soon I will have no canes she promises! anyway I got to know Allie .she's a lovely woman and she knew I was wanted but she told no one about me .I told her as I grew better that I wanted to contact the FBI and turn myself in and so I did I gave up the kingpins of the organization .Yes I was Proteus but I was the top of the chain.However the dreadful Rob Gardner took over and I had no idea! They gave me immunity from all my crimes and I took my life back .then Allie became ill a rare brain tumor with no cure.She begged me to look after her child .Yes her child I thought at first it might be my grandaughter but no it's Jake Martin's .I promised that when the time is right that I would introduce her to her father and once she is comfortable give her to her father if he wants to raise her!
"How old is this child and what is her name?'
" She's 9 now .She's a lovely little girl and her name is Rose!'says Vanessa
"and where is she ?'asks David
"she's with her nanny safe right now but David I need you to go to her ,keep her safe there's no one else I can trust!'
"Why should I?' asks David"If you're only going to give her back to Martin why don't you give her back now?
Because I made a promise to keep her safe and what am about to do is going to get more dangerous!'says Vanessa"Do you know who really didn't stop your unexpected trip to Hong Kong ?'It was Alex Cambias!'"he was punishing me through you!
"Why are you involved with Alex Cambias mother I thought you'd turned over a new leaf" says David
"I did!This is for you my dear!I'm putting my life on the line for you!insists Vanessa
"Really what a preposturous story says David"tell me a new one mother what's the joke?'
"No joke David after my deal with the FBI but then it all fell through they told me they were ready to move in on you!I thought I was free until they threatened you!”
“They threatened me ?’But I haven’t done anything lately!Nothing they can pin on me he says smugly
“Nothing they can pin on you? Oh David, I’ve taught you too well!she says sadly “What kind of
a mother have I been that you could think that that’s okay?”
“As long as they can catch me it’s all okay!’ says David
“Is it ?’says Vanessa ‘Is that why they threatened to declare you were a terrorist,a monster who concocts chemicals! Who has no regard for life? don’t you understand what you’re life has become?’pleads Vanessa
“Well you were gone mother my life fell apart I lost two daughters and numerous wives ! My life was an endless stream of misery! And my mother taught me when life is misery spread it around!’says David sardonicly
“I’m sorry !'say Vanessa”I did do that! but the thing I should have done was got some help for my depression put my children first and told you how proud I am of you.And how much I truly love you and all my Children!
“Who are you and what have done with my mother?”asks David wanting to believe Vanessa but being afraid to trust her.
“ I’m sorry I really do love you David!’says Vanessa quietly with tears in her eyes as she hugs David
“Are they really forcng you to do this mother?’asks David
“No one is forcing me son I’m doing what I should have done a long time ago protect my son!’
“Thank-you mother er I love you too says David his voice stumbling a little with the ill used words
“Enough of this mushiness says Vanessa ‘I lied before for what I thought was a good reason!’
“What did you lie about?’ says David his eyes narrowing
“Rose is not Jake’s daughter she’s yours!”says Vanessa

Part 10 -End Game

Part 10- End Game - It Could Be A Wonderful Life Vanessa-1
Flashback to Vanessa at Alex's
"Just then the secret cellphone rings !Vanessa slips into the bathroom and answers to find out it's David.
"Mother Emma is missing!' Where has that Bas...tard taken her?'ask David angrily
"David language I don't know but I'll find out!'says Vanessa savagely
"Mother I think this has gone to far! You have to do something!' whines David uncharacteristicly
"David we had this talk remember after Hong Kong on the plane!'
we see Vanessa with David on a plane from Hong Kong
Vanessa is whispering a story of what happened to her after the fall from the cliff into the river.
"I was floating downt he river it was icy cold so called I felt chilled to the bone.The rocks were beating my body as I struggled to stay above the water and continue breathing.This went on for miles and miles and still it didn't stop.My head was battered against big rocks I was bruised from head to foot and I prayed for release!I also Prayed that my actions wouldn't kill my son! I love Leo and never ever wanted to harm him what must he be going through I begged the good lord to take the sinner that was me and spare my son!we see as she describes it
I was in a swirling white light and then in a waiting room.The room was white a bright white so hard to see A being stood at a very high desk and said name?
"Vanessa!'she says
"ah Vanessa and the last name asks the being(with long golden curly hair looking like man) striking a PDA
"Vanessa Bennett Hayward Courtland also Nessa and Rosie Wells!she says"and Your name?"
"My name is St. Peter I am God's right hand and I help decide who shall enter the gateswith God's help he says as he waves a hand and we see gates that we didn't see before!then he waves agian and they disappear!
"Ah oh my you have a lot of crimes on your slate how do you plead?'
"I'm guilty convict me if you must for what I did but spare my son !Spare him please save him from the river and my crime!'begs Vanessa
"When have you spared anyone Vanessa Bennett?'when have you cared about anyone besides yourself Vanessa?'
"I know I've been selfish but my boy doesn't deserve to die especially at his mother's hands!'begs Vanessa
"Wouldn't he be better off without Greenlee and away from you!'
"take me let him be away from me but keep him away from Greenlee"says Vanessa
"did you ever love anyone besides yourself Vanessa ?'
'Once I loved a man and he left me for someone sweet and clingy!' says Vanessa"I'm not the sweet and clingy type!'
"Everyone loves loses sometime but most people don't become bitter and cruel!'says the angel"They don't also to set out to destruct the people whom they say they care about the most!"
"I didn't do that begins! Vanessa
"didn't you says?' the angel"then touching the bluetooth like device on his ear he says
"you are very lucky he says you deserve one chance do you want that chance or would you rather take the elevator down now?'
"what is the chance and does my son get to live?'asks Vanessa
"first you must anwer this question correctly If your son had a chance to survive but it means that he will find his way back to Greenlee can you accept this and never ever interfere with or try to kill Greenlee again?
" if I must I will accept that Greenlee is with him if only he lives!'she says resigned
"very well you have passed the first test!'
'did you think you had a good life Vanessa"
"I had money and sons!'
"ah but was that a good life ?'
"I don't know!'Vanessa says honestly but puzzled
"Then maybe we need to show just what kind of a life you had
the angel waves his hands and we see a tv screen which we focus in on and see
a litle girl playing with her dolls and another little girl identical is playing near by.We see one of he little girls walk up to her twin and pull the head off her doll and cut off al the hair .The little girl laughs and says you deserved that Nessa!
little Vanessa says "why did you do that Gwyneth I think that was mean!'
Gwyneth says " Because I could!'
their father comes in drunk and stumbling and Nessa complains to him about what Gwyneth has done and he laughs and says" If you don't stand u for yourself people will walk all over you toughen up!then he smacks her
we look at the screen once again and we see
an older Vanessa about 15 .Very pretty with lots of make-up and wearing short skirt .She and her sister are two different people but people mistake them for each other .Gwyn is pretending to be Vanessa and making Vanessa's life miserable .Vanessa vows to find away to get away from her family with mother gone and Daddy drinking more and more there life is hard .she sruggles to find food for the table and clothes for her back! she steals clothes fromt he ;local boutique just to clothe herself and her sister! Unfortunately Gwyn get caught shoplifting and says she's Vanessa .
They want Vanessa to go to jail for it but at the last minute Gwyn says she's Vanessa and since they can't tell them apart they let them both go with a warning!when Vanessa gets home her father beats her for shaming him!Vanessa has had enough and packs a bag!Vowing to never speak to her family again!
Now would you like to see what would have happened if there was no Vanessa?'asks the angel
"he shows her Gwyn languishing in jail in teen detention learning how to commit more crimes growing older and when she gets out committing more crimes and finally dying in jail with no children to leave behind!
"So you did make a difference to Gwyn she learned to put others first when she said she was you in court!"says the angel " look at what hapened when you ran away
we see Vanessa working as first a concerige at a hotel andtaking gig as night club singer then making contacts in the hotel business all the well saying she's older than her 16 years!when Vanessa turns 18 she meets a man in the hotel he is handsome and a doctor .She is smitten but he's he's recovering from heartache as he's a widower wth three children Tara,Bobby and Jeff! He is at the hotel at a conference and he gets really drunk and sleeps with Vanessa! he leaves the next day and Vanessa doesn't hear from him again.Then they flash to when Vanessa comes to Pine Valley she is treated for angina by Joe Martin when David walks away!Joe is the love of Vanessa's life! the one who got away!She is devastated leaves the hotel business and goes to Hollywood to be a singer /actress where she first meets first meets Eric Kane and David's father ,Charles Hayward!She gets parts as an actress in B movies as she falls hard for Charles a stern man who reminds her of her father and marries him.David is soon born and worships his father who is always demanding David work harder and play less!Vanessa tries to intervene wanting better childhood for David then her own but Charles first verbally abuses her and then finally physically abuses her where the bruises can't be seen and never in front of David! Vanessa tries so hard to please him but he pushes her away and then tries to turn David against her saying she was mean to him!She meets Richard Fields who rapes her and impregnates her with Trey .When Charles finds out she's pregnant he accuses her of adultery and doesn't believe her when she says she was raped he throws her out of the house and Eric Kane offers her refuge but Fields shows up again and Vanessa frightened locks herself in the room as Erica's brithday takes place!Vanessa begs Charles to let her come home and see her son and he allows it but continues to abuse her ! He takes Trey when he is born and gives him away!He has affairs and flaunts them in front of her until she decides she can't take it anymore when she discovers he's a criminal she plots to kill him making it look like a suicide! Charles dies and Vanessa tries to continue his criminal enterprises.
Back to the room where we hear the angel ask "did you really love Charles or Joe or did you just not want someone else to have him?he asks
"I guess I just wanted someone to love me!'says Vanessa"I thought I loved Joe Martin he was such a good man and I needed a good man! When he left me with no word I floundered and settled for Charles who just wanted a pretty playmate and to brag that his wife had been an actress!'
"would you like to see what happened when Joe left?asked the angel
"yes "'says Vanessa quietly
"Joe gets a call from the front desk that .Dr. Charles Tyler has had a mild heart attack.He is very upset but leaves a note for Vanessa which falls on the floor and slips under the bed.It reads
Dear Vanessa
I've been called home a friend and mentor of mine has taken ill and needs me!You are a wonderful woman and I'd love to see you and be with you again .If you feel the same please call me at 5555555! If you don't feel the same way I'll understand ,if you don't call me I'll know that it didn't mean the same thing to you!
Love Joe
"He did love me she says surprised but I thought...."Vanessa says as she's interrupted by Peter
"Would you like to see what would have happened to him if you had married him?'asks the angel retorically
On the screen we see in quick succession the young Joe marry Vanessa .young Tara gets anorexia because she feels ignored because Vanessa is getting all Joe's attention ,Bobby disppears into the attic never to be seen again,Jeff goes to Vietnam and is killed.Tad Martin is not saved by Joe Martin and Ruth and his Father Ray kills him at Christmas!Joe becomes an alchoholic and loses his licence to practice medicine!David now David Martin flounders and doesn't go to med school and is a janitor!Leo and Trey are never born.
"I would have ruined his life if I married him !'says Vanessa " I was so immature and needy I needed all of his attention!'"but really my life with Charles was no better !'
"really but did you not raise David to be a cardiologist and an amazing pharmacologist!"aks Peter
" Sometimes his pharmocology gets him in a lot of trouble!Vanessa says
"Ah but do you wish he'd never been born?'asks Peter"that he wasn't able to help people with his skill?'
"Never!'says Vanessa
"And Trey and Leo do you wish they'd never been born?'
"No I love them both though Trey has no idea !Vanessa says
"Then would you say that even though what you went through was difficult they were worth it!"
"I wish I didn't have to go through what I've been through in my life and I wish I hadn't chose diamonds and wealth over my children and even Greenlee!'I've made so many mistakes supporting my lifestyle with crime and thinking that it wouldn't taint my life!'Vanessa says " I had my own neice killed to protect myself!I'm an evil I'm not fit to live says Vanessa feeling very remorseful
" He believes you can be redeemed !'says Peter qietly but powerfully
"He does ?"asks Vanessa surprised
"Yes he does but he wants your promise that you will do all in your power from this day forth to do good to turn the other cheek when possible and to help others who need your help! To forgive yourself but not forget that you have been granted this chance to redeem yourself!'"and never forget that should you violate his trust the elevator will be programmed to take you down shortly after the transgression!"
"but what if it's a little tiny mistake or something that I do without being aware of it!'"asks Vanessa thinking of all the that she has done and feeling slightly sick but worried that being good was very hard
"Try to be aware at all times what you are doing and how it can effect others God is very forgiving! I would do it different but also not God!'Then he startles when a booming mesage comes through his ear piece.He says "yes sir Sorry sir quite right !
"You will have a guardian angel to watch over you and try to guide you to do good but he will also report back to us!'says Peter continuing sternly
"Okay I get it! what do I do to make things right and what is this guardian angels name in case I have to call on him?'
"You'll have to make things right yourself but if you really need help Nicholas will be near to help you and guide you!'says Peter"It could be a wondeful life Vanessa
Flash to Vanessa waking up in a long tem care facility!