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Part 11-End Game

Part 11-End Game-It could be a Wonderful life Vanessa -2
Flash to Vanessa waking up in a long tem care facility!She can hardly move she's been in a coma so long.It's 2007 Christmas morning and a nearby nurse says
"My goodness it's A Christmas miracle! she exclaims " I have to call Dr Doyle
"arrrrie Dohle"Vanessa tries to say "Allie Doyle" but this is how it comes out after 5 years in a coma
There dear don't try to talk it's been along time since you were awake !'says the nurse
"Sheee ehghhhh"says Vanessa and some garbled word that were suppose to be she doesn't even have a legitimate medical licence!'
"you've been in acoma for a while the nurse says giving her a drink s Vanessa manages to speak a little better
"I've been in Tacoma.I don't know any one in Washington!'says Vanessa
"No a C.O.M.A. says the nurse spelling it out!
"Nonsense I feel fine!' says Vanessa trying to sit up but her body won't cooperate.
'I think you should let me help says the nurse seating her up!'
"Thank you!' says Vanessa suddenly says remembering her ordeal and the coversation with St.Peter!
Anyway says Vanessa as we flashback to her telling the story to David on the plane.Dr.Allie Doyle was there she looked after me and with God's help saved me!
"that's quite the story mother but don't you think that was a drug induced dream mother!'says David cynically
"I know that it wasn't!' says Vanessa continuing
"Allie worked all that time and used an experimental drug to bring me out of that long coma .Five years gone in the blink of an eye!After you had broken up her and Jake Martin she'd gone back to school got her diploma straighened out and interned again !She has a real medical licence with real credentials.
"You bad boy you shouldn't have been so cruel to that girl!'
"she picked Jake or me!'says David defending himself
"I taught you that I'm sorry !'says Vanessa "I was wrong!'
"Who are you and what have you really done with Vanessa? says David half seriously
"What I said for those men in the warehouse was for someone elses benefit but I'm getting ahead of the story!Vanessa says continuing the story of what happened to her and how she's changed! " I began extensive thearpy to learn how to walk again and stride tha's why the canes but soon I will have no canes she promises! anyway I got to know Allie .she's a lovely woman and she knew I was wanted but she told no one about me .I told her as I grew better that I wanted to contact the FBI and turn myself in and so I did I gave up the kingpins of the organization .Yes I was Proteus but I was the top of the chain.However the dreadful Rob Gardner took over and I had no idea! They gave me immunity from all my crimes and I took my life back .then Allie became ill a rare brain tumor with no cure.She begged me to look after her child .Yes her child I thought at first it might be my grandaughter but no it's Jake Martin's .I promised that when the time is right that I would introduce her to her father and once she is comfortable give her to her father if he wants to raise her!
"How old is this child and what is her name?'
" She's 9 now .She's a lovely little girl and her name is Rose!'says Vanessa
"and where is she ?'asks David
"she's with her nanny safe right now but David I need you to go to her ,keep her safe there's no one else I can trust!'
"Why should I?' asks David"If you're only going to give her back to Martin why don't you give her back now?
Because I made a promise to keep her safe and what am about to do is going to get more dangerous!'says Vanessa"Do you know who really didn't stop your unexpected trip to Hong Kong ?'It was Alex Cambias!'"he was punishing me through you!
"Why are you involved with Alex Cambias mother I thought you'd turned over a new leaf" says David
"I did!This is for you my dear!I'm putting my life on the line for you!insists Vanessa
"Really what a preposturous story says David"tell me a new one mother what's the joke?'
"No joke David after my deal with the FBI but then it all fell through they told me they were ready to move in on you!I thought I was free until they threatened you!”
“They threatened me ?’But I haven’t done anything lately!Nothing they can pin on me he says smugly
“Nothing they can pin on you? Oh David, I’ve taught you too well!she says sadly “What kind of
a mother have I been that you could think that that’s okay?”
“As long as they can catch me it’s all okay!’ says David
“Is it ?’says Vanessa ‘Is that why they threatened to declare you were a terrorist,a monster who concocts chemicals! Who has no regard for life? don’t you understand what you’re life has become?’pleads Vanessa
“Well you were gone mother my life fell apart I lost two daughters and numerous wives ! My life was an endless stream of misery! And my mother taught me when life is misery spread it around!’says David sardonicly
“I’m sorry !'say Vanessa”I did do that! but the thing I should have done was got some help for my depression put my children first and told you how proud I am of you.And how much I truly love you and all my Children!
“Who are you and what have done with my mother?”asks David wanting to believe Vanessa but being afraid to trust her.
“ I’m sorry I really do love you David!’says Vanessa quietly with tears in her eyes as she hugs David
“Are they really forcng you to do this mother?’asks David
“No one is forcing me son I’m doing what I should have done a long time ago protect my son!’
“Thank-you mother er I love you too says David his voice stumbling a little with the ill used words
“Enough of this mushiness says Vanessa ‘I lied before for what I thought was a good reason!’
“What did you lie about?’ says David his eyes narrowing
“Rose is not Jake’s daughter she’s yours!”says Vanessa

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