Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 4 Old friends Old grudges

Pete is really nervous as he has decided today will be the day he asks out Maddie!
He keep seeing her in his classes and she's beauitful he thinks.As he thinks about her we see his vision of Maddie .In his vision she's a young version of Angelina Jolie
Pete pulls a pair of brand new black jeans out of his closet and removes the tags.
flashback to him shopping with Colby
"I'm so glad you asked me to help you find some new clothes"says Colby"you don't know how long I've wanted to change your clothes""not like that! she says frowning as Pete gives her a wolfish gleam
"I know exactly what kind of clothes you should be wearing and frankly those ones you've been wearing aren't them!"
"They are okay my mother picks them out! he admits
"Well that explains a lot no offence to your mother but she really doesn't have any fashion sense and wears shall we say unusual !'states Colby gently"here try on these black jeans and put this plaid shirt back I know plaid is in but it isn't for you!neutral colored shirts are better for you maybe a jean shirt?No not a jean shirt a jacket yes with this bluetee! Wow and surprisingly you look good in a toque(a wool cap) too bad we live in California!"
"And Pete you have contacts wear them unless you can't?'
"No I can wear my contaacts I just feel more comfortable with my glasses!'says Pete
"Well I guess whatever makes you comfortable!"says Colby "now go try on these clothes she says handing him a bunch!
Pete tries on the clothes behind acurtain then trudges up to the counter pulling out a wad of cash to pay.
"I don't know what spurred on this change of fashion but it's going to be nice to see you dressed differently!
flashback to Pete he's dressed in those black jeans and the dark blue tee .a jean jacket on and he's practicing what to say to Maddie in front of the mirror
"Hi I'm Pete Courtland ah we share the same chemistry class....No that won't do...Hi Peter and your Maddie?...stupid stupid stupid she'll think I don't know her name!'
"Hi I'm Pete Courtland how would you like to go out for coffee sometime?'that's better but maybe some small talk first?I met your brother the other day, Sam Grey !nonono...
I think we've met before in another place and another time ! and she'll say "I don't think hso and I'll say " in another place and another time Pine Valley were we were both born!
'Yes that will work a little humor and maybe she'll say yes!says Pete smiling as he heads out to class!
Pete reaches the class and instantly looks really nervous.He opens the door and sits in a seat near a beautiful young woman who looks a lot like a younger Maria.She's wearing a grey pencil skit and a tight purple turtleneck accentuanty her curves.She sees Pete and ahuge smile comes over her face.
"Hi Pete !she says "do you remember meeting me when we were young in Pine Valley?'
Pete gulps and doesn't know what to say then he says"sure we were kids then!'
"Well I'm not kid now she says smiling"I was wondering if you'd like to get a coffee sometime?'she says timidly
Pete breaths a sigh of relief smiles and says "I'd love to!"
Pete and Maddie walking together talking smiling and laughing.They walk into Dottie's coffee shop on the other side of her restaurant right past Colby without seeing her.
Colby stares at Pete and Maddie and thinks jealously"Hmm he wouldn't change his clothes for me it was all for her.I've been replaced !'As we see her bottom lip stick out and a frown come over her face.As Colby continues to watch but not hear the conversation we hear
"Remember when I tagged along with Sam's to Brendan's birthday party?"asks Maddie
"Yes I also remember you imitating a ballet dancer and helping Sam fish you out of Brendan's pool when you slipped in!"laughs Pete
"so I was a clutz I can "Pas de quatre"with the best of them now you know!says Maddie also laughing
"Pas de quatre what?'says Pete not understanding
" Huh stumped the genuis huh !It's a ballet term meaning a dance in ballet between four people!I took ballet shortly after that !"explains Maddie
Colby looks over again and sees them happy and laughing and glares without realizing it!
"Wow Aunt Colby if looks could kill ...!'says Enzo coming into the coffee shop and seeing her now glaring at Maddie
"I'm going to tell you the same thing I told your brother Enzo I may be your Aunt but really I'm too young for that title !Just call me Colby okay!"And I wasn't glaring!!!"
" No you weren't glaring that look on your face is reserved for all the people you like !Just why were you glaring at Maddie did she take your lapdog?"asks Enzo
"Pete is not a lapdog and he wasn't mine!' says Colby
"Not anymore he isn't he looks really smitten with my cousin!"says Enzo
"They haven't know each other that long!' protests Colby
"Well they way their looking at each other they look like their no one else in the world!says Enzo
"I'm going over to say hello!' says Colby
"Colby you've lost let it go you didn't really care about him anyway!"says Enzo"Besides how many guys do you need I saw how you and Sam were getting along.Maddie is his sister!Stay on the good side of her !She's also my cousin so treat her right!"Enzo says then leaves after having picked up his sandwich and a coffee!
Flash to Maddie and Pete touching hands and Maddie twirling her hair and smiling!Colby is sitting drinking her latte watching them!
"I hate that girl!' says Colby under her breath" just who does she think she is?"If I wanted to I'm sure I could get him back she better watch out!

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