Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 3-Old Friends Old Grudges

Sam Grey is returning to his house that he shares with his mother and Maddie.He's running down the street and runs smack into Ryan Lavery .
"Sorry he says looking up and then realizes it's Ryan says "You what are you doing here!'
"Do I know you?'says Ryan arrogantly but greatly puzzled
"Your no good excuse for a human being brother killed my father ring any bells now?' asks Sam
"Sam Grey?'asks Ryan"You know that my brother was ill right?'
"ill hmm does that make my father alive does it make my mother less a widow does it make my sister or myself have a father?'Great ruse to get off from murder I have tumor the tumor made me do it!""And you you protected him!' get out of my way Lavery!says Sam pushing his upper body into Ryan and shoving him off his feet slightly!
" You need help!' says Ryan
"Really don't think I don't know all about your twisted family Lavery!""You have a family history of violence and abuse your not dealing with a woman or a child now bully!
"I think you should shut up I tried to be nice to you Sammy but you had no right to bring my daughter into this!"
"I never mentioned your daughter Lavery what's the matter did I hit a nerve?'says Sam smirking
Ryan loses his cool and starts to throw a punch at Sam!but his arm is pulled back by a woman's arm
"Ryan Lavery what the hell do you think your doing to my son?' asks Maria
"I'm handling this mom!'says Sam
"Samuel Grey you get in that house while Ryan and I will talk!'says Maria
"No !says Sam "I said I'll handle this!
"Samuel Grey I'm your mother and I'm not going to say it again get in that house now! says Maria her voice going up octaves!
"I'm warning you Lavery don't upset my mother understand says Sam quietly to Ryan before he goes in his house!
"Why are you here Ryan?'asks Maria
"I live here!' he says
"In Happy Valley you live in Happy Valley? You couldn't stay in Pine Valley you had to come here where my kids live?'asks Maria indignantly
"My daughter lives her with her mother and we share custody I have every right to live here!'says Ryan defensive
""Live where ever you want but don't talk to my kids .They had to go through years of private therapy and hell to get where they now.They lost their father to murder and in their minds the murderer got away with it! So don't talk to them and don't talk to me and don't ever threaten my son again Ryan Lavery!Because if I ever see you with your fist raised against my son or any other member of my family I'll see you in jail!Got that !"Now get lost!says Maria nastily her mother instincts raised"and when Ryan doesn't move "Do I have to get a restraining order RYan? It shouldn't be to hard to get one considering the circumstances!'Now go before I make that call !'she says angrily opening her cellphone!
"Unreasonable stupid people what idiots the Grey's are do they think they are the only ones to lose a family member my sister was murdered!Do they think I don't understand?'mutters Ryan under his breath as he walks away and Maria goes inside.

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